Commonwealth War Graves - World War 1 A-E

surname forename age date of death rank regiment unit/ship/squadron service number plot number additional information Illness/Hospital
ADAMS WILLIAM HENRY 07/12/1917 Private Grenadier Guards No.3 Coy. 5th Reserve Bn. 9774 A 1197 Son of William and Margaret Adams, of Whitchurch; Husband of Lily Adams, of 160, Woodville Road, Cathays Cardiff. Queen Alexandra Military Hospital, London
ADAMS FREDERICK JAMES 21 13/09/1918 Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S. Imelda 1065/DA L 3469 Son of the Late Frederick James and Margaret Adams.
AKERMAN JOSEPH 16/09/1915 Private Welsh Regiment 8th Bn. 12265 EB 18 Son of William and Eliza Akerman, of 12, Singleton Road, East Meers, Cardiff. Cardiff - Sceptic Peritonitis
ALLEN FREDERICK 19 07/10/1917 Private Welsh Regiment Depot 56684 EA 1807 Son of Maurice and Fanny Allen, of 7, Tudor Road, Riverside, Cardiff. London - died of wounds
ALLMAN GEORGE 10/09/1916 Private Welsh Regiment 3rd Bn. 9989 EB 33 Cardiff - Appendicitis
ANDREWS J D 21/11/1918 Lance Corporal Royal Irish Regiment Depot 2743 X 69
ARCHELL EDWIN 04/04/1918 Corporal Royal Engineers 3rd Labour Bn. 114002 EB 66 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff
ASHDOWN IVOR OWEN 22 31/12/1918 Private Welsh Regiment 3rd Bn. 41845 EA 2217 Son of James and Jane Ashdown, of 31, Leckwith Road, Canton, Cardiff. died 31 Beckwith Rd (sic), Canton, Cardiff
ASHTON GEORGE HENRY 28 12/03/1919 Company Serjeant Major Royal Welsh Fusiliers "D" Coy 4th Garrison Bn. 47215 EA 1684 Son of George Henry and Maud Aston, of 77, Constellation Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff. 12 Years' Service. Served in China, Mediterranean and France.
ATHERTON G W 02/03/1919 Private Welsh Regiment 52nd Bn. 77586 S 3706
AUBREY C N W 19 25/09/1918 Rifleman Monmouthshire Regiment 2nd/1st Bn. 229908 EF 8463 Only Son of William and Margaret Aubrey, of 1, Australia Road, Cardiff.
AVERY CHARLES EDWARD 24 18/11/1918 Sapper Canadian Engineers 6th Field Coy. 678267 EB 63 Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Avery, of 48, Humberside Avenue, Toronto.
BABBAGE HERBERT IVAN 41 14/10/1916 Private Royal Defence Corps 23rd Coy. 7353 EB 37 Son of Charles Whitmore Babbage and Amelia Babbage, of Wanganui, New Zealand. An Artist. 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff
BALL JOHN WILLIAM 15/10/1920 Private The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 21st Labour Bn. 75309 EH 326
BALL JOHN 51 28/11/1920 Private Royal Welch Fusiliers 51403 A 1140 HUSBAND OF ALICE MAUD BALL, OF 22, RAILWAY TERRACE, CANTON, CARDIFF.
BASTABLE B 14/05/1916 Private Welsh Regiment Depot, 14576 EH 2162 Edward VII Hospital Cardiff - Chill & Ear treatment
BATEMAN DANIEL JOHN 24 16/07/1918 Private Labour Corps 469th Home Service Employment Coy. 362904 R 3461 Son of Walter and Catherine Bateman, of 64, Shakespear Street, Roath, Cardiff. Colinton Sanatorium
BAVERSTOCK S J 18/08/1917 Lance Corporal Welsh Regiment 4th Bn. 241809 Y 470 Tenby - accidentally drowned
BEER V 30 30/11/1918 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 26th Anti-Aircraft Coy. 131140 EH 696 Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Beer; Husband of Annie E. Beer, of 98, Keppoch Street, Roath, Cardiff.
BELL WILLIAM 38 30/01/1917 Corporal Welsh Regiment 2nd Bn. 12346 EB 38 Husband of M. F. Brackley (Formerly Bell), of 19, Bromsgrove Street, Grangetown, Cardiff.
