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Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
V1 Removed Enoch In loving memory of REES ENOCH, Wordsworth Street, Cardiff, who departed this life August 8th 1892 aged 66 years. "The dead are like the stars at day, withdrawn from mortal eye yet not extinct they hold their way in glory through the sky, Spirits from bondage then set free vanish amidst immensity. Where human thought like human sight fail to pursue their lackless flight." In loving memory of HANNAH ENOCH widow of the said Rees Enoch who died May 24th 1895 aged 69yrs. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." 1892
V5 Removed Enoch In loving memory of JOHN ENOCH of Cardiff, Died January 9th 1914, and of his wife ELIZABETH ANN, Died July 26th 1919, "Peace Perfect Peace" And of their infant daughter LILIAN MYFANWY, died December 27th 1902. 1914
V11 Removed Willie Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth or ever the silver cord be loosed or the picture be broken at the fountain Ecc. 12.1.6. In fond memory of "Charlie". CHARLES MARK WILLIE who fell asleep 15th June 1915 aged 20. "Tho' I walk thru' the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever" Also of ALICE CHRISTINE WILLIE who fell asleep 5th April 1893 aged 3 yrs. "Jesus saves". GEORGE NEWTON WILLIE who fell asleep 6th September 1895 aged 10 yrs. "He will swallow up death in victory and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces" Is. 25.8. JOHN STANLEY SAMUEL WILLIE who fell asleep 10th September 1902 aged 15 yrs. "Let not your heart be troubled" John 14.1. The beloved children of George and H. M. Willie. Unto Jesus Christ who loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood be glory and dominion for ever and ever. In loving memory of GEORGE WILLIE beloved husband of Harriett Willie who went up to meet his Lord on Christmas morning 1943 aged 83 yrs. Also HARRIETT MARTHA died 13th January 1951 aged 88 yrs. "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." Also EUNICE VIOLET died August 28th 1952 aged 49 years. "Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid" 1915
V12 Removed Willie See V11 --
V18 Removed Jones Sacred to the memory of the Rev. WILLIAM JONES, Calvanistic Methodist Minister born at Pontneath Vaughan May 28th 1809. Died at Canton April 13th 1893. This stone was erected as a token of respect by the Calvanistic Methodist Church, Albert Street, Canton. Also sacred to the memory of MARIA JONES late of Beaufort, Breconshire, beloved wife of the above died November 24th 1901 aged 82 years. 1893
V22 Removed Lawrence In loving memory of Thomas William Lawrence who died May 17th 1894 aged 65 yrs. “I will both lay me down in peace and sleep for thou, Lord, truly makest me dwell in safety. Psalm IV.8. Therefore be ye also ready: For in such an hour as ye think not, the son of man cometh. MATT XXIV.44” Also of Elizabeth his wife who died April 4th 1926 aged 84 yrs “Until the Day dawn” 1894
V23 Removed Thomas In loving memory of William Hughes Thomas who entered into rest April 27th 1895 aged 75 years. “A faithful man and feared God” Neh 7.9. “A man greatly beloved” Dan 10.11. Also of Martha Thomas his wife who died March 18th 1910 aged 81 years. “Death is swallowed up in victory” 1 COR 15.54 1895
V24 Removed Williamson In loving memory of Annie Emily Williamson who passed away 11th October 1918 aged 33 years. Also of Jane Williamson who entered unto rest 29th September 1920 aged 71 years. 1918
V36 Removed Griffiths In loving memory of Harriet Richards Griffiths who died December 10th 1898 aged 84 years. “Light after darkness, gain after loss, strength after weakness, Crown after cross, joy after sorrow, calm after blast, Rest after weariness, sweet rest at last.” In loving memory of Lewis W Richards who died at Blaina September 28th 1914 aged 58 yrs (remainder of inscription illegible due to weathering) 1898
V39 Removed Rees In loving memory of Thomas Frederick beloved son of William and Louisa Rees. Died October 19th 1918 aged 19. “Though lost to sight to memory ever dear.” Also Louisa Rees. Died December 13th 1950 aged 96. Jenetta beloved daughter of Louisa Rees. Died Jan 13th 1971 aged 86. 1918
V44 Removed Prosser In Sacred memory of Walter Prosser (Clifton Street, Cardiff). Died January 17th 1929 aged 70 yrs. Also his wife Jennet died November 13th 1912 aged 52 yrs. “At rest”. Also Irene Stewart Prosser died in infancy and Prosser Dowling, Grandson, Died January 24th 1926 aged 2 yrs 11 mths. Also Dillwyn Prosser. Killed in action in France June 13th 1916 aged 25 yrs. 1929
V46 Removed Baragwanath In loving memory of SAMUEL ARTHUR BARAGWANATH who passed away at 68 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, January 29th 1908 aged 53 yrs. “A faithful friend, a husband dear and a loving father kind and sincere. He has left this world of care and pain and gone to heaven in peace to reign” And of his beloved wife ELIZABETH WEARNE who died January 12th 1959 aged 91 years. In loving memory of SAMUEL ARTHUR, dearly beloved son of S.A. and E. Baragwanath who died February 25th 1899 aged 2 yrs. 10 mths. “How early drooped our flower. So fair to flourish here, God took him to his heavenly tower, to bloom and flourish there.” In loving memory of SAMUEL dearly beloved son of the late S.A. and E. Baragwanath, who died October 26th 1915 aged 12 yrs. “I thy little lamb would be, Jesus I would follow thee, Samuel was thy child of old, take me too within thy fold.” Also of Kortryc beloved daughter of S.A. and E. Baragwanath who died May 7th 1956. 1908
V63 Removed Davis Lieut. Llewellyn Crichton Davis M.c. Accidentally killed March 15th 1918. Interred at Penton, Andover, Hamps. aged 29. “Gone to the higher life” In loving memory of William Henry Davis, passed away April 3rd 1894 aged 75. Also his beloved wife Elizabeth called home November 27th 1894 aged 71 “Forever with the Lord” 1918
V64 Removed Morgan In loving memory of Eda Gertrude (Gertie) beloved daughter of William & Elizabeth Morgan who died at Richmond Road, Cardiff, Dec. 10th 1893 aged 19 yrs. 6 mths. “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Also in memory of the above William Morgan beloved husband of Elizabeth Morgan who died Decemeber 20th 1909 aged 63 yrs. Also of his beloved wife Elizabeth (the Manse, Castleton). Died 21st April 1916 aged 68. And their daughter Beatrice Morgan who died on the 14th June 1973 aged 97 yrs. 1893
V65/V77 Removed Haviland In loving memory of Mary beloved wife of John S. Haviland passed into the higher life August 21st 1899 aged 45 yrs. “God love peace – there is no death”. In loving memory of John S. Haviland passed into the higher life May 7th 1928 aged 80 yrs. Beloved husband of the late Mary Haviland. Also in loving memory of Alfred Edger dearly beloved husband of Ethel Wyatt passed away Feb. 28th 1922 aged 44. 1899
V66/V78 Removed Thomas In loving memory of George Alfred beloved husband of Kathleen and son of George D and Emily J Thomas who died Oct 2nd 1945 aged 49 yrs. Emily Jane dearly loved wife of George Davies Thomas who died February 2nd 1936 aged 61. Also Gwendoline Margaret died 1900 and Violet May, Died 1909. “Darling infant Children.” Emily Jane dearly loved wife of George Davies Thomas who died February 2nd 1936 aged 61. 1909
