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As the list of Removed Monuments Inscriptions for Section Y has now been lost, the entries below in "[...]" are approximate reconstuctions from other Burial Records available.

Plot No Type Surname Inscription Date
Y1005 Private White Sacred to the Memory of THOMAS GEORGE WHITE died 13 December 1938 aged 85. Also his beloved wife SARAH (BINA) died 9 June 1934 aged 80. Abide with me. 1934
Y1008 Private Tillman In Loving Memory of JOHN TILLMAN who died 15 April 1906 aged 59 years. Also of MARY ANN who died 18 March 1922 aged 74 years. Peace perfect Peace. 1906
Y1009 Private Jenkins In Loving Memory of IVOR beloved son of John & Elizabeth JENKINS, who departed this life 4 April 1906 aged 9 years. Jesus called a little child. 1906
Y1021 Removed Batts BATTS 1906 1927 1945 1906
Y1024 Private Davis In Loving Memory of MARY ANN beloved wife of Capt James DAVIS, of Watchet, died 24 March 1906 aged 63. Thy Will be done. 1906
Y1027 Private Henrichsen FREDRIKKE HANSEN F HENRICHSEN. F 19 de Oct 1874. D 1ste April 1906. Oc datter & Mdr. Og THOMAS F HENRICHSEN, D 22nd April 1911. Alder 30 aan. 1906
Y1027 Translation Henrichsen FREDRIKKE HANSEN F HENRICHSEN. born 19 October 1874. Died 1 April 1906. A daughter & Mother. Also THOMAS F HENRICHSEN, Died 22nd April 1911. Aged 30 years. 1906
Y1030 CWGC Lake 204925 Rifleman J J LAKE the Rifle Brigade 29th August 1918 age 26. Peace Perfect Peace. 1918
Y1031 Private Jones In Loving Memory of MARTHA ANN, beloved wife of Harry A JONES, who departed this life 6 March 1906 aged 71 years. Learn to know Christ, thou needs no more obtain. It is known to him, all knowledge else in vain. Also the above HARRY ALFRED JONES, died 15 February 1913, aged 79 years. Also NATHANIEL, son of the above, died 30 July 1914 aged 56 years. Thy Will be Done. 1906
Y1032 Removed Matthews MATTHEWS 1919 1947 1919
Y1050 Private Grey In Memory of BENJAMIN, the beloved husband of Mary Jane GREY, who died 16 March 1906, aged 66 years. 1906
Y1051 Private Cross THOMAS CROSS, husband of Ann Cross, of Cowbridge Road, Cardiff, died 22 Feb 1906 age 73. ANN CROSS, abovenamed, died 16 March 1909 age 75. 1906
Y1052 Removed Matthews MATTHEWS 1947 1972 1947
Y1061 Private Meredith In Loving Memory of SAMUEL beloved husband of Jane MEREDITH who died 11 February 1906 aged 67 years. Also JANE MEREDITH beloved wife of the above [Burial 13 September 1907]. 1906
Y1069 Private Inson In Loving Memory of THOMAS WHEELER beloved husband of Susan INSON, who died 9 March 1906 aged 48 years. In the Midst of life we are in Death. Also GILBERT FRANK, their son, died 2 May 1923, aged 32 years. ... Also the above SUSAN died 16 October 1948, aged 87 years. 1906
Y1071 Private Cross In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH beloved wife of William H CROSS, Wyndham Crescent, Canton, who died 28 April 1913 aged 57 years. Until the day breaks. Also of the above WILLIAM H CROSS, who died 15 January 1922, aged 67 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. 1913
Y1080 Private Davies In Loving Memory of CORNELIUS WILLIAM beloved husband of Emma DAVIES died 23 January 1906 aged 65. Till we meet again. 1906
Y1083 Private Roberts In Loving Memory of DAVID ROBERTS who died 4 February 1906 aged 82 years. For ever with the Lord. Also of RUTH the beloved daughter of Robert & Gwen PROTHEROE died 5 April 1923 aged 29.To live in the hearts of others is not to die. 1906
Y1087 Private Martin ... Also of EMILY MAUD MARTIN, died 6 February 1906 Aged 9 years. And EMMA, wife of Mervyn MARTIN, died 20 September 1953 aged 86. 1906
Y1089 Private Hamlyn In The Memory of DAVID, beloved husband of Fannie HAMLYN (Late Guard TVR) who met his death by accident, 7 February 1906 aged 46 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also his beloved wife ANNIE, died 4 January 1941 aged 82 years. 1906
Y1090a Removed Miles MILES 1918 1922 1918
Y1101 Private Jenkins In Loving Memory of HORACE the beloved son of David & Sarah JENKINS. Born 21 March 1895. Died 24 March 1906. Also of GEORGE, their beloved son of the 11th Devon Regt. Born 1 July 1893. Died at Torquay Hospital 24 February 1915. Until we meet again. 1906
Y1109 Private Underwood Also JANET UNDERWOOD died 31 January 1967 aged 73. Sadly missed. WILLIAM CHAPMAN 13 October 1919. SARAH A CHAPMAN 27 April 1929. 1919
Y1109a Private Batten In Loving Memory of CHARLOTTE, second daughter of Joseph & Christiana BATTEN, who died 7 February 1920, aged 60 years. Faithful unto Death. Also their eldest daughter BLANCHE WATKINS. Also of their youngest daughter FRANCES LUCY, who died 28 July 1947, aged 80 years. 1920
Y1128 Removed Rees REES 1933 1933
Y1146 Private Griffiths In Loving Memory of ELEANOR, beloved wife of W Ben GRIFFITHS, died 22 December 1905, aged 39 years. All that's bright must fade, the Brightest still the fleetist. All that's sweet was made. But to be lost when sweetest. 1905
Y1147 Private Shaw In Affectionate Memory of FLORENCE SHAW, died 6 May 1933 aged 56 years. AILEEN MARY SHAW, died 16 April 1973. BERT NORMAN SHAW, died 23 April 1987. 1933