BETTLES FRANCIS 31/03/1915 Corporal South Lancashire Regiment 2nd/4th Bn. 20146 EB 7
BEVAN WILLIAM EDWARD 01/06/1915 Lance Corporal Welsh Regiment 3rd Bn. 9591 EB 10 Son of William Thomas and Gertrude Bevan, of 34, Hetley Road, Shepherd's Bush, London. Died at Cardiff
BIANCARDI EDWARD CHARLES 36 03/11/1917 Private Army Service Corps M.T. M2/120753 R 3572 Son of Isidore and Annetta Biancardi, of Alexandria, Egypt; Husband of Annie Gwendoline Biancardi, of 19, Coedcae Street, Grangetown, Cardiff. Lansdown Road Military Hospital, Cardiff
BIDDLE ROBERT WILLIAM 20/01/1917 Corporal Cheshire Regiment 18th Bn. 37747 EB 30 Son of Robert and Anne Biddle, of Swansea; Husband of Mary S. Brown (Formerly Biddle), of 393, Cowbridge Road, Canton, Cardiff. 21 Years' Service in the Welch Regt. Served in the South African Campaign. Died at Cardiff - carcenoma of caecum
BINES IVOR CYRIL 03/10/1920 Private 1st Class Royal Air Force School of Training 124450 L 2438 Son of Charles and Mary Ann Bines, of 18, Croft Street, Roath, Cardiff.
BIRCH FRED 28 18/11/1918 Leading Signalman Royal Navy H.M.S. "Vivid." 236774 EB 78 Son of Arthur and Florence Ann Birch, of 7, Clayton Terrace, Clayton Street, Nottingham.
BLACKMAN H R 20/11/1918 Private Royal Army Medical Corps 19th Coy 130006 EB 67
BOND HUBERT SAMUEL EMERY 23 17/06/1917 Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps J 1385 Son of Samuel Bond, of G, The Walk, Cardiff, and the Late Cecilia Elizabeth Bond.
BOND ELI ROBERT 40 18/01/1918 Sapper Royal Engineers No.7 Works Coy. Inland Waterways and Docks 235081 EA 1892 Husband of Effie Mary Bond, of 45, Florentia Street, Cathays, Cardiff.
BOOKHAM CHARLES FREDERICK 26 25/01/1919 Private The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 1st/5th Bn. 240695 EB 107 Son of James and Sybil Bookham, of Guildford, Surrey. 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff - TB of Lung
BOSLEY ALBERT JOSEPH 33 08/03/1918 Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers Depot 53075 L 2210 Husband of Lucy Bosley, of 18, Topaz Street, Roath, Cardiff. Born at Cardiff.
BOWEN T 20 03/10/1918 Private Welsh Regiment Depot 202240 L 2704 Son of John and the Late Harriet Bowen; Husband of Jennie Edwards (Fomerly Bowen), of 31, North Road, Blackweir, Cardiff. Born at Cardiff.
BOWMAN ALFRED 42 21/02/1919 Stoker Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S. "Challenger." 1597/U P 1050 Husband of Ellen Bowman, of 115, Cathays Terrace, Cardiff.
BRAMLEY JOHN HENRY 25 18/10/1918 Private Leicestershire Regiment "A" Coy. 1st Bn. 201544 EB 86 Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Bramley, of 78, New King Street, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Welsh War Hospital, Whitchurch
BRIAN CHARLES PHILLIP 16/10/1919 Private Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Bn. 3/8616 EB 90 Son of Mrs. Elvira Brian, of 9, Broadway, Cardiff.
BRIDGE JOSEPH HENRY 28/06/1918 Private Army Pay Corps 14009 I 638 Military Hopital, Cardiff
BRIDGE G 11/08/1918 Serjeant South Wales Borderers 51st Bn. TR4/4023 J 179
BRIEN C 15/10/1917 Private South Wales Borderers Depot 10482 EB 59
BRIGHT JOHN AARON 47 14/09/1918 Private Army Service Corps T4/141075 EB 73 Son of Aaron and Elizabeth Bright, of Yorkshire; Husband of Martha Bright, of 3, Castle View, Bedwas, Mon.
