Section R

Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
N/K Private Addams In loving memory of SIMON JOSEPH ADDAMS dearly loved son of Bill & Maureen, precious brother of Carl & Debbie. "Pugs" to all his friends, died 8 August 1980 aged 16. "To us you were someone special God must have thought so too." MAUREEN HILDA ADDAMS, a beloved wife & mother. Reunited with her beloved Simon "Pugs", died 1 October 1993, aged 57. "Forever in our hearts." WILLIAM JAMES ADDAMS, a beloved husband & devoted dad. Died 15 November 1997, aged 68 "Cherished memories remembered forever". ROBERT DAVID HALLAM, a beloved husband and devoted father. Died 12 June 2004, aged 48. "In our hearts you will always stay, Loved and remembered everyday." 1980
N/K Private Aherne AHERNE In loving memory of my beloved wife, EVELYN, died 27 February 1981, aged 55. "Dear mother and grandmother". 1981
N/K Private Ames In loving memory of STEPHEN S. AMES, died 17 October 1980, aged 78. Sadly missed by his sons and daughters. 1980
N/K Private Atkins To the beautiful memory of RACHEL SIAN, dearly loved only daughter of John and Pamela ATKINS, died 31 December 1980, aged 3 days. "A tiny flower lent not given to bud on earth and bloom in Heaven." 1980
N/K Private Augustine In loving memory of J.S.A., dearest husband of Sylvia, devoted father of Vicky and Lynda and much loved Bampy, died 20 May 1981, aged 5X. SYLVIA AUGUSTINE, wife, mother and Nan, died 22 December 1996, aged 69. "Reunited Forever." 1981
N/K Private Bloomer In loving memory of CHARLES L. BLOOMER, beloved husband of Christina, died 12 September 1980 aged 55. A devoted Father and dearest Grandad. 1980
N/K Private Brolls BROLLS. MARY 1981. Husband FRANK 1990. "Rest In Peace" 1981
N/K Private Browning Cherished Memories of PATRICIA BROWNING, loving wife of Gethin and a devoted mother, died 4 February 1981, aged 46. "God Bless an angel." 1981
N/K Private Bryant In loving memory of a devoted Mother and Father and Grandparents, who gave so much. WINIFRED LOUISA BRYANT, died 13 October 1980, aged 72. WILLIAM CHARLES BRYANT, died 4 November 1983, aged 78. "Greatly loved and sadly missed." 1980
N/K Private Bull Treasured memories of a dear husband, father and grandfather, PERCY VALENTINE BULL, died 28 November 1981, aged 77. Also his devoted wife, ELLEN BULL, a loving wife, mother and grandmother, died 7 July 1995, aged 86. "Reunited." 1981
N/K Private Bulpin In Memory of LEONARD BULPIN died 27 October 1980, aged 64. "Sadly Missed" 1980
N/K Private Burnett BURNETT. In loving memory of Walter a loving husband, father and Bampi 23-4-1924 12-5-1981. Also his devoted wife and a loving mother and Nan, NANCY. "Reunited Forever" 1981
N/K Private Butler In loving memory of a beloved wife & mother KATHLEEN (KAY) BUTLER died 5 July 1980, aged 57. 1980
N/K Private Carlin Treasured memories of VINCENT CARLIN, died 2 December 1980, aged 45. Beloved husband of Catherine and loving father of Jacqueline. "Greatly loved sadly missed." 1980
N/K Private Cawalko In loving memory of DMYTRO (JIM) CAWALKO, Beloved husband of Sheila, born in Silec, Iwow, Ukraine, 10 December 1924, died 9 November 1980. 1980
N/K Private Cicero Cherished memories of MIGUEL LUIS (GELLY), precious son of Jean and Luis Cicero, darling brother of Nikki, Jason and Jojo, died 28 May 1981, aged 13 years 9 months. "There is a home that lies beyond and past its golden door awaits our loved one now away not lost just gone before." 1981
N/K Private Cleary In loving memory of JOHN DENIS CLEARY, died 25 January 1981, aged 78. Loving husband of Violet. And of his devoted wife, VIOLET IRENE CLEARY, died 1989, aged 89. 1981
