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The entries below in "[...]" are approximate reconstuctions from other Burial Records available.

Plot No Type Family Inscription Date
U1 Removed Elliott In loving memory of FLORENCE MAY ELLIOTT, died 30 November 1950, aged 78. 1950
U8 Removed Storrie JOHN STORRIE, naturalist, Born 1844 - Died 1901. AUGUSTA STORRIE, Born 1860 - Died 1926. SARAH STORRIE, Born 1838 - Died 1884. 1884
U19 Removed Sercombe [SOPHIA SERCOMBE aged 13 months buried 10 September 1884, daughter of Samuel John & Elizabeth Ann Sercombe - Coal Foreman of Richards Terrace.] 1884
U25 Removed Hopgood In loving memory of JEMIMA, wife of John HOPGOOD, who died 12 October 1884, aged 58 years. Also the above named JOHN HOPGOOD, died 25 May 1888, aged 61 years. ROSINA HOPGOOD, died 24 December 1895 age 25. 1884
U31 Private Rees JAMES, husband of Cecilia REES, died 21 October 1884 age 55. CECILIA, his wife, died 19 January 1903 age 74 - "dear mother". CECILIA ANN, infant of William & Sarah, died 10 February 1903 age 1 month. 1884
U35 Removed Jenkins In loving memory of EDWARD, the beloved husband of Margaret JENKINS, died 27 April 1902 aged 49 years. Also of their infant daughter, BEATRICE JANE, died 23 November 1884, aged 14 months. Also of MARGARET, beloved wife of the above, died 20 February 1936, aged 83 years. Also of WINIFRED, dearly loved wife of Captain Walter Monger JONES and daughter of Margaret Jenkins, died 22 February 1953, aged 74 years. 1884
U38 Private Geen RHODA, wife of William GEEN, died 21 November 1884 age 33. JOHN GEEN, died 26 December 1884 age 74. 1884
U42 Removed Symons In loving memory of ELLEN, the well beloved wife of Tom SYMONS. "She is not, for God took her on 28 November 1910 in her 65th year. Peace, perfect peace". Also of the above TOM SYMONS, died 18 August 1928 aged 81. "Thy will be done". Also of GERTRUDE, their daughter, died 6 February 1885 aged 9 years. "Though long lost to sight, still to memory dear, but we shall go to her' 1910
U65 CWGC Tregarthen ERNEST WILLIAM TREGARTHEN died 18.03.1918 Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps 1918
U67 Private Barry In Loving Memory of SARAH relict of the late WILLIAM BARRY, Confectioner Duke Street Cardiff, Born 25 February 1821, Died 11 February 1885. WILLIAM BARRY born 11 October 1816, died at Abergavenny 15 January 1862. 1885
U74 Private James In Loving memory of JACOB EVAN, died 31 May 1916 age 31. Interred at Alexandria, Egypt. Also of JEFFREY EDWARD, died in Infancy. Sons of Edward & Adelaide JAMES. At Rest. Also the above ADELAIDE H JAMES, died 14 July 1935, aged 82 years. Peace, Perfect peace. Also the above EDWARD JAMES, died 13 May 1941, aged 86 Years. Resting where no shadows fall. 1935
U77 Removed Jones In affectionate remembrance of JOHN JONES, Adam Street, Cardiff. Born February 13th, 1820, Died October 29th, 1884. "Behold, He taketh away, who can hinder Him, who will say unto Him, what doest thou". 1884
U78 Removed John In loving memory of WILLIAM J. JOHN, Born 1881, Died 1885. In loving memory of WILLIAM JOHN who fell asleep April 16th, 1922, aged 79 years. Also JANE his dear wife, Died 17th January, 1937, aged 93 years. Also EDITH ANNIE, daughter of the above, Born 1874, Died 1914. "Yn anrhydeddua rhoddodd dre i hoes, I wasenaethu'r Hwn fu or y groes". 1885
U89 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of JAMES THOMAS who died 20 February 1885, aged 50 years. Also MARY, wife of the above who died 31 October 1913, Aged 78 years. 1885
U90 Removed James JAMES 1885 1885 1904 1885
U98 Removed Roper WALTER JOHN ROPER, died 3 July 1885 age 41. ANN, wife of John Bridal ROPER, died 8 Jan 1887 age 82. JOHN BRIDAL ROPER, died 8 Jan 1887 age 82. 1885
U102 Removed Frank In loving memory of WILLIE, the only dearly beloved child of William A. and Isabella A. FRANK, Born January 19th, 1883, died April 11th, 1885. Also of GERTRUDE EMILIE, the beloved wife of the Late Captain Vafiaois, died August 23rd, 1943. In loving memory of my dearly beloved husband WILLIAM A. FRANK, who died September 5th, 1915 aged 55 years. "He giveth his beloved sleep". And also of our dearly beloved mother, ISABELLA, wife of the above, who died February 22nd, 1918. 1885
U116 Removed Frank See U102 --
U117 Private Barter In affectionate remembrance of MARY beloved wife of EDWARD BARTER who died 1 October 1885, aged 46 years. In the midst of life we are in death. 1885
U122 Removed Jenkins THOMAS JENKINS, died 24 December 1885 age 73. ELIZABETH, his wife, died 3 October 1902 age 75. 1885
U126 Removed Spoors In loving memory of ROBERT, beloved husband of Margaret SPOORS, died April 6th, 1926 aged 74 years. Also of the said MARGARET, died June 21st, 1928 aged 74 years. CISSIE, their Daughter, died August 1885, aged 5 weeks. 1885
U127 CWGC Stacey FRANK STACEY Aged 26 died 13.10.1918 Driver - Royal Field Artillery 210th Bde. 188973 Son of George & Joan Stacey, of 1, Bradley Street, Roath, Cardiff. 1918
U130 Private Court In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH ALICE infant daughter if R G & S A COURT, died 20 August 1885, aged 4 months. WILLIAM WINDSOR (WILLIE), their dearly beloved son, died 2 February 1901, aged 12 years. And with the morn those angel faces smile, which I have loved long since , and lost a while. Also of RICHARD JOHN, dearly beloved son of the above who died 10 April 1913, aged 22 years. Until we meet at Jesus feet. Also the above R G COURT, who died 3 January 1916, aged 59 years. Thy will be done. 1885
