Emma Morgan (aka Clark) (1859-1882)

Emma was separated from her husband, a butcher, and working as a prostitute, she lived in Frederica Street, Cardiff. Jeremiah Mahoney, aged 23, acted as her pimp. On 22nd May whilst working in a brothel in Charlotte Street, Mahoney knocked on the door and asked for Emma. Upon entering he walked over to her and punched her. Emma fell to the floor and in doing so hit her head on a bench. Mahoney continued kicking her and picked her up and threw her down again. Emma tried to get away but Mahoney inflicted several more wounds on her back and lower stomach.

Emma developed a bacterial infection which caused heart failure. Her death on 17th June was directly attributed to the injuries she had received and Mahoney was charged with murder. She was buried in Cathays Cemetery on 21st June. The trial took place in Swansea and the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter to which he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.