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Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
V1002/V1023 Removed James In Loving Memory of Bessie the wife of H. G. James died September 22nd 1908 aged 44 years. “Peace Perfect Peace” Also their eldest son Harry Died September 29th 1926 interred Newport, USA aged 39. In loving Memory of Bessie wife of Harry James Died December 27th 1918 aged 52 years “Thy will be Done” In Loving Memory of H. G. James (Channel Pilot) Died May 17th 1930 aged 73 years. Also Sophia Elizabeth elder daughter of H. G. and Bessie James Died 15th January 1968. 1908
V1023 Removed James See V1002 --
V1026 Removed Lewis In Loving memory of William Herbert Lewis of Neville Place, Cardiff who fell asleep January 16th 1907 aged 69 years. “I was weary and he gave me Rest”. Also of Anna beloved wife of the above who died April 6th 1925 aged 84 years. “The Lord is my Shepherd” 1907
V1027 Removed Walker In Loving Memory of my dear Mother Matilda Walker, late of Bermuda, who died September 14th 1913 aged 80 years. “I am the resurrection and the Life” 1913
V1037 Removed Price In Loving Memory of my dear Husband William Price, who died February 19th 1910, aged 59 years. Also of Emily beloved Daughter of William & Sarah Price who died May 27th 1907, aged 20 years. 1907
V1039 Removed Stephens In loving Memory of Stanley only and beloved child of Frederick and Harriet Louisa Stephens. Born July 3rd 1900 Died July 22nd 1907. Peace little loving sleeper, close to thy Saviours side, Housed with thy tender keeping Safe for the Lord has died. Also of the above Frederick who died February 14th 1947. Also the above Harriet Louisa Died Sept 7th 1949. “At Rest” 1907
V1045 Removed Thomas In loving memory of William Anthony Thomas Died January 4th 1902 aged 70 years. “I was weary and he gave me rest.” 1902
V1065/V1084 Removed Brookes In loving memory of Susannah the beloved wife of Thomas Brookes who fell asleep in Jesus March 18th 1904 aged 43 years “Thee remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.” Also of the above Thomas Brookes called home February 4th 1933 aged 72 years. “He giveth his beloved sleep until the day break and the shadows flee away.” In loving memory of Ann Maria beloved wife of John Brookes who passed away January 15th 1929 aged 70 years “Forever with the Lord.” Also of John Brookes who passed away October 18th 1936 aged 73 years. “In thy presence is fullness of Joy.” Also of their dearly loved son J.J. Russell Brookes called to rest January 16th 1921 aged 32 years. “Peace perfect peace.” Also of their beloved and cherished daughter Sarah Elizabeth Hurley called home to her eternal rest September 6th 1927 aged 42 years. “Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty.” --
V1067 Removed In ever lasting memory of Rev J. E. Harries who passed away to the higher life April 22nd 1914 aged 58 years. “ Filled with high purpose, he stood for truth and progress.” Also his beloved wife Catherine (Kate) who died March 8th 1930 aged 73 years. “ She hath done what she could” --
V1074 Removed Comley In loving memory of Thomas and Elizabeth Comley. Also their son Clyde. --
V1082/V1102 Removed Baker In loving memory of Blanche Harriet, wife of Frank Baker and daughter of the above Emily Hughes died November 17th 1958 aged 54 “Let her own works praise her in the gates.” --
V1084 Removed Brookes See V1065 --
V1094 Removed Grey In loving memory of James Grey BA Headmaster at Roath Park School who fell asleep September 9th 1911 aged 53 years. Also of Jemima Austin beloved wife of the above who died March 31st 1914 aged 52 years. --
V1096 Removed Lumley In loving memory of Edward beloved husband of Ann Lumley who fell asleep December 20th 1935 aged 70 years Also of Olwen, their beloved child died September 25th 1907 aged 6½ years. Also of the above Ann Lumley who fell asleep June 28th 1948 aged 81 years. “Reunited” --
V1102 Removed Baker See V1082 --
