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Plot No Type Surname Inscription date
W2 Private Brown Cherished Memories of AUSTEN KENNETH leading Air Craftsman of Royal Air Force, who gave his life 2 September 1941 - aged 20 years. Dearly Beloved son of William & Janet BROWN. A Brave young life on wing of shining colours. Inspired with hope and love - Like a soldier fell. 1941
W3 Private Howell In Loving Memory of WILLIAM GOUGH HOWELL who died 6 September 1950, aged 85 years. Also his wife ALICE died 8 August 1958, aged 89. 1950
W6 Private Cross To the Dear memory of a Beloved Father and Mother WILLIAM EDWARD CROSS 1898-1976 LILIAN MARGARET 1898-1977 1976
W45 /W53 Removed Jones In loving memory of ANNE, beloved wife of J. H. JONES and devoted mother of Elizabeth and Margaret, Ael-y-bryn, Penylan Road. Born September 1862 Died March 1928 "Eyn a allodd hon hi ai gwnseth." Also of the above JOHN HUGHES JONES, died 1 October 1940 aged 82 "Yn Gorphwys". Also of DAVID VINCENT, beloved husband of Margaret Hughes and dear father of Joan. Died 2 July 1953 aged 63 years. 1928
W52 Removed Griffiths In loving memory of SALINA ANN, beloved wife of Jabez GRIFFITHS who fell asleep 4 April 1928 aged 68 years. "At rest in the Lord". Also the said JABEZ GRIFFITHS who died 31 May 1931 aged 78 years 1928
W53 Removed Jones See W45 --
W54 Removed Williams In loving memory of JOHN, beloved husband of Mary A. WILLIAMS died 3 February 1928 aged 63 years. "Loved by all". Also of MARY A. WILLIAMS died 10 December 1941 aged 75 years "Re-united". To the memory of DAVID THOS. DAVIES (Tom) their beloved son-in-law and dearly loved husband of May Davies who fell asleep 6 August 1943. A devoted husband and loving father "To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die". 1928
W62 Removed Draper In loving memory of ANN CATHERINE, beloved wife of Thomas DRAPER, died 11 April 1935 aged 75 years. Also the said THOMAS died 17 March 1938 aged 75 years. Also MARY ELIZABETH, aged 4 years. Also EARNEST THOMAS aged years. 1935
W65 Removed Yeoland Sacred to the memory of KENNETH FRANCIS dearly beloved only son of Ethel and Donald YEOLAND. Died 15 November 1930 aged 21. "Until we meet again". DONALD HENDRY YEOLAND died 25 September 1965 aged 82 years. 1930
W75 Removed Hoddinott In loving memory of MARY JANE, beloved wife of Edward HODDINOTT who died 17 March 1929 aged 65 years. EDWARD HODDINOTT who died 20 October 1928 aged 67 years. "Thy will be done". 1929
W85 Private Hughes In Loving Memory of THOMAS beloved husband of Sarah HUGHES who died 12 April 1941 aged 76. Also the above SARAH HUGHES died 17 April 1951 aged 91 years. 1941
W94 Removed Popham Also in loving memory of ANNIE POPHAM beloved sister of Maude who passed away 14 June 1951 aged 78 years. 1951
W96 Private Tate In Loving Memory of our dear parents MATTHEW JOHN TATE 1881-1969. MARY JANE TATE 1880-1966. And her Dear Brother JOHN FLOYD 1866-1927. 1927
W107 Private Crook In sweetest memory of JOHN beloved son of John D & Alice CROOK, died 3 September 1930 aged 23 years. Hearts that loved you never forget in memory dear you are with us. 1930
W110 CWGC Willicott 98275 2nd Air Mech G C WILLICOTT Royal Flying Corps 1 February 1918 age 35. God will bind the broken chain closer when we meet again. 1918
W114 Private McGillivray In Loving Memory of JOHN McGILLIVRAY who died 18 October 1926, aged 67 years. Also JANET his beloved wife, who died 3 November 1900, aged 42 years. Also their loved sons Pte ALEXANDER McGILLIVRAY Grenedier Guards killed in Action in Flanders 29 October 1914, aged 30 years. Sergt ALLAN McGILLIVRAY 2nd Cameron Highlanders, killed in Action at St Eloi 19 February 1915, aged 26 years. Also HANNAH PELLA and JAMES their infant children. Thy Will Be Done. 1926
