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Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
I2 Private Owen In Memory of EMILY, beloved wife of Jenkin OWEN, died 31 May 1931, aged 73 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. Also JENKIN OWEN, died 30 March 1942, aged 80. In God's Keeping. Also their daughter GLADYS IRENE MORGAN, dearly loved wife of George and beloved mother of Irene, died 3 September 1961, aged 77 years. Sleep sweetly dear one. 1931
I33 Private Edwards In Loving Memory of THOMAS EDWARDS who died 11 January 1901, aged 41 years. Also CATHERINE, the beloved daughter, who died 16 January 1890, aged 14 years. Also ANN BUTCHER, who died 29 January 1894, aged 68 years. Lord make me to know mine end and the measure of my days, what it is that I may know. How frail I am. 1901
I97 CWGC Burden WILLIAM STEPHEN BURDEN died 31/10/1918. Age 41. Private Army Service Corps Res Supply Depot. Son of Stephen and Sarah Burden, of 13, Green St., Riverside, Cardiff; Husband of the Late Gertrude Burden. 1918
I113 Private Green EDWARD G GREEN, Welsh Guards, fell in France 16 September 1916 age 24. SAMUEL, husband of Mary J P HODGE, died 21 October 1906 age 76. MARY, widow of Samuel HODGE, died 20 December 1919 age 86. SALOME, their granddaughter, daughter of GH & LC GREEN, died 20 January 1891 age 4 months. [LUCY] C GREEN above, died 1 March 1936 age 76. GEORGE HENRY GREEN, died 3 May 1940 age 79. 1906
I319 Private Bissex JOHN FRANCIS BISSEX, died 12 April 1891 age 56. MARY, wife of Henry JOHN, of Mill Road, Caerphilly, died 2 June 1916 age 76. 1891
I391 Private Spiridion In loving Memory of WLADISLAW SPIRIDION KLISZCZEWSKI born at Winiary Government of Kielch Kingdom of Poland 26th December 1819 died at Cardiff 17th Feb 1891. Also of Rachel his widow born at Portsmouth 27th June 1816 Died at Cardiff 9 Dec 1893. Here also reposes ALFRED STANISLAW SPIRYDION KLISZCZEWSKI Grandson of the above, born at Cardiff 2 August 1875, died on Passage between London and Ostend 15 August 1930. Also of JOSEF SPIRIDION KLISZCZEWSKI. JOSEPH SPIRIDION KLISZCZEWSKI Chevalier of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland, born at Fareham Hants, 3 December 1848, died at Lymington Hants 7 June 1932. CLEMENT GRANT SPIRIDION KLISZCZEWSKI, born in Cardiff 12 October 1870, died 14 April 1965. Also JANINA, wife of Clement, died in Cardiff 1 December 1975. 1891
I418 Private Spiridion See I391 --
I432 Private Kelly PETER THOMAS KELLY, formally Bandmaster 91st A & S Highlanders who died 16 June 1891 aged 57 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of BARBARA his wife, who died 8 January 1908 aged 68 years. peace. Perfect Peace. Also GISCA daughter of the above, who died 1 March 1944 aged 73 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. Two sons - BERTIE JOHN COLBORN, Sergt 91st A & S Highlanders, killed in action at Magersfontein 11 December 1899 aged 28 years. ALBERT HURLEY, who died Cardiff 26 December 1899 aged 21 years. And CONSTANCE MAUD, grandchild, beloved wife of Clifford HOSKEN, who died 15 May 1928 age 29. In Loving Memory of their sons FRANCIS PETER THOMAS (FRANK) - who died 5 September 1914 aged 41 years - WILLIAM ALFRED JAMES, who died 1 December 1919 aged 50 years. 1891
I494 Private Fitzgerald In Loving Memory of JOSEPH FITZGERALD, died 5 September 1891 aged 68 years. Blind for 36 years. Light after darkness. Also of ELIZA JANE, beloved wife of William FITZGERALD, and niece of the above, died 23 April 1896 aged 51 years. Joy after sorrow, calm after blast, best after weariness. At rest at last. 1896
I501 CWGC Irwin 32462 Rifleman S R IRWIN South Lancashire Regt 25 April 1918 Age 22. To Dearly Loved to ever be forgotten, he fought & Died, for Britain's Flag to Save. 1918
I514 Private Fletcher In Loving Memory of EDITH GLADYS, only daughter of C B & A FLETCHER, who died 2 December 1915, aged 28 years. Also of their son, Sec Lieut ARTHUR STANLEY, South Wales Borderers, who fell fighting for God, King and Country in Mametz Wood, 11 July 1916 and was buried there. Also of their son, CHARLES POWELL, who died in Infancy.Thy Will be Done. 1915
I696 Private Lane JOHN, husband of Elizabeth LANE, died 14 November 1906 age 66. Following children of above - FRANK, killed in the Boer War 18 February 1900, 38th Co Royal Engineers. GRACE MABEL died at Slough 2 August 1903. HARRY, died 2 June 1887. ADA GERTRUDE, died 8 April 1891. ELIZABETH, died 2 November 1932 age 89. 1887
I819 Private Morgan In Loving Memory of SARAH ANN beloved wife of W T MORGAN died 14 Setember 1926 aged 62 years. Also of the above W T MORGAN died 17 September 1939 in his 74th year. In Loving Memory of Two Infant Children of W T MORGAN, HARRIET MAY, died 14 July 1893 aged 18 days. ETHEL MARGARET died 27 July 1893 aged One month. 1893
I834 Private O'Gorman LETITIA, wife of John O'GORMAN, died 3 July 1894 age 76. 1894
I856 Private Armstrong FW ARMSTRONG died 2 February 1890 age 62. CHARLES F GRUZELIER, son-in-law of above, died 11 February 1898. ANN L ARMSTRONG, widow of above. Died 3 November 1905 age 74. 1890
I1057/I1065 Private Phillips In Loving Memory of ANNIE, beloved wife of Thomas Richards PHILLIPS, 45 Park Place, Cardiff, who died 7 July 1923, in her 61st year. Also of THOMAS LLEWELLYN PHILLIPS, Capt 5th Welsh Regt, elder son of the above named, who lost his life at the First Battle of Gaza, 26 March 1917, in his 23rd year. Also the aforesaid THOMAS RICHARDS PHILLIPS, who died 24 January 1941, in his 84th year. Also of DAVID EVAN LLEWELLYN PHILLIPS, younger son of the above named, who died 22 January 1974, in his 73rd year. 1923
I1065 Private Phillips See I1057 --