N/K Private Collins In loving memory of GEORGE EDWARD COLLINS, died 20 March 1994, aged 60. And EILEEN COLLINS, died 13 October 1981, aged 51. R.I.P. 1981
N/K Private Connell In loving memory of my beloved husband, JOHN CONNELL, died 22 September 1981, aged 72. Also his beloved wife, AGNES CONNELL, died 23 August 1987, aged 82. "Reunited." 1981
N/K Private Coombes In loving memory of MARY, beloved daughter of the late James and Margaret Louise COOMBES, who died 13 November 1981. Also their daughter, ELLEN CECELIA, who died 25 May 25 1983, aged 73. 1981
N/K Private Coughlin In loving memory of THOMAS (TOM) COUGHLIN, died 29 January 1981, aged 59. Beloved husband of Kathy and dear father of Peter. 1981
N/K Private Cusack Cherished memories of our loving parents, TIMOTHY PATRICK CUSACK, died 15 September 1981, aged 65 years. Also his beloved wife, HELENA MARY, died 27 April 1990, aged 67 years. Loving parents, devoted grandparents "Goodnight". 1981
N/K Private Delaney In loving memory of PATRICK JOSEPH DELANEY, beloved husband of Glenys and devoted dad of Jane & Claire. Died 18 June 1981, aged 43. 1981
N/K Private Dermody In loving memory of a dearly loved husband, father & grandfather, PETER DERMODY, died 2 April 1981. 1981
N/K Private Dorgan R.I.P. A. DORGAN --
N/K Private Doyle In loving memory of OLIVER DOYLE (OLLIE) beloved husband of Janet(Jan) and loving father of Michelle. Good Night, God Bless "Rest in Peace". Also of his devoted father, THOMAS JOSEPH FRANKLIN, died 15 April 1998, aged 71 years. Sadly missed by his loving wife Anne and family R.I.P. --
N/K Private Doyle In loving memory of BETTY ANN, beloved wife of Maurice DOYLE and a devoted mother, died 23 August 1980, aged X0. 1980
N/K Private Driscoll In loving memory of MARY VERONICA DRISCOLL, devoted wife of Daniel, died 8 April 1981, aged 71. A beloved mother and grandmother "Rest in Peace." Also her beloved husband DANIEL, died XX February XXXX. 1981
N/K Private Evans "PEACE" In loving memory of NEWTON (JAN) EVANS, beloved husband and father, died 23 October 1980, sged 58. R.I.P. And EILEEN EVANS, beloved wife and mother, died 8 June 2002, aged 76. 1980
N/K Private Fearnley In loving memory of CHARLES FEARNLEY, died 22 November 1980. Beloved husband of Paulina. "Rest in Peace." 1980
N/K Private Ferguson In your Charity Pray for the repose of the soul of KATHLEEN ELIZABETH FERGUSON 1912 - 1980. And her beloved husband, DAVID. R.I.P. 1980
N/K Private Foley ELLEN FOLEY, born 19 October 1901, died 6 May 1981. THOMAS FOLEY, born 31 January 1901, died 13 September 1987. 1981
N/K Private Freese In loving memory of MARGARET FREESE, died 3 March 1981, aged 63 years. Also her beloved husband GEORGE EDWARD FREESE, died 15 January 1996, aged 78 years. "May they both rest in peace." 1981
N/K Private Galbraith In loving memory of ELIZABETH GALBRAITH, aged 68 years. 1913 - 1981 1981
N/K Private Garland Treasured memories of our dear son WAYNE ANTONY GARLAND, died 12 June 1981, aged 22 years. Resting in God's garden, Till we meet again, Love Mam and Dad. Also of his devoted father COLIN WAYNE GARLAND, a loving husband, died 26 November 2003, aged 64 years. 1981
N/K Private Griffiths In Memory of our parents, JAMES HENRY GRIFFITHS 1909 - 1980 and his beloved wife, MINNIE GRIFFITHS 1907 - 2000. 1980
N/K Private Gwatkin In loving memory of GWATKIN WILLIAM (BILL) 1900 - 1981. ELLEN (NELL) 1899 - 1982. Beloved parents. 1981
N/K Private Hall In loving memory of a beloved husband and father, ALBERT EDWARD HALL, died 28 January 1981, aged 72. Also his dear wife, MARY CATHERINE, died 13 May 1988, aged 76. "May they rest in Peace, together." 1981