V67 Removed Jones In loving memory of Marjory Glwen Jones the darling child of T.T Jones and S.A Jones, Salem, Cardiff. Born May 9th 1896, Fell asleep June 2nd 1900. “We [given?] go to her [last?], She shall not return to us.” Also S.A Jones, the beloved wife of the above T.T Jones. Born June 20th 1860 died March 23rd 1918. “Absent from the body, present with the Lord” Also the Rev. Thomas Herbert Jones beloved son of the above died August 17th 1960 aged 75 “At rest” In loving memory of T.T. Jones, Baptist Minister, Salem, Cardiff 1881 – 1903. Roddya Blainclydach 1903 – 1930. Died May 15th 1930 aged 73 yrs. “A man full of faith and of the holy spirit.” 1896
V69 Removed Wells In loving memory of Joseph beloved husband of Alice Wells 1887-1961. Also May who died in infancy. “Worthy of Remembrance” 1961
V70 Removed Grant In loving memory of Capt. John Grant of Cardiff. Died August 30th 1905 aged 72 years. Also Mary Jane his beloved wife. Died September 13th 1894 aged 50 years. “In Jesus keeping”. 1905
V71 Removed Bonjour / bertalot In memoriam; Amelie bonjour, née le 31 mai 1889 a St German chisone vallees vaudoises piemont italie. Morte a Cardiff le 9 mars 1895 (rest of inscription illegible due to weathering) Pauline Bertalot nee bonjour née le 9 juillet 1836 a maneille (vallees vaudoises piemont. Decédée à cardiff le 24 decembre 1904. Heureux dés a present les mortes qui meurent au seigneur. Rev.xiv.13 1895
V72 Removed Davies In Loving Memory of Harry Davies. Born Feb 1st 1862, died 17th May 1895. “Until the day break and the shadows flee away” 1895
V75/V87 Removed Paull In loving memory of Edith Grave Paull who fell asleep in Jesus June 22nd 1907 aged 47 yrs. Also of Eliza Mary Paull who fell asleep in Jesus January 7th 1924 in her 72nd year. Also of Eliz Paull who fell asleep in Jesus Jan 16th 1926 in her 72nd year. “Alleluia” 1907
V77 Removed Haviland See V65 --
V78 Removed Thomas See V78 --
V80 Removed Jenkins / crick In loving memory of Daniel Jenkins who passed away May 4th 1900 aged 49 yrs. “Peace perfect peace” In loving memory of Kathleen Allen Crick who passed away February 14th 1907 aged 26 yrs. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” In loving memory of Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins who passed away February 17th 1909 aged 52 years. “Through many a troubled sea to rest at last my God with thee”. 1900
V87 Removed Paull See V87 --
V89 Removed Rees Er coffad wr iaeth am Annie Rees. Merch Hannah a levy Rees Colum Rd Cardiff. A fu farn tach 5, 1899 yn 23 mlnydd oed, am hyny byddwch canithan barod; canys yn yr awr ni thybioch y dan mais y dyn. 1899
V103 Removed James In loving memory of Minnie, Beloved wife of Arthur Cheffey James died Jan 5th 1953, aged 81 years. Gods precious gift. also their Children. John Cheffey James aged 2 Months, Arthur G. Cheffey James aged 3 ½ yrs. Arthur Cheffey James, aged 7 ½ mths. 1953
V109 Removed Hoggarth In Memoriam; James Hoggarth. Died October 17th 1912 aged 57 yrs. Also Hannah Mary his wife. Died October 23rd 1897 aged 39 yrs. 1912
V119/V134 Removed Thomas In memory of my dear husband John Thomas. Died September 21st 1904 aged 65 yrs. “Pure in heart, ever gentle and true, beloved by all his whole life through.” Also of Ann Thomas, beloved wife of the above. Died July 31st 1908 aged 72 yrs. “Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.” Elizabeth Thomas, Died July 15th 1941 aged 76. Andrew John Thomas, Died June 21st 1946 aged 68 1904
V127 Removed Stephens In loving memory of William Stephens, Died August 9th 1901 aged 50 yrs. “Thy will be done”. Also Annie beloved wife of the aforesaid , who died March 27th 1919 aged 69 “Peace perfect Peace” 1901
V134 Removed Thomas See V119 --
V136 Removed Harrison In loving memory of my beloved husband Robert Harrison of Welby Horese Cardiff who died August 6th 1905 aged 77 years. Also of Mary Jane beloved wife of the above who died at Dereham, Norfolk May 30th 1919 aged 73 yrs. “Thy will be done” 1905
V137/V154 Removed Stephens Inscription: John Arthur Stephens born February 24th 1904. Died February 13th 1918. “God shall wipe away all tears.” 1904
V143/V160 Removed Walters In loving memory of William Edward, beloved son of E. and A. Walters, printer of this town, who died at Penzance March 21st 1899 aged 39 yrs. “So he giveth his beloved sleep.” Also of William Edward their eldest son who died October 22nd 1858 aged 5 yrs 8 mths. and was interred at Ebenezer Chapel ground, Cardiff. “For of such is the Rights of Heaven”. Also of Ann beloved wife of William Edward, died at Holmwood, Surrey, June 8th 1949 aged 89 yrs. Cremated at Croydon. Also in loving memory of the said Evan Williams who died February 11th 1908 aged 81 yrs. “Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose name is stayed on thee”. “coffad wraieth y cyfiawn sydd fendigedig” Also of Amy his wife who died Nov 24th 1909 in her 77th year. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” 1899
V144 Removed Price In loving memory of MARY the beloved wife of Watkin PRICE who died April 13 1898 aged 67 yrs. Also of the said WATKIN PRICE who died April 7 1913 aged 87 Also of JOHN PRICE, son of Watkin and Mary Price, who died May 15 1903 aged 34 yrs. Also of their daughter MAY PRICE who died April 2 1919 aged 70. 1898
V147 Removed Morgan and of Maud, Beloved wife of Frank. W. Morgan Died JAN 14TH 1953 Aged 77 years. Also of Pilot Officer R. Clive Morgan who died April 12th 1941 Aged 34 years 1941
V149 Removed Billing And their dear Son-in-law Arthur Billing cremated 5TH Sept 1961 1961
V152 Removed Partridge In loving memory of William beloved husband of M.A. Partridge who died March 31st 1922 aged 70 yrs. “He suffered, but his pains are o’er, his gentle spirit’s fled, unto that bright and happy shore, though numbered with the dead.” In loving memory of Mary Ann beloved wife of William Partridge who died June 4th 1926 aged 69 yrs “Adgof unch anghof.” In loving memory of Sarah dearly beloved daughter of W and M.A. Partridge who died November 11th 1906 aged 23 yrs “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” 1922
V154 Removed Stephens See V137 --
V157 Removed Richards In loving memory of my dear husband William Richards, who died June 22nd 1903 aged 51 yrs “We are yet labourers with the stones, while he has gained the shore” Also in loving memory of Bessie their eldest daughter who died July 20th 1906 aged 20 yrs. “For tho’ we miss her darling form, fair whispers gone before.” 1903
V160 Removed Walters See V143 --
V162 Removed Richards To the beloved memory of John Richards, born at St. Ives Cornwall, October 5th 1818, Died June 6th 1862. “I know that my redeemer liveth.” Catherine M. Richards his widow, born at St. Ives, March 18th 1823. Died January 6th 1901 “As for God his way is perfect.” 1862
V164/V182 Removed Morgan In Loving Memory of My Very dear Husband Job Morgan, fell asleep at Wick House, Whitchurch Nov 27-1910 Aged 62, years. O thou who called’st me to resign, all that I prized, yet never mine. Help me to yield thee what is thine, they will be done. Also of Emma Morgan, Beloved wife of above, died March 13TH 1923, in her 76TH YR. Also of Margaret Olive, Grand-Daughter of the above & daughter of T. & E.J. Thomas & Beloved wife of W. Llewellyn, who died Aug 24TH 1923 aged 26 years. 1910