W121 Removed Langley In loving memory of EDMUND the beloved husband of Rosa LANGLEY who died 19 June 1930 aged 32 years. 1930
W124 Removed Thomas In loving memory of JOHN THOMAS 1873 - 1914. Also his beloved wife - ELIZABETH 1871 - 1942. 1914
W128 /W142 /W156 Removed Sims In loving memory of ARTHUR dearly beloved husband of Ann H. SIMS who died 2 December 1937 aged 68 years. Also the said ANN HARRIET SIMS who died 18 April 1942 aged 73 years "Re-united". Also of EDGAR THOMAS who died 18 September 1933. Also SELINA beloved wife of Edgar, died 21 July 1956 "No length of time can dim life's sweetest memories". 1937
W136 Private Pye In Loving Memory of CHARLES PYE United Methodist Minister, born 13 October 1857, died 7 June 1928. And his beloved wife ANNIE TAPSON PYE, born 30 November 1858, died 30 January 1949. And their beloved daughters JANET MARY born 5 September 1898 died 10 April 1956. AMY MARGARET dearly loved wife of William EVANS died 5 August 1956, aged 71. 1928
W142 Removed Sims See W128 --
W150 Private Williams In Loving Memory of WILLIAM WILLIAMS 25 Kimberley Road died 2 July 1929 aged 68. Also his beloved wife MARGARET WILLIAMS died 18 October 1940 aged 77. Also MARGARET DAVIES Granddaughter of the above and daughter of Mr & Mrs Dudley Davies died 18 October 1910 age 21. Thy Will be Done. 1929
W156 Removed Sims See W128 --
W163 Removed Beadon In loving memory of ESTHER LILLIAN, beloved wife of Arthur George BEADON who died 22 September 1934 aged 41 years "Until the day dawns and the shadows flee away". 1934
W170 Removed Perris In loving memory of our dear mother AGNES PERRIS died 3 December 1929 "For to be with Christ in far better". Also my dear husband HAROLD MAPLESTONE, died 28 September 1966 "At rest". 1929
W177 Removed Scott In loving memory of SARAH, the beloved wife of the late Christopher SCOTT who died 13 April 1928 aged 91 years. Also of WILLIAM EDGAR, beloved husband of Mary Ann SCOTT and son of the above who died 20 November 1929 aged 62 years. "For ever with the Lord". 1928
W180 Private Richardson In Loving Memory of GEORGE RICHARDSON, the beloved husband of A L Parker, who fell asleep 7 October 1930 aged 48 years. His sun has gone down while it was yet day. Also the above ANNIE LOUISE PARKER who died on 4 January 1949 aged 69 years. And whose remains were cremated and scattered at Golders Green Crematorium. The Lord is my shepherd. 1930
W200 Removed Griffiths Er Serchus Cof am fy annwyl briod y Parch. WILLIAM GRIFFITHS, Gweinidog y Tabernacl Newydd, Caergybi am 30 mlwydd. Hunodd Ion. 25 1928 yn 70 mylwydd oed. "Coffadwriaeth y cyfiawm sydd fendigedig". Hefyd am ein annwyl fab Wm. Iaser a syrthiodd yn y rhyfel mawr ger Ypres, Ffrainc, Hydref 8 1917 yn 21 ml. oed. "Mewn anghof ni chant fod". Hefyd ei annwyl briod Annie Griffiths, hunodd Rhag. 8 1952 yn 88 ml. oed. "Not goodbye but goodnight we shall all meet again in the morning bright". [Traslation: In Loving Memory of my beloved spouse, the Rev. William Griffiths, New Tabernacle Minister, Holyhead for 30 years. who died 25 January 1928 at 70 years old. Also about our dear son WILLIAM who fell in the great war near Ypres, France, 8 October 1917 aged 21 years old. "In a mistake they can not be". Also his beloved spouse Annie Griffiths, 8 December 1952, 88 years old. "Not goodbye but goodnight we shall all meet again in the morning bright".] 1928
W207 Removed Rees In loving memory of CELIA, the beloved wife of Benjamin REES who died 23 November 1904 in her 63rd year. "Be giveth his beloved sleep". Also of WALTER GEORGE, their son who died 30 January 1888 aged 7 yrs. Also of the above BENJAMIN REES who died 30 March 1913 aged 81 years. Also of ALBERT their son who died 1 January 1898 aged 23 yrs. 1888
