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Section Y 1000-1690

Section Y Plot Numbers not yet Known

As the list of Removed Monuments Inscriptions for Section Y has now been lost, the entries below in "[...]" are approximate reconstuctions from other Burial Records available.

Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
Y8 Private Brewer GEORGE BREWER, husband of Elizabeth Brewer, born 18 Dec 1834, died 17 March 1908. ELIZABETH ANN. His wife, died 30 Dec 1916 age 81. 1908
Y17 Private Short THOMAS SHORT died 20 April 1907 aged 78. JANE SHORT his wife died 12 April 1905 age 74. 1905
Y23 Private Clarke LYDIA, the Dearly beloved wife of Isaac CLARKE, who departed this Life 4 February 1904, aged 59 years. A fond wife and devoted mother. Until the day break and the shadows flee away. Also in Loving Memory of my Beloved daughter LYDIA ELLEN LONG (LILLIE CLARKE) who passed away on her 25th Birthday 10 August 1904. Interred at Reading Cemetery esteemed by all who knew her. In the midst of life we are in Death. Also ISAAC CLARKE, beloved husband of above Lydia Clarke, who passed away 2 March 1923 in his 92nd year. Rest in Peace. 1904
Y84 Removed Miller MILLER 1902 1926 1935 1939 1902
Y128 Private Davies In Loving Memory of PRIMROSE (PRIM) the beloved wife of David Parr DAVIES, Colliery Manager Cross Hans Llanelly, died 13 September 1902 aged 23 years. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Also MARGARET TYDFIL (PECCY) niece of the above and beloved wife of George R THOMAS, died 14 September 1940 aged 38 years. 1902
Y129 Removed Perry [ELIZABETH PERRY, wife of William Perry, buried 15 September 1902 aged 42. Also probably the above WILLIAM PERRY, died 1939 aged 78.] 1902
Y141 Private Norbo Skibsforer JOHS NORBO dodt i Stavanger April 1851, dod i Barry 2 October 1902. 190X
Y160 Private Jenkins In Loving Memory of EMMA, the beloved wife of JOHN JENKINS, who died 8 August 1902, aged 34 years. Gone, but not forgotten. Also the above JOHN, who died 5 July 1945, aged 78 years. 1902
Y177 Private Gooding In Loving Memory of THOMAS GOODING who died 11 August 1902, aged 50 years. Also of SUSAN GOODING beloved wife of the above, who passed away 7 October 1915, aged 70 years. Also in loving Memory of Private TOM GOODING 1st Dorset Regiment son of the above, who was killed in action at Hill 60 France on 5 May 1915 aged 32 years. He gave his life for his country. Until the day break. And the shadows flee away. Also their daughter MARY, who died 8 January 1944 aged 63 years. 1902
Y180 Removed Rowles [LILY COLENSO ROWLES, child of Arthur & Elizabeth Rowles, died 7 August 1902 aged 2. Also ARTHUR G ROWLES died 1923, aged 26.] 1943 1959 1902
Y214 Removed Edwards EDWARDS 1902 1938 1942 1902
Y215 Private Anderson In Loving Memory of MICHAEL ANDERSON died 17 June 1902, aged 75. Also ANN ELIZABETH his wife died 3 March 1919, aged 81. At Rest. 1902
Y233 Private Stevens In Loving Memory of WILLAIM STEVENS died 8 April 1907, aged 72. Also MARY ANN, his wife, died 24 May 1902, aged 68. 1902
Y235 Private Sheppard HARRY WILLIAM SHEPPARD, beloved husband of Gwen, died 5 May 1974 aged 76. God Bless. Gwen, who passed away 28 June 1980, aged 71. 1974
Y275 Removed Capron CAPRON 1902 1919 1966 1902
Y276 Private Davies In Loving Memory of MARIA MILES, late of Stockton on Tees, died 11 April 1902, aged 67 years. Ni bydd eisieu newid Iesu, wedi inni newidgbyd. Heddyw'r un. ac in dracywydd, digon fyddiere, o hyd. Also MARTHA the beloved wife of Evan Frederick DAVIES, daughter of the above, died 5 December 1904, aged 36 years. I know that my redeemer liveth. Her end was peace. Hefyd EVAN FREDERICK DAVIES, bu farw 25 May 1945, yn 75 mlwydd oed. Nin a allodd hwn efe at gwnaeth. 1902
Y297 Private Kent In Loving Memory of CHARLES KENT, who died 24 February 1902, aged 48 years. Oh, Glorius hope immortal life what bliss thy spheres enfold. Also of NELLIE CLARKE, who died 22 May 1906, aged 13 years. Also of LUCY KENT, died 1 November 1924, aged 68. Peace, Perfect Peace. 1902