Y1163 Private Goss In Loving Memory of JESSIE, the beloved wife of FREDERICK GOSS, died 2 December 1905, aged 35 years. Not gone from memory not gone from love, but gone to our Father's home above. Also the above FREDERICK GOSS, died 16 April 1933 aged 70 years. 1905
Y1164 Private Williams WILLIAMS 1905 1905 1905
Y1165 Private Forster In Loving Memory of SUSAN ANN the devoted wife of Thomas FORSTER, who died 29 January 1924 aged 72 years. Peace Perfect Peace. Also of THOMAS beloved husband of the above, who died 18 September 1934 aged 83 years. Also GERTRUDE, second daughter of the above who died 11 September 1939, aged 64. And of .... 1924
Y1174 Private Blethyn In Loving Memory of SARAH ANNE beloved wife of W H BLETHYN who after much suffering patiently bourne entered into rest 11 July 1916 aged 56. For ever in the Lord. Also W H BLETHYN died 30 December 1927 aged 69. Also ELIZABETH ANN BLETHYN ... [1934]. 1916
Y1176 Private Edwards In Loving Memory of THOMAS EDWARDS beloved husband of Adeliza Richards who died 2 August 1905 aged 57. A perfect husband father and friend. ...Also THOMAS STEWART... 1905
Y1179 Private Ricks In Loving Memory of HERBERT RICKS called to rest 10 November 1905 aged 64. CATHERINE daughter of the above, loved wife of Albert GOODEVE passed gentally away 17 March 1940 aged 67 1905
Y1180 Removed Glover GLOVER 1905 1929 1905
Y1201 Private Cosslett In Loving Memory of JOHN COSSLETT who died 12 May 1933, aged 65 years. Also of EDITH his wife who died 19 June 1921 aged 48 years. 1933
Y1202 CWGC Cale 1787 Private F H CALE Welsh Regiment 5 May 1915 1915
Y1210 Removed Bussell BUSSELL 1905 1910 1924 1943 1905
Y1213 Removed Stenner In Loving Memory of SARAH beloved wife of William STENNER who departed this life 5 September 1905 aged 71 years. Her end was peace. Also of the above WILLIAM STENNER who died 28 January 1919 aged 79 years. Peace perfect peace. Also of FREDERICK dearly loved husband of Mary Ann STENNER died 22 February 1938 aged 71 years. At rest. Also of the above MARY ANN STENNER died 6 january 1942 aged 77 years. 1905
Y1218 Removed Furnivall FURNIVALL [COLIN FURNIVALL age 0 Sept Quarter 1905 GERTRUDE FURNIVALL age 57 Quarter June 1929] 1941 1905
Y1220 Private Morgan In Loving Memory of HENRY MORGAN who entered into rest 29 May 1917 aged 67. Also of ELIZABETH, his beloved wife who entered into rest 3 July 1918 aged 64. Until the day break and the shadows flee away. Also of their beloved daughter MIMA who entered into rest 21 February 1944. In God's Keeping. 1917
Y1227 Private Male In Loving Memory of HERBERT PAYNE beloved son of Charles & Ellen MALE who departed this life 19 June 1905 aged 24 years. Thy Will be Done. Though lost to sight to memory ever dear. Also in Loving Memory of CHARLES the beloved husband of Ellen MALE who died 31 May 1906 aged 55 years. Gone but not forgotten. In the midst of life we are in death. Also of the above ELLEN MALE who died 20 October 1914 aged 62 years. 1905
Y1230 Private Frayling In Fondest Memory of ALBERT WALLACE, dearly loved husband of L A FRAYLING, died 1 November 1918, aged 33. Safe into the haven guide. Also dearly loved wife LOUISA ANNE, died 15 January 1969, aged 82. In God's keeping. And their dear daughter DOROTHEA LOUISE COLLINGS, died 9 April 1982, aged 74. The Lord is my shepherd. 1918
Y1234 Private Hollyman In Loving Remembrance of EMILY dearly beloved wife of William D HOLLYMAN, who died 27 December 1928 aged 52 years. Also the above WILLIAM who died 30 November 1943 aged 74 years. Also their dear son WILLIAM DAVID who died in Infancy. 1928
Y1235 Private Gibbs In Loving Memory of JOSEPH WILLIAM LEIGH, the beloved son of Joseph & Mary Jane GIBBS, who died 19 August 1905, aged 14 years. If thou should'st call me to resign, what most I prize it ne'er was mine. I only yield thee what is thine, thy will be done. Also of JOSEPH, beloved husband of Mary Jane GIBBS, who passed away suddenly 23 October 1915, in his 63rd year. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also the above MARY JANE, died 14 August 1944, aged 78 years. 1905
Y1251 Private Jones In Loving Memory of HANNAH beloved wife of Thomas JONES, who died 5 August 1905, aged 45 years. Also DAVID THOMAS JONES, their son who died in Canada, 17 July 1905. aged 22 years. Not gone from Memory, nor from love, but gone to our Father's home above. Also the above, THOMAS JONES, who died 28 December 1938, aged 82 years. At Rest. 1905
Y1263 Private Gosling In Loving Memory of FRANCES MYRTLE (DOLLY) GOSLING. who died 29 May 1948 At Rest. 1948
Y1264 Private Hill In Loving Memory of SIDNEY CHARLES died 3 February ...4 Aged 22 years. Also IVY ... died 13 January ... . AUBREY WILFRED ... died 4 February 1905 aged 3 years. Beloved sons & daughters. ... CHARLEY HILL ... 1905
Y1267 Private Griffiths In Loving Memory of THOMAS BALDWIN GRIFFITHS. Died 17 February 1941. Also his beloved wife ALICE GRIFFITHS. Died 16 January 1950 .... 1941
Y1278 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of MARY the beloved wife of John THOMAS who died 19 January 1905 aged 71 years. Also of the above JOHN THOMAS who died 13 March 1913 aged 82 years 1905