V169/V187 Removed Fry In loving memory of Elizabeth Ann Fry the dearly beloved wife of Charles William Henry Fry (of this City) who entered into rest on December 23rd 1987 in her 36th year. “Until the day break and the shadows flee away.” Also of the said Charles William Henry Fry born September 1st 1863 Died December 7th 1915 “Peace, perfect peace”. 1915
V173 Removed Howe In loving memory of William Harry the beloved husband of Elizabeth Howe who fell asleep September 1st 1913 aged 63 yrs. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. They rest from their labour and their works do follow them.” Also of the above Elizabeth Howe who fell asleep June 1st 1930 aged 79 yrs, “Blessed are the pure in heart.” And of Spencer (Nibs) Howe beloved son of Fred and Nellie Harrison lost at sea Sept. 14th 1926 aged 18 yrs. “Christ died for the ungodly” Also Marion Elizabeth Howe, beloved daughter of William and Elizabeth Howe who fell asleep July 14th 1958 age 70 yrs. 1913
V175 Removed Richardson In loving memory of Thomas, Beloved husband of Bessie S. Richardson who died April 28TH 1914 aged 62 years. Also of Bessie Susan, his wife who died Dec 11TH 1927 aged 80 years. “THY WILL BE DONE” 1914
V181 Removed Matthews In loving memory of Charles, beloved son of John and Cecilia Matthews, Died September 16th 1895 aged 21 yrs. Also of Cecilia Matthews, Died May 19th 1902 aged 66. “Peace perfect peace.” 1895
V182 Removed Morgan See V164 --
V187 Removed Fry See V169 --
V198 Removed Jones In loving memory of David Jones, Minister of the Gospel for thirty three years and for the last nine years Pastor of Frederick Street Church in this town. Born December 2nd 1844. Died May 6th 1902. “The serving of the Lord”. Also of Tersula Catherine, beloved wife of David Jones, born February 4th 1852, Died September 1st 1938. 1902
V203 Removed Esselmont In loving Memory of MARY, widow of Andrew ESSELMONT of Petehead and beloved Mother of Maggie Woods who died 27 June 1913, aged 76. 1913
V205 Removed Robertson In loving memory of my dear father, DAVID ROBERTSON. Born 6 February 1868. Died 3 February 1920. Also of my brother JAMES. Born November 1892. Died May 1902. Also of my Aunt JESSIE ROBERTSON born May, 1875. Died 1 October 1914. 1902
V212/V232 Removed England In loving memory of my beloved husband RICHARD H ENGLAND (Channel Pilot) who was drowned off the Wash 12 May 1914 aged 54 “A devoted husband and loving father.” Also his dearly beloved wife Nellie Highlater who died 15 November 1945 aged 82 yrs. “A loving mother” Also their loving son ROBERT WILLIAM who passed away 1 May 1920, aged 87 years. “Dearly loved and sadly missed.” Also LESLIE ENGLAND dearly loved husband of Queenie, Died 29 August 1967, aged 69. 1914
V216 Removed Harteton In loving memory of mother, ISABELLA HARTETON 1872-1915 1915
V218 Removed Downing In loving memory of LOUIE DOWNING, beloved wife of J.R.S. Downing who died 12 December 1908, aged 30 years. In loving memory of JOHN DOWNING of Weare Giffard, Devon, Died 6 October 1914, aged 63 years. Also of his wife PATIENCE DOWNING, Died 9 February 1933, aged 85 years. 1908
V224/V225 Removed Jenkins In loving memory of JANE JENKINS, also their daughter SARAH SUTTON, also JAMES husband of Sarah, also their daughter LAURA and her infant EVELYN. --
V225 Removed Jenkins See V224 --
V231 Removed Hosgood FLORENCE N. HOSGOOD. Jan 26th 1917. Hilda Florence Hosgood Died May 28th 1942, aged 51 years 1917
V232 Removed England See V212 --
V237/V258 Removed Morris In loving remembrance of Alfred Thomas Morris, Born November 11th 1842, died November 11th 1912 “A devoted husband, a loving Father and a faithful friend” “Be thee faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life”. Also of Louisa dearly beloved wife of the above, entered into rest February 3rd 1922 aged 79 “Kind was her heart in friendship true and sound, patient in pain beloved by all around.” Also Elizabeth wife of George Adams. Died August 3rd 1944 aged 79. Also of Alfred John (Fred) Morris, grandson of the above, killed at YPRES September 6th 1917 aged 19 yrs. “Faithful in life, fearless in death.” 1912
V238 Removed Lloyd In Loving Memory of Mary the beloved wife of David Lloyd who died Oct 22ND 1919, aged 80 years (Verses unreadable). Also of David Lloyd, the above who died Dec 16TH 1931, aged 74 years. 1919
V244 Removed Thomas George Thomas 1858-1942. Mary, his wife. 1868-1956. Jack Thomas. 1837-1924. Phoebe Thomas, 1891-1955. 1924
V248/V270 Removed John In loving memory of our dear sister Agnes John (of Eglwyswrw) died March 21st 1908 aged 32 “Peace Perfect Peace” Also of her brother Caleb John, Died February 26th 1948 aged 78. Also of Pheobe [sic] Williams widow of John Daniel and beloved mother of Irene. Died November 28th 1954 aged 87. In loving memory of Gladys Thomas. Died Nov. 29th 1965 aged 69. beloved wife of Brice. Also David Thomas son of Gladys and beloved husband of Mary. Died in Japan February 13th 1968 aged 42. 1908
V257/V279 Removed Jenkins In loving memory of Joseph beloved Husband of Sarah Jenkins who died Oct 2ND 1909, aged 54 years. also John Henry, their beloved son died Dec 5Th 1907 aged 26 years. also Frederick Albert, their beloved son died July 5TH 190? aged 19 years. also Sarah, beloved wife of Joseph Jenkins, died Jan, 3rd 1934 aged 72 years 1907
V258 Removed Morris See V237 --
V260/V263 Removed Edwards In loving memory of Austin Llewellyn Edwards, Baptist Minister, beloved husband of Louise. Died March 1st 1946. Also of his devoted wife Louise. Died February 3rd 1952 “Together with the Lord.” “Absent from the body present with the Lord.” Also of Curdline Henry who passed away Aug 25TH 1918, Aged 66. Also of Elizabeth Watts who passed away Jun 26TH 1916 aged 87. 1916
V263 Removed Edwards See V260 --
V265 Removed Wright In loving memory of George Wright who died in South Africa June 21st 1902 aged 47 yrs. Also of Eva Roslind beloved wife of the above who died February 15th 1924 aged 60 years “At Rest”. In loving memory of George dearly loved son of Eva and the late George Wright who died July 22nd 1916 aged 22 yrs. In loving memory of Julia Augusta BONN who died February 9th 1903 aged 57 yrs. “He giveth his beloved sleep.” 1902
V279 Removed Jenkins See V257 --
V282 Removed Letcher In loving memory of RICHARD JOHN LETCHER who died January 31 1904 aged 60 yrs. Also of his wife MARFORD ANN who departed May 25 1923 in her 81st year. 1904
V286 Removed Davies In Loving Memory of Mary beloved daughter of John Evan + Catherine Davies of Mackintosh Place born June 18TH 1833, Died May 17TH 1908. When a few years are gone, then I shall go the way whence I shall not return. also of John Evan Davies father of the above died Sept 10TH 1914, Aged 59 years. My days are like a shadow that declineth and I am withered like grass. and his beloved wife Catherine died July 12TH 1932, Aged 73 years. They will be done. 1908
V296 Removed Evans In Loving Memory of Charles Ingram. The Dearly loved Husband of Fanny Evans died March 11TH 1932 aged 64. “Until we meet again.” also of his wife Fanny Elizabeth Evans. died Feb 26TH 1951 aged 80. Re-united. also Arthur Ingram dearly loved son of C.I. and M.E. Evans born June 27TH 1895, died June 9TH 1915. also our dear little daughter Grace Muriel. Born Aug 10TH 1904 died Dec 7TH 1907. 1907