Y298 Removed Williams In Loving Memory of WILLIAM J WILLIAMS 28 March 1953. ELIZABETH A WILLIAMS 24 November 1951. JOHN HAROLD, their son. 1902
Y313 Private Griffiths In Loving Memory of MARGARET the beloved wife of Thomas GRIFFITHS who departed this life 2 April 1902 aged 51 years. Though lost to sight to memory dear. Also THOMAS GRIFFITHS beloved husband of the above who died 12 April 1910 aged 68. Peace, Perfect Peace. 1902
Y315 Private Morgan In Affectionate Remembrance of JESSIE the beloved wife of Richard MORGAN who died 10 July 1902. aged 49 years. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Also the above RICHARD MORGAN who died 6 April 1922 aged 71 years. 1902
Y316 Private Blakemore In Loving Memory of WILLIAM BLAKEMORE, who died 26 February 1903, aged 75. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Also of ANN wife of the above [who died July 1912, aged 70 years]. Also of FLORENCE MARY daughter of William & Susan BLAKEMORE who passed away [December Quarter 1909, aged 41.] Also of EDITH MAUD daughter of William & Susan BLAKEMORE who fell asleep 11 July 1902, aged 29 years. 1902
Y317 Private Gibbs In Loving Memory of my dear husband, JOHN GIBBS, who was killed on the new Town Hall 15 July 1902, aged 34 years. For in such an hour as ye think not the son of Man cometh. Also of WILLIAM JOHN, youngest son of the above, died 14 February 1908, aged 12 years. Silent is his coming, sure the Master calls. Also of ISAAC THOMAS, beloved husband of Gwenllian died 25 November 1956 aged 83 years. Also GWENLLIAN ... 1902
Y318 Removed Morgan MORGAN 1902 1902
Y335 Removed Chivers CHIVERS 1902 1915 1917 1902
Y337 Removed Blakemore BLAKEMORE [In Loving Memory of WILLIAM BLAKEMORE, who died 26 February 1903, aged 75. Also his wife ANN who was buried 19 July 1912, aged 70 years. - See Y316 ] 1903 1912 1903
Y339 Private Wilkins In Loving Memory of our beloved daughter HENRIETTA DIMERY WILKINS, died 18 December 1902, aged 6 years 6 months. Also WALTER WILKINS, who died 16 June 1938. And of ROSE MARIA, his wife who died 9 January 1949. 1902
Y340 Private Morgan In Loving Memory of RACHEL beloved wife of David MORGAN, 3 Senghenydd Place, Cardiff, who fell asleep in Jesus 23 December 1902, aged 53. Hithau ddiangodd weithian-o'i gwendid i geinder nef lydan; Yno mae hi'n ei hanian - aelod o gor gwlad y gan. Also of the above Major DAVID MORGAN, Salvation Army, who was promoted to glory on Sunday 17 June 1923. Watch ye standfast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. 1902
Y359 Private Halvorsen ANUERS HALVORSEN, Master Mariner, born 31 December 1860 in Vaage, Norway. Died 2 January 1903, Guder Kjaerlighed. Velsignet er dit minde. [God is Charity. Blessed is your memory] 1903
Y360 Private Edgeworth In Loving Memory of MARY ANN beloved wife of James EDGEWORTH who died 2 January 1903 aged 35 years. Though lost to sight, to memory dear. Also of JAMES EDGEWORTH, who died 6 March 1924, aged 51 years. Also of FLORENCE GERTRUDE EDGEWORTH wife of the above, who died 11 November 1930, aged 49 years. 1903
Y377 Removed Perriam PERRIAM 1902 1939 SKINNER 1923 1953 1902
Y378 Private Hussey In Loving Memory of SAMUEL & ANNE HUSSEY. Also their beloved daughter ANNIE died 6 September 1976, aged 93 years. 1976
Y379 Private Hopkins In Loving Memory of CHARLES, the beloved son of Thomas & Johanna HOPKINS, who died 18 January 1903 in his 4th year. Also of the above THOMAS, beloved husband of Johanna HOPKINS, who died 12 November 1913, aged 61 years. Also of JOHANNA, beloved wife of the above, who died 20 April 1925, aged 69 years. Some of the dearest, some of the best. God grant them thine eternal rest. 1903
Y380 Removed Robinson ROBINSON 1903 1920 PALMER 1956 1971 1903