V1102 Removed Evans Er Serclius goffadwirarth am Selina Mary, anwyl bridd Daniel Evans hunudd y 23ain o Jonawr 1906 yn 46an mlnydd oed “Felly y Rhydd efe hun I’w annylyd.” Hefyd Samuel Evans late chief Sanitory Inspector of Cardiff. Hunodd y 11ddec o Awst 1932 yn 70ain mlwydd oed. “Yr arglwydd yw fy mugail ni bydd eisiau arnaf.” Hefyd Elizabeth Davies hunodd Mai 21 1938 yn 74 mlwydd oed. --
V1105 Removed Robinson In ever lasting memory of Robert Wray Robinson, Master Mariner aged 42 who died on January 15th 1917 through exposure while on His Majesty’s Service during the Great War. Also of Robert Wray, son of the above died Oct 21st 1921 aged 18½ years. Also of Florence Amelia, beloved wife of the above Capt Robinson who died October 27th 1927 aged 52. --
V1120 Removed In loving memory of Laura the beloved wife of Henry Seall who died November 2nd 1913 aged 41 years. “And there shall be no more death neither sorrow nor crying.” Also of Kenneth Walter their son who died June 16th 1905 aged 1 month. 1913
V1136 Removed Griffiths In loving memory of Elizabeth Jane the dearly beloved wife of John Griffiths of Castle Eden, Ninian Road who died December 12th 1921 aged 67 years. “She opened her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness”. Also of John Griffiths beloved husband of the above who departed this life May 11th 1924 aged 68 years “And God shall wipe all tears from their eyes” 1921
V1138/V1154 Removed Evans In loving memory of John Owen the beloved and only son of Thomas and Catherine J Evans who died September 29th 1907 aged 7 years. Also of the above Capt Thomas Evans beloved husband of Catherine J Evans who died at sea February 4th 1916 aged 47 years. Interred at Gibralter Cemetery. Also his wife Catherine Jane and their daughter Kathrina Hannah Ward “Thy will be done.” In loving memory of Capt John Owen, Nautical Academy, Docks, Cardiff who died May 11th 1916 aged 76 years. “Peace perfect peace.” 1907
V1154 Removed Evans See V1136 --
V1155 Removed Warman In loving memory of James Warman crossed the bar February 20th 1879. Also Elizabeth his beloved wife re-united February 2nd 1921. Also of their daughter Matilda Elizabeth Warman died December 8th 1951. 1879
V1171/V1186 Removed George In loving memory of John Evan George of 2 St Andrews Place, Cardiff. Born October 28th 1838 Died November 30th 1911 “ He give his beloved sleep.” Also Elizabeth wife of the above died May 26th 1928 aged 84 years “Peace perfect peace.” Also Howard Trevelyan George MA (Camb) MRCS LRCP (Lond) Senior Asst Medical Officer X-Ray Dept St Bart Hospital London. Life Gov University College South Wales & Monmouthshire. Son of the said John Evan and Elizabeth George Died January 31st 1929 aged 55 years “His Duty Nobly done Rest after weariness, Peace after pain.” 1911
V1184 Removed Joseph In fond remembrance of William J. I. Joseph of Catford who entered into rest August 21st 1917 aged 76 years. Also his sister Louisa Alice Burnand Joseph Died 11th August 1942 Aged 97 years. --
V1186 Removed George See V1171 --
V1198 Removed Atkinson In loving memory of Margaret May dearly loved wife of Stanley Atkinson who fell asleep August 27th 1916 ”She hath done what she could”. Also Sydney Atkinson beloved husband of Fanny born July 12th 1869 died November 20th 1958. “Blessed we the pure in Heart”. Also the above Fanny died February 3rd 1961 aged 86 years “Re-united” Also of his beloved mother Mary Atkinson who died June 8th 1924 aged 86 years. --
V1199 Removed Locke “At Rest” Edwin John Spiller Locke who died January 3rd 1909 aged 56 years. Also of Rebecca his wife who died July 18th 1907 aged 51 years. --
V1212 Removed Bowen In loving memory of John James Bowen 1877-1917 and his wife Ceinwen 1878-1960 and Nesta aged 3 years. --
V1225 Removed Kerman In loving memory of Gladys, beloved wife of Tom P Kerman died September 25th 1929 aged 26 years. “Her sun has gone down while it was yet day.” Frederick William Green her brother who died in infancy. --
