Murders, Mysteries & Macabre Tales

Cardiff was a rough frontier town in the latter period of the 19th Century. It was bound to have a few juicy murders and other events amongst the crowded streets of the Docks and the backstreet Squares in the town centre. Be warned many of the stories should not be read by the faint of heart. Listed below are a few of the tales of Murder & Mystery from those long lost days.

We start the selection off with a piece of fiction based on the true events of 1892. A Christmas tale of the Macabre based in the centre of Victorian Cardiff. Enjoy.

First Name Surname Description of Event Year Plot No
Doris Appleton Murder Victim 1921 EA1197
Mohammed Abdullah The Pantaloon Wars 1919 EE8301
James Avis Suffocated 1890 K1222
Hannah Beddoes Poker Murder 1884 Q71
Henry Blatchford Milkman Murder 1900 S1245
William Cahill Fire Engine Accident 1892 D1047
John Carey Shotgun Murder 1886 T1120
Caroline Dabe Roath Park Accident 1894 H595
Edward Daley Boat Murder 1870 F232
John Donovan The Pantaloon Wars 1919 R4051
Susan Lily Evans Starved to Death 1886 Q789
Winifred Ellen Fortt Stabbed to death by Boyfriend 1916 X249
Margaret Francis Family Murder 1887 U100
Carrie Gilmore Knife Murder 1907 K433
Emma Hawker Paraffin Accident 1900 H1449
Gladys Ibrahim Mother & Child Murder 1919 EA1557
Thomas Arthur Jenkins Tram Driver Murder 1900 P351A
John Jones Butcher Murder 1872 unknown
Margaret Ann Jones-Morewood Young Actress 1894 S93
Heinrich Kegebein Poisoned 1862 A256
Catherine Kelly Poker Murder 1900 R1592
Ange Matre Le Corre Free French Sailor murder 1943 EQ998
David (Dai) Lewis Boxer murder 1927 EM751
Emma Morgan Prostitute Death 1882 H1520
Maud Mulholland Courting Incident 1914 V1331
Andreas Ohlsen Norwegian Murder 1896 R135
Fillippo Pace Racial Murder 1897 F9
Elsie Payne Corkscrew Murder 1923 EH296
Mary Jane Richards Murdered by Husband 1875 P498
Rose Ann Riley Head Injury 1874 E38
Antonio Roderick Husband of Murder Victim Ann 1890 D887
Mary Sheen Incestuous Affair 1893 C1215
Harold Smart The Pantaloon Wars 1919 L3355
Elizabeth Smith Paraffin Fire Victim 1891 T1331
Harriet Stacey Rope Murder 1904 H550
Edward Stelfox Fisherman Murder 1876 M41
Edith Williams Bonfire Victim 1886 T1266
Thomas Williams Stabbing Victim 1896 N119
William Wiltshire Rocket Accident 1906 Y925