Bombing of the SS San Felippe - 9 July 1940

On a sunny afternoon of 9 July 1940 a lone German bomber was heard over Grangetown, which then turned towards Cardiff Docks.

The British Steamer SS San Felippe, loaded with timber, had taken a direct hit in the hold, killing 7 men.

Casulaties included:

Jeremiah Savage 61 Western Cemetery H1221

John Wellington Palmer 60 Western Cemetery H278

James McCarthy 49

Denis Feehan 55 Cathays R 4040

Joseph Thomas Kane 39 Cathays EH 2257

A docksman Tim O'Brien, became a hero as he entered the smoke-filled hold and loaded the fatally wounded Jermiah Savage into a tub. Both men were hauled to safety, but the crewman died later. Tim went back into the hold on two more occassions, to attempt rescues. He was awarded an industrial medal for his bravery.

Another man, J N Anderson also jumped onto the vessel to attempt to rescue crew members.