Y396 Private Hocking In Loving Memory of WILLIAM EVAN HOCKING Guard TVR died 6 February 1903 aged 42 years. In the midst of life we are in death. Also ANNIE JANE JONES died 24 October 1911 aged 44 years. For ever with the Lord. Also FREDERICK WILLIAM HOCKING beloved son of the above died 6 September 1921 aged 18 years. Peace Perfect Peace. 1903
Y396a Removed Perriam PERRIAM 1954 1955 1954
Y397 Private Saunders In Loving Memory of JAMES SAUNDERS who died 24 January 1903 aged 66 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. We shall meet again. 1903
Y400 Removed Haysom [THOMAS CHURCHLAND HAYSOM died (March quarter) 1903, aged 1. CHARLES H HAYSOM died (December quarter) 1941, aged 66. MARY A HAYSON died (September quarter) 1953, aged 78.] 1903
Y418 Private Durie In Loving Memory of ANN GRACE, widow of the Late Capt DURIE of Montrose, died 23 February 1903, aged 83 years. Also HAROLD PERCY NEWMAN, Chief Engineer, drowned at Sea through enemy action, 21 April 1917, aged 35 Years. Second dearly loved son of C R & A G Newman. Also of ANNE GRACE beloved wife of C R NEWMAN, died 25 January 1925, aged 74. Also CHARLES ROBERT NEWMAN beloved husband of the above who died 8 November 1933, aged 82 years. 1903
Y434 Removed Evans EVANS 1903 1913 1903
Y436 Removed Miles MILES 1903 1913 1925 1903
Y452 Removed Hughes HUGHES 1944 1944
Y453 Private Kent In Loving Memory of SARAH KNIGHT, beloved wife of Thomas C KENT, who passed away 18 September 1921, age 47. Cheerful and bright to the end. Also THOMAS G KENT loved husband of Adela, died 17 February 1943, age 69. 1921
Y468a Private Pringle In Loving Memory of JANE the beloved wife of William PRINGLE who died 16 September 1905 aged 66 years. Until the day break and the shadows flee away. Also of WILLIAM PRINGLE who died 5 September 1908 aged 63 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. Also of HARRIETT MARY beloved wife of the above who entered into rest the 30 August 1910. Asleep in Jesus. 1905
Y470 CWGC Baverstock 241809 Lance Cpl S J BAVERSTOCK Welch Regiment 18 August 1917 1917
Y486 Private Gilbert In Loving Memory of WILLIAM GILBERT, Master Mariner of this Port, died 8 May 1903, aged 52 years. From loves shining circle the gem drops away. Also of MARY EMMA, his beloved wife, died 2 May 1924, aged 67 years. Also their son WILLIAM EVERETT GILBERT, died 8 December 1955, aged 73 years. 1903
Y487 Private Barnicoat In Memoriam SAMUEL BARNICOAT, who died 24 April 1903, aged 61 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of CAROLINE DUNSTAN who died 18 July 1908, aged 85 years. Trusting in Jesus, the Rock of Ages, she passed from earth to heaven's perfect peace. Also of MARY ELIZABETH, beloved wife of the above, Samuel BARNICOAT, who died 3 March 1931, aged 88 years. Safe in heaven's perfect peace. 1903
Y502 Private Bourgeois LOUIS, the beloved husband of Johanna BOURGEOIS, died 15 May 1903 aged 51 years. 1903
Y503 Private Jones In Loving memory of MARGARET JONES, who died 21 May 1903, aged 72 years. Also of REES JONES, who died 9 December 1908, aged 75 years. 1903
Y531 Private Evans THOMAS EVANS (BURTON?) 1842-1903. EUPHELIA EVANS 1838-1919. ANNE ELIZABETH their daughter 1872-1935 1903
Y532 Private Reid In Loving memory of HUGH REID, who fell asleep 25 June 1903, aged 70 years. Also of MARGARET KERR, his wife, who fell asleep 23 August 1906, aged 72 years. Heirs together of the grace of life. Also of MARY WATSON REID, daughter of the above, died 18 April 1942, aged 79 years. 1903
Y542 Private Gribbell ADELAIDE wife of Nicholas Henry GRIBBELL died 13 Jan 1906 age 76. NICHOLAS HENRY husband of Adelaide GRIBBELL died 10 July 1903 age 73 1906
Y544 Private Greenaway In Loving Memory of WILLIAM FRANK, the beloved husband of Alice M GREENAWAY, who died 10 January 1928, aged 68 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of the above ALICE MAUD GREENAWAY, who died 16 October 1939, aged 74 years. Peace Perfect Peace. Also their son ALFRED JAMES GREENAWAY, who died 9 October 1953, aged 63 years. 1928
