Cardiff-Based Shipping Lines

Shipping Company Operational Proprietor Name Proprietor Surname Lived Plot Number Notes
Charles M Willie & Co George Willie V 12 colliery manager with Cory Brothers 
Charles M Willie & Co Charles M Willie V 12
Charles Stallybrass Charles Stallybrass 1838-1921 M 1331
Deansgate Steamship Co Richard Care 1859-1937 S 1321C
Emlyn Line John Emlyn-Jones 1889-1952 EG 1402
Gibbs & Co, Cardiff John Angel Gibbs 1880-1917 M 461/M 482
Glanhowny Steamship Co Henry Bartlett -1934 L1807
J T Duncan John Thomas Duncan
J.H.Anning J.H. Anning 1823-1885 L 920
John Cory & Sons Ltd John Cory 1823-1891 M1257
Kestell Steamship Co Charles Kestell Section M
Martin And Marquand Hilary Blondel Marquand 1854-1937 EH 1987A
Morel Ltd Philip Morel 1841-1908 M 937/937A
Morel Ltd Thomas Morel 1847-1903 M 942/968
Tempus Shipping Company Ltd William Henry Seager 1862-1941 P982/P983
The Reardon Smith Line William Reardon-Smith 1856-1935 P 971
The Tatem Steam Navigation Co. Ltd W.J. Tatem 1868-1942 L 1649/1653
Turnbull Bros Phillip Turnbull 1850-1925 D 383
Turnbull Bros Lewis Turnbull 1857-1931 D 351
Turnbull Coal And Shipping Co Cyril Turnbull 1885-1949 D 821B
Turnbull Coal And Shipping Co Bertrand Turnbull 1888-1943 D 253
Vindamura Shipping Co Richard Care 1859-1937 S 1321C
W.H.Seager & Co William Henry Seager 1862-1941 Section P
W.H.Seager & Co John Elliot Seager 1892-1955 O 1106
W.H.Seager & Co George Leighton Seager 1896-1963 O 1056a