Architects & Builders buried in Cathays Cemetery

Name Dates Buildings Plot
James Allan 1844-1917 Builder of Cardiff Market & Western Mail Building W 1322
Thomas Albert Beavan 1880-1920 Architect of Cathays Cemetery S 486a
Charles Fox 1843-1887 Cardiff Builder of 400 houses in Splott & Adamsdown M 102
William Frame 1848-1906 Architect Pierhead building & Animal Wall L 915
Thomas Gough 1848-1893 Builder M 980
William Harpur 1853-1917 Cardiff city engineer and surveyor S 1664
John Price Jones 1851-1893 Architect of Market Buildings M 1583
Arthur Knill 1831-1904 Builder M 387
Hopkin Knill 1841-1910 Builder & Director of Crosswells of Ely Brewery I 22b
Jacob Scott Matthews 1818-1880 Developer of 'Temperance Town' & Market Gardener M 372
George Parfaitt 1815-1866 Builder of Witla Court, Rumney M 1024
George E Robinson 1832-1914 Architect of Insole Court & Antiquarian EH 1466
Samuel Shepton 1822-1892 Builder L 691
Ephraim Turner 1839-1911 Stone Mason & Builder W 863
James Edward Turner 1861-1936 Builder V 146 /V 163
William Henry Turner 1866-1924 Builder S 509 /S 534
Thomas Waring 1825-1891 Architect & Engineer L1372/L1390

Buildings of Cardiff

Building Date Architect/Designer Builder Owner
City Hall & Law Courts 1904 Lancaster Stewart & Richards E Turner & Sons
- Welsh Dragon sculpture H C Fehr
- Science & Education sculpture D McGill
- Western Pavilion sculpture Paul Montford
- Eastern Pavilion sculpture Henry Poole
University College Cardiff 1909 W D Caroe FSA, London E Turner & Sons
Glamorgan County Hall 1908 E Vincent Harris & Moodie, London E Turner & Sons
- Sculptures Albert Hodge
Technical College 1916 Ivor Jones & Percy Thomas, Cardiff E Turner & Sons
Royal Infirmary - Front Col E M Bruce Vaughan, Cardiff E Turner & Sons
Royal Infirmary - Rear 1927 E Stanley Hall, London E Turner & Sons
General Post Office 1896 Henry Tanner E Turner & Sons
War Memorial 1928 J N Comper E Turner & Sons
- Bronzes Betram Pegrum
Central Fire Station 1917 E Vincent Harris, London E Turner & Sons
Central Free Public Library 1896 Seward & Thomas E Turner & Sons
National Museum of Wales 1927 E Turner & Sons
Medical College Newport Road 1918 Col E M Bruce Vaughan, Cardiff E Turner & Sons
Medical College The Parade 1926 J B Fletcher, Cardiff E Turner & Sons
The Capitol Cinema 1920 Phillips & J B Wride, Cardiff E Turner & Sons Tilneys Kinemas Ltd
Cox's Café (Cardiff) 1920 Phillips & J B Wride, Cardiff E Turner & Sons
Coal & Shipping Exchange 1911 Edwin Seward E Turner & Sons
Atlantic Flour Mills Gelder & Kitchen, Hull E Turner & Sons
Morgan's, The Hayes E Turner & Sons
Morgans Arcade 1897 Edwin Seward E Turner & Sons
Merthyr house Cardiff Docks 1918 Henry Budgen, Cardiff E Turner & Sons
The Cardiff Exchange 1900 Edwin Seward E Turner & Sons
Nat Provicial Bank Cardiff Docks E Turner & Sons
Empire Theatre 1915 William & T R Milburn, Sunderland E Turner & Sons
Pricipality Buildings 1914 Habersohn & Fawckner, Newport E Turner & Sons
Birchwood Grange, Penylan 1924 J B Fletcher, Cardiff E Turner & Sons home of Sir William James Thomas
Ty Gwyn, Lisvane 1906 E Turner & Sons home of J E Turner JP
Bell & Nicolson's Drapery (YMCA) 1910 Speir & Bevan, Cardiff E Turner & Sons
Duke Street Arcade 1902 Ware & Williams, Cardiff E Turner & Sons
J Cory Offices Mount Stuart Sq H Tudor Thornley, Cardiff E Turner & Sons
Royal Buildings Queen Street Henry Hartley, Liverpool E Turner & Sons
Atlantic Buildings Cardiff Docks H Tudor Thornley, Cardiff E Turner & Sons
Schweppes Factory E Turner & Sons
Pearl Assurance Building E Turner & Sons
YMCA Central Buildings E Turner & Sons
Cardiff Sanatorium E Turner & Sons
Saltmead Council Schools E Turner & Sons
Penylan Reservoir E Turner & Sons
Roath Outfall Sewer E Turner & Sons
Wholesale Co-op Services building E Turner & Sons
Phillips & Co Tea Warehouse E Turner & Sons
H & C Spiridion Warehouses E Turner & Sons
Royal Engineers HQ E Turner & Sons
Pengam Boys School E Turner & Sons
Cardiff Gas Co Gas Holder Tank E Turner & Sons
St Marys School E Turner & Sons
James Howells St Mary St E Turner & Sons

