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P34 Private Reed In Loving Memory of MATILDA the beloved wife of George REED who died 22 January 1893 aged 54 years. Also Three children of the above - KAZIAH who died 11 November 1876 aged 4 years. JOHN who died 5 February 1881 aged 5 years. MYRA MATILDA who died 9 March 1883 aged 14 months. Sleep on beloved sleep and take thy rest. Also of the above GEORGE REED who died 10 October 1923 in his 85th year. 1876
P59 Private Preston In Loving Memory of JAMES PRESTON who died 28 August 1909 aged 69 years. Also HANNAH, his wife who died 28 August 1908 aged 68 years. Also SARAH ANN DAVIES niece of the above who died 10 October 1876 aged 8 years. Thy Will be Done. 1876
P88 Private Tamblyn In Loving Memory ANN TAMBLYN who died 25 June 1915 aged 78. Also ROSE MARY infant daughter of William & S J HENWOOD died August 1876 aged 3 months. Also SARAH JANE HENWOOD, died 4 June 1930 aged 85. Also WILLIAM, husband of the above, died 24 February 1931 aged 86. Gathered home. 1876
P253 Private Jakeway In Loving Memory of EMILY ROSE, daughter of John & Ann JAKEWAY, died 17 July 1877 aged 5 years. Also of JOHN GEORGE JAKEWAY, their son who died 14 June 1882 aged 29 years. Asleep in Jesus. Also of the above ANN JAKEWAY, who died 28 April 1904 aged 74 years. 1877
P257 Private Grant WILLIAM GRANT died 12 March 1880 age 45. HANNAH his wife died 6 December 1922 age 80. 1880
P312 Private Humphreys EDWARD, son of John & Eliza HUMPHREYS died 1 October 1875 aged 19 years. He is gone the one we loved so dear, He is gone to Heaven we have no fear and is forever blessed. Also the above JOHN HUMPHREYS above died 25 July 1904 aged 80 years. Thy Will be Done. ELIZA HUMPHREYS the above "own dear mother" who died 23 March 1910 aged 80 years. 1875
P398 Private Holland In Memory of CHARLES HOLLAND who died 9 July 1875, aged 53 years. Also ELIZA HOLLAND widow of the above, who died 9 Feb 1912, aged 80 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. 1875
P409 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of ERNEST EDWARD second son of Howell & Mary THOMAS, who died 12 March 1895 aged 27 years. I was weary and he gave me rest. Also ETHEL MARY, their daughter died 4 November 1881 in her 4th year. And of MABEL FANNY, their daughter, who died in infancy. Also of MARY ANN, beloved wife of Howell THOMAS, died 5 April 1915 in her 80th year. Till the Morn Break. Also of the above HOWELL THOMAS died 12 March 1931 aged 31 years. 1895
P420 Private McKergo In Loving Memory of DAVID McKERGO who died 12 July 1909 aged 84 years. Also of JANE, wife of the above, who died 16 July 1911 aged 77 years. Also of JAMES, son of the above, who died 18 June 1875 aged 9 years. 1875
P421 Private Beynon In Loving Memory of FLORENCE MARY BEYNON who died 16 June 1875 aged 14 years. To dwell with Christ is better life. Also MARTHA LYDIA BEYNON, mother of the above, who died 28 April 1903 aged 73 years. 1875
P422 Private Williams In Loving Memory of EDITH JANE, dearly loved wife of DAVID Daniel WILLIAMS, died 8 March 1943, aged 69 years. Also of the above DAVID DANIEL, died 24 February 1952, aged 82 years. Peace, perfect peace. 1943
P440 Private Jones In Loving Memory of ELLEN, the beloved wife of John JONES who died 11 September 1907 aged 66 years. Also of CATHERINE, GRACE & WILLIAM, children of the above, who died in infancy. Also of the above JOHN JONES, who died 2 August 1914 aged 75 years. 1907
P445 Private Bower In Loving Memory of WILLIAM BOWER, died 7 February 1932, aged 84. Also MATILDA ELLEN BOWER, beloved wife of the above, died 11 September 1936 aged 84. They rest from their labours. 1932
P516 Private Pearce In Affectionate Remebrance of ELIZA the beloved wife of John PEARCE who died 5 August 1901 aged 58 years. Also ALFRED JOHN died 26 March 1877 aged 4 years. Also MABEL SARAH died 22 May 1885 aged 14 weeks. Children of the above. Blessed are the daed that die in the Lord. Even so saith the spirit; for they rest from their labours. Also the aboved named JOHN PEARCE, who died 17 April 1911 aged 71 years. Thy Will be Done. 1885
P547 Private Thorn In Loving Memory of WILLIAM THORN, who died 8 July 1928, aged 79 years. His end was peace. CHARLOTTE, beloved wife of W Thorn, born 23 December 1848, died 25 May 1904. Also of their children HARRY GEORGE & FLORENCE EVA, who died in Infancy. 1904
P562a Private John CATHERINE wife of J JOHN died 20 April 1877 age 66. JOHN JOHN the said died 24 January 1888 age 73. 1877
