John Storrie (1844-3.5.1901)

JOHN STORRIE, for many years Curator of the Cardiff Museum, and an earnest worker at the natural history of Glamorganshire, was born at Muiryett, in Lanarkshire. His early years were spent at Glasgow, where he was apprenticed to the printing-trade, and about the year 1872 he found employment in the Western Mail printing works at Cardiff. The writings of David Page had given to Storrie an interest in geology, and he pursued the subject with zeal when he came to reside in South Wales. The Silurian rocks of Rumney and the Rhaetic beds of Penarth attracted his special attention. He obtained a new Silurian alga which was named Nematophycus Storrei, and he found in Triassic strata a new species of Mastodonsaurus. His researches on these subjects, and many important articles on local botany and archaeology, were published in the Transactions of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society, He was awarded the proceeds of the Barlow-Jameson Fund in 1896 by the Geological Society of London.

Source : Obituary