W213 Private Gardner In Loving Memory of ANNIE, beloved wife of Fred GARDNER, who died 18 February 1928, aged 71 years. Also FRED, beloved husband of the above, died 4 July 1941, aged 84 years. At Rest. Also IDA, beloved wife of Arthur VICK, died 14 November 1952, aged 69 years. 1928
W215 Removed Coltman In loving memory of DAISY ADELINA COLTMAN who died 4 August 1929 aged 36 yrs. "Thy will be done". 1929
W230 Private James JAMES MATTHIAS JAMES of Trevinert St Davids, who departed this life 2 January 1888 aged 24 years. Gwyn eu dyd y meyrw y rhai sy yn marw yn yr arglwydd. 1888
W231 Private Watkins In Loving Memory of GEORGINA, beloved wife of David Morgan WATKINS, who died 4 April 1929, aged 55 years. Thu will be done. Also of DAVID MORGAN WATKINS, the above, who died 20 May 1936 Aged 67 Years. 1929
W233 Private Wallis In Loving Memory of SIMON THOMAS WALLIS, died 29 June 1929, aged 67 years. Also of ELIZABETH ANN, his wife, died 6 November 1933 aged 78 years. In Death Undvided. 1929
W239 Removed Galpin In loving memory of Charlie the dear son of Edward and Ethel Galpin accidentally killed 29 September 1928 aged 12 yrs. 10 months. "Angels guard thee, sweet love, till morn". Also the above Edward who died 5 January 1943 aged 51 yrs. "To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die". 1928
W241 Removed Cavill CAVILL 1888 1891 1905 1888
W243 Removed Harrison In loving memory of AMOS PARK, the beloved husband of EMMA HARRISON who died 19 November 1938 aged 62. "Thy will be done". Also the said EMMA who died 3 April 1951 aged 88. "United". 1938
W249 Removed Davies Er cof tyner am Olwen, unig ac anwyl ferch E.V. a J. Davies hunodd Rhag. 9 1927 yn 11 mlwydd oed "Rest lightly on her Earth, lightly she rested on thee". Hefyd am yr uchod Evan Vaughan Davies, hunodd Mehefir: 25 1941 yn 59 mlwydd oed. "Worthy of Remembrance". "At rest". Translation: In the memory of OLWEN, the only and beloved daughter of E.V. and J. DAVIES died 9 December 1927, 11 years old. "Rest lightly on her Earth, lightly she rested on thee". Also about the above EVAN VAUGHAN DAVIES, died 25 June 1941 at the age of 59. "Worthy of Remembrance". "At rest".] 1927
W250 Private Mains In Loving Memory of ROBERT, the beloved husband of Annie MAINS, who died 25 January 1931 aged 61. Till we meet again. Also the above ANN ELIZA, died 2 May 1949 aged 69 years. 1931
W253 /W273 Removed Simmons In loving memory of Esther beloved wife of Thomas Simmons who died May 13 1938. "In God's keeping". Also of the above Thomas Simmons who died December 16 1939 "The Lord is my Shepherd". Also Amy (Eva) Watkins, died 26th June 1961. Thomas Frederick and Francis Henry, infant children of Thomas and Esther Simmons. 1938
W259 Removed Knapp In loving memory of EDWIN KNAPP who died 23 October 1929 aged 66 years and FANNY LOUISE, his beloved wife who died 4 September 1955 aged 91 yrs. 1929
W267 Removed Brace Er serchus cof am Tom, annwyl briod Sarah Brace, 85 Penywain Road, yr hwn a hunodd yn yr Iesu ar y Saboth, Nawrth 18, 1928 yn 65 mylwydd oed. Hefyd Sarah Ann ei annwyl briod bu farw Chwefror 24 1947 yn 86 mylwydd oed. In gorffwys. "Canys myfi a wn fod fy mhrynwr yn fyw ac y saif yn y diwedd ar y ddaear". Job XIX, 25. [Translation: In Loving Memory of TOM, beloved spouse of Sarah BRACE, 85 Penywain Road, who sat with Jesus on Saturday, 18 March 1928 aged 65 years old. Also SARAH ANN, his beloved wife, died on 24 February 1947, 86 years old. At rest. "For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth". Job XIX, 25.] 1928
W269 Private Fergusson In Loving Memory of JEAN dearly beloved daughter of George & Jane FERGUSSON 1893 - 1927. Also JANET AGNES FERGUSSON 1863 - 1934. Also GEORGE FERGUSSON 1865 - 1942. 1927
