Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
T4 Removed Lock In loving memory of BETSY LOCK of Bideford who died November 18th, 1884, aged 79 years. "So He gave his beloved sleep". Also of FREDERICK YEOLAND, who died January 23rd, 1905 aged 82 years. "Asleep in Jesus". Also of ELIZABETH YEOLAND, died October 31st, 1915, aged 84 years. 1884
T22 Private Forster ROBERT FORSTER, died 29 October 1895 age 71. Elizabeth, his wife, and three of their sons - Robert, William Henry & Charles - interred in the Old Cemetery Cardiff. ELIZA ANN FORSTER, only daughter of above, died 29 December 1924. 1895
T59 Removed Woodland In loving memory of FREDERICK WOODLAND who departed this life February 17th, 1886. "Had he asked us, well we know We would cry O spare this blow; Yes, with streaming tears should pray, Lord, we love him, let him stay". 1886
T460 Removed Hutchings In loving memory of MARGARET, wife of William HUTCHINGS of Canton, who died March 28th, 1885, aged 58 years. "We have to mourn the loss of one We did our best to save. Beloved on earth, regretted gone, Remembered in this grave." Also of WILLIAM HUTCHINGS , who died February 28th, 1898 egad 69 years. 1885
T493 Removed Chamberlain In affectionate remembrance of JAMES CHAMBERLAIN who died March 1885 aged 51 years. "I was weary and He gave we rest" Also of MARY ANN, his wife, who died January 19th, 1912 aged 53 years. "Unto the good He giveth sleep" Also of their daughter, EMMA E. MARTIN, who died November 25th, 1928, aged 51 years. "Peace, perfect peace" 1885
T692 Private Turner EDITH EMILY, daughter of Ephraim & Ann TURNER, died 28 November 1884 age 14 months. ELIZABETH BARBER, sister of Ann Turner, died 1893 age 53, EDWARD, brother of Ephraim TURNER, died 18 October 1914 age 81. 1884
T1104 Removed Best In loving memory of MARY JANE, the beloved wife of George C.H. BEST, Queen Street, Cardiff, who died October 26th, 1885, aged 37 years. Also of JOHN LEWIS, father of the said Mary Jane Best, died April 24th, 1889 in his 75th year. 1885
T1166 Private James DAVID JAMES of Canton born born 24 December 1797 died 10 May 1885. ANTHONY RADCLIFFE, his grandson died 1 June 1890 age 1 day. JAMES JAMES died 10 August 1897. 1885
T1136 Removed Mitchell In memory of WILLIAM MASSIE MITCHELL who died August 1st, 1903 aged 80 years. Also JANE, beloved wife of the above who died June 13th, 1890 aged 61 years. Also ARNOTT, son of the above, died July 18th, 1886 aged 18 years. Also JAMES DAVID, son of the above and husband of Louisa MITCHELL, who was drowned off Cape Horn, October 14th, 1912 aged 50 years. "Abide with me" "God is love" 1890
T1216 Removed Stephens In loving memory of JAMES STEPHENS who died September 3:4, 1886, aged 45 years. "I was weary and He gave me rest" Also RACHEL, his wife, died February 14th, 1896, aged 60. 1886
T1423 Removed Macey In loving memory Of MARY MACEY who departed this life January 29th, 1887, aged 73 Years. "Sown in weakness: raised in power". Also AMY BLANCHE, daughter of J.O. MACEY, who died July 5th, 1909 aged 40 years. Also JANE CATHERINE, beloved wife of J.O. MACEY who died April 23rd, 1912 aged 72 years. 1887
T1532 Removed Baker In loving memory of ABEL, the beloved son of Fred Richard and Elisabeth BAKER, who died April 25th, 1887, aged 6 months. Also of FRED RICHARD, who died November 26th 1888, aged 5 months. "Suffer little children to come unto me" Also of JESSIE, who died August 10th, 1893 aged 12 months. Also of IVY MAY who died November 30th, 1902 aged 18 months. Also of FRED RICHARD, the beloved husband of Elisabeth BAKER who died April 24th, 1913, aged 50 years. "Until the day breaks". 1887
T1534 Removed Waldrond In loving memory of JOHN EDWIN, infant son of H.T. and E. WALDROND. Died April 25th, 1887. 1887
T1734 Removed Davies In memory of DAN ISAAC DAVIES, born at Llandovery, January 24th, 1839. Died in Cardiff, May 28th, 1887. "The memory of the just is blessed. I believed, therefore have I spoken" Also his eldest daughter, MAY MARGARET DAVIES, May 14th 1866 - September 15th, 1945. Her ashes lie beneath. Also of his daughter CLAIRE YVONNE, Born at Bristol, August 11th, 1883. Died in France, May 31st, 1911. "Blessed are the pure in heart For they shall see God" Buried at her mother's native place. EVELINE OLGA DAVIES, born at Cardiff, January 27th, 1885. Died at Rebais, October 25th, 1918. ESTHER CONSTANCE MIRAULT, wife of Dan Isaac Davies, died at Villeneuve -Sous-Bois, her birth place, March 9th, 1920. EYDIE ELIAS MIRAULT. Died At Rebais, July 13th, 1923. EDGAR IVOR MIRAULT, younger son of Dan Isaac Davies. Born at Bristol January 6th, 1882. Died at Clermont L'Oise, September 13th, 1926. 1887