V299 Removed Gibson In loving memory of William Gibson. Died January 2nd 1927 aged 63. Also Horace son of the above. Died December 25th 1932 aged 39 “Of frequent memory”. And of Alice Esther beloved wife of the above William Gibson who died December 20th 1950 aged 81 yrs. Also Mary Jane Hostman. Died November 15th 1907 aged 40 yrs. 1907
V304 Removed Fraser In loving memory of Annie beloved wife of Malalin Fraser, Died March 21st 1900 aged 53 yrs. Also of Malalin their son who lost his life in action at Gallipoli April 8th 1915 aged 28 years. Also of Malalin Fraser Died February 18th 1933 aged 88 yrs. 1900
V305 Removed Braddon In Loving Memory of Gwendoline Amelia (May) the beloved child of James Henry & Amelia Braddon who died Aug 11TH 1903 aged 12 years and 7 Months. also of James Henry Braddon (Master Masoner) died Dec 17th 1926, aged 75 and Amelia Braddon. Deeply loved wife, Mother died Jan 26th 1927, aged 75, “Her with Him.” 1903
V308 Removed Forster In Affectionate remembrance of Mary Ann, beloved wife of Benjamin Forster died Dec 21st 1907, aged 79. also of Benjamin Forster died Aug 11TH 1908, aged 79, also of Harriett Helen Forster died July 17TH 1931, aged 76. “For Ever with the Lord”. Thy will be done. 1907
V314 Removed Beecher In loving memory of Edith Alice the dearly beloved daughter of Henry and Alice Beecher who died October 12th 1904 aged 20 yrs. “Thy will be done”. 1904
V320 Removed Iles In Loving Memory of Alice Maud wife of William Iles died 20th July 1936 aged 56 years also Dorothy May, aged 3. Arthur & Frederick their infant Children. 1936
V324 Removed Morris In Loving Memory of John the beloved husband of Maria Morris died Oct 11TH 1904, aged 58 years 1904
V327 Removed Jones In loving memory of Mary Ann (Polly) beloved wife of Harry Jones passed away August 14th 1947 aged 71 years. Also of Harry Jones passed away October 17th 1952 aged 78 yrs “At rest with the Lord”. 1947
V329 Removed Barley Alexander Frederick Barley, Wesleyan Minister. Born at Glasgow October 25th 1843 Died at Barcup 1905 “A faithful minister of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Bertha Filinfant Hurst wife of the Revd. Alex F. Barley December 17th 1847 – December 31st 1897 “Entered into rest.” 1897
V332 Removed Harris In loving memory of my dear husband John Harris, City Road, Cardiff who entered into rest June 23rd 1907 aged 45 yrs. “Thou shall guide me with thy counsel and afterward receive me to glory Ps 73.24” For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day 2 Tim. 1.12. Maria Jane Harris Died 7th September 1952 aged 85 yrs. 1907
V338 Removed Williams In loving memory of Sarah Williams, died Oct 1ST 1904 aged 66 years. also Richard Fletcher Ferrier died Aug 31ST 1921 aged 25 years. also Martha Maria Ferrier died Dec 4TH 1905 aged 40 years 1904
V355/V381 Removed Lewis In loving memory of Elizabeth Lewis wife of Benjamin Lewis, Singleton House. Born 22nd March 1846 Died 8th February 1896. Also Benjamin Lewis. Born 2nd February 1845 Died 19th November 1899 “Mine is an unchanging love, Higher than the heights above. Deeper than the depths beneath. Free and faithful strong as death.” Bydd myrdd o ryfeddodaw ar doriad bore u wawr pan ddeloi plant y ton au. Yn iach o’r cystudd mawr o llyneug yn au gwynion ac ar eunewydd wedd yn debyg iw euharglwydd yn dod i’r lan o’r bedd. “GOD IS LOVE” 1896
V380/V406 Removed Strachan In loving memory of Margaret daughter of John Strachan who died 17th February 1894 aged 5 yrs. And of Catherine Cecelia wife of the above died 31st January 1908 aged 55. Also of the above John Strachan who died April 2nd 1909 aged 61 yrs. Also of William Harry their son who fell in action in France August 27th 1916 aged 29 yrs. Also of George Lewis Strachan son of the said Catherine and John Strachan, born 4th March 1879 Died 14th March 1929. 1894
V381 Removed Lewis See V355 --
V382 Removed Griffiths In Loving Memory of Cornelius Albert Griffiths born 27TH March 1865. Died 7 May 1955. also Anna his wife died 26TH FEB 1942. also Cornelius Milford their son born 21st January 1903 died 9TH March 1912. 1912
V390 Removed Tarston In loving memory of our dear parents and sister. William Henry Tarston passed away May 20th 1940 aged 89 yrs. Emily Francis Tarston passed away April 20th 1944 aged 87 yrs and their daughter Mabel Alice passed away September 1st 1904 aged 17 yrs 11 Months “At rest” 1904
V395/V421 Removed Bowen In loving memory of Thomas Hughes beloved husband of Jane Bowen who died February 26th 1936 aged 86 yrs. “Peace perfect Peace”. Also of his beloved wife Jane who died July 17th 1933 aged 78 yrs. Also William Henry beloved husband of Elizabeth Anna Bowen and son of T.H. and J. Bowen who died July 18th 1945 aged 70 yrs. And of his beloved and devoted wife Elizabeth Anna who died February 20th 1953 aged 79 yrs. “Life’s work well done, life’s crown well won.” In loving memory of David Howard Leslie Bowen died suddenly 9th December 1965. Eldest son of MR. and MRS. W.H. Bowen. Also Angela (our darling) Lilly beloved daughter of T.H. and J. Bowen who died August 15th 1904 aged 20 yrs. Also David Joseph beloved son of T.H. and J. Bowen who died December 29th 1950 aged 74. 1904
V406 Removed Straghan See V380 --
V421 Removed Bowen See V395 --
V423 Removed Branch In loving memory of Mary Ann wife of J. Branch. who died February 26th 1913 aged 49 yrs. “Thy purpose Lord we cannot see but all is well that’s done by thee.” Also of Gwendoline their daughter who died August 20th 1904 aged 9 yrs. Also of Gwendoline their daughter who died August 20th 1904 aged 9 yrs. Also of Wilfred James their son who died a prisoner of war in Germany November 24th 1914 aged 21 yrs. Interred at Gottingen, Hanover, Germany. “Died for King and Country” 1904
V432 Removed Thomas In loving memory of Arthur James Thomas who fell asleep in Jesus February 13th 1894 aged 28 yrs. “Only good night beloved.” I dare not work my soul to save, that work the Lord has done. But I will work like any slave, For love of God’s dear son.” Also of the beloved children of George and Beatrice Mullins. Glenys – died September 7th 1900 aged 4 months. Arthur – died December 13th 1902 age 11 months. 1894
V434 Removed Thomas In loving memory of my beloved husband David Owen Thomas of 100 Newport Road. Departed this life April 18th 1906 in his 71st year “Thy will be done.” Also of Mary wife of the above who died June 19th 1914 aged 74 years. 1906
V436 Removed Thomas In loving memory of Nathaniel Thomas who died February 13th 1904 aged 64 yrs. “Peace perfect peace”. Also of Mary Burt beloved wife of the above who entered into rest January 30th 1916 age 72 years. “Come unto me ye weary and I will give ye rest”. Also of Lewis Bartlett aged 11 yrs and Natty aged 2 yrs, sons of the aforesaid Nathaniel Thomas, interred at Cefn, Merthyr. 1904
V457 Removed Knowles “Only for a while”. In loving memory of R.J.C. (Bob) the dearly loved husband of Laura Knowles who died November 6th 1904 aged 28 yrs. “Jesu lover of my soul let me to thy bosom fly.” Also Laura Hannah Goddard who died May 17th 1954 aged 74 yrs. “Til we meet again.” And of her beloved husband Edward (Ted) who died March 6th 1959 aged 82 yrs. “Re-united.” 1904