Y1297 Private Waugh In Loving Memory of ELIZA WAUGH who died 20 January 1905 aged 79 years. 1905
Y1298 Private Frayling In Loving Memory of WILLIAM JAMES dearly beloved son of John & M A FRAYLING, who died 9 January 1911 aged 30 years. I was long with pain oppressed it wore my strength away. It made me long for endless rest, which never can decay. Also in Loving Remembrance of the above MARY ANN FRAYLING who died 30 January 1915 aged 68 years. Though gone from sight, to memory dear. Also of FLORENCE GERTRUDE CORK, daughter of the above Mary Ann Frayling who died 1 November 1972 aged 86 years. 1905
Y1299 Private Johnson In Loving Memory of my beloved husband FREDERICK JOHNSON. Who departed this life 18 October 1905, aged 43 years. We cannot Lord thy purpose see; but all is well that's done by thee. Also of HENRY WILLIAMS, died 15 July 1939, aged 76 years. At Rest. And of his beloved wife ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, died 27 September 1953, aged 90 years. 1905
Y1310 Removed Palmer PALMER 1905 1930 JOSTY 1936 1905
Y1311 Private Frayling In Loving Memory of ERNEST JAMES dearly loved son of James Charles & Mary Elizabeth FRAYLING died 7 January 1905 aged 6 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Also JAMES CHARLES beloved husband of M E FRAYLING died 5 June 1907 aged 37 years. We have to mourn the loss of one we did our best to save, beloved on earth, Regretted gone, Remembered in the grave, Also MARY ELIZABETH wife of the above James Charles, died 11 August 1941 aged 73 years. Rest in Peace. 1905
Y1324 Removed James JAMES 1904 1931 1934 1904
Y1325 Private Brodo In Loving Memory of ADOLPHUS beloved husband of Harriett BRODO died 26 December 1904 aged 46 years. Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. In Ever Loving Memory of DANIEL FLYNN dearly beloved husband of Harriett FLYNN who passed away 8 April 1915 aged 43 years. Rest in Peace. 1904
Y1327 Private Bruton In Loving Memory of GEORGE, the beloved husband of Mary Ann BRUTON who died 1 January 1909, aged 70 years. Thy Will be done. Also of MARY ANN BRUTON beloved wife of the above who died 12 April 1917 in her 31st year. Peace, Perfect, Peace. 1909
Y1327a Removed Bruton GEORGE BRUTON 2 January 1937. HANNAH E BRUTON 14 March 1952. 1937
Y1334 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of my beloved husband ISAAC THOMAS who died 14 December 1904, aged 74 years. A light from our household gone, a voice we loved is still'd; A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled. Also of FLORENCE beloved wife of the above who died 5 May 1907 aged 77 years. She is not dead but sleepeth; a sleep how calm how blest, when Christ the spirit keepeth, the wearied frame hath rest. 1904
Y1335 Private Evans In Loving Memory of RICHARD the beloved husband of Amy EVANS who died 22 December 1904 aged 47 years. Thy death was sad and sudden, we grieve to think of thee; but hope thy happy spirit, is with Jesus, for ever free. 1904
Y1337 Private Merlini In Loving Memory of JAMES MERLINI, died 12 December 1933 - Aged 66 years. Also his wife SOPHIA, died 20 December 1949 - aged 77 years. And their son OVIDIO, died 18 December 1904 - aged 7 years. Also their eldest son FREDERICK died 30 Septmber 1950 - aged 56 years. 1904
Y1345 Private Williams In Loving Memory of BEARTRICE MAY the dearly loved only daughter of Louis & Mary Jane WILLIAMS, who died 10 May 1914 aged 14 years. to thy hands I come. Also of their son CHARLES who died 3 December 1904 aged 1 year. Also of the above LOUIS William who died 10 February 1950 aged 72 years. 1904
Y1346 Private Matthews In Loving Memory of DAVID the beloved husband of Sarah MATTHEWS who died 30 November 1904 aged 69 years. Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not, the son of Man cometh. Also of SARAH MATTHEWS beloved wife of the above who died 30 January 1915 aged 79 years. For ever with the Lord. Also of DAVID JOHN MATTHEWS son of the above who died 11 May 1926. Aged 65 years. Rest in Peace. 1904
Y1352 Private Sutherland In Ever Loving Memory of JOHN GEORGE SUTHERLAND died 6 December 1904, aged 52 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also EDITH SARAH beloved daughter of Jane SUTHERLAND, died 27 September 1915 aged 22 years. Thy will be done. Also of JANE, wife of the above, died 4 January 1922 aged 69. With Christ which is far better. 1904
Y1353 Removed Westlake WESTLAKE 1918 1951 1953 1910
Y1361 Private Deere In Loving Memory of SPENCER GORDON. Beloved son of Cyril & Laura HUTCHINGS, who died 31 January 1936 aged 21. Also their beloved daughter GLADYS who died 20 October 1918 aged 7. Also their grandmother MARY JANE DEERE who died 27 November 1904 aged 42. 1904
Y1365 Private McMullen In Ever Loving Memory of ANN McMULLEN, who died 19 November 1904, aged 68 years. Tho' lost to sight to memory dear. Also her son EDWARD, who died 12 May 1943, aged 78 years. Also in loving memory of her daughter HANNAH E BEAUCHAMP, who died 13 July 1945, aged 76 years. Devoted mother of Violet, Robert, Edward & Lilian. at Rest. 1904