N/K Private Halloran In loving memory of JOHN HALLORAN, devoted husband of Mary and a beloved father, died 5 October 1980, aged 77. Also a devoted wife and mother, MARY HALLORAN. Died 26 December 1991, aged 84. "Reunited Forever." Also JEAN SALLOWS, devoted wife of Bill and a beloved mother, died 9 May 2005, aged 72 years. R.I.P. 1980
N/K Private Hayes In loving memory of MARGARET (PEGGY) HAYES, beloved wife of Bernard and loving sister of Betty, died 7 February 1981, aged 56. R.I.P. Also BERNARD CHARLES HAYES, died 11 August 1993, aged 65. R.I.P. 1981
N/K Private Healan In loving memory of TERENCE PATRICK HEALAN, very dear son and brother, died 17 May 1981, aged 57 years. "Gone but not forgotten." 1981
N/K Private Hill In loving memory of a beloved husband and father, MICHAEL JOSEPH HILL, died 29 August 1980, aged 61. Also, wife of the above, KATHLEEN, died 18 July 1986, aged 67. 1980
N/K Private Hipkin MICHAEL DOMINIC HIPLKIN, died 13 December 1980, aged 83 years. Much loved husband, father and grandfather. R.I.P. 1980
N/K Private Houlston In loving memory of NANCY HOULSTON, died 21 September 1981, aged 62. Also ARTHUR HOULSTON, dearly loved husband of Nancy, died 16 March 1987, aged XX. 1981
N/K Private Hull In loving memory of Albert (Acken) Hull 1900 - 1981 Mary Ann Hull 1901 - 1984 dearly loved Mam and ??? --
N/K Private Humphreys In loving memory of a beloved husband and father, MATTHEW PETER HUMPHREYS, died 28 July 1980, aged 58. His loving wife, MARY HUMPHREYS, a loving mother, died 24 July 1998, aged 78. "God Bless." 1980
N/K Private Iafrate Baby. LEWIS MICHAEL IAFRATE. 28 June 1981. 1981
N/K Private John In loving memory of our dear father, MICHAEL JOHN, died 1 Match 1981, aged 83. "Sweet are the memories that never fade." 1981
N/K Private King Sacred to the memory of my dear husband, MARTIN KING, a loving father and grandfather, who died 15 October 1980, aged 71 years. "Resting where no shadows fall." Also his dear wife, MARY KING, who died 2 August 1993, aged 76 years. "Reunited." 1980
N/K Private Kydd In loving memory of a dear husband and father, DAVID D.(JOCK) PEARCE, who died 13 June 1981, aged 58. 1981
N/K Private Lenahan In loving memory of LEANNE MARIE LENAHAN, died 10 December 1980, age 4 days. R.I.P. 1980
N/K Private Lepore In loving memory of GIOVANNINA, beloved wife of Carmine LEPORE, devoted mother of Lina, Dora, Tony Christina and Biondina. "Greatly loved sadly missed." --
N/K Private Lester In loving memory of NORA LESTER, who died 18 October 1981, aged 81 years. R.I.P. Also her brother THOMAS ALFRED PARKER, who died 7 October XXXX, aged 78. 1981
N/K Private Long WILLIMA BRENDAN CANON LONG V.F. Sacred Heart Church, Pontllanfraith. Born Kerry, ordained Priest 1939. Died 17 September 1981. "Lord grant him eternal rest." 1981
N/K Private Maloney Cherished memories FRED MALONEY 1921 - 1981. CHRIS MALONEY 1925 - 1994. R.I.P. 1981
N/K Private Mccarthy In loving memory of MARGARET LETICIA McCARTHY, died 19 July 1980, aged 67. R.I.P. Also beloved husband, RICHARD, died 5 October 1985, aged 78. "Re-united." 1980
N/K Private Migliorati In loving memory of a beloved wife, mother, and nanna, MADELEINE ANN MIGLIORATI, died 28 September 1981, aged 45. Also of her devoted husband, FEDERICO PIETRO RENATO MIGLIORATI, a loving father and momma, died 31 October 1999, aged 72. "Reunited Forever." 1981
N/K Private Morgan Cherished memories of MARY (BRIDGE) MORGAN, beloved wife of Rees, died 7 October 1981, aged 67. "Till we meet again." Also her loving husband REES, died 8 October 1994, aged 86. "Reunited." 1981
