The Friends are currently transcribing some of the Burial Diairies that are available and these will be made available as they are completed. The Parishes in Green have been added. Those in Red are to be added and the cross indicates "not applicable" to this month.

Surname Name Age Day Mth Year Parish Folio Rank or Profession Abode OB No Plot Dn Offic Minister
Griffiths William 75 12 8 1881 Penarth 13/300 Contractor Plassy Street 16227 L1443 C D L Arthur
Maloney Mary 70 27 8 1881 Llandaff 13/303 Widow Conybeare Road 16270 F579 RC R Richardson
Rees Phoebe Maud 0 27 8 1881 Llandaff 13/302 daughter of Thomas & Phobe Rees - Master Mariner Kings Road 16268 M781 NC I I Jones
Roberts Eliza 36 24 8 1881 Llandaff 13/301 wife of Frederick William Roberts - Traveller Kings Road 16251 M6 NC I Thomas