Y557 Private Haynes In Loving Memory of PHOEBE MAY, beloved daughter of Arthur & Phoebe HAYNES died 27 July 1903, aged 11 years. We cannot Lord thy purpose see but all is well thats done by thee. Also of O/S PERCY F[INNEMORE] HAYNES hydrophone operator RNVR died on service 10 October 1918 aged 18 years. ... 1903
Y669 Private Patterson In Ever Loving Memory of my dear husband WILLIAM PATTERSON who passed peacefully away at St George's Hospital. Bombay, 21 October 1910, aged 34 years. He left his home in health and strength to plough the raging main, but never returned with life to us or smiled on us again. Our hope in heaven that we shall meet; where all our joys shall be complete. He hath done his best. Also of GWENDOLINE EVA GOODRIDGE died 22 December 1951, aged 65 years. 1910
Y669a Private Taylor In Loving Memory of RICHARD LLEWELLYN, dearly beloved son of Richard and Ann TAYLOR, drowned at Porthcawl 11 August 1945, aged 21 years. Today we live, tomorrow we may fall. Also of the above RICHARD TAYLOR, died 7 March XX 1945
Y670 Removed Lyons LYONS 1918 1925 1918
Y671 Private Jones In Loving Memory of JAMES JONES, who died at Ancona, Italy, 7 November 1909, aged 42 years. Also of ANNIE, widow of the above who died at Cardiff 8 July 1910, aged 37 years. In the midst of life we are in death. Also their devoted daughter ALMA MARGARET STEPHENS JONES, who died at Cardiff 28 August 1998, aged 90 years. Reunited forever. 1910
Y672 Private Lewis In Loving Memory of IRENE BEATRICE, darling wife of Benjamin Rowland LEWIS (Ninian Road) died 4 April 1945 aged 69. Also of the above BENJAMIN ROWLAND LEWIS. died 11 July 1951 aged 80. 1945
Y676 Private Brown In Loving Memory of MARY ANN beloved wife of Henry BROWN, who died 2 May 1922 aged 72 years. Thy will be done. Also the above HENRY BROWN, who died 1 February 1932, aged 80 years. Peace. Also BESSIE BROWN died 29 March 1947 aged 62 years. 1922
Y677 Private Jarvis In Loving Memory of CLARA ANNIE the beloved daughter of Robert & Annie JARVIS who died 9 February 1908 aged 25 years. She passed like a shadow away we could not believe her dead until she was missed from among us. Then we knew that her spirit had fled. Also of the above ROBERT who died 21 July 1924 aged 73 years. Sleep on beloved Asleep. Also of the above ANNIE JARVIS who died 12 January 1931 Aged 79 years. 1908
Y678 Private Jenkins In Loving Memory of RACHEL GLADYS, beloved child of Henry & Ann JENKINS, who died 16 February 1908 aged 2 years. Also of DAVID HENRY their beloved son, who died 8 July 1929, aged 29 years. Gone to be with Christ, which is far better. Also the above HENRY JENKINS, died 29 December 1940 - aged 68. Dearly beloved husband and father. In death as life be thou my guide. 1908
Y683 Removed Holden HOLDEN 1936 GOGGIN 1953 1936
Y685 Private Bingham In Loving Memory of HERBERT JOHN BINGHAM died 2 June 1917 aged 50 years. Also MARY BINGHAM his beloved mother aged 83 years. God moves in a mysterious awy his wonders to perform. Also Pte HERBERT BINGHAM his son who fell in action at Salonika 18 March 1917, aged 22 years. Also his wife CATHERINE CHARLOTTE died 4 November 1940 aged 70 years. 1917
Y688 Removed Field FIELD 1937 1952 1953 RICHARDS 1935 1935
Y689 Removed Fitzgerald FITZGERALD 1907 HOLDEN 1916 1927 1907
Y690 Private Lile In Loving Memory of MARY JANE wife of C A LILE, who peacefully entered into rest after much suffering on 18 October 1907, aged 53 years. We have looked at her face for many long years, so worn by the way she had passed, but she cried for support in loves pitying ears, and bravely endured to the last. Also the above CHARLES ARTHUR LILE who died 12 March 1918 aged 67 years. 1907
Y695 Private Binding In Loving Memory of MARY beloved wife of JAMES BINDING died 5 July 1907, aged 64 years. Also of the above JAMES died 11 July 1932 aged 84 years. 1907
