Edward Daley (1845-1870)

Edward Daley and Margaret Rimlan (aka Joseph) had just been acquitted from a case of Larceny at the Cardiff Quarter sessions and decided to celebrate their release from custody. Moving from the Bath Arms Hotel to the Custom House Hotel, they met up with a George Harding, who had previously worked with Daley as a boatman.

After drinking until midnight the 3 headed for Harding's boat. A fight broke out between the drunken men and Harding pushed Daley into the Canal. Margaret decided to run away and Daley was later found drowned by Margaret who went to the police. A woman also saw the event from a nearby bedroom window. Harding had made no attempt to rescue Daley and was found guilty of Manslaughter. Harding stated he was very sorry, the Judge remarked he hoped he would be sorry for the rest of his life and sentenced him to 20 years.