William TAYLOR M.D., J.P., V.D.

(1829- 1912)


Courtesy : Glamorgan Archives

William Taylor MD, Cardiff, was born at Yetholm, near Jedburgh, Roxburgshire, but was educated at West Lease House, Long Ashton, near Bristol. He subsequently entered the University of Edinburgh, where he received the degrees of MD and LRCP, and afterwards obtained the degrees of MRCS and LSA in England. He came to Cardiff in 1858, and in 1860 he was appointed one of the honorary medical staff at the Cardiff Infirmary, where he now holds the position of Consulting Physician. He was an Alderman of the Borough of Cardiff for many years, and filled the office of Mayor for 1877-8. He has always taken a very active part in the Cardiff Free Library and Science and Art Schools, and was the hon. treasurer and active promoter of the Cardiff Exhibition of 1880, held for the purpose of raising funds towards the furnishing and decoration of the new Library Buildings, a large surplus at the close enabling this to be done throughly.

SOURCE: Contemporary Portraits 1896

He became the 4th President of the Cardiff Naturalists Society. And according to their website:

He came to reside in Cardiff in 1833 and received his early education at Mr. Burnett's School in Charles Street, before going on to Long Ashton in Bristol. For many years he was Chairman of the Licensing Magistrates, an office which he retained until his death. He was Chairman of the Cardiff Gas Light Company, of which concern his father-in-law, Alderman Lisle, was the original owner. In 1867, he founded "The Cardiff Naturalists' Society". In 1871 the Secretary, Mr. C. Bradley, Collector of the subscriptions absconded with the sum of £ 27. The Society was thus rendered almost insolvent, and the number of members became much reduced. Taylor then becoming Hon. Secretary.

A list of Papers contributed by him:

1. Intelligence and Instinct. 1869.

2. Animals living before man. 1874.

3. The Gower and Doward Bone Caves. 1876.

4. A Trip to the Arctic Circle and the North Cape 1878.

Dr. Taylor's death took place on May 8th, 1912, on board the S.Y. Vectis, at Gravosa on the Adriatic, during a tour which he was making in the hope of improving his health.

SOURCE: https://cardiffnaturalists.org.uk/htmfiles/150th-14.html