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Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
X73 Private Young In Loving Memory of JAMES YOUNG, Master Mariner, who passed into rest on the 21 April 1909 in his 75th year. 1909
X103 Private Williams HENRY WILLIAMS, died 24 March 1909 age 71. MARY ANN, died 21 April 1918 in her 82nd year. 1909
X136 Private Rosser Er Sertog Cof am MARGARET. hoff Briod Edward W Rosser. Hunodd Ionawr 31 1928, yn 54 mlwydd Oed. She gave her life for those she loved. Hefyd am GLYN, hunodd Awst 24 1918, yn 16 mlwydd oed. Hefyd am EDWARD WILLIAM ROSSER a fu farw Tachwedd 11 1938, yn 73 mlwydd oed. E'u hun mor dawel yw. 1918
X137 Private Cole In Loving Memory of THOMAS PICTON COLE dearly loved husband of Cecilia died 8 April 1928. Also their beloved daughter OLIVE PICTON COLE died 20 April 1952. Also HESTER SHANNON, beloved sister of Cecelia, died 22 May 1948. Also of ANNIE CECILIA COLE,wife of Thomas Picton Cole, died 6 November 1961 aged 89 years. 1928
X151 Private White MARY WHITE, died 6 March 1908 in her 68th year. 1908
X191 Private Merrett In Loving Memory of CHARLES MERRETT, died 20 May 1908 aged 69 years. Thy will be Done. Also of CHARLES FROWEN, beloved son of the above, died 20 May 1917 age 53 years. Also FRANK JAMES, fifth son of above, who died Saryeville, USA, 30 October 1918 aged 41 years. Peacefully sleeping. 1908
X220 Private Jewill LYDIA, wife of William JEWILL, died 22 July 1908 age 61. WILLIAM, her husband, died 16 October 1911 age 74. 1908
X222 Private Ellis ALLAN, husband of Jane ELLIS, his father, died 14 July 1928 age 48. HENRY ELIAS ELLIS, his father, died 17 July 1908 age 71. 1908
X253 Private James In Loving Memory of FLORENCE SINGLETON the rearly beloved daughter of David & Frances JAMES, who died 21 August 1908, in her 19th year. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Also of their beloved sons, SYDNEY BUTLER JAMES who lost his life by enemy action on SS Rosario 18 August 1917 aged 29. And DAVID ROBERT, eldest son who fell asleep 28 June 1924 aged 41. Also their beloved parents DAVID and FRANCES JANE JAMES. 1908
X308 Private Hallett In Loving memory of WILLIAM J HALLETT, who died 1 December 1910 aged 56 years. And ELLEN, his wife, died 25 May 1930 aged 76 years. Also of MARY E ADVE, died 5 December 1909 aged 92 years. Thy Will be Done. 1910
X341 Private Elliott In Loving Memory of NANCY [Gertrude Annie] the only ... of Bertie & Anna ELLIOTT and [adopted child of] M[ary] S[arah] J[ane] Baiss who died 29 November 1908 aged 4 years. Also of M S Baiss who died 22 January 1913 aged 33. Thy will be Done. 1908
X357 Private Evans In Loving Memory of MARTHA JANE, the beloved wife of Evan EVANS, who died 26 December 1908 aged 73 years. Also of the above EVAN EVANS, who died 8 August 1911 age 76. I know my redeemer liveth. Also VIOLET MAY EVANS, died 7 November 1913 aged 6 years. 1908
X362 Private Ankers In Loving Memory of ANNIE ELIZABETH ANKERS, who died 12 January 1909 aged 51 years. Also of ANNE RICHARDS, the beloved mother of the above, who died 11 March 1914 aged 87 years. Peace Perfect Peace. Not my will O Lord but thine be done. 1909
X363 Private Keen THOMAS KEEN, died 8 January 1909 age 74. CATHERINE, his wife, died 1 January 1914 age 64. 1909
X371 Private Davey ELAM, husband of Rachel DAVEY, died 26 January 1909 age 76. RACHEL DAVEY, died 28 July 1921 age 83. 1909
X429 Private Anstey At rest. In Loving Memory of JOHN ANSTEY, the dearly beloved husband of Diana Anstey, who died 28 September 1909 age 74. Nothing in my hand ... simply to thy cross follow. Also of DIANA, beloved wife of above, who died 1 March 1933 age 84. Also MARY ROBERTS niece of the above who died 20 November 1941 aged 70 years. 1909