Y699 Private Snell In Loving Memory of Joseph, the beloved husband of Ellen SNELL who passed away 29th October 1910 aged 59 years. A light is from our household gone. Also of ELLEN, wife of the above, who passed away 29 March 1925, aged 68 years. 1910
Y700 Removed Gage [LAURA GAGE Buried Quarter March 1934 Aged 63 years.] 1934
Y703 Removed Beck BECK 1937 1949 1937
Y704 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of WILLIAM THOMAS who died 8 July 1907 aged 62 years. Rock of ages cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee. 1907
Y704a Private Stephens In Loving Memory of SARAH beloved wife of Simon STEPHENS JP who died 26 May 1934 aged 87 years. Also of the above SIMON STEPHENS JP who died 1 January 1936 aged 91 years. Re-united. 1934
Y708 Private Willis In Loving Memory of ANN the beloved wife of Henry WILLIS who died 5 June 1907 aged 57 years. Sleep on beloved sleep and take thy rest. Also of HENRY beloved husband of the above who died 13 April 1925, aged 74 years. Peace Perfect Peace. And their daughter MARY ELIZABETH, died 4 March 1954 aged 79. 1907
Y709 Private Rossiter In Loving Memory of CHARLES ANTHONY FREDERICK MEDWAY who died 20 October 1921 aged 35 years. Also SARAH ANN mother of the above who died 15 September 1931 aged 68. And MARY JANE ROSSITER who died 30 May 1907, aged 60 years. 1907
Y710 Removed Davies DAVIES 1927 1929 1941 1927
Y711 Private Morgan In Loving Memory of MARTHA, beloved wife of Thomas MORGAN, who died 27 May 1907, in her 53rd year. For Ever with the Lord. Also of the above THOMAS MORGAN, who died 3 March 1909 in his 55th year. Peace, Perfect, Peace. 1907
Y712 Private Howell In Loving Memory of JOHN beloved husband of Hannah Jane HOWELL who departed this life 22 May 1907 aged 62 years. A few more years shall roll, a few more seasons come, and we shall be with those that rest, asleep within the tomb. Also the above HANNAH, who died 1 January 1923 aged 68 years. 1907
Y713 Removed Gibby GIBBY 1914 1915 1914
Y714 Removed Hooper HOOPER 1956 1956
Y725 Removed Reginald REGINALD 1907 NEWSWAY 1945 1951 1956
Y731 Private Hutchings My Beloved Husband CHARLES EDWARD HUTCHINGS who passed away 24 April 1907, aged 36 years. A few steps ahead. 1907
Y733 Private Semmens In Loving Memory of my dear Husband, JAMES SEMMENS 1858-1923. Also of EMMA SEMMENS died 5 October 1925 aged 68 years. United. 1923
Y749 Private Harbottle In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH widow of the late Henry HARBOTTLE, died 27 December 1911, aged 65 years. Thy will be Done. Also of GEORGE EDWARD HARBOTTLE died 31 July 1938, aged 63 years. Greatly loved sadly missed. 19211
Y750 Private Dymond In Loving Memory of WILLIAM HENRY DYMOND dearly beloved husband of Fanny Dymond who died 22 March 1907 aged 70 years. A faithful friend. A father dear. A living husband lieth here. And of his beloved wife FANNY ELIZABETH, a devoted and courageous mother who died 14 January 1957, aged 88 years. she kept the faith. 1907
Y751 Private Fishwick In Loving Memory of CHARLES ALEXANDER son of A & M FISHWICK who died 20 March 1907 aged 1 year & 4 months. Their angels do always behold the face of my father which is in heaven. Matt 18.10 1907
Y752 Private Rogers In Loving Memory of JOHN PHELPS ROGERS who died 3 April 1907 aged 57 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of ESTHER BATEMAN his sister died 31 March 1934 aged 73 years. 1907
Y753 Removed Smythe SMYTHE 1907 1912 1932 1907
Y757 /Y770 Private Pugh In Loving Remembrance of the Rev JOHN PUGH DD Founder and Superintendent of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Forward Movement. Born 29 January 1846, Died 24 March 1907. A life hidden with God. Also of his beloved wife, MARY. Born 9 June 1849. Died 24 April 1936. In thy presence is fulness of Joy. 1907