Y1366a Private Watson In Loving memory of My dear sister MARY A WATSON, who fell asleep 1 November 1918, aged 62 years. Not gone from memory not gone from love, but gone to the Father's home above. Also of EDWARD JOHN, beloved husband of CATHERINE WATSON who died 7 August 1935, aged 66 years. god loved him too, he thought it best to take him home with him to rest. Also MARY JANE WATSON, who died 30 June 1948, aged 39 years. At Rest. 1918
Y1370 Removed Roberts ROBERTS 1904 1904
Y1373 Private Gerrard In Loving Memory of JOHN J GERRARD died 14 November 1904. ELIZABETH ROWE died 20 October 1953. CATHERINE SELLICK 21 January 1985. Devoted wife of Stan and loving mother of Gerald and Val. Mam we will always miss you. Also STANLEY GEORGE SELLICK beloved husband of Catherine born 1912 died 4 September 1985 RIP 1904
Y1376 Private Bishop In Loving Memory of our dear parents FREDERICK BISHOP 1885-1944 and his dear wife MINNIE 1888-1973. 1944
Y1378 Removed Burnell THOMAS BURNELL died 25 Aug 1906 age 69. MARY ANN his wife died 16 Dec 1908 age 75 1906
Y1388 Private Padfield In Loving Memory of ISAAC PADFIELD born at Coleford, Som; 29 July 1841, died at Cardiff 4 November 1904. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also of EMMA beloved wife of the above Isaac PADFIELD who died 18 April 1907 aged 61 years. Her children rise up and call her blessed. Also of EDITH ANNIE third daughter of the above died 28 March 1939 Peace perfect Peace. Also of EMMA JANE (JENNY) second daughter of the above died 28 July 1954. 1904
Y1390 Private Pinnegar In Loving Memory of HARRIET the beloved wife of John PINNEGAR who departed this life 6 July 1905 aged 77 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of the above JOHN PINNEGAR who died 2 February 1909 aged 76 years. Trusting in Jesus. Also of IRENE, beloved daughter of E & W PINNEGAR & gard-daughter of the above, died 18 March 1921, aged 91 years. Sleep on, beloved one sleep and take thy rest. 1905
Y1394 Private Waters In Loving Memory of my beloved husband WILLIAM WATERS who died 13 February 1905 aged 68 years. His end was peace. Also of MARY ANN WATERS beloved wife of the above died 3 July 1927 aged 86 years. One of the dearest one of the best. God in his mercy took her to rest. 1905
Y1399 Private Bater In Loving Memory of JAMES the beloved husband of Isabella BATER, who died 16 February 1905 aged 46 years. A faithful friend, a husband dear and a loving father, kind and near, he has left this world of care and pain, and gone to heaven in peace to reign. Also of RICHARD JAMES BATER eldest son of the above named who died 10th June 1909 aged 26 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus to rest for evermore. Also of HENRY, their son, who died in infancy. Also of ISABELLA, wife of the above who died 6 February 1922 aged 60 years. 1905
Y1400 Private Pleace In Loving Memory of my beloved husband SAMUEL PLEACE who died 13 February 1905 aged 57 years. A devoted husband and father. Also of ELIZA beloved wife of the above died 3 April 1915 aged 76 years. 1905
Y1401 Removed Evans EVANS 1905 1915 1915 1905
Y1413 Private Cox In Ever Loving Memory of JAMES beloved husband of Joanna COX, who died 27 February 1905 aged 62 years. All that are in the gravs shall hear his voice and shall come forth. Also JOANNA COX his beloved wife died 4 April 1923 aged 80 years. 1905
Y1414 Removed Owens DAVID OWENS died 17 Jan 1912 in his 76th Year. MARY OWENS his wife died 14 June 1913 in her 79th year, DAVID second son died 29 Dec 1928 age 67. MARY wife of William Charles and only daughter of David & Mary Qwens died 16 Sept 1935 age 62. WILLIAM CHARLES above died 27 March 1937 age 65. HUGH - JACK - youngest son husband of Edith Owens died 9 Dec 1929 age 58. 1912
Y1417 Private Griffiths In Loving Memory of my beloved husband THOMAS SANSON GRIFFITHS who died 4 March 1905, aged 35 years. Peace Perfect Peace. Also of ANN, beloved wife of Thomas GRIFFITHS who died 15 October 1911 aged 80 years. Also in Remembrance of LEWIS PHILLIPS lost near the Nash in a collision 6 October 1894. The Sea shall give up its dead. 1905
Y1419 Private Woodman In Loving Memory of WILLIAM WOODMAN died 6 March 1905, aged 71 years. Also RACHEL beloved wife of the above, died 10 April 1912, aged 76 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also HANNAH LAURA WOODMAN beloved daughter of the above, died 23 December 1930 aged 63. 1905
Y1422 Private Lodge In Loving Memory of HENRY LODGE who suddenly departed this life, 18 March 1905 in his 69th year. Also ELIZABETH, wife of the above who died 28 July 1904, in her 68th year. Interred at Malvern. Their end was peace. Also EDWARD. beloved husband of Sarah LODGE, died 2 August 1948 aged 76 years. At Rest. And the above SARAH LODGE, died 18 December 1961 aged 89 years. 1905
Y1423 Private Shapland In Loving Memory of MARY the beloved wife of JOHN SHAPLAND who died 17 March 1905 aged 51 years. Sleep on beloved sleep and take thy rest. Also of JOHN SHAPLAND. beloved husband of the above who died 3 June 1932 aged 82 years. 1905
