Samuel Chivers (1843-1917)

S. Chivers and Co. Ltd was incorporated in 1895 to take over the malt vinegar brewers established by Samuel Chivers (1843-1917) in the 1880s, originally at East Canal Wharf, Cardiff. Samuel Chivers worked in partnership with Isaac Padfield. The partnership was continued by Samuel's two sons Ernest Clifford Chivers (1874-1937) and Samuel Leonard Chivers (1885-1957), with the Chivers family holding a two-thirds interest, and the Padfield family holding a one-third interest in the company's shares. The company later moved to Wroughton Place, Ely, and extended manufacture to jams and pickles. The use of 'S. Chivers and Co. Ltd' was dropped after the Second World War for the sale of jam and marmalades in favour of 'Golden Grove'. During the war years the vinegar brewery business was transferred to British Vinegars Ltd who took a lease on the brewery premises. The transfer of the vinegar brewing business, the desire of some shareholders to disengage from the company and difficulties over future management, necessitated a change of policy. A report in 1975 led to a change of name to S. Chivers Industrial Properties Ltd. and the business (1976) and the factory excluding the old brewery (1977) were sold to Singlo Holdings Ltd. The lease to British Vinegars Ltd was surrendered in 1981 and the remainder of the property, which had been transferred to a new company Property Developments (Cardiff) Ltd, was sold and the company wound up.