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Section Y 1000-1999

As the list of Removed Monuments Inscriptions for Section Y has now been lost, the entries below in "[...]" are approximate reconstuctions from other Burial Records available.

Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
Y8 Private Brewer GEORGE BREWER, husband of Elizabeth Brewer, born 18 Dec 1834, died 17 March 1908. ELIZABETH ANN. His wife, died 30 Dec 1916 age 81. 1908
Y17 Private Short THOMAS SHORT died 20 April 1907 aged 78. JANE SHORT his wife died 12 April 1905 age 74. 1905
Y23 Private Clarke LYDIA, the Dearly beloved wife of Isaac CLARKE, who departed this Life 4 February 1904, aged 59 years. A fond wife and devoted mother. Until the day break and the shadows flee away. Also in Loving Memory of my Beloved daughter LYDIA ELLEN LONG (LILLIE CLARKE) who passed away on her 25th Birthday 10 August 1904. Interred at Reading Cemetery esteemed by all who knew her. In the midst of life we are in Death. Also ISAAC CLARKE, beloved husband of above Lydia Clarke, who passed away 2 March 1923 in his 92nd year. Rest in Peace. 1904
Y84 Removed Miller MILLER 1902 1926 1935 1939 1902
Y128 Private Davies In Loving Memory of PRIMROSE (PRIM) the beloved wife of David Parr DAVIES, Colliery Manager Cross Hans Llanelly, died 13 September 1902 aged 23 years. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Also MARGARET TYDFIL (PECCY) niece of the above and beloved wife of George R THOMAS, died 14 September 1940 aged 38 years. 1902
Y129 Removed Perry [ELIZABETH PERRY, wife of William Perry, buried 15 September 1902 aged 42. Also probably the above WILLIAM PERRY, died 1939 aged 78.] 1902
Y531 Private Evans THOMAS EVANS 1842-1903. EUPHELIA EVANS 1838-1919. ANNE ELIZABETH their daughter 1872-1935 1903
Y542 Private Gribbell ADELAIDE wife of Nicholas Henry GRIBBELL died 13 Jan 1906 age 76. NICHOLAS HENRY husband of Adelaide GRIBBELL died 10 July 1903 age 73 1906
Y784 Private Powditch JAMES POWDITCH, died 4 Feb 1909 age 85. BETSY, his wife, died 13 Feb 1909 age 85. 1909
Y799 Private Tonkin JOHN STEVEN TONKIN, master mariner, died Cardiff 23 May 1915 age 76. JANE HODGE TONKIN, his widow, died 14 June 1925 age 86. JENNIE SARA, daughter of above, died Goodmayer, 1 Nov 1908 age 38. 1915
Y815 Removed James JAMES 1908 1933 YORWERTH 1922 1908
Y849 Removed Hosgood HOSGOOD 1910 1925 1936 1910
Y900 Private Tinsley WILLIAM TINSLEY of the Parish of Bassalleg, Monmouthshire, died 8 Oct 1906 age 74 MARY his wife, died 13 Feb 1909 age 85 1906
Y901 Removed Thomas THOMAS 1943 1943
Y919 Private Bowen ALFRED BOWEN, late of Dowlais, husband of Mary Bowen, died 10 Aug 1915 age 67. MARY, widow of above, died 10 Oct 1935 age 97. 1915
Y956 Private Bowen In Loving Memory of SARAH beloved wife of Thomas BOWEN, St Mellons, died 24 June 1913, aged 72 years. Mi a ymdrechais ymdrech dec mi a orphenais fy ncyrfa mi a gedwais y ffydd. Also of the aboved named THOMAS BOWEN, who died 5 October 1923, aged 81 years. Ti a ddeui mewn henaint i'r bedd. Also their daughter LEAH, who died 23 March 1943 aged 71 years, Re-united. 1913
Y974a Private Saunders In Loving Memory of RAYMOND GILBERT (Birt) the Loving Son of B & T SAUNDERS, who died 29 October 1918, aged 1 year and 5 months RIP 1918