N/K Private O'halloran In loving memory of a dear husband and father, JOHN JOSEPH O'HALLORAN, died 15 February 1981, aged 52. 1981
N/K Private O'Keefe In loving memory of TIMOTHY JAMES O'KEEFE, a devoted husband, father and grandfather, died 18 September 1981, aged 76. Also his beloved wife, EILEEN ROSE (Nee DEACY), beloved mother and grandmother, died 12 March 2002, aged 95. Rest in Peace 1981
N/K Private O'Keeffe In loving memory of DAVID HENRY O'KEEFFE, died 16 September 1980, aged 63. Also his beloved wife, VALERIE HAVERGAL, died 20 February 1998, aged 78. "Rest in Peace." 1980
N/K Private Page In loving memory of a dear wife and mother, MADGE PAGE, born June 1906, died March 1981. Beloved son, WILFRED PAGE, died December 1982, aged 51. A devoted husband and father, ROCCO PAGE, born October XXXX, died January XXXX. "Reunited Forever." 1981
N/K Private Pearce In loving memory of our dear daughter, MARY ENID PEARCE, died 8 April 1981, aged 50. JOSEPH REGINALD PEARCE, died 14 April 1984, aged 77. A loving father. MARY ELLEN PEARCE, died 20 May 1990, aged 82, a devoted wife and mother. 1981
N/K Private Pengelly In loving memory of JAMES HENRY PENGELLY, died 1 March 1981, aged 63. Also of his devoted wife, GREAT AMELIA PENGELLY, died 27 December 1998, aged 81. "Reunited Forever." 1981
N/K Private Regan THOMAS B. REGAN 1911 - 1981 1981
N/K Private Riella In loving memory of my dear wife, MARGARET CONSTANCE RIELLA, born 1 August 1907, passed away 30 September 1981. "May you sleep the sleep of peace." Also Beloved husband EMANUELE, born XX November 1902, passed away 23 May 1985. Together again in God's.... 1981
N/K Private Samos In loving memory of DAVID SAMOS, died XX August 1980 1980
N/K Private Smart In loving memory of GLADYS SMART, died 27 January 1981, aged 82. Also NORMAN, her loved husband and dear father of Len. Re-united 2 December 1981, aged 84. 1981
N/K Private Speers In loving memory of BERYL, beloved wife of Charles SPEERS, died 7 May 1981, aged 58. 1981
N/K Private Sullivan In loving memory of ROBERT HENRY SULLIVAN, born 27 October 1900, died 27 September 1981. R.I.P. Also of his wife, CHRISTINA MAY SULLIVAN, born 22 October 1901, died 16 March 1993. 1981
N/K Private Sullivan SULLIVAN. In loving memory of CORNELIUS THOMAS, a beloved husband and devoted father, died 9 January 1981, aged 59. 1981
N/K Private Taylor In loving memory of MINNIE TAYLOR, died 6 March 1981, aged 71. WILLIAM PATRICK, died 8 November 1994, aged 89. 1981
N/K Private Thompson Fondest memories of BERNARD (JACK) THOMPSON, beloved husband of June, dear father of Michael, Andrea and Lisa, died 13 November 1981, aged 50. "Always in our thoughts." 1981
N/K Private Trotter In loving memory of HELEN, beloved wife of William (Bill) TROTTER, devoted mother and nanna, died 26 November 1981, aged 63. "At Rest." 1981
N/K Private Tyre Loving memories of GARETH TYRE, died 11th March 1981, aged XX Years 1981
N/K Private Watts In loving memory of LESLIE WATTS, died 8 November 1981, aged 58. R.I.P. Also ANGELA ALLEN, nee WATTS, died 10 September 1982, aged 33. "At rest with the Lord." 1981
N/K Private Williams In loving memory of PATRICIA WILLIAMS, 1937 - 1981. "Treasured Memories forever in our hearts." 1981
N/K Private Williams In loving memory of SIDNEY WILLIAMS, beloved husband of Mary and dear father of Margaret, Catherine and David 1907 - 1981. Also his beloved wife, MARY WILLIAMS, a devoted mother and grandmother 1909 - 1997. "Together Again" 1981
N/K Private Zunic In loving memory of VERA ZUNIC, dear wife of Frank, loving mother and grandmother, died 6 March 1981, aged 68. 1981