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Section D 1000-1678

Section D Plot Number Not Known

Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
D77 Private Bewick In Memory and Remembrance of THOMAS BEWICK of Newcastle on Tyne, who died Cardiff on 31 January 1869, age 40 years. "May he rest in Peace." RIP. Also THOMAS BEWICK, grandson of the above, drowned 4 September 1896 age 16 years. 1869
D263 Private Burns In Loving Memory of THOMAS BURNS, beloved husband of Catherine, who died 18 May 1931, aged 64. Also of their daughters THERESA SISTER MARY RAPHAEL who died in South Africa 11 November 1929, aged 34. ELIZABETH MARIA, who died 20 August 1922, aged 19. "On whose Souls Sweet Jesus have Mercy." Also the above CATHERINE, who died 18 July 1953. 1922
D421 Private Aherne Of your Charity pray for the Repose of the Soul of JOHN, the beloved husband of Annie AHERNE, who passed peacefully away 8 January 1927, in his 64th year. On whose soul sweet Jesus have Mercy. Also the above ANNIE AHERNE, died 9 February 1942, aged 75 years. Also their daughter ELLEN, died 2 January 1989, aged 97 years. 1927
D544 Private Curran CHARLES CURRAN, died 28 January 1891 age 51. MARY ELIZABETH, his daughter, died 28 February 1891 age 7. MARY CURRAN. His wife, died 25 November 1900 age 53. 1891
D713 /D741 Private Watkins THOMAS WATKINS of Elmsfield, Cardiff, died 14 May 1867 age 47. JANE FLORENCE, widow of Thomas WATKINS, late of Elmsfield, Cardiff, died 27 April 1868 age 51. 1867
D741 Private Watkins See D713 --
D818 Private Buist JAMES JOSEPH BUIST, died 12 January 1893 aged 19 months. ANDREW SALVATORE BUIST, died 24 March 1878 aged 1 year. HENRY OGILVIE BUIST, died 2 September 1881 aged 13 years. 1878