Mary Jane Richards (1840-1875)

Mary,aged 35, died 27th March 1875, and was buried 2nd April 1875 in Plot P498. Her throat was cut by her husband, George Richards,a hobbler or ship's pilot, who had been out of work for 9 weeks. As there was a general strike in South Wales and a fall in the coal trade, he became obsessed with the notion that he was unable to support his wife and 6 children. He then tried to kill himself, but was disturbed by a lodger.

The Court case held at Glamorganshire assizes, Swansea on 9 August 1875. The verdict was Guilty and George sentenced to death. His sentence was appealed on grounds of insanity and he was later reprieved. When George's room was searched it was found to have plenty of food and over £2 in coin.