X485 Private Hurditch HANNAH HURDITCH died 7 September 1909 age 63, In affectionate and Grateful Remembrance of long and faithful service. All hearts grew warm in the presence of one who, seeing not for her own, gave freely for the love of giving nor reaped for self the harvest sown - Whittier 1909
X511 Private Morgan In Loving Memory of SARAH, beloved wife of Thomas MORGAN, of 18 Marlborough Road, who died 16 December 1915, aged 56 years. Gwyn eu byd y meirw y rhai sydd yn marw yn yr Arclwydd. Also the above THOMAS MORGAN who died 18 December 1930 aged 76 years, Also their son DAVID who died 23 April 1927, aged 43 years. Also of MARGARET JANE, beloved wife of David MORGAN 1896-1984. In loving Memory of their daughter JUNE MARIANNE COMER, died 19 February 2003, aged 78 years. Beloved wife of David Anthony Comer DFC, AFC. 1909
X535 Private Anderson WALTER ANDERSON, died 17 February 1921 age 90. ANNIE, his wife, died 8 January 1909 age 91. 1909
X547 Private Williams ... died 29 January 1945 aged 76. MARY ANN, his second wife died 17 March 1948 aged 81. Also of CONNIE beloved wife of Alwyn Owen died 24 July 1974. EMILY wife of William WILLIAMS died 21 February 1921 aged 54. 1921
X553 Private Lydiard PEACE - Cherished memories of a devoted wife and mother MARY ELISABETH LYDIARD passed peacefully into rest 28 August 1971 aged 84. Also DAVID EDWARD dearly beloved husband of the above, passed into rest 28 August 1975 aged 89 Re-united 1971
X568 Private Milburn In Loving Memory of JOYCE, dearly loved daughter of John & Elsie MILBURN born 10 September 1915, died 20 December 1915. Also JOHN EDWARD MILBURN Master Mariner the beloved husband of Elsie who died 15 June 1953. Also ELSIE GERTRUDE MILBURN the beloved wife of the late... 1915
X569 Private Harris In Loving Memory of SARAH the beloved wife of Joseph HARRIS who died 20 August 1924 aged 80 years. Also the above JOSEPH, who died 20 December 1932 aged 88 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. 1924
X573 Private Rees In Loving Memory of WILLIAM, beloved husband of Prina REES, who died 23 April 1924, aged 48 years. Deeply Loved - Sadly Missed. Also the above PRINA REES, who died 25 December 1943, aged 59 years, Ar Rest. WILLIAM REES, died 19 July 1954, aged 49 years. Abide with me. 1924
X573a Private Rogers In Loving Memory of WILLIAM beloved husband of Annie ROGERS, 10 May 1924 aged 72 years. Also his daughter BESSIE MAUD, beloved wife of A H DAVIES, died 27 July 1935, aged 47 years. Rest in Peace. 1924
X575 Private Neal In the Dear Memory of MARGARET, beloved wife of Samuel NEAL who died February 1909 Brave unselfish love. And of SAMUEL, her beloved husband, who died 6 November 1955 Re-united. 1909
X577 Private Price In Loving Memory of EMRYS beloved husband of Lily PRICE who entered .... December 1924 aged 33 years. Until the shadows flee away. Also of TREVOR JOHN HYWEL; w/o RAF beloved only son of Lily and the late Emrys PRICE, killed on active service in India 15 January 1945, aged 22 years. Interred at Akyad Military Cemetery, Burma. Until we meet again. 1924
X581 Private Morgan In Loving Memory of THOMAS WYNN, beloved son of J & C MORGAN, died 13 January 1925, aged 3 years. Also CATHERINE, wife of Josiah MORGAN. died 2 May 1953, aged 70 years. Dearly loved, sadly missed. Also the above JOSIAH, died 28 April 1960. aged 77 years. Re-united, Also DEWI, dearly loved son of the above. Died 28 October 1964, aged 54 years. At Rest. 1925
X583 Private Stacey In Loving Memory of GEORGE, beloved husband of Joan STACEY, who died 14 May 1925, aged 71 years. Also of FRANK, beloved son of the above, died from Wounds 18 October 1918, aged 26 years. Thy death was sad and sudden, we grieve to think of thee; But hope thy happy spirit is with Jesus, for ever free. Also of JOAN STACEY the above, who died 14 February 1931, aged 75 years. Re-united. 1925
X585 Private Samuel SAMUEL - WILLIAM GEORGE, beloved husband of Dorothy, died 13 April 1925, aged 35. Also their treasured daughter MARGARET EILEEN, died 3 May 1927. 1925