Y760 Private Fisher In Loving Memory of EDWARD LEWIS FISHER, formerly of Devonport beloved husband of Minnie FISHER who died 18 February 1907 aged 44 years. Peace, perfect peace with loved ones far away, in Jesu's keeping we safe and they. 1907
Y761 Private Lamprey In Loving Memory of FRANK the beloved son of Robert & Emma LAMPREY who departed this life 26 February 1907, aged 5 years. Until the day break and the shadows flee away. Also of their beloved son BENJAMIN LAMPREY who died 8 October 1919 aged 34 years. At rest. Also of the above EMMA LOUISA LAMPREY who died 16 October 1934,aged 76 years. And ROBERT LAMPREY who died 10 February 1935. 1907
Y768 Removed Burnell BURNELL 1907 1923 1933 1907
Y770 Private Pugh See Y757 --
Y774 Private Harries In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH HARRIES beloved mother of Emily HARDING who died 10 February 1907 aged 60 years. Not gone from memory, not gone from love, but gone to our fathers home above. 1907
Y777 Removed Deere DEERE 1907 1918 1907
Y782 Removed Edwards EDWARDS 1907 1923 1907
Y783 Private Evans In Loving Memory of JOHN EVANS died 18 March 1917, aged 51 years. Also HOWARD his son died in Infancy. Thy Will be Done. 1917
Y784 Private Powditch In Affectionate Remembrance of JAMES POWDITCH, who died 4 February 1907 aged 81 years. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation. Also of BETSY, the beloved wife of the above, who passed peacefully away 15 October 1916 age 92 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. 1907
Y784A Removed Williams WILLIAMS 1909 1939 1949 1909
Y791 Private Livsey In Loving Memory of MARGARET LIVESEY who died 7 January 1907 aged 83 years. 1907
Y799 Removed Eastwood EASTWOOD 1908 1915 1925 1908
Y799? Private Tonkin JOHN STEVEN TONKIN, master mariner, died Cardiff 23 May 1915 age 76. JANE HODGE TONKIN, his widow, died 14 June 1925 age 86. JENNIE SARA, daughter of above, died Goodmayer, 1 Nov 1908 age 38. 1915
Y806 Private Davey In Loving Memory of HANNAH the beloved wife of Lewis DAVEY who died 26 December 1906 aged 44 years. Be ye ready, watch and pray. Also of ALBERT beloved son of the above who passed peacefully away at home 19 November 1917 after sustaining gas poisoning on active service in France, aged 25 years. Hereby perceived we the love of God because we laid down his life for us. Also of the above LEWIS DAVEY who died 12 April 1941 aged 78. He fought the good fight of faith. 1906
Y807 Private Davies In Loving Memory of LUCY the beloved wife of WILLIAM DAVIES who died 17 February 1907 aged 72 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Revelation 14:13. Also of WILLIAM DAVIES died 12 December 1919 aged 84 years. 1907
Y809 Private Cooper In Memoriam [SUZANNAH] MAUD, beloved wife of J W COOPER, The Grange, Dinas Powis, who died 27 December 1906 Her Work Done. 1906
Y811 Private James In Loving Memory of DAVID, the beloved husband of Mary JAMES, who died 30 December 1906, aged 66 years. Nac ymffrostia o'r dydd y fory: Canys ni wyddost betha ddigwydd mew n diwrnod. Also his beloved wife MARY JAMES who died 26 February 1936, aged 90 years. In Peace. Also their beloved daughter CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH who died 4 December 1963, aged 89 yeras. Dearly loved. 1906
Y812 Private Green In Loving Memory of DANIEL GREEN, who died 29 December 1906, aged 73 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of ELIZA wife of the above died 9 December 1932 aged 95. Also of their beloved daughter EMILY SILVESTER died 8 September 1932 aged 69. 1906
Y813 Removed Holden HOLDEN 1905 1923 1905
Y814 Private Kilgour In Loving Memory of KATE, wife of Capt GEORGE KILGOUR, died 27 November 1911 aged 38 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of Capt GEORGE KILGOUR, died 4 July 1931 aged 87. 1911
Y815 Removed James {ENOCH] JAMES 1908 1933 YORWERTH 1922 1908
Y823 Private Francis In Loving Memory of EMMA FRANCIS of Framlingham, Suffolk. who died 30 November 1906 aged 49 years. 1906