V1250 Removed Thomas In loving memory of Capt Matthew Thomas born at St Ives, Cornwall who died November 11th 1907 aged 74. Also Precilla Paull Thomas his wife who died November 23rd 1907 aged 72 years. Also their beloved son John Vivien Thomas Reuit Comm RNVR --
V1252 Removed Evans In loving memory of John the beloved husband of Frances Edith Evans who died April 8th 1921 aged 47 years. Also the above Frances Edith who died February 28th 1957 aged 81 years “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.” --
V1261 Removed Robinson In loving memory of Annie beloved wife of W. Robinson died December 23rd 1928 aged 45 years. Also their beloved daughter Violet Winifred died October 18th 1918 aged 10 years. Also of Arthur John Perry died August 3rd 1913 aged 30 years --
V1262 Removed Jones In loving memory of David Jones (Master Mariner) who passed away October 2nd 1912 aged 69. Also Mary Ann wife of the above who passed away April 1st 1888, aged 41 years. Also of Benjamin Evan, the beloved youngest son of the said David and Mary Ann Jones who passed away December 14th 1913 aged 29 years. Interred in the British Cemetery Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Also of John Jones son of the said David and Mary Ann Jones and beloved husband of Gertrude Jones who passed away January 5th 1923 aged 53 years. --
V1270 Removed Carlsen In loving memory of Carl Anton beloved husband of Florence Carlsen died January 22 1923 aged 67 also the afore said Florence Carlsen died November 29 1924 aged 62. Also of Carl their son drowned at sea June 19 1901 aged 16. Also of Elizabeth Day died June 28 1908 aged 75. Also Oscar Herman Carlsen died June 5 1934 aged 47. Also of Florence Evely beloved wife of Oscar Carlsen died June 19th 1962 aged 75. --
V1272 Removed Jones In loving memory of Mary beloved wife of Jenkin Jones who died July 26th 1916 aged 63 years. “Gwyn eu byd y meirw y rhai sydd yn marw yn ive arglywdd”. Also of the above Jenkin Jones who died February 3rd 1928 aged 74 years. --
V1273 Removed Kendall In loving memory of Mildred Ida Who died November 15th 1913 aged 14 years. Herbert Charles Kendall Who died December 26th 1891 aged 2 years. Edith Mary Who died December 28th 1891 aged 11 months “For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”. Beloved children of Charles and Minnie Kendall. Also the said Charles Kendall Who died April 28th 1941 aged 77 years. Also his dear wife Minnie died April 3rd 1946 aged 81 years. --
V1284 Removed Jones In loving memory of Mary Ann the beloved wife of Watkin Jones who fell asleep December 24th 1914 aged 56 years. “At Eventide it shall be light”. Also of the above Watkin Jones who fell asleep April 27th 1919 aged 67 years. Also of Lieut David Raymond Jones their second son killed in action in France April 17th 1918 aged 33 years. Also of Archibald Washington Jones their third son born April 15th 1889. Died January 5th 1924. --
V1286 Removed Simmons Also of William James Simmons who died April 19th 1944 aged 78 years. And of Elizabeth beloved wife of William J Simmons died June 21st 1951 aged 85 years. Also their son Albert who lost his life while bathing in Karachi, India September 19th 1925 aged 22 years. Also of Evan Walter James their son who lost his life on the HMS Queen Mary, Battle of Jutland 31st May 1916 Aged 18 years. --
V1287 Removed Perry In loving memory of Alfred Thomas Perry, formally of Bristol who passed away May 16th 1914 aged 78 years. “We live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” Also of Sarah Ann only sister of A. T. Perry and beloved wife of James Davies. Died October 6th 1917 aged 78 years. Also in loving memory of James Morris Davies. Died February 23rd 1922 aged 81 years. “All shall come when nought shall sever. Endless meeting, parting never.” --
V1290 Removed Davies In loving memory of June Lydia beloved wife of the Rev L Davies of Shoret and Bwlch-y-Groes who died 23rd January 1914 aged 31 years “Thy love to me was wonderful” --