U132 Private Lee In Loving Memory of JOHN LEE, Master Mariner, late of Topsham Devon, who died at Newhaven, 2 November 1885, aged 70 years. Also of AMBROSE , the beloved son of JOHN & AMY LEE, who died of fever at Rio de Janeiro while officer of SS Isleworth, 17 June 1891, aged 26 years. Never billows buffet there ….. 1885
U139 Removed Pratt In memory of SARAH ANN LAURETTA PRATT who died February 22nd., 1886, aged 4. years and 6 months. "Suffer little children to come unto me". Also of WILLIAM JAMES PRATT, father of the above, who departed this life May 23rd, 1892, aged 36 years. WILLIAM PRATT who died December 25th, 1885 aged 53 years. Also SARAH PRATT, daughter of the above who died November 22nd, 1865, aged 3 years. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord". JOHN THOMAS, died June 3rd, 1891, aged 77 years. Also of SARAH, wife of the above, who departed this life April 8th, 1897, aged 71 years. "The race appointed I have run The fight is over, the victory won And now I leave this world of woe And to the throne of Jesus go". 1885
U145 Private Johnstone In Loving Memory of FRANCIS SONLEY JOHNSTONE died 16 January 1892. Also of four of his children. ROBERT SONLEY died November __ 1886, aged 24. WILLLIAM HAMILTON died at Davos Platz 30 December 1896, aged 30. ELLEN LAW died at Forfar 23 December 1865, aged 18 months. 1892
U147 Private Davies [In affectionate] Remembrance of JOHN EVANS DAVIES, eldest child of James Bowen Davies and Annie his wife. Born 4 October 188[3]. Died 23 July 1887. (plot T326 in Burial Register). 1887
U155 Removed Pratt See U139 --
U161 Removed Howells In ever loving memory of BENJAMIN, beloved husband of Amanda HOWELLS, who died May 26th, 1914 aged 76 years. Also of AMANDA HOWELLS the above, who died November 19th, 1928, aged 88 yrs. Also of AMANDA, their beloved daughter, who died September 28th, 1897, aged 24 years. Peace, perfect peace. 1897
U164 Removed Jones In loving memory of FANNY, beloved wife of Thomas JONES, who died July 12th, 1900, aged 39 years. "Weep not for the dead for they but sleep and those that sleep in Christ shall God bring with Him". Also of the above THOMAS JONES who died February 21st, 1922 aged 68 years. "Peace, perfect peace". In affectionate remembrance of Tom Percival John Jones, the beloved son of Thomas and Fanny Jones, who departed this life, April 24th, 1886 aged 13 months. "How early drooped our flower Too fair to flourish here; God took him to his heavy bower To bloom and flourish there". Also in affectionate remembrance of ETHEL MAUD the beloved daughter of Thomas and Fanny Jones who departed this life September 15th, 1893 aged 11 years and 6 months. "A light is from the household gone, a Voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled". 1886
U174 Removed Griffiths In loving memory of Richard, beloved husband of SARAH ANN GRIFFITHS, who fell asleep on September 9th, 1923 aged 79 years. "He giveth me his beloved sleep". Also his beloved wife SARAH ANN who fell asleep June 6th, 1957 aged 102 years. Also of FLORENCE EMMA, their darling child who died on October, 21st 1885, aged 3 years and 10 months. 1885
U181 Private Thomas In Affectionate Remembrance of FRANCES beloved wife of JOHN THOMAS, 38 South William Street Docks, who died 14 January 1886, aged 55 years. My flesh and my heart faileth, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion for ever: Psalm LXXlll. 26. Also the above JOHN THOMAS who died 22 January 1909, aged 78 years. Also ELLEN JONES who died 14 February 1917, aged XX years. 1886
U182 Removed Cann CANN 1886 1888 19XX 1886
U183 Removed Stokes In affectionate memory of SAMUEL STOKES. Died 8 November 1886, aged 66 years. Also WILLIE, son of the above, died at sea, 29 August 1885 aged 23 years. "Oh hear us when we cry to time For those in peril on the sea". Also of ELIZA, beloved wife of the above, died 11 May 1890. Aged 69 yrs. 1885
U184 Removed Williams In loving memory of MABEL ANNIE WILLIAMS, daughter of S. and M.L. Chivers, died 30 August 1923 aged 46. Also of HOWARD CHIVERS, died 15 December 1892, aged 2. And of ELSIE CHIVERS, died in infancy, 1886. 1886
U187 Removed Richard In loving memory of JOHN RICHARD, beloved husband of Sarah A. Brillam., who died November 20th, 1886, aged 28 years. 1886
U195 Removed McKenzie Sacred to the beloved memory of MURDOCH McKENZIE died 26 May 1916 aged 71 years. Also KATIE, eldest child of M. and A.. McKenzie, died 1 May 1885 aged 13 years. ANNIE BLINMAN McKENZIE, daughter. Born 2 May 1885, died 2 March 1944, Cremated. ETHEL ANNIE McKENZIE, died 7 February 1954 aged 78. Cremated at Glyn Taff. Also JESSIE, died 1879, aged 5 years. DONALD, died 1882, aged 2 years. Interred at Arnos Vale, Bristol. 1885
U198 Removed Davies In Loving Memory of EDWARD DAVIES Cardiff Pilot who died 28 March 1897, aged 43 years. Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh. Also REGINALD his son died 17 September 1886 aged 8 months. And ELSIE MAUD ELLE(N) his daughter died 28 March 1894 aged 20 months. Also SARAH JANE , wife of the above who died 31 May 1898, aged 39 years. 1894
U209 Removed Morris In loving memory of WILLIAM MORRIS of 85 Albany Road, Cardiff. Born 5 July 1855. Died 25 December 1901. "Be ye therefore ready for ye know not when the son of man cometh". Also of MARTHA, beloved wife of the above named William Morris, Born 27 March 1861, Died 19 January 1919. "Underneath are the everlasting arms". Also of GEORGE MATHIAS MORRIS, who departed this life 9 August 1886. Aged 10 months. Also MONA GERTRUDE MORRIS who departed this life 26 October 1886, Aged 3 weeks. The beloved children of William and Martha Morris of this town. 1886