V459 Removed Miller In loving memory of Ann Miller, Died December 24th 1897 in her 70th year “Ti a gedni mewn tangnefodd heddychen yr hwn sydd a ifeddylfryd arnat ti, am ei fod yn ymddiried ynot.”. Also in loving memory of John Miller who died June 16th 1907 aged 74 yrs. “Am hynny byddwch chnithau barad.” 1897
V462 Private Jenkins In Memory of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of J Austin JENKINS. Registrar of the University College. She fell asleep 5 March 1899. Taken to endless day. 1899
V463 Removed -- In loving memory of WINIFRED MICHEL relict of Samuel William who died May 1875 (rest of inscription illegible due to weathering) 1875
V468 Removed Wilcox In Loving Memory of SARAH ANN, The Beloved wife of Joseph Oliver WILCOX. Died 14 July 1904, Aged 58. Also their son OLIVER ANDREW WILCOX, died 11 July 1940 Aged 57. Also of the Rev HENRY WILCOX, Wesleyan Minister, died 20 November 1910, aged 58. Perfect Peace. 1904
V483 Removed Howard In Loving Memory of THOMAS HOWARD of Penarth died 27 July 1917, aged 76. MARY LOUISE his wife died 15 July 1912, aged 72. HARRY, their Son died 18 July 1904, aged 26. 1904
V488 Removed Evans In loving memory of MINNIE beloved wife of William George EVANS. Died 16 May 1945, aged 65. Also their daughters LOLA and BERYL “We shall meet again”. Also of WILLIAM GEORGE EVANS, Died 25 January 1954, aged 84 yrs. --
V489 Removed Little Sacred To the Memory of William Henry Little husband of Florence, born Nov 14TH 1853, died Jan 15TH 1898. in memory also of Florence Little wife of W. H. Little born Aug 21ST 1857, died May 21-1934. also of their son Herbert William Little (BERTIE) born Aug 19TH 1888, died Oct 27 1895. also of their youngest daughter Eveline May, wife of Edgar Parry Williams born Nov 9TH 1890, died Sept 17-1953. in Memory of their eldest daughter Maud Ethel Little born July 17TH 1877, died June 5TH 1955. also of their second daughter Florence Hellen Little, born July 15-1884, Died Dec 19-1966. also of their daughter Shirley Olive Little born June 23-1883, died Aug 21st 1951 R.I.P. also their daughter Ruby Beatrice Little T.F.N.S. [Territorial Force Nursing Service] invalided in Great War in 1917, born June 2-1881 died Feb 24TH 1932 --
V491 Private Jones LIZZIE daughter of EVAN & SARAH JONES. Born 4 April 1876. Died 14 January 1896. RICHARD PHILLIPS Born January 1821. Died December 1905. 1896
V492 Removed Jones To the memory of JOHN O JONES who departed this life 23 November 1901, aged 65 years. Also ANNE, his wife who died 15 March 1927, aged 92 years. Also their sons. JAMES THOMAS JONES, M.B. 1866-1907. ARTHUR LLOYD JONES N.D. 1870-1909. JOHN POWELL JONES 1868-1944. Also their daughter MARY ELIZABETH LADY THOMAS 1874-1960. 1901
V493 Removed Rule In loving memory of my beloved husband HENRY RULE formerly of Hale, Cornwall, who died 23 August 1903, aged 58 yrs “Peace perfect peace”. Also in loving memory of HONORA beloved wife of the above Henry Rule who died 12 October 1912, aged 66 yrs. “Sweet rest in heaven”. Also of their youngest son FREDDIE who died 20 September 1914, aged 25 years. “Gone to Jesus.” 1902
V517 Removed Jones In loving memory of JOHN GRIFFITHS, beloved husband of Martha Jane JONES. Died 23 July 1897. aged 39 years “Thy will be done”. Also MARTHA JANE his wife who died 25 October 1940, aged 74 yrs. 1897
V518/V548 Removed Jones In loving memory of JONATHAN JONES who entered into his rest 23 August 1904, aged 71 yrs. ‘A rhodiodd enoch cyd a dun ao ni welwyd ef. Canys dun a’i cymmorodd ef.’ Also of THOMAS his son who passed away 6 April 1896 in his 37th year. “Canys byw i mi yw grist a marw sydd elw”. Also of CATHERINE, widow of the above Jonathan JONES who died 23 December 1919 aged 87 years. Also M.M. Jones, eldest daughter of the above and beloved wife of DAVID JONES. Born 14 June 1863. Departed this life 4 November 1922. Also DAVID, husband of M.M. JONES who died 23 June 1937. Also GONER beloved son of J.C. JONES, died 19 October 1945, aged 77 years. Also SUSANNAH their daughter, died 17 December 1959, aged 94 years. 1896
V519 Removed Maggs In loving memory of our dear parents; MABEL KATHERINE MAGGS died 31 July 1959. JOHN HENRY MAGGS died 8 April 1944. 1944
V522/V580 Removed Evans Cross 1. In ever loving memory of MARY JANE beloved wife of John T. EVANS who died 7 July 1903 aged 28 years “Boast not thyself of tomorrow for thou knowest not what day may bring forth.” Also of MELITA beloved daughter of J.T. and M.J. EVANS who died 14 December 1924. aged 25 years “Jesus said come unto me and rest”. Cross 2. In ever loving memory of ELIZABETH beloved wife of Capt. Jenkin D. JAMES who died 25 March 1903, aged 31 years. Also of the above JENKIN D. JAMES who died 8 October 1938, aged 68 years “Peace perfect peace.” 1903
V523 Removed Houle In Loving Memory of Harriett Houle wife of THOMAS HOULE died 9 May 1904, aged 76 years. “Gone but not forgotten”. Also of the above named THOMAS HOULE died 1 December 1911, in his 87th year. Also of ANN, beloved wife of F.T. HOULE, died 5 September 1923, aged 63 years 1904
V524 Removed Davies In loving memory of JOHN beloved husband of Annie DAVIES who departed this life 6 August 1907, aged 42 years. “Yea tho’ I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 1907
V527 Removed Konick In loving memory of WILLIAM HENRY KONICK (of Falmouth, Cornwall) who entered into rest 26 May 1904, aged 59 years. Also of CORNELIA SUSAN, wife of the above, died 15 March 1927, aged 82. “Gone to the better land”. Also ALFRED JOHN KONICK their only son, called home 27 June 1949, aged 77 years. “In God’s own keeping”. 1904
V540 Removed Bullock Also of ALBERT BULLOCK, died 30 May 1962 in his 82nd year. 1962
V546/V575 Removed Williams In Loving Memory of WILLIAM SAMUEL WILLIAMS (Channel Pilot), beloved husband of Hannah E. Williams, died 8 February 1924, aged 64. Sacred to the memory of MARY, the loved wife of Thomas Price WILLIAMS, died 29 December 1900, aged 64. Also of THOMAS PRICE WILLIAMS, died 20 April 1903, aged 73. also HANNAH ELIZABETH beloved wife of William Samuel WILLIAMS died 26 June 1951, aged 57. 1900
V547/V576 Removed James In loving memory of DAVID JAMES, Gabalfa Lodge, Maindy, who died 10 November 1903, aged 83 yrs. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Canys byn imi yw crist a mawn sydd eln. Also of AMY JAMES, beloved wife of the above, who died 11 January 1917 in her 90th year “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.”Yn nhy fy nhad y mae llaner o drigfannau yr wyf fi yn myned i barot toi lle i chwi. In loving memory of JOHN LEWIS, who died 17 June 1898 aged 76 years. “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.” Also of Edward LEWIS only son of the above who died June 25th 1899 aged 31 yrs. Rebecca dearly loved wife of the above Edward Lewis, died December 11th 1936 in her 87th year “The Lord is my refuge”. In loving memory of Mostyn dearly loved eldest son of J.J. and M.E. Lewis, Died January 9th 1901 aged 4½ years “Loved by all”. Also Margaret (Peggy) Elizabeth dearly loved wife of J.J. Lewis Died December 20th 1935 “You fought a good fight”. Also J.J. Lewis beloved husband of the above Died July 4th 1956 “In joyful reunion”. Goldsmith – Sacred to the memory of Elias (Harry) April 2nd 1858 – May 11th 1934 Dearly loved husband of Edith J. Lewis “In his will is our peace.” And of his beloved wife Edith Jessie, April 17th. 1875 – April 18th 1961. “And with the cross those angel faces smile which I have loved long since and lost awhile.” 1903
