Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
S93 Private Jones In Loving Memory of M MOREWOOD JONES, beloved daughter of David and Sarah Jones, died Oct 9th 1894 aged 27. "Peace, Perfect, Peace" 1894
S2951 Private Treseder STEPHEN TRESEDER, died 9 October 1909 age 75. PHYLLIS TRESEDER, his granddaughter, died 10 August 1903 age 6 months. 1903
S3044 Private Williams In Loving Memry of THOMAS, beloved husband of Annie WILLIAMS, died August 8th 1930 aged 58. "His end was Peace." Also MARY ANN BEYNON beloved Mother of Annie Williams and Aunty of Elizabeth Mary Harris, died May 5th 1912 aged 76. "At Rest." Also JOHN BEYNON her said beloved brother of Annie Williams and Uncle of Elizabeth Mary Harris, died October 8th 1928, aged 55. "Peace Perfect. Peace." 1930
S3153 Private Dummett ELIZABETH JANE, beloved wife of Matthew DUMMETT who died March 4th 1902. Aged 63 years. And is she gone, for ever gone, and left me here to weep. Till I am called to follow her. And in the grave to sleep? But since she could no longer stay. To cheer me with her love, I trust to meet meet with her again, In yon bright world above. MATTHEW DUMMETT died Aug 28th 1922 Aged 73 years. Must Jesus bear the cross alone and all the world go free? No theres a cross for everyone and theres a cross for me. Till death shall set me free. As angels from the stars come down and bear my soul away. Watch ye therefore For ye know not at what hour the son of man cometh. MARY J DUMMETT sister of the said M Dummett, who fell asleep in Jesus Aug 12th 1905 aged 63 years."Thu will be done." Affliction sore long time she bore, physicians were in vain, she had no ease till God did please, to ease her of her pain. 1902
S3224 Private Morgan In loving memory of HATTIE POOLE the beloved wife of Hugh MORGAN who fell asleep Jan 28th 1922 aged 39 years. "And He is mine for ever" Also her devoted son JOHN who fell asleep Sept 5th 1979 aged 69 years Re-united 1922
S3244 Private Tanner In loving memory of MOLLY beloved daughter of William & Rose TANNER who fell asleep Sep 27 1929 aged 4 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Also WILLIAM CHORLEY who passed away Nov 16 1918 aged 67. ELIZABETH (LILY) wife of above who passed away Feb 15 1929. In her 70th year. 1929
S3252 Private Blake In loving memory of ELIZA BLAKE who died April 9th 1913 aged 67 years. God is love. Also CECILIA LOUISA BLAKE died April 7th 1926 Aged 72. Perfect peace 1913
S3261 Private Jenkins In loving memory of GWEN the beloved daughter of John & Sarah JENKINS died Aug 18th 1912 aged 16 years. Also of GLADYS their beloved daughter died Dec 6th 1914 aged 22 years ... Also JOHN EDMUND JENKINS 1858 - 1930 1912
S3270 Private Stediford In loving memory of MARY the beloved wife of Eli STEDIFORD who died March 6th 1912 aged 67 years. Until the day breaks. Also of PHILIP HENRY STEDIFORD son of the the above died Feb 24th 1934, aged 50. Also the above ELI STEDIFORD died Nov 4th 1938 aged 85 years 1912
S3271 Private Criddle In loving memory of JAMES CRIDDLE died March 22nd 1914 aged 78 years. Also of MARY CRIDDLE wife of the above ... 1914
S3287 Private Roberts In loving memory of CATHERINE beloved wife of Capt. Thomas ROBERTS who died August 30th 1913 aged 60. "Ei charedigrwydd byth ni's anghofir". Also of Thomas Henry Roberts second son of the above Warrant Engineer H.M.S. Defence who was killed in the battle of Jutland May 31st 1916, aged 38. Also of JOHN ROBERTS... 1913
