Please note The Friends of Cathays Cemetery do not of themselves undertake private Family History research.

Burial plot searches may be obtained from:-

Bereavement Services

Thornhill Cemetery



029 2054 4820

Records held here are from 1859 when Cathays Cemetery first opened. They are computerised from 1910 onwards.

The records include all burials in Cardiff municipal cemeteries along with cremations that have taken place at Thornhill Crematorium. The Crematorium opened in 1953 and all cremations records, apart from some in the last 1980,s, are on the system.

Any searches after 1910 are available on the computer. For searches prior to 1910 it is a manual search of the registers and there is a charge. The search request form has facility for up to 5 names/and graves and copies of receipts, burial orders and maps are provided for a fee of £20 per form.

The records are only categorised by name or date (although some records can be searched by address) and there is not a search field for cause of death, place of death etc.

If you know the name of the deceased, the dates or possibly the addresses, a search may be performed.