Henry Blatchford (1837-1900)

Henry "old Man" Blatchford of 12 Westbury Terrace was a Cardiff milkman, who never returned from his morning milk-round. Thomas "Tommy" Henry Sweetman was the Diary owner's son, aged just 18. Tommy's father owned the Diary at 1 Conybeare Road which at the time also comprised a cowshed and manure heap. This would be a surprising combination to be seen in Canton these days. The day after the old man had been reported missing, a police constable visited the Diary to find Tommy burning a pile of old clothing. The policeman asked Tommy if he had seen the Blatchford, to which Tommy replied "no". When the policeman took a closer look at exactly what items were burning, he noticed Blatchford's overcoat and waistcoat, and a small freshly dug area in the corner of the yard. He pushed away the top earth to discover a hand, and upon further digging, the face of Henry Blatchford. A shotgun was later found in the cowshed. Apparently Blatchford had been shot in the right side of the head and then buried in Sweetman's garden. Tommy claimed to no avail that the murder had in fact been carried out by his neighbour Mr Thompson. However it was discovered that Tommy had been jealous Of Blatchford because he was permitted to collect the milk money from customers and Tommy wasn't. By the time of the trial Tommy was deemed unfit to plead and was detained.