George Fisher (1866-1891)


We are indebted to the courtesy of Mr Jones, the secretary of the Taff Railway Company, for a, few more specific particulars bearing on the life-history of Mr George Fisher than it was possible to obtain last night within a few hours of that gentleman's death. As we have already reported, Mr Fisher's early years were spent at Aberystwyth, where he was engaged under the late Mr Page, who had the control of Cardigan Bay, and superintended the construction of the harbour and pier works at Aberystwyth. Mr Fisher came to Cardiff from Aberystwyth in 1840, as assistant to Mr Bush, engineer of the Taff Vale Railway Company. Some few years afterwards he left the T. V.R. for a short period, during which he managed the Dynas Powis Collieries, the property of the late Mr Walter Coffin. He rejoined the Taff Vale Railway Company as general superintendent of the line, and ultimately became general manager. The traffic receipts for the half year ending June 30, 1841. amounted to £14,964, whilst the present traffic, notwithstanding the opening of the Barry line, reaches about £15,000 per week, and during Mr Fisher's management has totalled to a sum of £20,000 in one week. On the death of Mr Bushell, eight years ago, Mr Fisher became resident director and deputy-chairman of the company, a position which he occupied till his death.

SOURCE: South Wales Echo 4th May 1891 (Welsh Newspapers Online)