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Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
C1069 FrWG Ledentes LEDENTES EDOUERD Matelot Mort pour le France --
C1208 Private Gill PATRICK GILL, died 3 August 1864 age 44. MARY, his wife, died 12 February 1896 age 66. JAMES, son of above, died 1 November 1881 age 21. 1864
C1332 Private Vernon In loving memory of THOMAS VERNON, who died 20th September 1874 age 54 years. Also of ELIZABETH his wife, who died 1st April 1887 age 62 years. And of BERNARD, their son. Also of MARY ANN their daughter. Their end was peace R.I.P. And of SUSAN ELIZABETH died July 22nd 1944 aged 87 R.I.P. 1874
C1374 Private Daley JULIA DALEY, wife of James Daley, of Cardiff, died 9 July 1868 age 56. ELLEN CRAWLEY, died 25 December 1869 age 80. ELLEN HURLEY, died 4 May 1867 age 46. 1868
C1553 Private Donovan Of your charity pray for the repose of THOMAS, husband of Nora DONOVAN, died 4 April 1908 age 74. NORA, his wife, died 18 January 1918 age 78. NORA, their daughter, died in infancy. THOMAS, their son, died 15 April 1938 age 61. John, their son, died 25 June 1898 age 32. 1898
C1595 Private Driscoll TIMOTHY DRISCOLL, died 22 July 1874 age 43. Their children, EDWARD, died September 1865 age 1 year 10 months. JEREMIAH, died December 1866 age 11 months. THOMAS, died October 1874 age 1 year. BRIDGET, his wife, died 4 February 1878 age 44. HELENA, their daughter, died California 17 September 1882 age 15. 1874
C1631 Private McCarthy Of your charity pray for the souls of the following children of Denis and Catherine McCarthy, PATRICK, died April 11, 1863 aged 5 years. MARY, died April 12, 1865 aged 2 years. CATHERINE, died April 17, 1866 aged 9 months. JOHANNA, died May 7, 1867, aged 2 months. JOHN died Aug 11, 1868 aged 2 months. May their souls rest in peace. Amen R.I.P. Also of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of DANIEL McCARTHY son of Denis and Catherine McCarthy who died on July 4, 1878, aged 20 years May his soul rest in peace. Amen R.I.P. 1863
C1801 Private Primavesi Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of SARAH PRIMAVESI the beloved wife of Xaverio Pedele Primavesi of Penylan House, Cardiff who died Jan 17th 1893, aged 51. Also of the said XAVERIO PEDELE PRIMAVESI who died Sept 15th 1913, aged 75. We beseech Thee O Lord, help Thy servant whom Thou hast redeemed by Thy Precious Blood ... give unto her O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her R.I.P. MINNIE PRIMAVESI, wife of Fedele Primavesi of Penylan House, Cardiff died 14 July 1915. FEDELE PRIMAVESI, the said, died 2 July 1923. ERNEST ALMACHILDE EGEDIO PRIMAVESI, died 7 March 1913 age 38. 1893
C1807 Private Broad Sacred to the memory of BENJAMIN WILLIAM BROAD, M.B. C.M Major R.A.M.C.T medical superintendant of Cardiff sanitorium 1896-1924, born 13 December 1861 died, 8 March 1924. R.I.P. 1924
C1817 Private Hallinan In memory of Sir CHARLES HALLINAN C.B.E K.C.S.C. who died 24 February 1981 aged 84 years. and of Sir ADRIAN LINCOLN HALLINAN D.L. Chevalier de Legion d'honeur Lord Mayor and Stipendary Magistrate of this city, beloved husband of Mary, born 13 November 1922 died 2 November 1997. R I P 1981
C1827 Private Davies Of your charity pray for the repose of the souls of HENRY FORD DAVIES, died 22 August 1948 aged 68 years. And his beloved wife KATHLEEN MARY DAVIES died 5 April 1959, aged 71 years. Also .. 1948
C1959a Private Grace Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of FRANCES GRACE, beloved wife of Jeremiah Grace, who died 10 December 1936. Also the above JEREMIAH GRACE, who died 19 March 1971. 1948
C-N/K Private Martin Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of THOMAS PATRICK, dearly loved husband of Elizabeth MARTIN, who died 29 December 29 1946, aged 81 years. Also of his wife ELIZABETH, who died 31 December 1948, aged 76 years. And of EILEEN, their beloved daughter, who died 30 April 1945, aged 39 years. R.I.P. Merciful Jesus grant them eternal rest. Also MARY CATHERINE, their loved daughter died 8 December 1975, aged 75 years. And daughter ELIZABETH MARY, who died 9 March 1982, aged 84 years. And SYBIL AGATHA, the beloved daughter who died 4 September 1987, aged 72 years. 1946