Y1425 Removed German GERMAN - ARTHUR died 19 July 1979. BEATRICE E died 4 December 1948. 1948
Y1435 Private Clement In Ever Loving Memory of METFORD CLARK the beloved husband of Elize Augusta CLEMENT, who died 19 March 1905 aged 28 years. Also the above ELIZABETH AUGUSTA CLEMENT died 14 February 1958 aged 79. Re-united. 1905
Y1439 Private Dowling In Loving Memory of WILFRED VIVIAN beloved infant son of T & A M DOWLING who fell asleep 7 April 1905 aged 9 weeks. Suffer little children to come unto.. Also of TOM TREVOR their beloved son who died 2 August 1905 aged 6 years. It is finished. Also of ALICE MAUD wife of Thomas DOWLING died 19 September 1922 aged 53 years. 1905
Y1444 Private Eaton In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH DAISY EATON, age 7 months. WILFRED TREVOR died 12 April 1905 age 16 months. KATIE ELIZABETH died 12 June 1914. Age 17 years. Let thy voice call me home. Also SARAH ANNIE EATON (Mother) died 25 March 1944 age 73. 1905
Y1446 Private Sellick In Loving Memory of SENTAL W SELLICK, died 27 March 1905. Aged 27 years. In Jesu's keeping we are safe and they. Also in Affectionate Memory of his wife, ELLEN (NELLIE) PERRETT SELLICK, (Nee Comlet) died 3 September 1953 aged 75. Come let us join our cherful songs with angels round the throne. 1905
Y1447 Removed German JAMES GERMAN 9 March 1921. FLORENCE M C GERMAN 18 October 1935. HERBERT R GERMAN 19 December 1969. 1921
Y1457a Remove Hunt HUNT 1916 1922 McKENZIE 1945 1916
Y1461 Private Lovell In Loving Memory of my dear husband GEORGE EDWARD LOVELL died 24 October 1938 aged 61. Also our dear daughter IVY Thy will be done. Also SUSAN EDITH wife of the above died 13 January 1952 aged 77. 1938
Y1462 Private Domican In Loving Memory of JAMES DOMICAN, Master Mariner. Died 20 December 1912 aged 71. At Rest. Also ELIZA, beloved wife of the above died 5 July 1880, aged 38. Interred at Hebron Bristol. Also of WILLIAM JOHN EVANS, dearly loved husband of Eva who died 16 October 1942, aged 81. Also the above EVA EVANS, who died 11 March 1944 aged 79. 1912
Y1463 Private Williams In Loving Memory of PERCY JOHN WILLIAMS died 4 November 1977 - aged 75. Dear son of BLANCHE died 12 December 1952 aged 89. And JOHN 5 June 1925 - aged 61. 1925
Y1467a Private Pasley In Loving Memory of FREDERICK, the beloved husband of Rebecca PASLEY, died 5 April 1923, aged 67 years. Yea, yhough I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. And in Fond Memory of the above REBECCA PASLEY, who passed away 11 July 1930, aged 74 years. 1923
Y1470 Private Wing BARBARA FREDA WING --
Y1475 Removed Shearn MARK SHEARN the said died 2 June 1912 age 83. MARY 51 years wife of Mark SHEARN late of Midsomer Norton died 31 May 1905 age 76 1905
Y1474 Private Russell In Loving Memory of JAMES, the beloved husband of Mary RUSSELL who departed this life 16 May 1905, aged 72 years. Not gone from memory not gone from love, but gone to his father's home above. Also of the above MARY RUSSELL died 30 January 1909 aged 72 years. A light is from our household gone, a voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled. 1905
Y1477a Private Bradnum In Loving Remembrance of WILLIAM BRADNUM beloved husband of Marie Meleita, who died 21 December 1922 aged 45 years. Also of MARIE MELEITA who died 8 December 1963 aged 86 years. 1922
Y1483 Private Woodworth In Affectionate Remembrance of my dear Mother EMMA WOODWORTH who died 3 January 1905 aged 74 years. 1905
Y1484 Private Mills In Loving Memory of my beloved husband CHARLES MILLS who died 13 June 1905 aged 50 years. We cannot Lord thy purpose see, but all is well thats done by thee. Also of SARAH wife of the above, who died 11 May 1936 aged 79 years. At Rest. 1905
Y1485 Private Merchant In Loving Memory of WILLIAM HENRY the beloved husband of H Margaretta MERCHANT who died 13 December 1922 aged 48 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of HANNAH MARGARETTA 9GETTA) beloved wife of the above who died 23 December 1924, aged 43 years. In thy keeping. 1922
Y1488 Private Smith In Loving Memory of CATHERINE SMITH who died 3 June 1905 aged 52 years. Peace Perfect Peace. 1905
Y1492 Private Morgan In Loving Memory of ARTHUR HENRY the beloved husband of Mary Ann MORGAN died 23 March 1941 aged 59. A devoted husband; a loving father. A faithful friend. And of MARY ANN, his beloved wife died 23 April 1956 aged 73 years. 1941
Y1493 Private Hooper In Loving Memory of HARRIET the beloved wife of Robert HOOPER who departed this life 25 June 1905 aged 55 years. Also the above ROBERT who died 12 March 1943 aged 87 years. At Rest. 1905
Y1494 Private Jones In Ever Loving Memory of PHYLLIS, beloved daughter of Dan & Agnes JONES, who died 23 February 1921, aged 15.5 years. Angels guard thee sweet love till morn. Also of DAN, beloved husband of AGNES JONES, who died 29 July 1938, aged 59 years. who died 9 June 1951 aged 68 years. 1921
Y1498 Private Fooks In Loving Memory of JOB FOOKS who died 17 October 1936 aged 61 years. Also CYRIL FOOKS who died July 1905. Also of FLORENCE MAUD dear wife of Job FOOKS died 8 September 1960. Aged 85 years. Her children arise up and call her blessed. 1905