P563a Private Lavender In Loving Remembrance of WILLIAM LAVENDER who departed this life 17 April 1877 aged 39 years. This poor man cried and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his Troubles. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Also VICTOR WILLIAM GEORGE MATHIAS died 4 November 1881 aged 6 months. Also MARY POOLE died 9 April 1883 aged 69 years. Also of GEORGE MATHIAS born at Haverfordwest 10 October 1841 died 8 December 1909 aged 68 years. Also ELIZABETH beloved wife of the above who passed away 8 August 1913 aged 72 years. 1877
P571 Private Cridland WILLIAM THOMAS RICHARDS who died 17 May 1875 aged 15 years. CAROLINE CRIDLAND who died 7 December 1915 aged 78 years. JOHN ARTHUR CRIDLAND who died 14 April 1878 aged 10 months. JAMES CRIDLAND who died 26 May 1911 aged 67 years. 1875
P574 Private Elliott Sacred to the Memory of MATILDA ELLIOTT, who departed this life the 18 October 1888 aged 74 years. Whose hope is in the Lord our God. 1888
P581 Private Moreland MARY EMMA child of Charles & Rachel MORELAND died 31 May 1877 age 5 years 3 months. RACHEL mother of the above child died 9 September 1896 age 57. CHARLES GILES MORELAND died 13 August 1901 age 51. 1877
P606 Private Abraham In Loving Memory of LEWIS WILLIAM, beloved son of John & Annie ABRAHAM who died in Infancy. Also of JOHN L ABRAHAM brother of the above who died 22 June 1907 aged 38 years. Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh. Also of the above JOHN ABRAHAM who died 28 February 1912 aged 63 years. 1907
P612 Private Williams In Affectionate Remembrance of JOHN WILLIAMS who died 4 October 1877 aged 56 years. O drall od hynod hedd'modiaeth, newidiwyd py sylwedd: cysurus y ces crwedd; o' stwr y byd ynisder bbod. 1877
P654 Private Griffiths MARIA the beloved wife of George GRIFFITHS who died 20 October 1882 aged 54 years. GEORGE GRIFFITHS who died 30 March 1898 aged 62 years. 1882
P667 Private Stacey In Affectionate Remembrance of SAMUEL STACEY who died 15 January 1878 aged 75 years. Had he asked us well we know, we would cry O spare this blow. Yes with streaming tears should pray, Lord we love him let him stay. 1878
P681 Private Opey In Affectionate Remembrance of JOHN OPEY who was killed at the Dowlais Yard 5 March 1878 aged 48 years. 1878
P712 Private Hunt In affectionate Remembrance of JOSEPH HUNT who died 14 January 1890 aged 73 years. Also of ELIZABETH JONES who died 6 April 1878 aged 92 years. Also of KEZIAH HUNT who died 21 January 1893 aged 62 years. 1878
P794 Private Shambrook In Loving Memory of MARY JANE SHAMBROOK widow of the late John Shambrook of Abingdon who died 9 November 1898 aged 76 years. Also of NELLY SHAMBROOK daughter of the above who died 16 October 1914 aged 50 years. Until the day break, and the shadows flee away. 1898
P862 Private Rich In Loving Memory of MARTHA, the beloved wife of E RICH of Brown Lenox & Co's Wharf, Cardiff who fell asleep in Jesus 6 April 1896 aged 51 years. Also of their beloved children ADA LOUISE and ADA SOPHIA, who died in infancy. GEORGE JAMES, who was accidentally drowned at above Wharf 4 June 1879 aged 11 years. Also of the above E RICH who passed away 19 December 1917 aged 79 years. Also of LAURA GAMBLES died 12 March 1960, aged 89 years. 1877
P884 Private Ball JOHN BALL - Burnham INN - died 3 January 1879 age 61. ELIZA GRANDON BALL his wife died 2 October 1880 age 62. 1879
P974 Private Johns Er cof am ANNE annwyl briod Henry JOHNS Bengairn, Ninian Road, Caerdydd yr hon a nunodd 7 May 1926 yn 50 mlwydd oed. Hyn a allodd hon hi ay gwnaeth. Also in Memory of SARAH BLODWEN JOHNS, Lady Mayoress of Cardiff, dies 7 March 1940 aged 49 years. The beloved wife of Derman Henry Johns, Lord Mayor of Cardiff. CHRISTINE MUNGALL JOHNS, beloved wife of John Phillips Johns 1862-1952. VERRNA MARGARET JOHNS, Beloved second daughter 1889-1959. Er cor annwyl am HENADUR HENRY JOHNS YH a hunodd 17 Mawrth 1944, yn 71 mlwydd oed. Hyd bariad gwawr affoi or cysgodion heibio. 1926
P975/P976 Private Evans In Loving Memory of Sir DAVID WILLIAM EVANS who spent his life in the service of others and entered into rest on 17 March 1926 aged 59. Also of CLARE his beloved wife who passed from death into life on 11 February 1952 aged 78. 1926
P977a Private Evans Also SALLY [SARAH ANN EVANS] his wife, died 19 August 1942, Aged 81. In Loving memory of SARAH LILIAN JONES who died 28 February 1953, much loved wife of SIDNEY H Jones, who died 12 May 1960. 1942
