Plot No Type Surname Inscription date
W45 Removed Jones In loving memory of ANNE, beloved wife of J. H. JONES and devoted mother of Elizabeth and Margaret, Ael-y-bryn, Penylan Road. Born September 1862 Died March 1928 "Eyn a allodd hon hi ai gwnseth." Also of the above JOHN HUGHES JONES, died October 1st 1940 aged 82 "Yn Gorphwys". Also of DAVID VINCENT, beloved husband of Margaret Hughes and dear father of Joan. Died 2nd July 1953 aged 63 years. 1928
W52 Removed Griffiths In loving memory of SALINA ANN, beloved wife of Jabez GRIFFITHS who fell asleep April 4th 1928 aged 68 years. "At rest in the Lord". Also the said JABEZ GRIFFITHS who died May 31st 1931 aged 78 years 1928
W53 Removed Jones See W45 --
W54 Removed Williams In loving memory of JOHN, beloved husband of Mary A. WILLIAMS died February 3rd 1928 aged 63 years. "Loved by all". Also of MARY A. WILLIAMS died December 10th 1941 aged 75 years "Re-united". To the memory of DAVID THOS. DAVIES (Tom) their beloved son-in-law and dearly loved husband of May Davies who fell asleep August 6th 1943. A devoted husband and loving father "To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die". 1928
W62 Removed Draper In loving memory of ANN CATHERINE, beloved wife of Thomas DRAPER, died April 11th 1935 aged 75 years. Also the said THOMAS died March 17th 1938 aged 75 years. Also MARY ELIZABETH, aged 4 years. Also EARNEST THOMAS aged years. 1935
W976 Removed Glanville In loving memory of SUSAN GLANVILLE late of Hayle, Cornwell who died January 20th 1908 aged 86 years. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord" . We miss thee and mourn thee in silence unseen and dwell on the memory of time that has been. Also THOMAS BENJAMIN OXLAND MBE (Master Mariner) Born Oreston, Plymouth, June 16th 1854 Died Cardiff December 23rd 1922. And EMILY, wife at Thomas Oxland who died June 27th 1929 aged 71 years. 1908
W993 Removed Abraham In loving memory of DAVID ABRAHAM, mining engineer. late of Merthyr Tydfil. Born March 20th 1841 Died March 22nd 1904. Also of ANN beloved wife of the above. Died August 4th 1916 aged 79 years. 1904
W1030 Removed Preece “It is I, be not afraid”. Sacred to the memory of ANN, beloved wife of William PREECE, Cardiff, Died July 11th 1910 aged 68 yrs. Also of JOHN, the beloved son of William and Ann Preece Died Sept. 9th 1914 aged 33 yrs. In loving memory of WILLIAM PREECE Died Feb. 26th 1917 aged 79 yrs. 1910
W1076 Removed Geen In loving memory of Jane dearly beloved wife of PHILIP GEEN died March 1st 1907 aged 68 "Jesus the crown of my hope". Also PHILIP GEEN died Dec. 7th 1912 aged 76 yrs. "Trust in the Lord. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". In loving memory of JOHN beloved husband of Rose Williams who entered unto rest August 18th 1924 aged 60 yrs. "I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith". Also ROSE JANE beloved wife of John Williams died Nov. 2nd 1935 aged 75 yrs. "Gone but not forgotten." 1907
W1138 Removed Maton In loving memory of ADA LAURA, beloved wife of W. H. Maton who died February 2nd 1909 aged 39 years "Peace that passeth all understanding". Also the above A. H. MATON who died April 1st 1937 aged 76 years. "At rest". Also MARGARET MORRIS MATON mother of the aforesaid who died May 13th 1907 aged 73 yrs. 1909
W1148 Removed Wills In loving memory of GEORGE HOSKING WILLS who entered into rest 29th April 1901 aged 71 years. "Trust in the Lord and do good". And of his wife REBECCA WILLS who passed away 21st April 1911. Also of CHARLES J. G. WILLS who died July 24th 1933 aged 70 yrs. “Peace through the blood of the Cross". Also of FRANCIS RICHARD ALLIN WILLS beloved husband of Olympia Wills who died November 22nd 1937 in his 72nd year. "Rest in peace". Also OLYMPIA MARY, wife of above Francis Richard Allin, died December 18th 1958 in her 80th year. 1901
W1160 Removed Wills See W1148 --
W1183 Removed Rowe In loving memory of PETER ROWE, died 16th Nov. 1899 aged 77. Also JANE, wife of Peter Rowe, aged 92. Also BESSIE, wife of W. B. Seymour aged 57. CLARA M. ROWE aged 76. Also her husband SAMUEL B. ROWE aged 37. Also of GRACE ROBERTS his daughter, wife of A. H. Roberts, who died 11th March 1900 aged 42. Also WILLIAM HENRY beloved husband of Jane Kitchin, died October 25th 1938 aged 77 yrs. Also of JANE KITCH in died January 28th 1949 aged 89 yrs. 1899