Y1501 Removed Sutton SUTTON 1905 1934 RUSSELL 1920 1905
Y1502 Private Hawkins ANNIE ROSIER, the beloved wife of Alfred Arthur HAWKINS, born at Hammersmith 13 June 1866 fell asleep at Cardiff 20 July 1905. Waiting for the coming of the Loed. Also of IVOR CLARENCE born 13 July 1896 fell asleep 5 August 1896. Of such is the kingdom of Heaven. Also the above ALFRED ARTHUR who died 8 April 1940 aged 75 years. Also of OLIVE CONSTANCE youngest daughter of the above, died 6 May 1980 aged 76 years. 1905
Y1507 Private Tapp In Affectionate Memory of WILLIAM TAPP (Billy) who past away 30 April 1920 aged 13 years. Loved by all. 1920
Y1509 Private Owen In Loving Memory of THOMAS EVAN beloved husband of Hannah OWEN died 21 february 1945 aged 72 years. Peace Perfect Peace. Also HANNAH the beloved and devoted wife, died 9 February 1952 aged 80 years. Worthy of Peace. 1945
Y1503 Private Evans In Ever Loving Memory of JOHN EVANS the beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann LEWIS who died 2 March 1925 aged 60 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of ELIZABETH ANN beloved wife of the above, who died 3 February 1935 aged 67 years. In thy keeping. 1925
Y1506 Private Morgan In Loving Memory of MARION JEAN wife of George MORGAN died 15 August 1918 aged 5. Also the above GEORGE MORGAN died 30 April 1930 aged 65. Also MARY ELIZABETH his wife died 19 December 1936 aged 62. 1918
Y1508 Private Pasley In Sweetest Memory of LILY REBECCA, beloved and devoted wife of Joseph Hapi PASLEY who died 13 October 1930 aged 51 years. She hath done all that she could. Also the above JOSEPH HAPI PASLEY ... [Buried Quarter September 1953 aged 77 years]. 1930
Y1510 Private Jones In Loving Memory of Rev J MEREDITH JONES, beloved husband of Alice Jones who entered into rest 14 February 1934 aged 62 years. General supt of the English Baptist churches in the south Wales area. A devoted servant of Jesus Christ. Also ALICE his beloved wife who passed away 25 September 1947 aged 75 years. reunited in Christ. 1934
Y1511 Private Gibbs In Loving Memory of REGINALD ARTHUR GIBBS, died 28 November 1938, aged 56 years. 1938
Y1513 Private Ford In Loving Memory of my devoted husband LOUIS JAMES FORD who passed away 21 June 1935 aged 70 years. Sleep on beloved, sleep and take thy rest. Also HARRIET his beloved wife died 28 March 1943 aged 79 years. 1935
Y1514 Removed White JAMES EDWARD WHITE 13.10.1953 BEATRICE MAUD WHITE 20.10.1973 1953
Y1515 Private Pasley DOROTHY REBECCA PASLEY 9 November 1944. FREDERICK GEORGE HENRY PASLEY. 25 June 1964. 1956
Y1516 Private Llewellyn In Loving Memory of CHARLES ERNEST LLEWELLYN. 1881-1956. And his wife. HANNAH MARGARETTA 1877-1960 Dearly loved parents of Judge John Seys Llewellyn. 1956
Y1517 Private Taylor In Loving Memory of HENRY the beloved husband of Ada TAYLOR who died 2 January 1942 aged 79 years. Until we meet again. And of the above ADA aho died 16 December 1949 aged 81 years. 1942
Y1518 Private Edwards SYLVIA EDWARDS --
Y1550 Removed Harries HARRIES 1918 1922 1940 1918
Y1556 Removed Chilvers CHILVERS 1916 1926 1916
Y1558 Private Willmoth In Loving Memory of HARRY B WILLMOTH dearly loved husband of Agnes Willmoth, died 28 November 1917 aged 32 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. 1917
Y1559 Removed Samuel SAMUEL [Buried 23 May] 1918 [FLORENCE LYDIA SAMUEL, aged 19, daughter of Richard & Mary Samuel] 1919 1918
Y1563 Private Jones In Loving Memory of MARY beloved daughter of David & Eleanor JONES of Llandovery who died 3 March 1918 aged 57 years. Thy Will be Done. Also JANE the beloved wife of John Francis and sister of the above ... 1918
Y1562 Removed Samuel SAMUEL 1923 1937 1941 1923
Y1563 Private Mayell In Loving Memory of EDITH ANNIE the beloved daughter of E W & C M MAYELL died 14 April 1918 aged 21. Also of their son BERTIE died 4 August 1906 in his 6th Year. 1906
Y1563a Private Samuel In Loving Memory of JOSEPH HENRY, the beloved husband of Mary M SAMUEL who died 14 June 1915, aged 58 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also the above MARY M SAMUEL who died 23 October 1941 aged 77 years. 1915
Y1564 Private Rees In Cherished and Loving Remembrance of our devoted father and mother THOMAS REES, who entered into rest 28 January 1927, aged 67 years. And GWENLLIAN REES, who entered into rest 10 May 1927, aged 65 years. Also our dearly beloved brother ARTHUR, killed in the Great War 27 October 1918, aged 22 years. Interred at Bertry, France. Heaven again unites the links that earth has broken. Also of NANCY REES MORGAN, died 27 March 1944, aged 21 years. Also of GLADYS MORGAN, died 13 October 1969. 1927
Y1566 Removed Hurlow HURLOW 1918 1921 1932 1918
Y1567 Removed Thomas THOMAS 1921 1937 19X0 1921
Y1568 Private Lewis In Memory of DAVID LEWIS, the beloved husband of Margaretta Wyndam who died 22 July 1915, aged 50 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. Also MARGARETTA WYNDHAM EVANS, the above died 16 March 1941. Also THOMAS EVANS brother of Margaretta Wyndham died 17 December 1935, aged 76 years. Rest in Peace. 1915
