John Cory II (1855-1931)

Shipowner and dry-dock owner; born at Padstow, he came to Cardiff when a youth of 17 from London, where he had been training as a merchant and ship-broker. He joined his father (John Cory I) and his brother (Herbert) in their firm; Married Emma Grigg, daughter of George Hosking Wills, Cardiff, and lived at SeaView House, Penarth, and Kingsland, Peterston-super-Ely. He was the chairman of directors of the ‘Cardiff Channel Dry Docks and Pontoon Co., Ltd.’, and of the ‘Mount Stuart Dry Docks Ltd.’, on their amalgamation in Feb. 1931; a director of some thirty-six shipping and ship-repairing and trading companies, including ‘John Cory and Sons, Ltd.’; a staunch Conservative but not an active politician; and a Wesleyan Methodist. He died 26 Dec. 1931 and was buried at the Cardiff Cathays Cemetery. He left two sons, JOHN HERBERT CORY (died 17 May 1939, aged 50), and CHARLES KINGSLEY CORY.

Source : Welsh Biography Online