W1195 Removed Rowe See W1183 --
W1196 Private Preston HENRY PRESTON, born 17 Feb 1832, died 13 March 1901. LUCY, his wife, died 6 Feb 1912 age 81. AMELIA LOUISA AMBROSE, youngest child of the above & widow of Francis Thomas Ambrose, born 17 June 1872, died 7 Oct 1934. 1901
W1207 Removed Sanders WILLIAM SAUNDERS aboved named Alderman & Justice of the Peace, Mayor of Cardiff 1889-90, born Doncaster 31 May 1829, died 24 Feb 1903. WALTER, infant son of Alexander & Lucy M Saunders, born & died 15 March 1914. HUGH PADFIELD, their son, born 6 January 1919, died 5 April 1923. May A - Polly - wife of F J Allwood, daughter of William & J E Sanders, born 13 May 1870, died 4 January 1899. GRACE - GRACIE - daughter of F J & M A Allwood, born August 1894, died 31 December 1899. Here also rest the cremated ashes of LUCY M. SANDERS born 23rd March 1882 died 27th Aug. 1962. 1899
W1219 Private Sanders See W1207 --
W1231 Private Sanders See W1207 --
W1267 Removed Cooper In loving memory of SAMUEL COOPER born August 22nd 1834 died December 15th 1901 "With Christ which is far better". Also of ANN COOPER, his beloved wife, died June 6th 1910 aged 77 yrs. "Until the day break and the shadows flee away". Also in loving remembrance of EDITH, third daughter of Samuel and Ann Cooper born July 5th 1868 died January 4th 1900 "Underneath are the ever lasting arms". Also of ANNIE SUSANNAH, their eldest daughter, born August 11th 1857 died December 10th 1860. Interred at Minehead. Also of their fourth daughter, HELEN CHRISTIE died June 8th 1957. Also in loving memory of SAMUEL EARNEST, second son of Samuel and Ann Cooper, born September 14th 1863 died April 20th 1923 "He that walketh uprightly walketh surely". Prov. 4.9. And of WALTER CHRISTIE, their third son, who fell asleep August 9th 1939 "Not dead, but sleeping". 1901
W1279 Removed Cooper See 1267 --
W1292 Removed Moxey "In memorium". ROBERT JAMES GIBBS, died at Dinas Powis, October 22nd 1915 aged 60. "At rest". Also Frances Ann, widow of the above, died May 19th 1950 aged 87. In memory of EDWIN ROBJOHNS MOXEY born 30th March 1839. Died at Chorverton, Cardiff, 19th November 1899. Also FRANK and ARTHUR infant children. Also REGINALD MOXEY died April 2nd 1943 aged 71 years. Also of his beloved wife ELIZA MOXEY born 11th April 1838 Died at Chorverton, 6th February 1917. 1899
W1303 Removed Moxey See W1292 --
W1305 Removed Bielski In loving memory of LOUIS BIELSKI who died at Montrieux January 28th 1906 aged 69 yrs. "And so be giveth his beloved sleep". Also of EMMA FRANCES his wife who died April 14th 1922 aged 85 yrs. Also their fourth son CHARLES BIELSKI beloved husband of Muriel. Died February 24th 1957 aged 81 yrs. Also EDGAR PERCY BIELSKI second son died 10th May 1927 aged 56 yrs. 1906
W1309 Removed Hews In loving memory of ROBERT WINTER HEWS born at Brompton Ralph, Somerset, 26th July 1840 Died 13th January 1911. Also of his wife AMELIA MARY born at Exford, Somerset, 26th April 1841. Died 2Bth August 1914. In loving memory of ELLEN BLANCHE HEWS, daughter of R.W. and A. M. Hews born 13th May 1871 Died 30th August 1928. 1911
W1314 Removed Moxey See W1292 --
W1316 Removed Bielski See W1305 --
W1319 Removed Miles In loving memory of BARBARA MILES, Born 3rd January 1839 Died 20th November 1909. Also of ANNIE ELIZABETH RICKETTS niece of the above. Born August 10th 1870 Died December 6th 1910. "Nearer to thee". Also of BARBARA MARY beloved wife of Simon Pearce died 17th November 1947 aged 84. And of the above SIMON Died 6th June 1950 aged 74. 1909
W1324 Removed Moxey See W1292 --
W1334 Removed Moxey See W1292 --
W1337 Removed Harrison In loving remembrance of SARAH JANE HARRISON of Scarborough who died April 11th 1902 aged 70 yrs. "I heard the voice of Jesus say 'Come unto me and rest". Also of THOMAS HARRISON husband of the above who died October 25th 1879 aged 55 yrs. "I know that my redeemer liveth". Also in loving memory of JOHN EDWIN HARRISON died 30th May 1927. In loving memory of MAUD LEWIS HARRISON daughter of the above. Died October 23rd 1938. Also of JESSIE GERTRUDE HARRISON, sister of the above, died May 31st 1939. 1902
W1345 Removed Harrison See W1337 --
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