V548 Removed Jones See V518 --
V550 Private Rees In Loving Memory of ALFRED WILLIAM son of Alfred & Margaret REES born 25 January 1894, died 2 May 1896. Also their eldst son FREDERICK HAROLD MB BS(Lond)Surgeon RN Drake Division who died of wounds at Gallipoli 21 June 1915 aged 25. Buried in Lancashire landing Cemetery Cape Helles. Also of their parents MARGARET REES, died 13 October 1942 aged 83. And ALFRED REES MRCS LRCP JP Died 25 February 1943 aged 83. 1896
V551 Removed Evans EVANS 1903 1924 JAMES 1903 1938 - But See V522/V580 1903
V563 Removed Lewis In loving memory of John beloved husband of Caroline Lewis. Died January 15th 1943 aged 77 years. Also of Caroline beloved wife of the above. Died November 5th 1947 aged 83 years. And of their beloved sons John and Llewellyn. --
V568 Removed Deacon In loving memory of George Gilbert dearly beloved husband of Sarah Frances Deacon, Died January 15th 1931 aged 59 yrs. “Ever thoughtful, always kind, lovely memories left behind.” Also the above Sarah Frances Deacon who died 21st July 1961 aged 81 yrs. Also Agnes and Gwen beloved sisters of the above --
V575 Removed Williams See V546 --
V576 Removed James See V547 --
V580 Removed Evans See V522 --
V581/V610 Removed Davies In loving memory of Ifor Powell Davies born March 12th 1870, Died Oct 22nd 1921. Also Emmie, wife of Ifor Powell Davies born Nov 27th 1869, died June 5th 1927. In loving memory of Henry Davies, born at Brecon 14th July 1841, died 42, Connaught Rd 1st Sept 1906. Also Olive Mabel his daughter born 14th July 1878, died at Brecon 24th Dec 1885 and was interred at the Cemetery. Their also factitia William, died June 16th 1944, aged 73, Also Nora Isabel Evans, died Aug 6th 1945, aged 70, also of their Grandson Russell Kenvyn Evans 1st East Surrey Regt Born 8th Sept 1899, Fell in action in Flanders 10th Oct 1917. Also of Mary Ann beloved Wife of the said Henry Davies born at Trecastle Brecon 12th May 1842. Died at Cardiff 18th June 1912. --
V582 Removed Harris In Loving Memory My Dear husband Ivor Harris late of Allensbank farm Cardiff died Jan 19th 1911, aged 68. Also of his beloved wife Hannah Harris died July 19th 1927, in her 80th year. How Gently God Commands. --
V586 Removed Blackmore In Loving Memory of William Charles beloved Husband of Mary E Blackmore died May 27th 1930 Aged 75 years. Also their son Charles Thomas died April 14th 1904……… --
V602 Removed Miles In Fond Memory of David, Beloved Husband of Susanna Miles fell asleep Sept 17th 1942 aged 65 years. Also their darling Baby Vion died Sept 11th 1917 --
V606 Removed Bowen In Loving Memory of David Bowen who died December 27th 1896 aged 47 years Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh. --
V608/V638 Removed Beavan In Loving Memory of Francis John Beavan JP Mayor of Cardiff 1901-02. Hon Freeman of this City Died November 10th 1922 in his 86th year. “Lifes race well run, lifes work well done, crown well won.” Also of Emma beloved wife of the above who fell asleep April 21st 1923 aged 89 years. Until the morning breaks Also William Thomas Beavan JP beloved husband of Ellen Beavan died 28th December 1944 aged 82 yrs. Also Mary Elizabeth beloved wife of William Beavan JP who died August 31st 1936 aged 76 yrs “The Lord is my Shepherd.” --
V609 Private Aster In Loving memory of ANNIE, beloved wife of JOHN ASTER, who died 7 April 1913 aged 38 years. A loved one resting. Also LEONARD JOHN ASTER. died 17 May 1927. (Cyrilic Inscription) 1913
V610 Removed Davies See V581 --
V612 Removed Bullman In Loving memory of James Bullman died 18th Nov 1925. Leila Gertrude their Second Daughter died 9th Sept 1914. Isa Constance, their Eldest daughter died 17th July 1894. Jane Anne, his beloved wife died May 3rd 1929. --
V613 Removed Parry In Loving Memory of William Charles Henry beloved husband of Edith Parry died Dec 15th 1946, aged 65 years, also of Marjory Louise who died in infancy. --
V621 Removed Pegler In Loving Memory of Benjamin Pegler Died 3rd May 1931 aged 62 years. Also his beloved wife Elizabeth Died 22nd May 1949 aged 78 “Re-United” --
V634 Removed Lewis In Loving Memory of Geoff Beloved son of W & Jessie Lewis. Born Jan 11th 1898, died Feb 19th 1899. Also Jessie A M Lewis who died Jan 23rd 1934, aged 65. Also of William, the Dearly loved husband of Jessie A M Lewis who died June 9th 1920 aged 53 years. --
V638 Removed Beavan See V608 --
V643 Removed Beard Also of their eldest daughter Marion Emily (Sis) Beard. Died April 6th 1953, aged 54 years “To know her was to love her them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring to him.” --
V658 Removed Tablet 1: Also their beloved elder sons Alfred Henry – who died 2nd November 1955 aged 71. Thomas Walter who died 12th November 1958 aged 72. Tablet 2: Interred here also are the ashes of their well loved younger son Edward who died 30th Nov 1959 aged 57 yrs. Tablet 3: And of their beloved daughter Elsie Lillian Nichols who died 2nd January 1963 aged 67. --
V668 Removed Elliot In Loving Memory of John Elliot who died at Woodfield, Newport Road, Cardiff on June 6th 1900 aged 68 “God be with you till we meet again”. Also of George, third son of the above who died at Bristol November 7th 1915 aged 39 “Till the day break and the shadows flee away.” Also of Mary Ann wife of John Elliot who died at Woodfield, Newport Road, Cardiff on August 4th 1928 aged 87 “At eventide it shall be light”. In Loving Memory of Robert Massey, fourth son of John Elliot who died at Cardiff August 4th 1923 aged 45 years. “Rest in Peace” --
V669 Removed Reece Sacred to the Memory of David Reece, Solicitor of Cardiff who died July 19th 1907 aged 43 years. --
V672 Removed Winter Charles Winter, beloved husband of Ethel Winter who entered into rest March 7th 1942. --
V674 Removed Rolf In Loving Memory of my darling husband Walter John Rolf Died 19th December 1962 aged 55. Also my dear Mother Lily Jane beloved wife of William John Died 4th October 1962 aged 86. --
V679 Removed Hillier In Loving Memory of Mam and Dad, Annie Emma Hillier who died April 14th 1934 aged 61. Edwin Hillier who died September 11th 1959 aged 87 and their baby Emily. --
V694 Removed Rayment In Loving Memory of Constance Annette wife of Thomas Rayment who died August 22nd 1899 aged 27 years. Also of Arthur Thomas infant son of the above who died June 28th 1900 aged 10 months. --
V695 Removed Williams Adgof anch anghof am Mary annyl briod John Williams yr hun a hunodd gorphenaf 15th 1898 yn 49 oed dallodd can ymdanelu. A’I gwyneb ar ogoniant Jesu Tirios Fam I’r traun fu, a thelyn yn ei theulu. Hefyd er cof annwyl am Kate Williams eu mherch bu farw Ebrill 17eg 1925 yn 55 mlwydd oed “Yr hyn a allodd hon hi ai gwynacth” Hefyd er coffa annyl am John Williams (hebron Aberamon) a fu farw rhag 18 1920 yn 74 oed “Beth yw hyn y mae efe yn ei ddywedyd ychydig ennyd” --
V699 Removed White Marble Monument, Figure and Double Space Kerbs – not preserved --
V712 Removed Beeche In loving Memory of Albert Clifford the dearly beloved child of Albert and Gwendoline Beeche who died March 31st 1910 aged 1 year 8 months. “Jesus called a little child unto him” --
