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Section J Plot Number Not Known

Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
J105 CWGC Young HERBERT CLIFFORD YOUNG Died 22 May 1918, aged 23. Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps 8th Bn. R/2623. Son of Mr AND Mrs E. J. Young, of 12, Coronation Road, Birchgrove, Cardiff. 1918
J124B CWGC James LIONEL RANDOLPH JAMES died 28 February 1919 Aged 33. Flight Serjeant Royal Air Force 3rd Aircraft Repair Depot 16693. Son of E. H. and Elizabeth James. Born at Cardiff. 1919
J179 CWGC Bridge G BRIDGE, died 11 August 1918. Serjeant South Wales Borderers 51st Bn. TR4/4023. 1918
J187 CWGC Peddie J PEDDIE, died 05 December 1918. Flight Cadet Royal Air Force Cadet Distributing Depot. 316091. 1918
J208a Private Morgan MORGAN MORGAN who fell asleep 21 March 1904 age 55. And JESSIE his beloved wife, who entered into rest 17 April 1927 age 72. And their three sons who fell in the Great War. May they rest in thy peace, awake to a joyful resurrection. LESLIE aged 23, killed in action 22 August 1917. Buried at Tyne Cot, Passchendale. OSWALD aged 20, died of wounds 7 April 1917. Buried at Tertry, France. CLEMENT BRETT, aged 20 RAMC. Died on active service 2 October 1918. Buried Makra Salonika. 1904
J296 CWGC Leslie A F LESLIE Died 25/08/1921 Captain Royal Engineers. 1921
J699 CWGC Westwood EDMUND THOMAS WESTWOOD. Died 27 April 1918 Aged 41. Private Training Reserve 19th Bn. TR13/13025. Son of William and S. A. Westwood, of Harborne, Birmingham; Husband of Lillian Westwood, of 51, Edward Terrace, Abertridwr, Cardiff. 1918
J869 Private Milner HESTER MILNER died 30 Jan 1919 age 82. CHARLES MILNER late of Ma(lt)henn in Monmouthshire, died 1 Aug 1842 age 70. ANN BROWN, wife of Joseph Brown, died 20 May 1843 age 53. Remains of the abovementioned were removed from the Churchyard of St Johns, Cardiff and reinterred in this Vault Sept 1897, under the direction of Joseph Milner, St Andrews Crescent, Cardiff. 1897
J910 Private Baker ABEL BAKER, died 28 January 1907 age 85. CATHERINE, wife of Abel BAKER, died 28 September 1899 age 72. 1899
J936 Private Hooper SARAH TALLEY - wife of Robert HOOPER JP died evening 1 July 1900 age 62. ROBERT HOOPER JP, the said, died 15 February 1906 age 68 1900
J946 Private Mills MARGARET, born 16 October 1836, died 11 January 1899 widow of Thomas MILLS. THOMAS MILLS, above, died Caerphilly 11 March 1888, born 11 Jan 1813. These interred in Tonyfelin Chapel Ground. 1899
J954 Private Jenkins JENNIE, daughter of David & Janet JENKINS, 36 Gordon Road, Cardiff, born 16 July 1871, died 2 May 1902. JANET, wife of David JENKINS, died 30 April 1907 age 74. DAVID JENKINS, abovenamed, born 25 March 1834, died 5 Feb 1910. REES JENKINS, husband of Emily Jenkins, & son of above, died 25 Feb 1930 age 59. 1902
J957 Private Wilson JOHN HERON WILSON, died 29 October 1897 age 72. MARY LOUISA, his wife, died 5 January 1911. 1897
J967 Private Wilson See J957 --