Ralph George Pomeroy (1844-1896)

Born at Bristol in 1844, he received his nautical education at the hands of the late Dr. Mackie. The then Mathematical Master to the Society of Merchant Venturers of Bristol. He commenced his career as a seaman when only 12 years of age, serving his time with Messrs Thomas Daniel & Sons. Avonmouth Docks, Bristol, being 9 years later selected by the Marquessof Bute's advisors to suceed Captain James Fraser as Dockmaster of the Bute Docks, cardiff. In 1885 he was appointed one of the Pilot Commissioners for the Port of Cardiff, and in 1890 was nominated by the Board of Trade as one of the members of the Local Marine Board of Cardiff. He is also a Younger Brother of the Trinity House. The death of Captain Pomeroy took place while these sheets were passing through the pres. It was an unexpected event, few knew that he was ill until his death was announced, and then the regret expressed was almost universal. He was known to nearly every resident at Cardiff, and every person spoke highly not only of the ability, care, and attention paid by him to the duties devolving on the master of such large docks as those belonging to Lord Bute, but also of his kind and genial manner in smoothing over anylittle difficulty that might arise in the passing in and out of several thousands of vessel's every year. His funeral was attended by the largest number of persons almost ever seen at Cardiff in connection with a similar event.

Source : Contemporary Portraits 1896