U217 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of ROBERT THOMAS , dearly beloved husband of Anne THOMAS, died 9 July 1917. I have fought the good fight. Also of their beloved son ROBERT JOHN, died 22 October 1918. (interred at Barry Cemetery) Beloved by all. And of BEATRICE ADELINE, died in infancy. Also the above ANNE, died 18 January 1934. Patient in suffering. Till we meet again. 1917
U224 Removed Hawker In loving memory of ELISABETH, beloved wife of Sidney HAWKER, who fell asleep February 23rd, 1937 aged 72 years. Also their daughter MAGGIE, who died October 23rd, 1894 aged 1 year. Loves last gift, remembrance. 1894
U238 Private Smith In Loving Memory of EMILY SUSAN, the beloved daughter of JOHN & MARIA SMITH, who died 19 August 1887, aged 14 years. They shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy. Also of the above JOHN SMITH who was lost at sea XX April 1899, aged 55 years. Also ROBERT HENRY SMITH, died at sea through enemy action April 1941, aged 58. Also EMILY wife of the above JOHN SMITH died 2 August 1949, aged 94 years. 1887
U239 Private Davies In Loving Memory of BENJAMIN ERNEST, eldest son of BENJANIN EDWARD & LOUISA DAVIES, who died 4 August 1902, in his 19th year. Also of three children LOUISA GERTRUDE, TUDOR BRESSINGTON, and WINIFRED, who died in infancy. For ever with the Lord. 1902
U247 Removed Whitaker In loving memory of CHARLES WHITAKER, Born March 3rd, 1855, died October 31st, 1924. And DORA, born November 1886, died March, 1888. Also of ELIZABETH, beloved wife of Charles WHITAKER, born August 4th 1853, died February 21st, 1940. Also ARTHUR, born May 1885, died February, 1888. 1888
U263 Private Lewis In Loving memory of SARAH ANN LEWIS of this Town, who died 14 March 1888 aged 24 years. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh. 1888
U275 Private Hooper In Living Memory of Captain JOHN HOOPER who died at Richmond Road Cardiff 16 February 1886 Aged 83 years. 1888
U296 Private Fish In Loving Memory of JOSEPH HENRY FISH Who passed away suddenly in London July 29th 1930 aged 72 years Late Missionary to Lepers of Robben Island & South Africa. For 41 years. Also in Loving Memory of His beloved and devoted wife Who passed away in South Africa 1924. And who also laboured Amongst the Lepers And Child Jessie 1930
U298 Private Morris In Loving Memory of JOHN RICHARD the beloved husband of ELIZABETH MORRIS, who died Feb 8th 1908, aged 50 years. I know that my redeemer liveth. Also of PHILIP ENOCH beloved son of the above died March 25th 1946 aged 58. Also of the above ELIZABETH died April 13th 1952, aged 90. Also of PHILIP, their son, who died Dec 20, 1886 , aged 14 weeks. Safe in the Arms of Jesus. 1886
U317 Private Davies DAVID DAVIES, died 7th September 1885 age 49. ANNE DAVIES, his wife, died 15 May 1903 age 72. MARIA JENKINS, died 7 August 1935 age 79. 1885
U318 Private Holley In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of George HOLLEY, who departed this life 14 April 1885, aged 43 years. The mistakes of my life have been many, The sins of my heart have been more, and I can scarce see for weeping, but I'll knock at the open door. Also the above GEORGE HOLLEY, beloved husband of Sarah Holley, who died 15 June 1916 aged 75 years. Farewell dear wife, my life is past as love to you my love did last ... 1885
U319 Removed Pike In loving memory of DANIEL PIKE, Born 1843 - Died 1905. Also MARY JANE, his wife, born 1858, died 1924. Also their children, WALTER GEORGE, born 1870 died 1892. ELIZABETH ADELAIDE, born 1884, died 1886. At rest. WALTER GEORGE PIKE, born 27 October 1892, died 6 August 1956. 1905
U323 Private Picton In Loving Memory of WILLIAM PICTON, the beloved husband of Matilda PICTON who departed this life 20 June 1888, aged 23 years. A husband, kind, sincere, lies sleeping here, Though lost in life …. (illegible verse) Also ARTHUR beloved husband of Matida PRICE, died 7 March 1923, aged 60. Also LAURA and TOM, died in infancy. Also MATILDA, beloved wife of Arthur PRICE, died 9 December 1944, aged 80 years. 1888
U339 Removed Theophilus In loving memory of LLEWELLYN THEOPHILUS, who died 13 March 1906, aged 53 years. I know that my redeemer liveth. Also of MARTHA, his wife, who died 22 November 1930 aced 81 years. Also of LEON ARTHUR, son of the above, who died 13 June 1886 aged 2 years. Thy will be done. Also HENRY TIMOTHY, son of the above who died 20 October 1938 aged 57 years. ALBERT THEOPHILUS, died 11 February 1956. 1906
U339 Private Williams Mewn Serchus Gof am DAVID HARRIES anwyl blentyn William a Martha WILLIAMS 10_ Woodville Rd Caerdydd, yr hwn a fu farw 25 tach-dd 1886 yn 15 mis oed. Wele plant yddynt etifeddiaeth yr Arglwydd. Hefyd am SOPHIA WILLAMS o Pontygwaith, yr hon a hunodd yn yr Jesu 12 Rhagfyr 1899, yn 84 oed. Coffadwriaeth y cyfiawn sydd fendigedig. 1886
U339 Translation Williams In Lovely Memoir of DAVID HARRIES dear child of William and Martha WILLIAMS 10_ Woodville Rd Cardiff, who died 25 November 1886 aged 15 months. Behold, children are the inheritance of the Lord. Also about SOPHIA WILLAMS of Pontygwaith, who died in the Jesuits 12 December 1899, aged 84. The memorial of the righteous is wonderful. 1886
U355 Removed Hadley WILLIAM HADLEY, who departed this life, 26 November 1888, aged 63 years. Those who sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him 1888