Y826 Private Bishop In Loving memory of WILLIAM HENRY BISHOP who died 10 December 1906 aged 48 years. Peace, Perfect, Peace. Also his beloved wife SARAH MARY who died 5 July 1932 aged 74 years. In Gods own keeping. 1906
Y830 Private Hopkin In Loving Memory of BRINLEY HUW HOPKIN 29 October 1906 - 4 December 1906 and his loving parent CONSTANCE RUTH HOPKIN 24 April 1871 - 16 November 1919. WILLIAM THOMAS HOPKIN 21 September 1868 - 8 September 1927. 1906
Y831 Private Jermain In Loving Memory of WILLIAM THOMAS, beloved husband of Jane JERMAIN, who died 11 October 1921, aged 82 years. For Ever with the Lord. Also of the above JANE JERMAIN, who died on 14 March 1936, aged 83 years. She hath done what she could. 1921
Y837 Private Sanders In Loving Memory of FREDERICK JAMES SANDERS died 19 March 1957 aged 82. Also his beloved wife Cordelia died 7 March 1938 aged 66. And their dear son and daughter RICHARD died 4 November 1906 aged 6. WINIFRED died 7 November 1918 aged 23. 1906
Y838 Private Alms Hier ruhl in Gott unser lieber Sohn u Bruder der Diacon des Stephansstifts, HERMANN ALMS 2 Jan 1879 in Nindoff bei Celle ... in Dienste der deutschen Seamans Mission in Cardiff am 13 Nov 1906. [This is where our dear son and brother of the Deacon of St. Stephen's, HERMANN ALMS, born 2 January 1879 in Nindoff near Celle died in the service of the German Seamans mission in Cardiff on 13 November 1906. 1906
Y841 Private Tucker In Loving Memory of MATILDA the beloved wife of William TUCKER who died 13 November 1906 aged 66 years. In Gods love I put my trust Thy will be done. Also the above WILLIAM TUCKER died 8 April 1921 aged 85. 1906
Y842 Private Newton In Loving Memory of WILLIAM NEWTON died 25 November 1905 aged 76. Also of SELINA wife of the above, died 22 December 1908 aged 77. Also of MARY their daughter died 31 January 1936, aged 71. 1905
Y847 Private Chamberlain In Loving Memory of GEORGE H CHAMBERLAIN [July] 1912. BERTHA H CHAMBERLAIN 1938. MABEL G CHAMBERLAIN youngest daughter of the above 1986. BERTHA WATKINS 1940. EDGAR WATKINS 1917. 1912
Y848 Private Chamberlain In Loving Memory of ALBERT VICTOR CHAMBERLAIN dear husband of Irene died 12 August 1978 aged 87. IRENE MAY CHAMBERLAIN dear wife of Victor, died 7 September 1996 aged 102. 1978
Y849 Removed Hosgood HOSGOOD [THOMAS WILLIAM aged 18 buried 11 October 1910] 1925 1936 1910
Y856 Removed Wyndham WYNDHAM [Thomas, 15, child of Thomas & Gwen Wyndham buried July 1906] 1924 1937 1906
Y863 Private Harris In Loving Memory of our dear mother ELIZABETH HARRIS who died 2 December 1906, aged 54 years. Until the day dawns. 1906
Y874 Private Reed In Loving Memory of FREDERICK CHARLES beloved husband of Margaret REED and youngest son of William & Hannah reed, died 12 June 1909 aged 26 years. also CLIFFORD CHARLES their son aged 3 months. 1909
Y875 Private Kinsey In Loving Remembrance of MARGARET beloved wife of John KINSEY who died 11 April 1911 aged 65 years. Also of MARY DAVIES sister of the above, who died 14 October 1906 aged 71 years. Thy will be done. Also of the aforesaid JOHN KINSEY who died 17 December 1919 aged 66 years. As thy days so shall thy strength be. 1911
Y880 Private Eynon In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of William EYNON who died 1 January 1911, aged 66 years. I miss the honest heart thou who didst love peace. Also of MARY ANN MIDDLETON, who died 2 June 1916 aged 92 years. Also the above WILLIAM EYNON, died 22 January 1930 aged 85. 1911
Y883 Removed Thomas THOMAS 1913 1915 1924 1913
Y895 Private Mutford In Affectionate Remembrance of SARAH JANE, the beloved wife of JOHN THOMAS MUTFORD who died 4 October 1906 aged 59 years. She passed like a shadow away. We could not believe she was dead. Until she was missed amongst us, then we knew that her spirit had fled. Also of the above JOHN THOMAS MUTFORD who died 16 October 1913 aged 67 years. 1906