S3289 Private Webber In loving memory of JOHN WEBBER died Feb 22nd 1915 aged 42 and MARIA his beloved wife died Dec 16th 1941 aged 73. Also their dear sons. FRANK killed in Mesopotamia Sept 1917 aged 19. ERNEST died March 25th 1958. aged 60. After much suffering patiently borne 1915
S3315 Private Whitehouse In loving memory of ALICE WHITEHOUSE died 1st Nov 1911 aged 44. Also HENRY her beloved husband died 23rd April 1955 aged 89. Also BEATRICE WHITEHOUSE beloved wife of Henry died June 2nd 1965, aged 68. Also HENRY WHITEHOUSE died March 4th 1968 aged 69. 1911
S3332 Private Bethke In loving memory of MARY ELIZABETH dearly beloved wife of Julius Bethke Master mariner who fells asleep July 3rd 1914 aged 29 years. Also of HENRY REARDON SMITH Master mariner died March 18th 1926 aged 72 years father of above. Not my will but thine be done. Also daughter of the above MAUD REARDON VAGGERS who passed away Nov 12 1939 aged 58 years 1914
S3335 Private Bethke See S3332 --
S3336 Private Buston In loving memory of BESSIE dearly beloved wife of William Buston of Newport Road Cardiff who passed peacefully away March 27th 1914 aged 61 years. Christ of all my hopes the ground Christ the spring of all my joy Halleluyah. Also of the above WILLIAM BUSTON who died December 10th 1927 aged 82 years. Also their daughter EDITH ATHELINE BUSTON died April 27th 1961 aged 74 years. 1914
S3379 Private Williams In ever loving memory of ANNIE the beloved wife of John C Williams of Albany Road Born April 1st 1866 Died June 3rd 1913. She being dead yet speaketh. Also JOHN, the above and beloved husband of Jessie K. Williams Born Nov 14th 1883 Died Nov 22nd 1939. Also in loving memory of ALFRED GRIFFITHS WILLIAMS, Chemist Newport, Mon Born Sept 9th 1861 Died June 10th 1919. Until the day dawn. Also JESSIE KATE widow of John C Williams Born April 15th 1879 Died July 1st 1968. 1866
S3445 Private Bevan In loving memory of ELLEN BEVAN died Jan 27th 1911, also her beloved husband GEORGE BEVAN, died March 28th 1934 and of their grand-daughter ELSIE, died Feb 23rd 1940. 1911
S3520 Private Butler In loving memory of my darling daughter and son CATHERINE ANN HUGHES (nee Butler) beloved wife of Capt. I.K Hughes died Jan 21st 1936 aged 39. CAPT. THOMAS BUTLER drowned at sea Oct 24th 1927 aged 34. Also baby WILLIE died in infancy. Also my brother BENJAMIN died April 18th 1926. Also my beloved son John BUTLER died at Montreal, Canada Jan 20th 1938, aged 46. Also of my dear husband DAVID FRANCIS WILLIAMS died March 20th 1946 aged 78. Also ELIZABETH ANN beloved wife of the above died August 31st 1948 aged 82. Also of EMMA JANE ... 1936
S3586 Private Archer In Memory of ELIZA, beloved wife of Robert T ARCHER, died May 15 1911 age 62. "Blessed are the peacemakers." Also the above named ROBERT ARCHER died June 30 1934 aged 80 years. "He giveth his beloved Sleep." 1911
S3682 Private Ford In loving memory of SALLIE beloved wife of John Ford who fell asleep June 9th 1921 aged 77 years blessed assurance Jesus is mine. Also JOHN FORD beloved husband of the above who died October 21st 1932 aged 88 years In God's keeping and their beloved daughter Rosa. Also of John Ford, their son who fell in action in France June 1st 1918, aged 35 years 1921
S3909 Private Daw In loving memory of GRACE ROSINA the beloved daughter of William & Rosina DAW who died Jan 29th 1929 aged 31 years. He giveth His beloved sleep, Swansea, born 5 Nov 1842, died 8 May 1916. ADELE, wife of J M McRobinson, nee de Lucovich, died 5 Nov 1930. 1929
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