U361 Removed Roberts In loving memory of MARY, relict of the Late Edward ROBERTS, Letty Street, Cathays, Cardiff, who died 19 December 1911, aged 72. Also of JOSEPH, their son, who died 16 June 1888, aged 8. ROBERTS 1909 & 1911. 1888
U365 Private Ching In Affectionate Remembrance of ELIZA beloved wife of Samuel S CHING who fell asleep in Jesus. 26 November 1886. Aged 70 years. So He giveth His beloved sleep. Also in memory of the above SAMUEL SLEE CHING who died 24 March 1899, aged 83 years. 1886
U370 Private Hill HILL 1888 1921 1926 1945? 1888
U389 Private Howell In loving memory of WILLIAM HOWELL who departed this life 9 May 1887, aged 70 years. Ye sorrow not ever as others which have no hope. Thess iv 13. Also of ALFRED HOWELL, his son, who departed this life 2 January 1895, aged 12 years & 6 months. Also ANN HOWELL who died 14 February 1925, Aged 83. 1887
U390 Private Parry In Affectionate Remembrance of JANE the beloved wife of Alfred PARRY who died 6 September 1888 aged 39 years. Also of DAVID EVAN their son who died 11 September 1887 aged 3 weeks. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also of JOHN JAMES PARRY son of the above who died 25 November 1909 aged 31 years. He cometh forth like a flower and is cut down. Also ELIZA JANE PARRY her daughter who died 20 November 1960 aged 80 years. Into thy Hands. 1888
U396 Private Hazard In Affectionate [remembrance of] JASPER HAZARD who died 20 July 1891, aged 60 years. Also of SUSAN, wife of the above who died 22 January 1892, aged 60 years. Also of SAMUEL who died 28 December 1888 aged 36 years. We cannot tell who next may fall beneath thy chastening rod; … must be first so let us all prepare to meet our God. 1891
U411 Removed Scott In loving memory of HARRIETT, the dearly beloved wife of James SCOTT, late of No. 2 Park Grove, Cardiff, who died 2 December 1919, aged 65. In loving memory of JAMES, the dearly loved husband of Harriett SCOTT, who gassed away 22 July 1933 aged 81. Forever safe, forever blest. Also of three of their children, DONALD STUART, DUDLEY CAMERON and JOHN COLIN, who died in infancy. 1919
U412 Removed Rees CHARLES , husband of Elizabeth REES, died 22 August 1885 age 50. 1915 1942 1945 1885
U414 Private Cocks In affectionate remembrance of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of Joseph COCKS late of Truro, Cornwall who died 19 July 1887, aged 69 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Also of the above named JOSEPH COCKS who died 15 March 1901, aged 92 years. His end was peace. 1887
U415 Private Thorne In Loving Memory of THOMAS THORNE who died at Treherbert January 1888 aged 32 years. 1888
U416 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of EVAN THOMAS who departed this life 22 May 1888, aged 60 years. Not lost but gone before. Also of JANE THOMAS, widow of the above who died 27 April 1899, aged 81 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. 1888
U417 Private Murphy In Loving Memory of WILLIAM PARVIN MURPHY Sergt Major 3rd Welsh, who died at De Aar, S Africa, March 18th 1900 aged 41 years. Also of two of his children, ARTHUR who died at Mauritius July 18th 1885 aged 4 months, and FREDDIE who died Dec 30th 1888, aged 18 months. 1888
U438 Private Ham In Loving Memory of FRANK CLEAVE, younger child of T E HAM, Wesleyan Minister, who passed out of this life 10 December 1887 aged 6 months. He took them up in his arms. 1887
U439 Private John In Affectionate Remembrance of ELIZABETH DAVIES JOHN, who died at Whitland House, Canton, 22 March 1888, aged 56 years. I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. Psa XXX1V 4 Also SAMUEL CLAMPETT CHARLES son-in-law of the above and beloved husband of Nancy CHARLES who died 11 October 1919 in his 66th year. It is the Lord, let Him do what seemeth Him good. Also ANNIE beloved wife of the above who died 11 December 1925, aged 70. Thy will be done. 1888
U441 Private Evans Er Serchus Goffadwriaeth am ELLEN anwyl ferch Evan a Mary EVANS, yr hon a fu farw Ion 5ed 1889, yn 10 mlwydd oed. Gwyn eu byd y rhai pur o gallon; ganys hwy a welant Dduw. Hefyd er serchus Goffadwriaeth am MARY anwyl briod Evan EVANS yr hon a fu farw Rhagfyr 18fed 1891, yn 47 mlwydd oed. Hefyd am JAMES, eu mab yr hwn a fu farw Hydref 21ain 1896, yn 28 mlwydd oed. Hefyd am ELIZABETH, eu merch yr hon a fu farw Chwefror 21ain 1910, yn 35 mlwydd oed. Hefyd am EVAN EVANS, yr uchod, yr hwn a fu farw Mai 7fed 1928, yn 88 mlwydd oed. ……….. 1889
U441 Translation Evans In Loving Memory of ELLEN beloved daughter of Evan and Mary EVANS, who died 5 January 1889, aged 10 years. Blessed are the pure of heart; for they see God. Also in Affectionate Remembrance of MARY dear wife of Evan EVANS who died 18 December 1891, aged 47 years. Also JAMES, their son who died 21 October 1896, aged 28 years. Also ELIZABETH, their daughter who died 21 February 1910, aged 35 years. Also EVAN EVANS, the above, who died 7 May 1928, aged 88 years. 1889
U453 Removed Butler In loving memory of my dear husband, FREDERICK D. BUTLER, who died 22 March 1928 aged 73 yrs. Peace, perfect peace. Also his beloved wife, SARAH ANN who died 25 September 1938 aged 78 yrs. Also of two infant children. 1928
U461 Private Margarett In Loving Memory of PHEBE beloved wife of William MARGRETT who departed this life 25 February 1887 aged 57 years. Also of the above WILLIAM MARGRETT who died [January] 19[13 Aged 83 years.] 1928