Y898 Private Carbis In Loving Memory of CLIFFORD JOHN CARBIS died 8 February 1915, aged 14. Beloved son of ETHEL JANE CARBIS, died 8 January 1929 aged 53, dearly loved wife of JOHN LAKE CARBIS, died 19 May 1945, aged 73, much loved husband and father. 1915
Y900 Private Tinsley To the Memory of WILLIAM TINSLEY of the Parish of Bassalleg, Monmouthshire, who died 8 October 1906 aged 74 years. Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. Also of MARY beloved wife of the above, who died 13 February 1909 aged 85 years. he giveth his beloved sleep. 1906
Y901 Removed Thomas THOMAS 1943 1943
Y913 Private Olsen Herunder hvilier sto of Somand JOSEF OLSEN Fra Moss Norge dode 10 Sep 1906 17 aar gammel dybt savnet at sineberladte i Norge. 1906
Y913 Translation Olsen Below is the resting place of Sailor JOSEF OLSEN From Moss Norway died 10 September 1906, 17 Years Old. Deeply Missed in Norway. 1906
Y916 Private Eynon In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH ANN the beloved wife of Robert EYNON who died 11 September 1906, aged 59 years. Boast not thyself of tomorrow. Also of ROBERT, beloved husband of the above who died 5 July 1926, aged 83 years. A loving father true and kind, he proved to be of heart and mind. For one and all he did his best, Come grant to him eternal rest. Also of EDGAR, the beloved husband of Annie Louisa EYNON, died 5 July 1930, aged 57. And of ANNIE LOUISA his beloved wife, died 1 June 1956 aged 84. 1906
Y917 Private Norman In Loving Memory of MARIA beloved wife of FRANK NORMAN, who departed this life 8 September 1906, aged 39 years. Not gone from memory or from Love, but come to her fathers home above. Also of ELLEN NORMAN. died 28 November 1948, aged 67 years. Also the above FRANK, died 25 October 1960, aged 60 years. 1906
Y918 Private Fishwick In Loving Memory of EDWARD NORRIS dearly loved son of E & C FISHWICK who died 29 September 1906, aged 2 years and 10 months. Peace Perfect Peace. Also CLARA, beloved wife of the Late Capt E FISHWICK, died 1 March 1957, aged 87 years. With Christ. 1906
Y919 Private Bowen ALFRED BOWEN, late of Dowlais, husband of Mary Bowen, died 10 Aug 1915 age 67. MARY, widow of above, died 10 Oct 1935 age 97. 1915
Y947 Private Spry In Loving Memory of SARAH the beloved wife of John SPRY who died 27 June 1906 aged 49 years. We loved thee well but Jesus loves thee best. Also of SIDNEY JOHN SPRY their son born 2 October 1883 died 3 August 1917. Abide with me. Also the above JOHN SPRY died 9 February 1936 aged 76 years. At rest. 1906
Y956 Private Bowen In Loving Memory of SARAH beloved wife of Thomas BOWEN, St Mellons, died 24 June 1913, aged 72 years. Mi a ymdrechais ymdrech dec mi a orphenais fy ncyrfa mi a gedwais y ffydd. Also of the aboved named THOMAS BOWEN, who died 5 October 1923, aged 81 years. Ti a ddeui mewn henaint i'r bedd. Also their daughter LEAH, who died 23 March 1943 aged 71 years, Re-united. 1913
Y970 Private Weaver In Loving Memory of GEORGE WYNDHAM WEAVER 1876-1927. Also EMILY his beloved wife 1883-1930 In Gods Keeping. 1927
Y972 Private Roberts WILLIAM ROBERTS. beloved husband of Annie Findlay, died 19 June 1906, aged 38 years. Also WILLIAM JONES, died 17 December 1930, aged 74 years. Thy Will be done. Also of the above ANNIE, died 28 May 1937, aged XX 1906
Y974a Private Saunders In Loving Memory of RAYMOND GILBERT (Birt) the Loving Son of B & T SAUNDERS, who died 29 October 1918, aged 1 year and 5 months RIP 1918
Y984 Private Radcliffe In Loving Memory of AMY dearly loved daughter of John & Annie RADCLIFFE who died 30 April 1905 aged 14 years. Also FREDERICK GEORGE their dearly loved & only son who died 19 January 1927, aged 32 years. Until the day braeks and the shadows flee. Also the above JOHN who died 24 December 1949 aged 80 years. A devoted husband and loving father. Also the above ANNIE ... 1905
Y992 Removed Oakley OAKLEY 1905 1908 1905