John Emlyn-Jones (1889-1952)

John Emlyn-Jones was born in Cardiff in 1889, the son of Evan Jones, a coal merchant, from Carmarthenshire. After being educated inCardiff he was sent abroad to learn languages and subsequently, on return to Cardiff he joined a coal exporting company and took an active part in politics becoming a Liberal MP. In 1912 he founded the Emlyn Line with the purchase of the coaster Queen's Channel. Soon he added the Emlynverne (previously the Eleanor) and the Emlyndene. The company continued to operate with ships prefixed Emlyn... until the mid-1930s when its trade with Spain, which had been a mainstay came to an end as a result of John Emlyn-Jones' criticism of the regime of General Franco and support for its' opponents. Although no ships were owned thereafter the company continued in existence as brokers and coal exporters until the death of John Emlyn-Jones in an air crash in 1952. His wife, Rhoda, who also died in the crash, was the sister of Richard Penberthy Care and Edward Care.

The DRAGON STEAMSHIP COMPANY was set up by John Emlyn-Jones to operate the Emlynian in 1920. Effectively part of the Emlyn Line.