U462 Private Rees Bedd EUNICE HANNAH anwyl blentyn JAMES a RACHEL REES o’r lle hwn. Hunodd Tachwedd 14eg 1887 yn dair blwydd a deg mis oed. Eiddo y cyfryw rai yw teyrnas nefoedd. Hefyd eu anwyl ARTHUR yr hwn a hunodd Hydref y 4ydd 1899, yn 5 mlwydd a chwech mis oed. Hefyd eu anwyl ITHEL. Hunodd Ebrill 29ain 1929 yn 38 mlwydd oed. 1887
U462 Translation Rees Grave of EUNICE HANNAH dear child of James and Rachel REES from this place, 14 November 1887 aged three years and ten months old. Such is the kingdom of heaven. Also their beloved ARTHUR who died 4 October 1899, aged 5 years and six months. Also their dear ITHEL, died 29 April 1929, aged 38 years. 1887
U463 Private Rimron In Loving Remembrance of ANN the beloved wife of William RIMRON of this town who died 9 March 1888, aged 54 years. I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there ye may be also. Also of MAUD COOKE grand-daughter of the above born 30 April 1891 died June 16th 1894. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Also EMMA ELIZA SEYERS RIMRON second beloved wife of William RIMRON who died 27 August 1907, aged 63 years. Peace , perfect peace. Also of the above WILLIAM RIMRON who died Feb 4th 1911, aged 79 years. Till the day dawn. 1888
U465 Private Ambrose In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH ANN wife of Charles AMBROSE who died 1 January 1889, aged 61 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Also of WILLIAM TILLER, their son who died November 1896, aged 27 years. Also of the above CHARLES AMBROSE who died April 22nd 1912, aged 80 years. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. 1889
U467 Private Thomas In Affectionate Remembrance of MARY THOMAS died April 2nd 1889, aged 83 years. Also of RHYS THOMAS, son of the above who died March 20th 1890, aged 55 years. Also LILLIE FLORENCE, beloved wife of J H THOMAS, died April 18th 1918, aged 47 years. 1889
U469 Private Brooks In Loving Memory of KATE ANN BROOKS died 18 June 1889, aged 24. Also MARGARET KERR BROOKS, died 16 June 1917, aged 89. Also GEORGE FOITER BROOKS, died 21 July 1920, aged 83. 1889
U470 Private Vaile In Loving Memory of WILLIAM VAILE who died 14 September 1900, aged 50 years. Though lost to life to memory dear. Also of Frank, his son, who died 30 April 1889 in his 3rd year. For of such is the kingdom of heaven. Also of MARY ANN, beloved wife and mother who died 23 April 1939, aged 89 years. Rest in Peace. 1900
U471 Private Maggs In Loving Memory of CLIFFORD HUNTINGTON son of Alfred E & Jenette P MAGGS, who died 3 May 1899, aged 2 years and 1 month. Also ANNIE, beloved wife of G H MAGGS, who died 13 August 1918, aged 80 years. Though death divides fond memory clings. Also of the above GEORGE HENRY MAGGS, who died 22 February 1934, aged [80]. 1899
U478 Removed Wood In loving memory of my beloved husband JOHN WOOD, who died 20 September 1902 aged 60 years. Thy will be done". 1902
U486 Private Carter In Affectionate Remembrance of HARRIET the beloved wife of Thomas CARTER who died 4 June 1887 aged 49 years. Though lost to life to memory dear. Also of the above THOMAS CARTER who died 7 April 1895 aged 62 years. 1887
U491 Private Chivers In Affectionate Remembrance of ANDREW ERNEST the only & beloved son of ENOCH & EMILY CHIVERS who died May 13th 1889 aged 10 years. We cannot Lord thy purpose see, but all is well that’s done by thee. Also EMILY the dearly beloved wife of ENOCH CHIVERS who died Oct 28th 1912, aged 54 years. She hath done what she could. 1889
U493 Private Davies In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH beloved wife of Morgan DAVIES, died 11 April 1926, aged 66 years. Also AGNES ANNIE, their daughter, died 9 June 1889, aged 3 years. Also the above MORGAN DAVIES , died 27 September 1836, aged 85 years. Also ARTHUR, their eldest son, died 9 January 1955, aged 65. 1889
U496 Private Williams In Loving Memory of MARY ELIZABETH, the beloved daughter of DAVID and JANNET WILLIAMS, who died 4 August 1889, aged 7 months and 10 days. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Also of ADELINA, the beloved daughter of the above born 18 May 1890. Died 16 May 1908. A light is from our household gone, A voice we love is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled. Also of GODWIN CYRIL, the beloved so of the above, who died 5 October 1911, aged 13 years. Peace Perfect Peace. Also of JANNET WILLIAMS, the above, who died July 17th 1937, aged 78 years. A loving wife and mother. Also DAVID WILLIAMS the above …… 1945 aged 81 years 1889
U502 Removed Thomas In loving memory of DAVID THOMAS who died 14 February 1904. Worthy of everlasting love. Also MARY his beloved wife who died 17 January 1942, aged 85. Also EDITH and EVAN, died in infancy. 1904
U512 Removed Ace ACE 1887 [Thomas ]Ace [August ]1897[, aged 60.] 1898 1887
U515 Private Mayo In Cherished Souvenir of my Loving Husband WILL MAYO who passed to his rest 1 August 1894. Also JEANETTA LOUISA MAYO died December 1940, [aged 72]. 1894
U516 Removed Robinson In loving memory of LILY GERTRUDE, daughter of Frederick William and Hannah ROBINSON, who died 27 June 1889 aged 7 years. Also of HANNAH, wife of William ROBINSON, died 19 February 1910. Aged 53. 1889
U539 Private Bennett In Loving Memory of BENJAMIN BENNETT who died 12 March 1889, aged 59 years. Joy after sorrow, calm after blast: rest aftr weariness, sweet rest at last. Also EMILY MAUDE REID, granddaughter of the above who died 2 April 1892, aged 9 years. For of such is the kingdom of heaven. Also of ANN , relict of the above BENJAMIN BENNETT, who died 14 January 1913, Aged 83 years. Her end was peace. 1889
