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Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
O18 Zion Thomas Sacred to the Memory of RICHARD THOMAS of this Town who died March 23rd 1838 Aged 77 1838
O27 Zion Bowen Sacred the Memory of THOMAS son of JOHN and ELEANOR BOWEN of This town who died 10th August 1815 aged 2 years and 9 Months 1815
O646 Private Collings ANN COLLINGS, died 8 May 1895 age 58. WILLIAM HENRY, her husband, died 1 January 1898 age 66. ELIZABETH JOB, died 9 August 1882 age 82. 1895
O649a Private Morgan In loving memory of ROBERT JOHN MORGAN, who died August 15th 1882, aged 3 weeks. Also of JOHN ROBERT MORGAN, who died March 24th 1890, aged 5 years. 1882
O738 Private Perkins In Loving Memory of ROBERT beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann PERKINS who died 27 December 1934 aged 81. Also of the above ELIZABETH ANN PERKINS who died 2 July 1938, aged 81 At Peace. 1934
O759 Private Finch In Loving Memory of my Dear Husband JOHN FINCH died 12 January 1935 aged 75. Thy Will be Done. Also ANN wife of John Finch died 10 August 1951 aged 85. 1935
O786 Private Stevens THOMAS STEVENS, died 6 October 1882 age 66. CHARLOTTE STEVENS, his wife, died 2 April 1890 age 69. 1882
O806 Private Hatcher 2586401 Signalman E.O. Hatcher Royal Signals 20th October 1940 aged 20 peacefully sleeping until the day dawns Edward (Teddie) the beloved son of Ted & Edith Hatcher who gave his life on active service in Plymouth And of his beloved father Edward Hatcher. --
O893 Private Prince In Affectionate Remembrance of JOSEPH PRINCE died 28 May 1882 aged 78 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, for they shall rest from their labours. Also of HARRIETT widow of the above who died 9 November 1907, aged 73 years. At Rest. 1882
O894 Private Tarver In loving memory of Reekes Tarver the beloved husband of Margaret Tarver who fell asleep Dec 31st 1934 aged 69 years. Sweet memories of one so dear Also the above Margaret Tarver who fell asleep June 10th 1948 aged 76 years 1934
O902 Private Morgan ELIZABETH JANE, wife of Jenkin MORGAN of the Grove, Pencoed, in the parish of Coychurch in this Country, died 30 September 1882 age 56. JENKIN MORGAN, aforesaid, died February 1893 age 74. EDWIN, died 16 February 1895 age 33. 1882
O924 Private Leonard In loving memory of MARGARET, beloved wife of Joseph LEONARD and devoted daughter of Evan and Sarah Russell, who entered into rest 8 February 1933, aged 55 years. Also of the above JOSEPH LEONARD, who died 16 June 1936, aged 76 years. 1933
O936 Private David In Memory of WILLIAM DAVID, (P.W. Inspector T.V.R) died 19 October 1918, aged 65. Also CHARLOTTE, his beloved wife, died 26 February 1883, aged 27. Thy will be done. 1918
O964 Private Bennett ELIZABETH, wife of William BENNETT, of Cardiff, died 7 September 1864 age 64. 1864
O967 Private Batchelor In memory of JOHN BATCHELOR born April 12 1820 died May 20 1883. And of TOM EUSTACE his son died Nov 11 1862 aged 2 years wait patiently for him and he shall give thee thy hearts desire. Also of FANNY EDITH his wife died March 12 1909 aged 95 years ... ... and call her blessed. Also of JOHN GEORGE HERBERT his eldest son born July 5 1854 died November 24 1912. Also of ARTHUR LlEWELLYN, his fifth son who died November 19th 1915 and was buried in the Protestant Cemetary Valparaiso. Also of ETHEL CAROLINE AGNES his fourth daughter who died November 13th 1916. Also of EDITH EVANGELINE, his third daughter. Also of WILLIAM THOMAS EDWARDS M.D.LLD. died July 7th 1919. Also of ... MILDRED BATCHELOR, his youngest daughter. 1883
O982 Private Parsons GEORGE PARSONS, died 14 December 1882 age 32. JOHN EDGECOMBE PARSONS, his father, died 21 March 1911 age 93. 1882
O986 Private Lee In Loving memory of WILLIAM FREDERICK LEE, of Bideford Devon, who changed mortality for life 13 December 1882 aged 27 years. Safe into the Haven guide. Also of MILLICENT ANNIE (HOLLY) only and much beloved daughter of William & Ellen COURTIS, 48 Mount Stuart Square Cardiff, who was taken away to be with Jesus 30 March 1884 aged 6 years. ... Also of MARY ANNIE APPLIN, who died 2 October 1923, aged 66. 1882