BROCKWAY W 23/10/1918 Private Royal Fusiliers 44th Garrison Bn. G/110846 G 262A
BROMFIELD ALFRED JOSEPH 16/05/1917 Serjeant Royal Defence Corps 24th Protection Coy. 3592 L 2027 Husband of Leah Matilda Bromfield, of 2, Despenser Street, Riverside, Cardiff. 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff
BROOKS J 22/01/1919 Private Royal Defence Corps 3rd Bn. 3600 EB 106 Husband of E. Brooks, of 15, Chancery Lane, Canton, Cardiff. Discharged 20/2/1916 Died 22/1/1919
BROWN HAROLD JAMES 24 10/01/1920 Captain South Wales Borderers 12th Bn. Y 9 Son of James and Margaret Rachel Brown, of 40, Richmond Road, Cardiff.
BUCHANAN G L 41 06/02/1919 Private The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 1st Garrison Bn 60162 EB 106 Son of Ludoric and Mary Buchanan, of 59, Lune Street, Weaste, Manchester.
BUGG CHARLES WILLIAM 44 19/03/1918 Serjeant Norfolk Regiment 2nd/5th Bn. 34828 EB 65 Husband of Alice Jane Bugg, of 25. George Street, Aberaman, Aberdare. Municipal Isolation Hospital, Cardiff
BURDEN WILLIAM STEPHEN 41 31/10/1918 Private Army Service Corps Reserve Supply Depot, S4/109937 I 97 Son of Stephen and Sarah Burden, of 13, Green Street, Riverside, Cardiff; Husband of the Late Gertrude Burden. Prees Heath Military Hospital (Shropshire)
BURGESS WINDSOR JAMES 20 10/03/1917 Private Welsh Regiment 19th Bn. 31552 S 2785 Son of Thomas and Margaret Burgess, of 50, Coveny Street, Splott, Cardiff.
BURNS DANIEL 40 07/07/1919 Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 242427 R 361
CALE F H 05/05/1915 Private Welsh Regiment 7th Cyclist Bn. 1787 Y 1202 Pembroke - accident. Great Western Railway, Engine Cleaner, Loco Dept, Cardiff.
CALLAGHAN J 31 23/10/1918 Private North Staffordshire Regiment 1st/6th Bn. 50907 EH 1782 Husband of Annie F. Quinn (Formerly Callaghan), of 39, Havelock Street, Cardiff.
CALMAN J 04/04/1917 Private Welsh Regiment Depot 23193 R 3845
CALVERT THOMAS 04/05/1916 Private Royal Defence Corps 333rd Provisional Coy. 15099 EB 29
CANT ANDREW 15/12/1917 Engineer Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S. Ashtree L 2033 Husband of Elizabeth Cant, of 73, Augur Street, Cardiff.
CAPRON A 01/05/1918 Private Royal Army Medical Corps 12th Stat. Hosp 99529 EH 2494 Albert - War Hospital Bangour (sic) - widow : Mabel
CAREY J 33 06/05/1920 Private Welch Regiment 3948036 R 1568
CARTER HENRY 14/06/1915 Private Welsh Regiment 5th Bn. 20613 EB 14 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff - ulcer on stomach - sister : Mrs Harriet Lewis
CHAMBERLAIN W H 25 30/03/1921 Rifleman Monmouthshire Regiment 1st Bn. 228288 EI 1573 Son of Thomas and Eva Chamberlain Husband of Ellen P. Jerret (Formerly Chamberlain), of 153, Archer Road, Ely, Cardiff.
CHAMBERS R J 24 22/01/1920 Air Mechanic 1st Class Royal Air Force 15787 EB 88 Son of Thomas Chambers; Husband of Sarah Chambers, of 207A, City Road, Cardiff.
CHAMBERS R 08/04/1920 Pioneer Royal Engineers Inland Waterways and Docks WR/552616 EB 77
CHRISTIAN CYRIL DAVID 21/01/1920 Private Royal Fusiliers 23rd Bn. 93244 G 301C Ladywell Hospital
CLARKE HENRY 47 02/06/1918 Private Royal Army Medical Corps 19th Coy 22298 EB 67
CLEAL JOHN 24/04/1918 Stoker 1st Class Royal Navy H.M.S. "Iphigenia." SS/114982 H 1865
CLIFFORD DAVID 43 17/07/1920 Private Northumberland Fusiliers 2nd Garrison Bn. 64140 EB 96 Husband of Alice Mary Clifford, of 152, Cathays Terrace, Cardiff.