U540 Private Hoare In Loving Memory of STEPHEN beloved husband of Emily HOARE died 24 May 1889 aged 47 years. Also EMILY daughter of the above died 14 December 1902 aged 27 years. Also of JENNIE youngest daughter 25 November 1910 aged 25 years. Also the above EMILY HOARE [who died June 1932] In her [9]0th year. 1889
U557 Removed Pryce In loving memory of ANNIE PRYCE, died 20 November 1917 aged 63 years. Also of GEORGE, son of the above, died 5 April 1951, aged 55. Also of DAVID C. PRYCE, her beloved husband, died 16 November 1929, aged 75 years. Also their beloved infant son AUSTIN. 1917
U561 Removed Elliott In loving memory of JANE ELLIOTT, died April, 1888 Aged 41 years. 1888
U562 Private Crabbe In Loving Memory of GEORGE FRANCIS CRABBE who died 24 April 1891, Aged 26 years. Resting in Jesus. Also of two children who died in infancy Also of J F GWYNNE CRABBE eldest son of the above who died 12 May 1911 in his 25th year. Thy will be done. 1891
U567 Private Richards Er Cof Anwyl am HUMBERSTONE baban Joseph a Catherine RICHARDS Crwys Rd, bu farw Awst 18ed 1889 yn 6 wythnos oed. Hefyd ei fam CATHERINE hunodd Mehefin 16eg 1892, yn 43 mlwydd oed. 1889
U567 Translation RichardsIn Beloved Memory of HUMBERSTONE baby of Joseph and Catherine RICHARDS Crwys Road, died 18 August 1889, aged 6 weeks. Also his mother CATHERINE died 16 June 1892, aged 43 years. 1889
U570 Removed Cadwgan In loving memory of JOHN CADWGAN, died 26 November 1925, aged 70 years. Also GWENLLIAN, wife of the above, died 3 October 1931 aged 75 Years. Also EVAN GARFIELD, their son, died 15 December 1920 aged 30 years. Also KATIE, their daughter, died in infancy. 1925
U585 CWGC Turner PERCY RONALD TURNER died 24.10.1918 Staff Serjeant Royal Army Medical Corps, 3rd Western General Hospital, 372005. 1918
U592 Private Haberfield In Loving M[emory] CLARA …….. the beloved daughter of Joseph and Alice HABERFIELD, who departed this life 21 September 1889, aged 7 years and 2 months. He shall feed hi[s fl]ock like a shepherd; He shall gather ……… with his arm; and carry them [in] his bosom Also of …RGE their son who fell asleep in [Jes]us 7 March 1912, in his year. Thy [wil]l be done. Also of CHARLES son of the above who fell in action in France 31 October 1918, aged 25 years. 1918
U595 Private Parker In Loving Memory of WALTER HOWELL PARKER Lord Mayor of Cardiff 1944-45, died 24 March 1946 aged 81 years. Also ELIZABETH ANN his devoted wife, died 18 March 1947 aged 80 years. 1918
U611 Removed Carpenter In affectionate remembrance of FRED, beloved infant son of John H. and Emily CARPENTER who died 19 May 1889 aged 2 years. Suffer little children to come unto Me. Also of JOHN HENRY CARPENTER, who died 20 March 1915 aged 90 years. His end was peace. Also EMILY, wife of the above, died 12 December 1932 aged 90 years. Also THOMAS BRINDLEY, grandchild of the above, died 2 June 1922 aged 18 months. 1889
U615 Removed Sanders In loving memory of COURTREY, the beloved husband of Mary SANDERS who died 14 July 1934 aged 75 years. Also of MARY SANDERS, who died 24 September 1938 aged 79 years. 1934
U634 Private Price MARY wife of LLEWELLYN PRICE who departed this life 23 June 1889 aged 67 years. Like as a father pitieth his children so the Lord pitieth them that fear him. Also LLEWELLYN PRICE who died 30 May 1894 aged 74 years. His end was peace. Also of ELIZA MARY PRICE widow of the above who died 4 January 1911 aged 67. 1889
U634 Removed Hutchings Also of James Loder Hutchings, beloved brother of the aforesaid Eliza Mary Price, Died 1 November 1912, aged 56 years. Gone but not forgotten. 1912
U636 Private Aitken In Loving Memory of JOHN WILLIAM AITKEN who died [April] 1889 aged 36 years. Not lost but gone before. 1889
U638 Removed Senior In loving memory of SARAH, beloved wife of Robert SENIOR, died 26 October 1889, aged 42 years. Also CAROLINE SENIOR, their daughter died 5 June 1899, aged 25 years. Also ROBERT SENIOR, beloved husband of Mary Senior, died 6 October 1927 aged 79 years. Also MARY, died 1 July 1957 aged 100. Until the day break. 1889
U639 Private Jenkins In Loving Memory of EMILY the beloved wife of FRANK WILLIAM JENKINS who departed this life Nov 8th 1889 aged 27 years. It is well with my soul. We cannot Lord thy purpose see, but all is well that’s done by thee. Also of CHARLOTTE DOCTON mother of the above died March 21st 1913, aged 77 years. Also of GEORGE P DOCTON husband of CHARLOTTE DOCTON died Oct 10th 1916 aged 86 years. 1889
U642 Removed Vick In loving memory of EDWIN VICK, died 16 May 1929 aged 70. ELISABETH ANN, his wife, died 1 July 1930 aged 67. CAROLINE, died 3 December 1889, aged 4 months. O Lord, into Thy hands I come. 1929
U643 Removed Davies In loving memory of my dear husband, JOHN DAVIES, died 19 September, 1940 aged 75. Also CATHERINE DAVIES, died 18 June 1947 aged 72. Fragrant memories. 1940
U651 Removed Hitchcock In loving memory of JIM, the beloved and devoted husband of Elizabeth HITCHCOCK, who died 11 December 1889, aged 29 years. Also LILIAN MARY ELIZABETH, daughter of the above who died 11 October 1889 aged 2 years. Also SOLOMON GEORGE HITCHCOCK, our beloved son, died 19 February 1931, aged 45 years. 1889
U652 Removed Thomas In affectionate remembrance of JOHN IVOR THOMAS, third son of David and Elizabeth Thomas, who died 31 July 1889 aged 7 months. Also of JOHN IVOR THOMAS, their fourth son who died 10 December, 1898, aged 4 years. Also ALFRED, 1906 - 1937, Vicar of Llancarfan, 1937 - 1946 NEIL, loved husband of Mazy Elizabeth who died 13 February, 1953 aged 71 years. Also the aforesaid ELIZABETH THOMAS who died 28 February 1953 aged 91 years. Rest eternal grant unto them, 0 Lord and let light perpetual shine upon them. 1889