W271 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of our dear parents SAMUEL THOMAS who died 12 September 1932 aged 72 years. ANNIE SARAH THOMAS, who died 28 February 1935 aged 71 years. And of their adopted son REGINALD SCOTT who died 10 September 1927, aged 24 years. To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die. 1927
W272 Removed Watkins In loving memory of William Henry, the beloved husband of Mary Watkins, who died March 30th 1930, aged 71. "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes". Also of the above Mary Watkins who died Oct. 5th 1931 aged 69. "At rest". 1930
W273 Removed Simmons See W253 --
W275 Removed Hopcroft In memory of the beloved daughter and son of R.B. Hopcroft, Alice Maud, who passed away 16 June 1929. Geo. Asquith, 30 June 1931. Also of dear mother Rose Hopcroft died 6 November 1958 aged 75. 1929
W290 Removed Caswell In loving memory of JAMES, the beloved husband of Florence Mabel CASWELL who was called to rest 14 May 1928. Also FLORENCE MABEL his beloved wife with whom be was re-united 6 March [1941 aged 65.] 1928
W293 Private Hart In Loving Memory of HARRIET beloved wife of Samuel HART, died 2 June 1931 aged 84 years. Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to thy cross I cling. 1931
W294 Private Roderick In Loving Memory of RODERICK RODERICK died 15 December 1929 aged 32 years. Also .... 1929
W311 Private Turner In Loving Memory of PAUL TURNER died 18 April 1924, aged 83 years. Also of EMILY his beloved wife, died 13 February 1922, aged 77 years. Sleep on beloved. 1922
W314 Private Lewis In Loving Remembrance of FRANCES THERESA, daughter of Morgan & Lizzie LEWIS of Lower Grangetown, who fell asleep in Jesus on the 5 February 1888 aged 9 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on the gentle breast. Also of ALFRED their youngest son whom God took to himself on the 1 March 1896. Aged 4 years and 7 months. Also of their grandchild ANNIE daughter of Fred & Annie OSBORN who fell asleep 2 September 1917, aged 15 years. Also the above MORGAN LEWIS, beloved husband of Lizzie Lewis, died 10 June 1926, in his 73rd year. Also ELIZABETH eldest daughter died 17 August 1938 aged 65 years. 1888
W322 Removed Chant [CAROLINE ELSIE CECILIA] CHANT [buried 2 November] 1887[, aged 7 weeks] 1897 1918 1942 1887
W322 /W326 Removed Lever In loving memory of Charles Herbert Lever dearly loved husband of Annie, died 8 August 1945 aged 72. 1945
W348 Removed Seabourne In loving memory of John William Seabourne who died 10 December 1928 aged 56 years. Also of Jemima Frances his beloved wife who died 4 January 1962 aged 89 years. 1928
W354 Private Evans In Loving Memory of JOHN EVANS Born 14 February 1856, died 20 October 1926 At Rest 1926
W355 Removed Raymond In loving memory of CATHERINE the beloved wife of David RAYMOND, died 22 May 1888 aged 36 years. Also of the above DAVID RAYMOND, died 30 October 1917 aged 64 years. Also of ANNE, their daughter, who died 26 March 1893 aged 10 years. 1888
W356 Private Griffin In Loving Memory of WILLIAM GRIFFIN who died 22 May 1888 aged 38 years.You see dear wife my days are past, so lone to you my love did last, I pray you may no sorrow take, hope is paradise to make. In Loving Memory of CECELIA daerly beloved wife of James Keith, who died 25 November 1902 aged 50. Dry your tears and do not weep... so love as life did last. 1888
W359 Removed Howells In loving memory of Sarah Ann Howells beloved daughter of William and Harriett Howells of 23 Louisa Street, Docks, Cardiff. Departed this life 14 May 1888 aged 20 years. Also of the above, William Howells, who died 2 July 1906 aged 71 years. 1888
W360 Private Watchorn In Loving Memory of ELIZA the beloved wife of John WATCHORN who died 6 November 1929 age 53 years. Her end was peace. Also of the above JOHN WATCHORN who died 13 December 1948 aged 73 years. 1929