P977c Private Doel In Loving Memory of ALFRED the beloved husband of Jennett Ann DOEL who died 27 September 1927 aged 72 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of the above JENNETT ANN, who died 24 October 1945, aged 77 year. At Rest. Also of their daughter MARY EDITH who died 27 September 1952. Aged 59 years. 1927
P980c Private Rees In Loving Memory of MARY HANNAH, beloved daughter of David REES, died October 1921, aged 23 years. Also the above DAVID, died March 1939, aged 78 years. Also his beloved wife MARY, died April 1949 aged 88 years. 1921
P982/P983 Private Seager In Proud and Loving Memory of WILLIAM HENRY SEAGER, Second Lieutenant, 10th Battalion South Wales Borderers. Killed in Action in the Great War at Neuve Chapelle, 7 February 1916, aged 23 years. Interred at St Vaast Post Military Cemetery, Richebourg-St Vaast, near Neuve Chapelle, France. He left all that was dear to him at the call of King and Country, endured hardship, faced danger, and finally passed out of sight of men by the path of duty and self sacrifice, giving up his life that others might live in Freedom. In Loving Memory of Sir WILLIAM HENRY SEAGER Kt DL JP born 13 March 1862, died 10 March 1941. He lived to do Good. Also of his wife Lady MARGARET ANNIE SEAGER Born 24 February 1862, died 6 July 1955. 1941
P983b Private Cowdy In Loving Memory of MABEL Dearly beloved daughter of P & E COWDY, died 30 December 1918 aged 14 years. Until the day break and the shadows flee away. Only Good-night beloved. Also PERCIVAL beloved husband of Ellen COWDY, died 22 January 1931. Age 53. His Sea is beached, his battles over. 1918
P984/P985 Private Summers In Memoriam. JAMES SUMMERS died 24 September 1936 in his 88th Year. HANNAH. His wife, died 22 December 1938 in her 90th year. JOHN, their son, died 7 April 1949 in his 67th year. MARY. His wife. died 12 March 1965 in her 85th year. MORLAIS, son of John & Mary, died 24 September 1983 in his 75th year. NANCY, his wife, died 8 March 1988 in her 78th Year. CUTHBERT LIONEL, son of the above John & Mary, beloved husband of Rita and devoted father and grandfather, died 11 May 1997 in his 83rd year. Also of his devoted wife, MARGARITA MARI (RITA) a loving mother and Grandmother, died 4 June 1998 in her 73rd year. PAUL son of Morlais and Nancy, died 29 October 2008 aged 67. Devoted Husband and Father. 1936
P984c Private McKergo In Loving Memory of JAMES [THOMAS] McKERGO, son of David & Jane McKERGO, died 8 June 1916, aged 39 years. Also of HELEN McKERGO, died 19 January 1957, aged 84. Also her Beloved Husband, DAVID, died 1 January 1958, aged 87. Also DAVID & JAMES, sons of David & Helen. 1916
P987a Private Davies DAVID JONES DAVIES died 25 January 1950 aged 75 years. Also his beloved wife ... died 3 March 19xx. 1950
P987b Private Cawsey My Dear Husband FREDERICK CAWSEY died 8 September 1921 Aged 48. Also ELIZABETH ASHEW.... [CAWSEY died 1964]. 1921
P988 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of SIDNEY, the dearly loved husband of Sue THOMAS who died 26 July 1949 aged 53 years. 1949
P989 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of GEORGE HENRY, Dearly Loved Husband of SARAH THOMAS, who died 10 January 1936, aged 74 years. For ever with the Lord. And of his Beloved Wife, SARAH, who died 27 December 1952, aged 85 years. Also of ERNEST GEORGE, beloved son of the above & dearly loved husband of Dorothy THOMAS, who died 12 November 1937, aged 43 years. 1936
P990 Private Evans In Affectionate Remembrance of THOMAS EVANS, Shipwright, who died 17 March 1881, aged 39 years. Also of his son ARTHUR, who died 31 May 1881, aged 8 years. Not lost but gone before. Released from grief and pain. The goal I reached the battle over. we preet to preet again. Also of SARAH his wife, who died 20 August 1891, aged 43 years. 1881
P1048 Private Wilson Sacred to the Memory of WILLIAM HODGE WILSON, born at Carnock, Fife, died & was interred at Mount Olivet Cemetery, New York, aged 51 years. I am the resurrection and the life. Also of MARY, his beloved wife, born at Greenock, died at Cardiff, 14 October 1915, aged 75 years. Thine eyes shall see the King in his beauty. 1915
P1251 Private Price In Loving Memory of MARGARET, dearly beloved wife of James PRICE, entered into rest 7 March 1920 aged 79 years. Also of the above JAMES PRICE, entered into rest 22 March 1923 aged 83 years. 1920
P1255 Private Ayliffe THOMAS JOSEPH AYLIFFE, born 1 May 1840, died 29 April 1919. MARY JANE, his wife, born 9 July 1843, died 3 December 1927. 1919