COAKLEY WILLIAM 33 23/12/1919 Bombardier Royal Field Artillery W/887 R 3173 Husband of E. Coakley, OF 57, Caerphilly Street, Cardiff.
COCKS JOSEPH 36 11/09/1918 Gunner Royal Field Artillery 41551 EH 575 Son of Joseph Cocks; Husband of Alice Cocks, of 3, Bromfield Street, Grangetown, Cardiff.
CODMAN ROBERT 06/10/1917 Corporal Rifle Brigade 16th Bn. S/18307 EB 54 Lansdown Road Military Hospital, Cardiff - widow: Muriel
COKELEY ARTHUR CHARLES 18 04/07/1918 Air Mechanic 2nd Class Royal Air Force 240526 S 2708 Son of Joseph and Edith Cokeley, of 41, Russell Street, Roath, Cardiff. Died at sea
COLEMAN JOSEPH AUBREY 07/11/1918 Private Northamptonshire Regiment 1st Bn. 59206 EB 101 Died of Wounds - Cardiff
COLLINS CORNELIUS 30 19/04/1918 Company Serjeant Major Welsh Regiment 1st/7th Bn. 290210 D 123 Son of Johanna and the Late Cornelius Collins; Husband of Kathleen Mary Collins, of 70, Pentre Gardens, Cardiff. Born at Cardiff. Middlesborough
COLLINS WILLIAM REDVERS 18 09/10/1918 Private King's Shropshire Light Infantry 4th Reserve Bn. 45071 I 31B Son of William John and Emily Marha Collins, of 120, Wyndam Road, Canton, Cardiff. Military Hospital - Pembroke Dock
COLLINS EDWARD 32 17/03/1920 Private Royal Welch Fusiliers No.4 (T.F.) Depot 205038 I 685 Son of the Late DR. and MRS. W. J. Collins, of 120, Cottrell Road, Cardiff; Husband of Hannah Collins, of 106, Diana Street, Roath Park, Cardiff.
COMER ROBERT WILLIAM 34 13/02/1919 Gunner Royal Field Artillery 2nd Welch Bde. 1329 EF 8905 Husband of Florence May Comer, of 117, Arran Street, Roath Park, Cardiff. Discharged 18/8/1916 Died 13/2/1919
CONNERS G 29/04/1918 Private Royal Munster Fusiliers 3rd Bn. 667 R 3481
CONNORS JOHN 03/03/1916 Private Welsh Regiment 5th Bn. 20359 EB 24 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff - carcinoma. Brother : Michael. Nephew : Pte Thomas Connors
CORDING HENRY 26 17/07/1916 Serjeant Middlesex Regiment 2nd Bn. 12497 EB 31 Son of Mrs Rose Cording, of 1, Haverstock Road, Kentish Town, London. Wounded in action - 3rd General Western Hospital
COTTRELL THOMAS RICHARD 15/02/1919 Driver Royal Garrison Artillery 731008 EH 412 Son of John and Annie Cottrell, of 23, Monthermer Road, Cathays, Cardiff. Died at Cardiff
COURTNEY P T 26/12/1920 Sapper Royal Engineers WR/314935 EB 95
COVENEY A 24 04/10/1920 Private Northumberland Fusiliers 1st Bn. 45075 EB 104 Stepson of Mrs Elizabeth Shepherd, of 12, Redgross Street, St Philips, Bristol.
COWLEY ERNEST GEORGE 34 23/10/1920 Private Royal Army Medical Corps 3rd Western Gen. Hosp 372148 EB 67 Son of Charles Henry and Maria Cowley, of 15 Arabella Street, Roath Park, Cardiff.
COX GEORGE IVOR 20 04/06/1919 Private Royal Army Ordnance Corps 043553 EB 97 Son of William J. and M. A. Cox, of 15, Aberdovey Street, Cardiff. Sanatorium, Cardiff
CREASEY SIDNEY 28/09/1918 Private Army Veterinary Corps Depot. SE/21551 EB 12
CREEN JOHN 52 29/01/1919 Private Welsh Regiment 3rd/5th Bn. 22230 R 3333 Son of the Late John Creen; Husband of Julia Creen, of 1, Pendoylan Street, Adamdown, Cardiff.