Y1569 Removed Thomas THOMAS 1921 1943 1921
Y1570 Removed Millett MILLETT 1914 1914
Y1572a Private Neilly In Affectionate Memory of WILLIAM HENRY dearly beloved husband of Catherien NEILLY, who died 4 January 1923, aged 61 years. Also of the above CATHERINE NEILLY who died 5 January 1937 aged 76 years. 1923
Y1573 Private Hopkin In Loving Memory of JANE beloved wife of William HOPKIN died 19 September 1916, aged 60 years. Also WILLIAM their son who fell in action in France 2 June 1915, aged 23 years. Peace, perfect peace. Also of the above WILLIAM HOPKIN, who died 25 October 1933, aged 78 years. 1916
Y1574 Private Cooper In Loving Memory of my Dear Husband CHARLES WILLIAM COOPER, Bute Docks, died 13 April 1927, age 80. Also our beloved son, CHARLES WILLIAM COOPER, killed in Action France 19 April 1918, Age 29. At Rest. Also ELIZABETH AGNES, beloved wife of the above, died 16 MAy 1935, age 77. Also SYDNEY ERNEST, beloved husband of HILDA COOPER died 17 January 1953, age 67. Also MABEL FLORENCE dearly beloved daughter of Elizabeth and Charles COOPER, born 26 May 1894, passed away ... 1927
Y1575 Private Evans In Loving Memory of JOHN, beloved son of James L & Mary Jane EVANS, who died 27 May 1917, aged 24 years. Peace, perfect peace. Also the above JAMES, died 31 March 1929 aged 68. And their daughter GLADYS, died 24 October 1929 aged 34. At rest. Also of MARY JANE, beloved wife of above died 1 July 1949, aged 80. 1917
Y1577 Private James Er cof amiwyl am GRIFFITH JAMES erewn a hunodd corfhenaf 4 1917, yn 73 mlwydd oed. Hefyd ANNE JAMES gwraig uyr uchod a hunodd Ionarw 27 1922, yn 74 mlwydd oed. Hyd doriad y dydd.[Translation: In memory of GRIFFITH JAMES fell asleep 4 July 1917, at the age 73 years. Also ANNE JAMES widow of above fell asleep 27 January 1922, at the age of 74. Until the day breaks.] 1917
Y1578 Private Morgan JENNIE, dear devoted wife of Capt M MORGAN who died at Sea 17 October 1920, aged 40 years. And interred here 11 December 1926. And still the hand of Memory weaves the blissful days of long ago. HARRIET EDWARDS her dear Mother who died 10 October 1922 aged 77 years. 1920
Y1579 Private Miller In Loving Memory of J LENNOX MILLER, died 14 November 1916, aged 4 years 6 months. Also of JOHN MILLER. his father, died 26 June 1919, aged 45 years. Tis only for a little while. Also of EMILY MILLER wife of the above, died 13 November 1946. aged 66 years. 1916
Y1580 Private Bailey In Loving Memory of FLOSSIE BAILEY who fell asleep September 1917, aged 19 years. Also of ROSE LEAH BAILEY, died 9 November 1939, aged 75. Also TOM BAILEY, died 23 June 1941, aged 77. 1917
Y1581 Removed Griffiths GRIFFITHS 1914 1932 MERRY 1935 1914
Y1583 Removed Theophillis THEOPHILLIS 1918 1918
Y1586 Private John In Loving Memory of WILLIAM, the beloved husband of Catherine JOHN, who died 19 December 1920, aged 65 years. Mi a ymdrechais yndrech dec, mi a orpenais fy ngyrfa, mi a gedwais y ffydd. Also the above, CATHERINE JOHN, who died 7 August 1950, aged 81 years. Gwyn eu byd rhai pur o galon: ganys hwy a welani dduw. Also their son, DAVID THOMAS JOHN. died 22 February 1954, aged 65 years, In quietness shall be your strength. 1920
Y1588 Removed Phillips MARTHA PHILLIPS 1855-1951. JAMES PHILLIPS 1869-1921. MARY PHILLIPS 1910-1983 1921
Y1596 /Y1599 Removed Price In Loving Memory of GWILYM PRICE, died 28 September 1922, aged 40. If with all your hearts ye truly seek me ye shall ever surely find me, thus saith our God. Also his dearly beloved wife, HANNAH, died 8 July 1940, aged 58. Re-united. And their dearly beloved only son, JOHN ROSSLYN RHEDYNOG. Lieut RE who was killed on active service 10 May 1940 aged 29. Interred at Merville, France. So he passed over and all the trumpets sounded for him on the other side. Er cof am DAVID MORGAN REES, annwyl briod Gwladys, died 6 November 1962, aged 60. Hefyd ei wraig annwyl GWLADYS IRENE, bu farw ar 13 fehefin 1990 yn 88 oed. Canwn i bob calon drist fuddugoliaeth Iesu Crist. 1922
Y1599 Removed Price See Y1596 --
Y1601a Removed Jones JONES 1923 1923
Y1618 Removed Jones JONES 1946 1948 TAYLOR 1955 1946
Y1619 Removed Taylor TAYLOR 1922 1925 1963 1969 1922
Y1620 Removed Phillips PHILLIPS 1937 1937
Y1621 Removed Phillips PHILLIPS 1921 1928 1931 1937
Y1623 Removed Margerison MARGERISON 1920 1947 1920
Y1624 Removed Tyrell TYRELL 1926 1952 1926
Y1625 Removed Tyrell TYRELL 1920 1931 1920
Y1652 Removed Jones CATHERINE A JONES 13 August 1944 THOMAS B JONES 17 July 1958 MARTHA E JONES 4 July 1968 1944
Y1653 Removed Hosegood HOSEGOOD 1943 GRANT 1947 1950 1943
Y1654 Removed Dyke DYKE 1943 1943
Y1655 Private Bunce In Loving Memory of QUEENIE BUNCE, beloved wife of Ron. and a dear mother died 4 December 1981, aged 55. Reunited with her devoted husband RONALD GEORGE BUNCE died 30 .... aged 88. 1981
Y1657 Private Jones In Loving Memory of Rev SAMUEL JONES beloved husband of M A JONES who died 4 November 1945 aged 76. He went about doing good. And his dear wife MARY ANNIE died 31 December 1955 aged 89 years. 1945