V1291 Removed Jenkins In loving memory of Ald William Jenkins JP who passed away December 19th 1917 aged 72 years “Lifes duty well done, lifes crown well won, then cometh rest”. Also of Catherine dearly beloved wife of the above entered into rest June 4th 1923 aged 70 years. “Simple trustful in life, calm and peaceful in death” --
V1296 Removed Coles In loving memory of Benjamin Frederick Coles who died 19th April 1915 aged 60. Also of Christina Jane Coles his wife who died 10th April 1935 aged 79. --
V1303/V1310 Removed Owen Mary Ann beloved wife of Counc Evan Owen JP, Ruthin Gardens, Cardiff 1860-1919 “Hyn a allodd hon hi a’i gwnaeth” . Evan Owen JP, Ruthin Gardens, Cardiff. “Coffadwriaeth y cyfiawn sydd fen digedig” --
V1310 Removed Owen See V1303 --
V1322 Removed In loving memory of Jesse Leonard the beloved husband of Isabella Helena who fell asleep June 27th 1916 at the age of 51. “Beloved by all who knew him”. In affectionate remembrance of Isabella Helena dearly loved wife of Arthur Morgan who entered into her rest October 31st 1928 at the age of 59 “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” --
V1324/V1330 Removed Jones In loving memory of Thomas Jenkin Jones who died March 26th 1909 aged 61 years “ Thine eyes shall see the King in his beauty”. Also Elizabeth beloved wife of the above who passed away April 12th 1930 aged 76 years “And with the Morn these angels faces smile”. Also of Florence Elizabeth beloved daughter of the above October born 19th 1881 died August 25th 1952 Cremated at Glyntaff “Has she not heard the Master’s sweet “Well done” enter my rest your crown of life is won”. Also Ernest beloved son who passed away March 1st 1960 aged 74 years “Blessed are the pure in heart”. Also of their beloved daughter Jane who died June 26th 1961 “I know that my redeemer liveth”. Also of their youngest daughter Margaret who died August 28th 1966 “The Lord is my Shepherd” --
V1327 Removed Philips In loving memory of John Phillips (of Gosley) 1846-1916 and his beloved wife Elya Phillips 1849-1922. Also of their son John Winifred Phillips 1878-1921 and William Edgar Phillips 1881-1916. Also of their daughters Eveline Phillips 1873-1937 Elizabeth Annie Phillips 1876-1959. And Elsie Mary Bailey 1890-1929. --
V1328 Removed Williams Sacred to the memory of Henry the beloved husband of Elizabeth Williams who died April 10th 1923 aged 66 years “Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away”. Also of Elizabeth his beloved wife who died February 8th 1937 aged 84 years “He giveth his beloved sleep”. And of their daughter Annie Mary Williams who died September 9th 1962 aged 81 years. --
V1330 Removed Jones See V1330 --
V1331 Removed Mulholland “In Hog cruce salus” Maud Mulholland obit – 1913. And her beloved husband Samuel Mulholland (Master Mariner). Died August 17th 1942 in his 73rd year “ReUnited”. Also of Samuel Hyde Batt only beloved son of Capt and Rosina Mulholland who was killed in action in France March 21st 1918 aged 20 years. Also the said Rosina Mulholland died July 1st 1930 aged 61 “I will see you again”. --
V1332 Removed Theophilus In loving memory of Jack, darling son of Frank and Alice Theophilus who died March 21st 1916 aged 2 years and 11 months. Also Malcolm February 25th 1920 also the said Frank who died December 21st 1943 aged 58 years. --
V1340 Removed Knight In fond memory of Charles Knight late of the Cardiff City Police died February 22 1937 aged 65 years. --
V1343/V1347 Removed Bailey In loving memory of Eleanor beloved wife of John A Bailey who passed away May 17th 1914 aged 70 years “Until the resurrection morn” --
V1347 Removed Bailey See V1343 --
V1348 Removed Williams In loving memory of Richard Elias beloved husband of J Gladys Williams and son of Elizabeth and the late Henry Williams who died March 5th 1931 aged 44 “Not lost but gone before”. Also the said Gladys Williams Died December 12th 1947 aged 57 years. --
V1352 Removed Rawlings In loving memory of William Rawlings Fradd Died 28th February 1937 aged 94. Margaret ….. his beloved wife died 26th December 1909. Also Ada Margaret Jones Died March 19th 1942 aged 73 “In heavenly love abiding”. --