Thomas Joseph Callaghan (1858 - 1935)

Born 1858. Became associated with the firm of Gueret. now Gueret, Llewellyn, Merrett Ltd., Coal Exporters & Shipbrokers, at the commencement of his commercial career in 1874, and has been connected with it ever since, for many years past as Chairman of the Company, and of its various subsidiaries, both in this country and on the Continent. Upon the association of the Gueret interests with Messrs. Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds Ltd., he became a Director of the latter Company. He also holds directorships of numerous other companies, most of which are connected with the coal industry of South Wales. For his services during the war on the executive of the Committee for the Supply of Coal to France and Italy he was decorated by the Governments of both these countries. Address: Penarth, Glam.

Director: Blaenclydach Colliery Co. Ltd.

Chairman: Cambrian Collieries Ltd.

Director: Crawshay Bros. (Cyfarthfa) Ltd.

Director: Glamorgan Coal Co. Ltd.

Director: Graigola Merthyr Co. Ltd.

Director: Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds Ltd.

Director: Meiros Collieries Ltd.

Chairman: Naval Colliery Co. (1897) Ltd.

Director: Bwllfa & Cwmaman Ddu Collieries Ltd.

Director: D. Davis & Sons Ltd.

Director: D. R. Llewellyn & Sons Ltd.

Director: Llewellyn (Cyfarthfa) Ltd.

Director: Llewellyn (Nixon) Ltd.

Director: Llewellyn (Plymouth) Ltd.

Director: Naval Colliery Co. (1931) Ltd.

Director: Troedyrhiw Coal Co. Ltd.

Director: Welsh Associated Collieries Ltd.

Source: 1933 Colliery Year Book and Coal Trades Directory

Thomas Joseph commissioned a stained-glass window in St Peter's Church, Cardiff see Website


T. J. CALLAGHAN (1871-4)

We deeply regret to record the death of Mr. T. J. Callaghan, of Penarth House, Penarth, Glam., at the age of 76. He became one 'of the most successful industrialists in South Wales, yet he never forgot his old school. He may be reckoned one of the most munificent benefactors that Ratcliffe has ever had. Those who remember him at school are now few. Among his classmates were Fr. T. Coleman, 0.P., and Canon James Flint. At school he was very interested in Music and he took part in many or the school theatricals, being praised by the Tablet on one occasion for his "very pure pronunciation of English." Mr. Tom Callaghan remained all his life devoted to his old school, which he frequently visited. He was a very generous bene- factor to the Ratcliffian Association as well as to the College. Apart from his recent gifts, we may mention that he contributed 500 guineas to the War Memorial. He was President or the Ratcliffian Association for 1920. For his great services to the Church, Mr. Callaghan was made a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great.

From the Western Mail: Mr. T. J. Callaghan, of Penarth House, Penarth, died on Friday night, aged 76. By his death the trade and commerce of South Wales has lost an outstanding personality. Apart from being a coalowner, coal and patent fuel exporter, he had extended his activities in numerous other directions. Mr. Callaghan was the doyen of Cardiff Docksmen, and was regarded as one of the ablest men who had ever been associated with trade and commerce of South Wales. In October, 1924, he had completed 5o years in business at the Cardiff Docks. Always a model employer, he was extremely popular with the staff, who, to mark the occasion of his jubilee, presented him with an address.


A devout Roman Catholic, Mr. Callaghan devoted much time to the affairs of the religious community he supported. A member of the Hibernian Society and of the Catenian Association, he did much for his co-religionists and the Irish National Party. His services to the Roman Catholic Church led to his Holiness the Pope conferring upon him the honour of Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great (Civil Class). Mr. Callaghan was a native of Cardiff, and was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Callaghan. He was educated at Ratcliffe College, Leicester, and in 1882 he married Miss Edith Elinor Snell and went to live at Penarth House, Penarth. In 1874 he started business with Mr. Louis Gueret, the founder of the firm. He succeeded to the chairmanship on the death of Mr. Louis Gueret. In 1895 a limited company was formed under the title of L. Gueret, Ltd., with a capital of £200,000, and in 1919, after 45 years' trading, it was re-constructed as L. Gueret and Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of £1,500,000.


In that year Mr. Callaghan, who had previously bought the entire interests of the late Lord Rhondda in L. Gueret, Ltd., and its associated companies, gave the staffs an opportunity of acquiring some of the shares. In 1920, as the result of negotiations be- tween the late Lord Buckland (then Mr. Seymour Berry) and Mr. Callaghan, Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds, Ltd., secured a controlling interest in L. Gueret and Co., Ltd., and Mr. Callaghan was then made a director of that great undertaking, of which he was after- wards one of the largest shareholders. Mr. Callaghan took a lively interest in sport. For physical re- creation he resorted to golf, cricket, football, and other sports were always assured of his generous support. Mr. Callaghan had been a justice of the peace for the city of Cardiff since 1908. Mrs. Callaghan died in June last. There are no children. Fr. President attended the funeral at Cardiff on behalf of the College, while Mr. J. Cunningham represented the Ratcliffian Association. The whole of the business world of South Wales was represented at one of the biggest funerals ever seen in Cardiff. We offer our sympathies to his brothers (all Old Ratcliffians) as well as to Bro. Roche and other members of his family. R.I.P.