CRONIN JEREMIAH 28 02/10/1915 Corporal 1st Army Cyclist Corps Training Centre 483 EB 16 Son of Jeremiah and Nora Cronin, of London. "166 Woodville Road"
CROTTY MICHAEL 08/08/1918 Private Royal Defence Corps 268th Coy. 36513 EB 48 Husband of Mary A. Crotty, of 4, William Street, Portlaw, Co. Waterford. 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff
CUMMINS PATRICK 31 18/10/1917 Trimmer Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S. "Pembroke." 4686/TS R 3547 Son of John and Emily Cummins; Husband of Anna Cummins, of 2, Garth Street, Adam Street, Cardiff. Born at Cardiff.
CURNOW J A 14/12/1919 Company Quartermaster Serjeant Labour Corps 355863 EI 1188 Husband of M Curnow, of 11, Clive Road, Canton, Cardiff.
DANDO ALBERT NICHOLAS 26 24/09/1920 Private Royal Army Service Corps 8th Field Bakery Coy. S/360519 EH 2123 Son of M. J. Dando, of 142, Portmanmoor Road, Splott, Cardiff, and the Late William Henry Dando.
DAVEY ALBERT 25 19/11/1917 Private Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 53460 Y 806 Son of Lewis Davey, of 40, Moorland Road, Cardiff. Non-CWGC gravestone.
DAVIE W T 36 10/07/1921 Private Royal Army Service Corps R4/089119 L 3935 Husband of Isabelle Davie, of 5, Stanway Road, Ely, Cardiff.
DAVIES ARTHUR 18 13/05/1915 Private Welsh Regiment 7th Bn. 1408 B 663 Son of Mrs Charlotte Sophia Davies, of 33, Roath Court Road, Cardiff. Cardiff - sarcoma of the face
DAVIES E T G 27 20/11/1917 Cook's Mate Royal Navy H.M.S "Vivid." M/23972 EA 1837 Son of MR. T. Davies, of 46, Llanishen Street, Cardiff.
DAVIES STEPHEN 41 09/01/1918 Lance Corporal Royal Engineers "C" Signal Depot 210928 X 533 Son of David Davies; Husband of Lilian Davies, of Park View, Park Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff. Newport Pagnell
DAVIES BENJAMIN 40 24/04/1918 Lance Corporal Royal Welsh Fusiliers Depot 31264 EH 737 Husband of M. E. Halborg (Formerly Davies), of 18, Alice Street, Docks, Cardiff. 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff
DAVIES SAMUEL 25 15/10/1918 Private Welsh Regiment 14310 EH 436 Son of the Late Thomas and Gaynor Davies, of Carnarvon.
DAVIES I G 27/02/1919 Private Officers' Training Corps 8017 S 3581
DAVIES DAVID 42 24/10/1919 Corporal Royal Engineers "G" Depot Coy. 31381 EA 1594 Husband of Laura Davies, of 83, Penarth Road, Cardiff.
DAVIES I 02/02/1920 Private Welsh Regiment 3rd Bn. 38813 EI 1139
DAVIS LEWINGTON GEORGE 17 10/12/1916 Private Canadian Infantry "C" Coy. 44th Bn. 127276 EB 46 Son of Walter Henry and Bella Davis, of 454 Salisbury Street, London, Ontario.
DAY WILLIAM JOHN 27 28/06/1915 Private Welsh Regiment 3rd Bn. 33124 EB 14 Son of James and Jane Day, of Kensington. Cardiff Hospital - meningitis ?
DEAN WILLIAM 27 14/05/1917 Serjeant Training Reserve 2/200 EH 2284 Son of Alfred and Ann Dean; Husband of Martha Dean, of 30 Stoughton Street, Cardiff. Born at Cardiff. Disease
DESSINGTON HENRY 09/02/1916 Pioneer Royal Engineers 3rd Provisional Coy. 119941 EB 26 Near Stroud, Gloucestershire on GWR
DOWNES CLIFFORD ERNEST 24 05/06/1917 Driver Army Service Corps T4/174065 EA 1801 Son of Mary Ann Downes, of 3, Letty Street, Cathays, Cardiff, and the Late Thomas Downes.