U658 Private Boden In affectionate remembrance of CHARLES BODEN who was drowned in the East Dock Cardiff on 11 November 1889 aged 41 years. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Also MARY his wife who died 29 August 1904 aged 55 years. Her end was peace. 1889
U659 Removed Edwards In loving memory of GEORGE H. EDWARDS who died 29 December 1925 aged 75 Years. Also his beloved wife CLARA who died 21 March 1892 aged 4, years. Also of their beloved daughter AMY who died 25 June 1931. Also their son THOMAS WILLIAM who died 13 November 1889 aged 10 years. And of ARTHUR and ELIZABETH who died in infancy. 1925
U660 Private Ross In Affectionate Remembrance of BEATRICE ELIZA beloved aughter of JAMES and ELIZA ROSS who died 16 November 1889, aged 4 years and 8 months. We would not call the back dear child though dear to memory still. Also JAMES beloved husband of Eliza ROSS who died 6 April 1916, aged 65 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. Also ELIZA wife of the above who died 8 January 1920, aged 68 years. Also of FLORENCE E A SARGENT died 23 July 1965, aged 82 year 1889
U662 Private Sainsbury In Loving Memory of ALMA beloved wife of Francis SAINSBURY who died 26 November 1889 aged 32 years. Not lost but gone before, for ever ever blest, to view the lane where angels dwell, and weary saints can rest. Also of GERTRUDE ALMA their daughter who died 6 Decemeber 1898 aged 10 years. Also the above FRANCIS SAINSBURY died May 1941 aged 81. 1889
U667 Removed Lennox LENNOX 1890 1890
U677 Removed Jones Also CYRIL HENRY, loved son of Edward and Ada JONES, died 13 September 1930 aged 37. Also EDWARD, devoted husband of Ada JONES, died 3 January 1949 aged 78. 1930
U705 Private Keevil Safe in the Arms of Jesus In Loving Memory of ALBERT THOMAS beloved son of AF & M KEEVIL who died 7 February 1890. Aged 7 months. Also MARY died 6 April 1955 aged 96 and of ALBERT FRANK died 12 February 1962 aged 95. 1890
U711 Private Charles In Affectionate Remembrance of WILLIAM CHARLES who died 7 February 1890, aged 57 years. We have to mourn the loss of one we did our best to save. Beloved on Earth, regretted, gone , remembered in the grave. Also in Loving Memory of MARY ANN CHARLES widow of the above who died 5 January 1892 aged 67 years. At rest. 1890
U714 Removed Trigg In Loving Memory of [P]ERCE[Y] GEORGE (TRIGG), [son of [Mary &] LEWIS EDWIN (TRIGG) [March] 189[0], aged [5 months]. Also MARY beloved wife of EDWIN GEO(RGE) TRIGG, died 4 September 1932, aged 6[4] years. Also the above EDWIN GEORGE TRIGG, died 19 November 1933, aged 69. 1890
U718 Removed Jones In loving remembrance of HANNAH, the beloved wife of Richard JONES, Cathays Terrace, who departed this life 11 February 1890 aged 74 Years. Also of DAVID, son of the above who died 5 February 1896 aged 39 years. Also of the above RICHARD JONES, who died 20 January 1908 aged 77 years. 1890
U726 Removed Williams In loving memory, WILLIAM WILLIAMS (late of Merthyr Tydfil) who departed this life 29 September 1888 aged 63 years. His end was peace. Also of HANNAH, the beloved wife of William WILLIAMS, born 11 June 1824, died 17 September 1914. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also HANNAH, their devoted daughter, died 19 January 1927 aged 75 years. 1888
U727 Removed Williams In loving remembrance of ELIZABETH WILLIAMS who entered into rest 12 February 1890, aged 67 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. 1890
U740 Removed King In loving memory of WILLIAM M. KING, died 13 October 1951 aged 48 years. 1951
U743 Removed Snook In loving memory of Thomas Snook, late Officer of H.M. Customs, a native of Margam who died on February 14th, 1890 aged 64 years. Also of Elizabeth Snook, wife of the above, who died October 7th, 1896 aged 72 yrs. 1890
U748 Private Cullen Sacred to the Memory of THOMAS CULLEN who died [17 February] 1890 aged [46] years. [Also] REGIN[ALD DA]VID youngest [son] of above who died 17 [November 1909] aged 33 years. Also of ELIZABETH CULLEN [died October 1923 Aged 82 years.] 1890
U751 Private Bennett In Memory of ELIZABETH BENNETT who died 6 April 1890, aged 58 years. Also of JOHN BENNETT husband of the above who died 20 September 1890, aged 63 years. Also of WILLIAM BENNETT, their son, who died 23 June 1891, aged 20 years. Thy will be done. 1890
U756 Private Nowell In Loving Memory of GEORGE beloved husband of JOHANNA NOWELL who died Jan 6th 1947, aged 82 years. Also the above JOHANNA who died April 29th 1951, aged 85 years. Re-united. Peace Perfect Peace. 1947
U777 Private Chivers FANNY CHIVERS 1898-1994 Much loved and sadly missed by all who knew her. 1994
U791 Removed Parker PARKER 1890 1906 1912 1890
U794 Private Jenkins In Loving Memory of MARGARET ELIZA the beloved wife of Rev D E JENKINS Canton, Cardiff who died 14 May 1890, aged 52 years. Also FRANK JAMES, pupil teacher, the beloved son of the above who died 30 June 1895, aged 17 years. Their end was peace. Also of the above DAVID EVAN JENKINS who died 11 May 1899 aged 51 years. ….. 1890
U795 Private Griffiths In Affectionate Remembrance of ELIZABETH GRIFFITHS who died 6 October 1889 aged 40 years. Also of HENRY beloved husband of Jane WOODWARD who died 22 May 1890 aged 47 years. Day by day the voice says “Come, enter thine eternal home; asking not if we can spare this dear soul it summons there” Also of the said JANE WOODWARD died March 22nd 1906 , aged 62 years. 1889