V725 Removed Anthony In Loving Memory of Ethel May dearly loved daughter of John & Julia Anthony died July 21st 1898 aged 13 years. --
V727 Removed Elliot In Loving Memory of Emily, wife of Thomas Elliot who died June 7th 1930. “At rest in the Lord”. Also of the above Thomas Elliot who died April 9th 1936 aged 67. “Death has no more dominion over him” --
V728 Removed Rogers In Loving Memory of Emily Ada dearly beloved wife of Frederick J Rogers who entered into rest August 9th 1903 aged 33 yrs. “In my Father’s house are many mansions”. Also of William Pearce Hockin, Master Mariner, who died November 17th 1906 aged 76 yrs. And of Fanny Hockin wife of the above who died May 4th 1907 aged 75 years. “There shall be no more death”. Also in loving memory of Frederick James Rogers died March 6th 1924 aged 56 yrs. --
V733 Removed Cook Walter A Cook, Mary, his wife. Minnie Frances, their daughter --
V750 Removed Bamon In Loving Memory of my dear husband John Bamon died June 17th 1914 aged 68 years “Thy will be done”. Also Hannah, wife of the said John Bamon died Jan 15th 1918, aged 75 years. --
V754 Removed Williams In Loving Memory of William Henry Williams born 10th Jan 1855 Died 11 July 1901 “Rock of Ages cleft for me”. Also of Charles David Williams his brother born 23rd June 1860 Died 21st December 1901 “At Rest” Sons of the late David and Eliza Williams. Also of Mary Elizabeth Williams, sister, entered in Canford Cemetery, Bristol aged 75 yrs. “They will be done” --
V755 Removed Jones In affectionate remembrance of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of Richard JONES died at the Rumney Hotel, Cardiff. June 4th 1897 aged 48 years “ The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord”. Also in loving memory of EMLYN AUGUSTUS their beloved son who died March 5th 1900 aged 26 yrs “So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”. Also in loving memory of the said RICHARD JONES who died May 31st 1906 aged 60 yrs. “Thy will be done” 1897
V756 Removed Griffiths In Loving Memory of Edward John Griffiths who died at Rumney Castle Hotel, Rumney July 27th 1897 aged 28 years “Kind was his heart, in friendship true and sound. Patient in pain, beloved by all around, his grief now over his pain forever done a life of endless joy we hope his now begun”. Also his beloved wife Jane Ann died December 16th 1943 aged 74 years --
V761 Removed Butt In Loving Memory of Benaiah John Butt who was accidentally killed on 31st Dec 1903 aged 50 years “Thy will be Done”. Also of Annie his beloved wife died Feb 27th 1922 aged 66 years “Peace, Perfect Peace” --
V762/V809 Removed Peaty In Loving Memory of Daisy Jessie dearly loved daughter of Charles Frederick and Kate Peaty who fell asleep July 4th 1899 at the age of 17 yrs “Fold her O Father in thine arms and let our darling be a message of love between our human hearts and thee”. Also of the above Charles Frederick Peaty the beloved husband of Kate Peaty died May 9th 1919 aged 68 yrs “Thy will be done”. Also of Kate the beloved wife of Charles Frederick Peaty died May 11th 1932 aged 81 yrs. Also their son Archie Ernest died 21st July 1963 aged 78 yrs. --
V783 Removed Thomas In loving memory of Barbara the beloved wife of Llewellyn Thomas born April 16th 1828 Died May 30th 1902 “He giveth his beloved sleep”. Also in loving memory of Caroline the beloved wife of D Stanley Pritchard of 25 Corbett Road and daughter of the above born February 24th 1861 Died March 15th 1947 “She hath done in her life all she could and the Lord called her home”. In loving memory of Mary Anne the beloved daughter of Llewellyn and Barbara Thomas who died at Woodville Road, Cardiff September 20th 1897 “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. In loving memory of the said Llewellyn Thomas born December 20th 1824 Died January 23rd 1905 “The memory of the Just is blessed”. Also Jane Gedrych beloved niece of the above born 1864 Died 1941 Cremated at Glyntaff “Over devoted and kind to all who knew her”. --
V788 Removed Smith In loving memory of my dear husband Sydney Smith. Died Jan 5th 1938 aged 73. Also Lizzie Ann Smith Died 1904. “Thy will be done” --
V790 Removed Woodman In loving memory of George Henry Woodman Died 25th Nov 1936 aged 72. Christma, his wife died 13th Feb 1933 aged 66. Baby Laura, died in infancy. --
V809 Removed Peaty See V762 --
V810 Removed Church In loving memory of William Harry Church born at Haverfordwest December 1824 Died at Cardiff October 1897. Also of Catherine Sarah wife of the above born November 25th 1823. Died February 22nd 1907. Also their eldest daughter Mary Diana widow of William H Daw. Died April 11th 1928 aged 80 yrs (rest of inscription illegible due to weathering) --
V820 Removed Williams In loving memory of Elizabeth wife of W. G. Williams Died December 11th 1912 aged 44 yrs. Also of Herbert their youngest child born November 13th 1902 Died December 16th 1903 “ Asleep in Jesus, oh how sweet to be, for such a slumber meet. For theirs is still a blessed sleep, from which none ever wake to weep”. Also Dilup beloved daughter of the aforesaid. Died February 15th 1932 aged 40 years. In loving memory of William Griffith Williams. Died November 28th 1932 aged 66 yrs. --
V824 Removed Jenkins In loving memory of Lily. Dearly beloved wife of David Jenkins who died May 5th 1909 in her 36th year. --
V825 Removed Dupuy In loving Memory of our dear Parents Theodore Dupuy who died Sept 5th 1920 aged 52 years. Sophia K. Dupuy, who died June 14th 1939, aged 70 years. --
V837/V863 Removed Holder In sacred and loving memory of William Hatch Holder who passed peacefully away at Westley House, Charles Street, Cardiff. December 6th 1897 aged 60 years “Asleep in Jesus”. Also of Amelia Holder who died September 29th 1910 aged 75 years “Live on then well and truly serve God and leave the rest and those who learn to love you will be those who love you best. And though you leave behind you no monument of fame the memory of your goodness will live on just the same. And though your past achievements may be poor compared with some, yet when this life is over you shall win God’s great well done. --
V849 Removed Smith In loving memory of Mary Smith departed this life January 18th 1910 aged 79. Also Thomas her beloved husband died December 7th 1915 aged 79. Also Alfred their son Died June 3rd 1917 aged 57. --
V852 Removed Britton In Loving Memory of Eleanor Emily Britton died 12th April 1940 aged 69 years Frederick Britton, died 19th Dec 1944 aged 74 years. --
V860 Private Jones MARGARET, widow of David JONES, of 7 Woodland Place. Cardiff. Died 6 September 1900 age 80. JOHN CHARLES, husband of Sarah Alice Jones, and son of above, died 21 December 1935 age 78. 1900
V863 Removed Holder See V837 --
V864 Removed James In memory of Daniel the beloved husband of Mary Ann Charlotte James who fell asleep February 14th 1917 “By grace ye are saved”. Also the said Mary Ann Charlotte who fell asleep December 10th 1958 aged 89 yrs. “Who trusts in Gods unchanging love builds on the rock that nought can move”. Also their loved daughter Ethel Mary Died 7th September 1965 aged 67 years. --