W361 Removed May In loving memory of my dear wife Mary Jane May who died 12 January 1929 aged 70 years. Also Thomas Miller May died 19 June 1945 aged 85 years. 1929
W381 Removed Rowe MARY ROWE 1928 1928
W382 Private Stone In Loving Memory of WILLIAM EDWARD STONE of the (Cardiff Pals) 11th Welsh Regt, son of Emma Jane and the late Edwin Stone, who died at the Cambridge Hospital Aldershot 8 August 1915 aged 25 years. Youth of the times healthful and at ease anticipates a day it ne....s. 1915
W385 Private Ware In Loving Memory of LUCY, beloved wife of John WARE, who died 23 August 1888 aged 24 years. Behold he taketh away who can hinder him, who can say unter him what doest thou. Also in loving memory of LILY beloved wife of John WARE, who departed this life 2 June 1894, aged 25 years. The race appointed have run the fight is over the victory won,now leave this worldof won, to the throne of Jesus go. Also in loving memory of JOHN WARE, the husband of the above named, who died 17 May 1895 aged 26 years. But not for me my parents dear ... 1888
W405 Private James In Loving Memory of GEORGE the beloved husband of Matilda JAMES who died 17 May 1930, aged 72 years. Also of the above MATILDA JAMES who died 27 December 1933 aged 76. And .... 1930
W408 Private Clark In Loving Memory of JANE, beloved wife of William M CLARK, who died 31 January 1933 aged 72 years. Also CICELY, SIDNEY & DAISY, infant children of the above. Also the above WILLIAM M CLARK who died 4 September 1942 age 80 years. 1933
W425 Private Cleves EDWARD CLEVES, who died 29 April 1891, aged 61 years. Absent from the body to be present with the Lord. Also of HARRIET CLEVES, his wife, who died 2 December 1916 aged 78 years. 1891
W426 Removed Stewart In loving memory of Andrew Clark Stewart who died 19 September 1916 aged 51 years. Mary Stevenson Stewart who died 31 January 1937 aged 71 years. Robert Thompson Stewart who died 1891 aged 9 months. Mary Stevenson Stewart who died 3 May 1963 aged 68 years. 1891
W431 Private Meacham In Loving Memory of CLARA ELIZA beloved wife of John MEACHAM died 31 August 1908, aged 59. Also ELSIE MAUD, their daughter died 22 August 1904 aged 11 years. Though lost to sight to memory ever dear. Also WALTER SKINNER, died 9 May 1891 aged 42 years. 1908
W441 Removed Banbury In loving memory of Florence Mary Banbury, died 22 November 1925 aged 40 years. Also in affectionate remembrance of her beloved husband, Arthur Sidney Banbury, killed in action in Flanders 31 July 1917 aged 34 years. 1925
W450 Private Moore In Loving Memory of ALFRED JAMES MOORE, who departed this life 30 May 1891 aged 37 years. Let this vain world delude nomore, behold the caping tomb, it bids us seize the present hour. tomorrow death may come. Also of SARAH MOORE, mother of the above, who died 15 January 1909 aged 75 years. Also of EMILY daughter of the above who died 9 January 1927 aged 65 years. 1891
W451 Private Bamon In Affectionate Remembrance of JAMES BAMON died ... June 1891 aged 72 years. Also ELIZA BAMON Who died 1905 aged 87. 1891
W453 Private Thomas In Loving Memory of MARY the beloved wife of Samuel THOMAS died 18 May 1923 aged 67 years.Her children rose up and called her blessed. Also the above SAMUEL THOMAS who died 19 October 1937 aged 80 years. Also SUSAN MAY died 1890 aged 2 years. Also IVOR SAMUEL died 1901 aged 1 year. 1890
W473 Private Williams In Loving Memory of EVAN MORGAN WILLIAMS, beloved son of Evan & Rebecca WILLIAMS, died on 1 June 1891 passed away to God, aged 25.Also of the Above, EVAN WILLIAMS who died 31 May 1896, aged 55 years. Also in Loving Memory of REBECCA the beloved wife of the above, who died 12 November 1912, aged 71 years. Also in Loving memory of JANE, beloved daughter of the above Evan & Rebecca WILLIAMS who died 16 May 1938. Also their beloved eldest daughter GWENLLIAN, died 28 September 1944. Their beloved daughter ELIZABETH WILLIAMS. 1891
