Andrew Alexander Pettigrew (1875-1936)

The youngest son of Andrew Pettigrew. He also had two sisters, of which one died young. Andrew was a sickly child and sent for health reasons on a world voyage. He visited Barry Docks 1894-95 and boarded the SS Rubens, eventually sailing to China, Rangoon and Columbo. In 1895 he studied at the Royal gardens at Kew but did not finish the course.

1900-1915 he worked at Howell Grange, Worcestershire, and was supervised by his Brother. 1920 saw family encounters as witnessed by his writing. He was close to the Windsor-Clives and spent time with Hugh Pettigrew, Andrew (another Brother) Pettigrew and Lord Ivor Windsor in 1905.

He took up a post in the Chief Parks Offices with the Cardiff Corporation 1915-1936, becoming the second head of the Parks. He was instrumental in setting up Hailey Park. Writing 6 books on the History of Cardiff Parks from early times to 1926 called "The Public Parks and Recreation Grounds of Cardiff", which has become an Enduring legacy.

Andrew Alexander died of cancer in 1936 and had his ashes scattered in Cathays Cemetery.

Source: The Pettigrews - Rosie James lecture for the Rhiwbina Civic Society 2014

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