Churches & Chapels of Cardiff

Building Date Architect Builder Denomination
St Dyfrigs Church, Grangetown 1888 John Dando Sedding
St Pauls Church, Paget St, Grangetown 1891 Seddon & Carter
St Barnabas Church, Avoca Pl, Saltmead 1897
St John the Evangelist Church, Canton From 1855 Prichard & Seddon
St Lukes Church, Victoria Park 1910 George Halliday
St Catherines Church, Canton 1885
St Margaret of Antioch Church, Roath 1870 John Pritchard
St German of Auxerre Church, Roath 1884 G F Bodley
St Saviours Church, Splott 1888 G F Bodley
St Francis Church, Singleton Rd, Splott 1894
St Angnes Church, Roath 1886
St Martin of Tours Church, Roath 1901 F B Kempson
St Edward the Confessor Church, Roath 1918 Willmott & Smith
St Anne's Church, Roath 1875 Joseph A Reeve
St Andrew & St Teilo's Church, Cathays 1897 George Halliday
St Mary's Church, Whitchurch 1884 John Prichard
Eglwys Dewi Sant, Howard Gardens 1889 Bruce Vaughan
Eglwys Dewi Sant, Windsor Place 1860/3 Prichard & Seddon/Roos
Severn Road Welsh Independent Chapel, Canton 1868
Minnie Street Welsh Independent Chapel, Cathays 1887
Charles St English Congregational Church 1855
Roath Park Wesleyan Church I P Jones, Richards & Budgen E Turner & Sons
Star Street Congregational Chapel, Adamsdown 1871
Hannah St Congregational Chapel, Butetown 1868 Congregational
Roath Park Congregational Church, Roath 1910 Congregational
Beulah United Reform Church, Rhiwbina 1851
Tabernacl Baptist Church, The Hayes 1865 John Hartland Baptist
Llandaff Road Baptist Church, Canton 1853 Baptist
Calvary Baptist Church , Cowbridge Road 1858 Baptist
Tredgarville Baptist Church, The Parade 1865 W G Habershon Baptist
Woodville Road Baptist Church 1887 Baptist
Albany Road Baptist Church 1912 Baptist
Cathays Methodist Church, Crwys Road 1890 Methodist (Wesleyan)
Rumney Methodist Church. Newport Road 1871 Methodist (Wesleyan)
Conway Road Methodist Church 1869 Methodist (Wesleyan)
Loudoun Sq Methodist Church, Butetown 1860 Methodist (Wesleyan)
Ely Methodist Church, Cowbridge Road 1857 Methodist (Wesleyan)
Capel Heol y Crwys 1899 J H Philips Calvinistic Methodist
Eglwys y Crwys 1898 Calvinistic Methodist
Salem Presbyterian Church of Wales, Canton 1856 Calvinistic Methodist
Highfields Church, Cathays 1900 Welsh Calvinistic Methodist
Heath Evangelical Church 1906 Welsh Calvinistic Methodist
St Andrews United Reform Church, Roath 1910 English Presbyterian
St Davids Catholic Cathedral, Charles Street 1887 Pugin & Pugin Catholic
St Peters Catholic Church, Roath 1861 Charles Hansom Catholic
St Mary of the Angels, Kings Road, Canton 1896 F A Walters Catholic
St Albans Catholic Church, Splott 1891 Catholic
St Paul's Church, Tyndall St, Newtown 1891 Catholic
St Johns Church, New Zealand Rd, Heath 1935 Catholic
St Patricks Church, Grangetown 1930 James Goldie E Turner & Sons Catholic
Cardiff City Temple 1934 Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance
The Unitarian Church, West Grove 1887 Unitarian