U800 Private Spry In Loving Memory of WILLIAM HENRY SPRY 30 June 1891 – 26 September 1926. Rest in Peace 1926
U812 Private Hallett In Loving Memory of SUSAN beloved wife of John HALLETT who died 14 May 1890 aged 58 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of the above JOHN HALLETT who died 21 March 1912 aged 79 years. With Christ. Also …… second …. 1890
U815 Removed Rees In loving memory of WILLIAM, the dearly loved husband of Louisa REES, died 12 August 1916, aged 64. I was weary and he gave me rest. Also FRANK, their son who passed away 19 May 1944 aged 60. A voice we loved is stilled. Also THOMAS ISAAC, their son who died in infancy. Also ALBERT, their son, died 2 January 1894, aged 5. Safe in the arms of Jesus. 1916
U817 Private Skye In Loving Memory of REGINALD SKYE dearly loved husband of ALICE died 23 April 1988 aged 88 and of his devoted wife ALICE died 13 October 1987 aged 92 and their daughter DOREEN LOVELESS beloved wife of PETER died 21 March 1987 aged 66 also baby WILLIAM EVANS brother of ALICE. In God’s Keeping. 1987
U832 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of DAVID THOMAS For 3 …… years an Engine driver TVR, Cardiff, who died suddenly during the memorable strike of railway men, 10 August 1890, aged 73 years. This stone was erected to express the esteemed affection in which the deceased was held by the members of the amalgamated society of railway servants. Also BETSY wife of the above 11 …… 1905. 1890
U853 Private Maskell In Loving Memory of CLIFFORD GEORGE infant son of David George & Alice MASKELL died 21 August 1890, aged 10 months. Also of DAVID GEORGE their son who died 15 December 189[1] , aged 9 months. Also of GLADYS ANNE their daughter who died Feb 1894, aged 1 year and 7 months. Also of GWENLLIAN MARGARET their daughter who died 3 March 189[4], aged 5 years. Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for … the kingdom of Heaven. Also of SYDNEY ARTHUR who died March [1895] aged 5 months. Safe in the arms … 1890
U868 Removed Pederson In loving memory of my dear parents, SALVE PEDERSON, died 23 March 1907 aged 44 years. SUSANNAH COUTTS PEDERSON, died 16 June 1935, aged 68 years. And my infant sister JUANITA. 1907
U869 Private Lear In Resurrection Hope. In Loving memory of ADELE HELENE, the beloved wife of William LEAR, who fell asleep 10 December 1904, aged 62 years. Also of his Mother & sister MARY and MARY ANN LEAR. Until the day dawn. 1904
U870 Private Long In Affectionate Remembrance of FLORENCE MAY the beloved daughter of Edmund & Anne LONG who died 21 September 1890, aged 12 years. Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth. Eccles… Also of the above named ANNE LONG who died 25 March 19X5 aged 74 years. HOPKINS Dorothy Beryl 1890
U882 Removed Edwards In loving memory of ALBERT REES, son of William and Emma EDWARDS, died 6 October 1890 aged 9 years. Borne unto the world above, Angels our little brother greet, Bear him to the throne of Love, place him at the Saviour's feet. Clothed in robes of spotless white, now be dwells with thee in light. Also of the above EMMA EDWARDS, who departed this life 3 August 1897 aged 49 years. Thy will be done. 1890
U886 Removed Saunders SAUNDERS 1890 1891 1890
U894 Private Sandiford In Sweet and Affectionate Memory of our darling mother ANN ISABELLA SANDIFORD who departed this life 1 September 1925, aged 66 years. Loving and kind in all her ways, Upright and just to the end of her days, Sincere and true in heart and mind, A beautiful memory left behind. 1925
U908 Private Hill In Loving Memory of THOMAS HILL the beloved husband of Jane Gillard HILL who died 26 January 1917, aged 63 years. Also NELLIE, JANE, & AMY, the beloved children of the above who died in their infancy. Rest in Peace. Also JANE GILLARD his wife, who died 5 March 1925, aged 61 years. A good wife and a loving mother. 1917
U910 Removed Lovering LOVERING 1890 RICE 1901 LINDSEY 1915 1890
U920 Removed Johnson JOHNSON 1890 1911 1890
U941 Private Cross In Loving Memory of FREDERICK WALTER CROSS died 18 February 1947. 1947
U951 Private Edwards In Loving Memory of DAVID the beloved husband of DINAH EDWARDS who died 24 January 1913, aged 61 years. Gone but never forgotten. Also the above DINAH EDWARDS who died 21 April 1914, aged 63 years. Until the day break and the shadows flee away. 1913
U952 Removed Moxey FRANCES MOXEY, Born 7 May 1836. Died 13 January 1914. Also her grandchildren, EDWIN MOXEY JAMES, Born 14 October 1890. Died 12 December 1890. LIONEL CHALICE JAMES, Born 20 January 1892, Died 16 April 1894. 1914
U969 Private Bird In Loving Memory of MARY JANE BIRD, died 30 December 1890, aged 30 years. And of JAMES HENRY BIRD, died 5 September 1908 aged 48 years. 1890
U977 Removed Webber In loving memory of ANNIE, beloved wife of J. WEBBER. Passed away 20 February 1911, aged 28. Peace, perfect peace. 1911
U981 Removed Perkins In memory JAMES C. PERKINS 1891, JAMES PERKINS 1911, ANNIE PERKINS 1911. 1891
U982 Private Price Sacred [to the Memory of] LLEWELLYN PRICE [died January] 1891 [aged 41 years.] Also [in Loving] memory of ABRAHAM HOWARD [March] 1893 [Aged 67 years.] … die in the Lord. Also of ANN [wife of the] above Abraham HOWARD [died May 1901, aged 79 years.] 1891
U989 Removed Turner In loving memory of ELIZABETH ANN, the beloved wife of John TURNER, who died 5 December 1890 aged 35 years. Not lost, but gone before. 1890