Conrad Studt (1808-1877)

The place of birth of Conrad Studt is recorded as Frankfurt- Main. He married Catherine, from Gloucester, and they had 3 sons and 2 daughters (one of each buried here with them), who were born at various locations across South Wales. And there is a good reason for this ...

There are no further clues on the memorial, where a lot of the lead letters have been lost. But we know Conrad was a travelling showman - the 1871 census has him travelling with swings, in Swansea. He died at Penarth Road, Cardiff. At least some of the family continued in the business, operating across South Wales, with references to "showmen and circus travellers" and "steam roundabout proprietor". The 1891 census found one son, Henry, with 4 daughters and 1 son, residing in Van No 1, Railway Arches, Strand, Swansea. You will still find Studts in the fair and circus world today. Studt's Fun Fair, based in Swansea, still travels around Wales and, until quite recently, Vernon Studt operated the Barry Island Pleasure Park

Research: Gordon Hindess