V866 Removed Tinnock In Memory of my Beloved Husband Major Thomas Tinnock the Welch Regt who passed away Oct 10th 1913 Earnest in life, Peaceful in Death. Also Rose, his wife who died Aug 25th 1926. --
V867 Removed Grey In Loving Memory of Mary the beloved wife of Howell Grey who departed this life Nov 10th 1903 aged 58 years “Peace, Perfect Peace”. Also of the above Howell Grey died April 15th 1913 aged 72 years --
V875 Removed Jenkins In loving Memory of Hilda the beloved daughter of D.A. and M. Jenkins who died January 16th 1910 aged 18 years. Also the aforesaid David Augustus Jenkins Died January 30th 1940 aged 78 years. Also the aforesaid Mary Jenkins Died January 21st 1950 aged 82 years. “We cannot Lord thy purpose see, but all is well that’s done by thee”. --
V886 Removed Sampson In Loving Memory of Vernon dearly beloved son of A.J. and R. Sampson who fell asleep May 21st 1915 aged 18 yrs. “A much loved and dearly loved son. Hold him Father in thine arms and even let him be a messenger of love between our human heart and thee”. And of his beloved mother Rachel who died July 30th 1960 aged 87 yrs. And his father Alfred John died June 4th 1965 aged 92. --
V887 Removed Eddie In loving Memory of George Mitchell died at Cardiff 12th Dec 1900 aged 58 years and of Hannah Helen Eddie his wife died at Stone-Haven Scotland Aug 30th 1901 aged 53 years. Until the day breaks. --
V890 Removed Pritchard In Loving Memory of George, Beloved husband of Mary Pritchard, who died Jan 23rd 1914, aged 70 years. “They rest from their labours”. Also of Mary, his beloved wife who passed away Oct 1st 1916, aged 73 years. “He kept the faith”. --
V904 Removed Alexander In loving memory of John Alexander (Cardiff Channel Pilot) beloved husband of Margaret Alexander. Entered into rest July 23rd 1929 aged 68 yrs. “Forever with the Lord”. Also the said Margaret passed away April 6th 1939 aged 78 yrs. In loving memory of Thomas Brown beloved husband of Margaret Brown “Entered into rest November 1st 1903 aged 39 yrs. “Thy will be done” “At Rest”. --
V909 Removed Gunn In Loving Memory of my dearly loved husband David Chalmers Gunn. Who died September 24th 1917 aged 44 yrs. “At Rest”. --
V910 Removed King In Loving Memory of Charles King died 15th November 1902 aged 49 years also of Ann Eliza Thomas died 19th Jan 1941 aged 82 years. --
V913 Removed Charles Alfred George Pullin who entered into rest 4th July 1921, aged 68 years. “Our Jesus hath done all things well”. Mary Pullin, beloved wife of Charles A.G. Pullin, who fell asleep Aug 2nd 1929. Aged 76 years. They shall see his face. Here rests the body of Susan Gwendoline, (our darling Gwen) aged 21 years. Charles Henry Pullin. The devoted husband of Lilian Phylis Pullin, called home 19th Dec 1923 aged 46 years. Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. Alfred Sidney Pullin, second son of Charles A.G. Pullin, passed away Sept 25th 1933 aged 48 years. --
V919 Removed Rawlings In Loving memory of Eleanor beloved wife of Charles Rawlings Died 29th January 1947 aged 77 yrs. --
V922 Removed Welding In Loving memory of Frank Welding 1866-1911. Also his son Joseph who fell in the Great War. Also Fanny Hogan 1852-1912 and her brother Joseph Watkins 1847-1907. --
V923 Removed Joseph In loving memory of my dear husband William Joseph late of Swansea who died February 2nd 1907 aged 54 yrs. “A sudden change at Gods command, he fell, he had no time to bid his friends farewell. Affliction came without a warning given, and bade him haste to meet his God in heaven”. Also his beloved wife Jane Joseph interred at Crickhowell who died September 21st 1940 aged 88 years. “Thy will be done.” --
V926 Removed Jones In loving Memory of Henry, beloved husband of Eliza Jones, also the said Eliza died July 27th 1952 aged 87 years also their dear children Ernest & Beatrice. --
V929 Removed Gazenave In loving Memory of Ann Gazenave died March 23rd 1937 aged 82 years Mary Jane (Minnie) Gazenave, died Aug 18th 1910, aged 23 years. John Gazenave died Feb 14th 1907, aged 54 years. --
V934/V958 Removed Price Benson G Price Died 29th September 1902 aged 14 yrs. Alan P Beckett died 4th August 1932 aged 13 yrs. Also Alfred Ernest and Edgar Stanley Price. Died in infancy. Blanche M Gerrish. Died 23rd July 1943. Gertrude A Price Died 24th May 1960. --
V939/V962 Removed Batt In loving Memory of Ellen the beloved wife of James William Batt “Leaswood” Kings Road. Born March 8th 1849. Died January 15th 1913. “Lo I am with you always even unto the end.” Also of the said J W Batt born February 8th 1847. Died May 15th 1923 “At eventide it shall be light” In loving Memory of Nellie wife of Edward Herbert Griffiths died January 22nd 1946.Also the above Edward died 14th February 1955 aged 74 yrs. --
V945 Removed Cockin In loving Memory of Grace beloved daughter of Joseph & Lily Cockin who died March 22nd 1907 aged 7 years. Also of Lily Cockin died 26th Sept 1950, aged 73 years and Joseph. Died 24th Jan 1957 aged 79 years. “Safe in the arms of Jesus” --
V950 Removed Davies In loving Memory of our dear Mother Alice Davies. Beloved wife of William Davies. Died May 10th 1943 aged 68 years. --
V953 Removed Powell In loving memory of our dear parents James Powell Died 25th August 1937 aged 75 years. Florence Powell Died 20th January 1951 aged 69 years. Also their Children Douglas Florence and Alfred. And their grandson David beloved child of John and Constance Edmunds Died 22nd March 1945 “At Rest” --
V956 Removed Brown Erected by W. L. Ferguson in memory of his wife Elizabeth Saddler Brown who died February 6th 1907. Also the said W. L. Ferguson born March 25th 1867 Died March 25th 1940 “Though lost to sight, to memory dear.” --
V958 Removed Price See V934 --
V961 Removed Harrison In loving Memory of Gilbert beloved infant son of Thomas and Margaret Jane Harrison. Who died October 22nd 1901 aged 15 months. Also the above Thomas Harrison who died March 20th 1935 aged 71 years. “Peace perfect Peace.” Also the above Margaret Jane who died March 8th 1957 aged 81 years. Also of their fourth son Thomas Harrison beloved husband of Kathleen died 26th September 1960 aged 83 years. --
V962 Removed Batt See V939 --
V964 Removed Merfia In loving Memory of William beloved husband of Emily Merfia Died September 1st 1938 aged 69. “Resting” Also their infant son Henry John Died April 13th 1907 aged 10 months. Also the aforesaid Emily who died 13th June 1961 aged 87 years. --
V983 Removed Jones In Loving Memory of John Pugh Jones, Carthowen, Romilly Road, Cardiff. Died December 27th 1904 aged 38 years. Also of Catherine widow of the above named John Pugh Jones died May 1st 1933 aged 66 years. --
V984 Removed Davies In loving Memory of Elizabeth the beloved wife of William Davies who died August 23rd 1909 aged 59 years. “Thy will be done” Also the above William Davies Died October 2nd 1930 aged 79 years. Also John, son of the above and beloved husband of Naomi Davies died April 16th 1931 Aged 52 years. --
V997 Removed Jefferies Also Gertrude Jefferies Died May 31st 1907. Also John Jefferies Died January 10th 1948. In loving Memory of Charlotte Jefferies died September 6th 1924 “At Rest” --
V999 Removed Barton In Loving Memory of Henry John (Jack) beloved husband of Ada L Barton died December 8th 1933 aged 55 years. Also Ada Louisa his wife died May 5th 1965 aged 84 years. --