Charles Davies (1849 - 1927)

Charles was born in Llwynhendy on 3rd November 1849, the son of Daniel and Margaret Davies. He attended Graig Academy grammar school in Swansea and went on to the Baptist College in Llangollen. Being ordained in 1870 he was appointed to Penuel, Bangor, and moved to the Everton Village Baptist church, Liverpool in 1877. He was appointed as minister in the Tabernacle in Cardiff in 1888. He published Cyfrol o Bregethau in 1910 and was elected chairman of the Baptist Union of Wales and Monmouthshire. Charles died on 11th January 1927 and is buried in Cathay Cemetery.

Being an outstanding preacher of his time his tombstone has the following composition written by Charles:

Pwy sydd dennyf yn y nefoedd

Ond tydi waredwr un?

A phwy hefyd ar y ddaear

Ond tydi'r anwylaf un?

Pwy am tywys yn yr anian?

Pwy yn angeu ddeil fy mhen?

Pwy am cymer I ddoniant?

Ond tydi, dywysog nen?

The translation is as follows:

Who do I have in heaven

Apart from thou my only saviour?

And who is also upon earth

Apart from you, dearest one?

Who will guide me in the wilderness?

Who will support my head in the throes of death?

Who will take me to glory?

Only thou, Prince of heaven.

Research & Photography: Paul Jones

Source: Welsh Biography Online