DREW HORACE HENRY 24 31/01/1920 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 348522 EA 2453 Son of Henry and Annie Drew, of 35, Mackinson Place, Roath Park, Cardiff.
DRISCOLL PATRICK 52 09/08/1920 Private Royal Defence Corps 331st Protection Coy. 3620 R 2349 Husband of Mary Ann Driscoll, of 16, Aberystwith Street, Splott, Cardiff.
DUCK ARTHUR JOHN 21 26/10/1918 Private London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) "D" Coy. 1st/2nd Bn. 230878 EB 87 Son of Arthur James and Florence Ann Duck (Nee Norton), of 57, Page Street, Westminster, London. 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff
DUDER WILLIAM BARTER STOOKE 40 22/02/1917 Sapper Royal Engineers Inland Water Transport 235083 L 2218 Son of Samuel and Mary Duder. Kent
DUFFY LIONEL 17/11/1918 Driver Army Service Corps 662nd Coy. T2/9678 R 1036 Died Woolwich
DUPLEX PATRICK 05/05/1917 Private Lancashire Fusiliers 4th Bn. 4294 EB 7 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff - widow : Catherine
EARL WILFRED 03/03/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Garrison Bn. 10865 EF 9801 Son of George and Ellen Earl, of 131, Wellington Street, Canton, Cardiff.
EASTMENT CHRISTOPHER SKETT 04/10/1918 Private Welsh Regiment "C" Coy. 3rd Bn. 43706 B 1735 SON OF MR. AND MRS. NATHANIEL EASTMENT, OF 16, RUBY ST., ROATH, CARDIFF. Military Hospital - Redcar
EDWARDS JOHN JAMES 27 14/02/1917 Private Welsh Guards 1st Bn. 3438 EF 9770 Son of Annie Edwards, of 3, Moon Street, Cardiff, and the Late Evan Edwards. Caterham - Pneumonia
EDWARDS ROBERT STANLEY 07/07/1918 Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force A 1663A
EDWARDS GEORGE 18 11/10/1918 Ordinary Seaman Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve R.N. Depot (Crystal Palace). Wales Z/5241 G 255 SON OF JOHN AND ADELINA EDWARDS, OF 3, LIONEL RD., CARDIFF.
EDWARDS REGINALD FRANCIS 01/11/1918 Lance Corporal Royal Berkshire Regiment 1st Garrison Bn. 32602 EB 92 3rd Western General Hospital Cardiff - Widow : Selina
EDWARDS G H 11/11/1919 Private Gloucestershire Regiment 1st Bn. 2422 EB 109
EDWARDS B 05/04/1920 Private Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 1st Bn. 102401 B 2016
ELIAS HERBERT CLIFFORD 18 01/05/1917 Private Monmouthshire Regiment 4th Bn. 316061 L 3394 Son of Moses and Olive Elias, of 13, Pearson Street, Roath, Cardiff. C'bridge (sic) -Tuberculosis
EMMOTT A 03/10/1918 Private Herefordshire Regiment 2nd/1st Bn. 237940 EB 80
ENGLAND JAMES ALLAN 19 29/01/1918 Private Army Service Corps M.T. Reserve Depot M/298095 S 3342 Son of Frank and Mary Ann England, of 14, Smeaton Street, Riverside, Cardiff. At home (before discharge)
EPPS W 32 16/01/1920 Private The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) Depot L/9347 EB 107 Husband of Flornce Epps, of 24, Emerald Street, Roath, Cardiff.
EVANS ARTHUR EDWARD 41 03/10/1918 Pioneer Royal Engineers Inland Water Transport WR/316430 EA 2168 Husband of Mary Evans, of 17, Brook Street, Riverside, Cardiff.
EVANS A J 05/11/1918 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 116th Heavy Bty. 36000 EH 2636
EVANS DAVID JOHN 39 31/08/1920 Private Royal Army Medical Corps 10th Amb. Train 114325 EA 2228 Son of Benjamin and Mary Evans, of Capel Isaac, Llandilo; Husband of Beatrice Mary Evans, of 91, Alfred Street, Roath Park, Cardiff.