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Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
S93 Private Jones In Loving Memory of M MOREWOOD JONES, beloved daughter of David and Sarah Jones, died 9 October 1894, aged 27. "Peace, Perfect, Peace" 1894
S272 Private Wood WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER WOOD died 2 March 1895 age 60. SUSANNAH SARAH SPARKES WOOD, his wife, died 23 November 1910 age 84. 1895
S318 Private Williams In Loving memory of ANNE WILLIAMS relict of John Williams, who died 11 June 1917, aged 73 years. Also of the said JOHN WILLIAMS Master Mariner who died and was buried at sea 25 April 1894, aged 53 years. Also their beloved son, JOHN DAVIES, master mariner, lost at sea December 1921. Gwyn eu byd ymeirw y rhai sydd yn marw yn yr arglwydd. [Blessed are those who die in the Lord.] 1917
S413 Private Roberts EVAN ROBERTS, died 27 August 1893 age 33. WINNIFRED AUGUSTA ROBERTS, died 25 May 1895 age 20. Children of D E Roberts, Pastor of Siloam Church, Cardiff & Anne Roberts. DAVID EVAN ROBERTS, above, died Penarth 18 May 1908 age 74. SUSANNAH MARY ROBERTS, their daughter died 30 March 1910 age 39. ANNE ROBERTS, above, died Penarth 24 August 1912 age 76. JANE, daughter of above, died 21 February 1935. 1893
S534 Private Pritchard LETTICE, wife of William PRITCHARD, died 20 May 1893 age 49. MARY, wife of John EVANS, mother of above, died 20 January 1899 age 80. JOHN EVANS, above, died 1 December 1899, age 90. GEORGE GILBERT PRITCHARD, died 9 June 1938 age 63. 1893
S883c Private James In Loving Memory of THOMAS JAMES, Master Mariner, beloved husband of Margaret Anne James, who died 2 August 1918 aged 84 years. I hope to meet my pilot face as fact when I have crossed the ear. Also the above MARGARET ANNE JAMES, who passed away 5 October 1949 aged 81 years. Re-united. Also their beloved daughter, GWENDOLINE MARGARET (GWEN) who passed away 5 February 1989 O Lord in thee I put my trust. Also of their beloved sons JOHN DAVID (JOHNNY) Lost at Sea on the SS Grindon Hall on or about 4 December 1907 aged 18 years. The arm of the Lord hath made the depths of the Sea a way for the ransomee to pass over. Cpl THOMAS GEORGE DCM 12th SWB died of wounds received in action at Bourlon Wood 26 November 1917 aged 21 years. Buried at Manancourt, France Faithful until Death. In loving memory of THOMAS WILLIAM REES dearly beloved husband of Annie A Rees, who passed way 8 September 1936 aged 60 years. At Rest. Also the above ANNIE REES, who pssed way 30 July 1983. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. 1918