Y1658 Private Jones In Loving Memory of JUDITH ANN beloved wife of Rev W ROWLAND JONES BA Cardiff died 9 January 1961 aged 76 years. And of her beloved husband WILLIAM ROWLAND died 15 October 1961 aged 80 years. And their eldest daughter ENID PARRY, died 31 March 1977, aged 63 years. And her husband CARADOG GRIFFITHS, died 8 ... 93 years. 1961
Y1659 Private Lynch A Tribute of Love, to our dear Sisters MAY LYNCH. Jesus called her 21 July 1946. She went about doing good. Also MARGARET, died March 1959. Also JENNIE died August 1963. 1946
Y1660 Removed Townsend TOWNSEND 1945 WATKINS 1953 1968 1945
Y1662 Private Cole In Loving Memory of LEN COLE husband born 25 July 1909 died 3 June 1982, VIOLET COLE wife, mum and nan 4.8.1911-10 May 2012 Granddaughter GAIL DAVIES 1959-2002. In Loving Memory of JENNIFER FRANCES DIGGINS 5.8.1949-2 June 2014, Loving Mum, Nanny, Sister Aunty and Mum-in-Law. 1982
Y1663 Private Lynn In Loving Memory of THOMAS JAMES LYNN died 21 May 1982 age 66. Beloved husband Father and Grandad, Also a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. VIOLET ELIZABETH MAUD LYNN died 11 November 1989 age 72. Reunited Forever. 1982
Y1665 Private Tye Cherished Memories of a beloved husband ALFRED JAMES TYE. Died 23 December 1981 - Aged 59. A devoted father and precious Grampy. Goodnight beloved, not farewell. And his beloved wife, WINIFRED EILEEN TYE, died 23 June 1993 - Age 66. A devoted mother and Nan. Reunited forever. 1981
Y1666 Private Lloyd In Loving Memory of ALFRED JAMES LLOYD died 16 December 1981 aged 81 beloved husband of Catherine. Also of his beloved wife CATHERINE died 14 August 1997 aged 95 years. Reunited. 1981
Y1667 Private McCale In Loving Memory of ANNE, beloved wife of Alderman C H McCALE, who fell asleep 10 February 1944, aged 63 years. Lady Mayoress of Cardiff 1940-41. A devoted wife and loving mother. Also the above, CHARLES HENRY McCALE. who died 18 September 1950 aged 76 years. Lord Mayor of Cardiff 1940-41. Re-united. 1944
Y1669 Private Howell In Loving Memory of MARY IRENE HOWELL died 6 June 1982 aged 67. A Good Friend. 1982
Y1670 Private Foster MARGARET ELIZABETH FOSTER 14.5.32 - 24.5.82 RIP 1982
Y1672 Private Ball Together again. CHARLIE BALL 1916-1981. Loving Husband and father. MYRA BELL 1910-1989 Loving wife and mother. The sweet by and by. 1981
Y1673 Private Walker In Loving Memory of our dearest father ROBERT WALKER died 19 December 1981 aged 63 RIP 1981
Y1675 Private Oliver In Loving Memory of Dearly loved Parents & Grandparents CHARLIE OLIVER 1917-1982 MARIA OLIVER 1922-2014 Loved & remembered every day, In our hearts you'll always stay. 1982
Y1676 Private Davis In Loving Memory of FREDERICK WILLIAM DAVIS. died 4 June 1982 aged 70 years. Also his devoted wife ALICE DAVIS died 18 February 2006 aged 92 years. Reunited together. 1982
Y1677 Private Davies In Memory of MARGARET LOUISE DAVIES beloved wife of Daniel died 24 April 1982. Aged 68 years. A loving mother and wife. Also DANIEL devoted husband father and Bampy, died 6 May 1991 aged 79 years. Reunited forever. Also their loving son LEONARD died 7 December 2009 aged 63 years. 1982
Y1679 Private Ledley In Memory of a beloved husband and father IVOR JOHN LEDLEY died 20 December 1981 aged 58. 1981
Y1680 Private Brewster Cherished Memories of Rev P S BREWSTER, servant of the Lord and Pastor of City Temple Cardiff. Died 1 July 1980 and buried in the land of his inheritance. He was a burning and a shining light - John 5.35. Also his beloved wife DORIS BREWSTER, died 19 November 1996, aged 88 years. Together with our Lord. 1980
Y1681 Private Allen In Loving Memory of WILLIAM ALLEN 1896-1982 And his dear wife MILDRED 1895-1985 Forever with the Lord. 1982
Y1682 Private Grady In Loving Memory of beloved parents CHARLOTTE (LOTTIE) GRADY Died 9 May 1982 - Aged 74. Also her beloved husband ANEURIN GRADY died 6 June 1985 - in his 80th year. Reunited in Paradise. 1981
Y1684 Private Bailey In Memory of GRAHAM E BAILEY dear husband of Mai and loving father of Denise & Graham 1935-1981 To live in hearts left behind is not to die. 1981
Y1685 Private Evans In Loving Memory of a beloved wife and mother GRACE DOREEN EVANS passed away 6 December 1981 aged 67. Also a beloved husband father and grandfather CYRIL FRANCIS EVANS fell asleep 26 April 1984 age 70 Together again. 1981
Y1686 Private Gulliford In Loving Memory of JUNE GULLIFORD Much loved wife and mother, died 10 May 1982. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. Joined in Peace by RICHARD GULLIFORD 31 July 1989. 1982
Y1687 Private Pearce In Loving Memory of Rev MARK H PEARCE died 21 March 1982 beloved husband father and minister. Also MARY ANNIE PEARCE died 24 September 1988 Devoted wife mother and Mamagu. 1982
Y1688 Private Mills In Loving Memory of our dear brother LEONARD MILLS, died 25 January 1982 aged 62. Also of our beloved brother FREDERICK GEORGE MILLS died May 1982 aged 80.Rest in Peace. Also of our beloved brother AUSTIN MILLS died 8 January 1997 aged 85. Reunited forever. 1982
Y1689 Private John To the Memory of FLORENCE GERTRUDE JOHN, died 12 February 1982 aged 84. 1982