W476 Private Lewis In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH, daughter of Lewis & Ann LEWIS, who died 2 July 1891 aged 18 years. Thy will be done. Also LEWIS LEWIS, beloved husband of Ann Lewis and father of the above who died 23 October 1909 aged 72. Who so fearest the Lord, it shall be well with him at the last, and he shall find favour in the days of his death. Also ANN, mother & Relict of the above, who departed this life 28 December 1916, aged 79 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. 1891
W478 Private Evans In Loving Memory of my dear husband DAVID EVANS, who died 23 November 1923 aged 68 years. Also ELIZABETH ANN his beloved wife who died 6 January 1931, aged 71 years. Also SUSIE their loved baby who died in infancy 4 July 1891. Never Forgotten. 1891
W497 Removed Jones In loving memory of Arthur Daniel Jones who died 15th October 1862 aged 46 yrs. Also of Alfred Poole Jones, his youngest son 1/24th Corp. London Regt. Killed at GIVENCHY, France 25th May 1915 in his 25th year. 1862
W500 Private Jenkins In Loving Memory of DAVID OWEN JENKINS (of Louisa Street) Died 13 December 1896, aged 35 years. He weakened my strength by the way, he shortened my days, Gostyngodd efe fy nerth ar y ffordd byrhaodd fy nyddiau. 1896
W501 Removed Davies In loving memory of David Davies, Railway Hotel, Llandaff Station, who died December 23 1903 aged 65 yrs. Also of Mary Ann, his wife, who died July 21st 1891 aged 39 yrs. "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord'. 1891
W506 Removed Gage [Sophia Gage buried 5 August 1891, aged 52. Laura Gage buried 21 March 1934, aged 63 years. Joseph William Gage buried 28 September 1937, aged 69 years.] 1891
W524 Removed Lewis In loving memory of my beloved husband John Lewis, died January 22 1911 aged 55 years. He suffered patiently and long, his hope was bright, his faith was strong. The peace of Jesus filled his breast, and in his arms he sank to rest. Also his dearly beloved ware Sarah died May 1st 1952 aged 84 years. 1911
W528 Private Williams ... [JANE ANN WILLIAMS who died] 8 November 1925 Aged 79 years. 1925
W532 Removed Winter In loving memory of Fanny the beloved wife of George Winter who died July 29th 1910 aged 64 yrs. 1910
W546 Removed Enoch In loving memory of THOMAS ENOCH, beloved child of William Edgar and Ada Evans died 11 January 1911 aged 3 yrs. Also of HILDA MURIEL, their dearly loved daughter who died 13 March 1923 aged 24 yrs. Also of GILLIAN LUCIE, darling baby daughter of Tom and Joan BLACKMORE died 26 December 1946 aged 8 wks. 1911
W547 Removed Rouse ROUSE 1916 1940 1952 Edith May JENKINS. 1915
W549 Removed Pollock In loving memory of my dear husband JOHN POLLOCK died 7 December 1935. CECILIA HUTCHINSON my mother died 11 January 1911 1911
W550 Private Johnson In Loving Memory of FLORENCE (FLO) beloved wife of William Oliver JOHNSON, who died 8 December 1910, aged 26 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. 1910
W552 Private Farley In Loving Memory of EDWARD RICHARD, the beloved husband of Margaret FARLEY, who died 5 December 1910. Aged 19 years. Thy will be done. 1910
W553 Private Lewis In Loving Memory of JAMES RICH, beloved husband of Lavinia Fanny LEWIS who died 4 October 1910, aged 54 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of CATHERINE RICH aunt of the above who died 17 April 1911 aged 86 years. Also of LAVINIA FANNY wife of the above named James Rich LEWIS, died 26 July 1920, aged 63 years. 1910
W562 /W587 Removed Beale In loving memory of HENRY and EMILY BEALE and 4 of their Children. Also ROBERT HENRY BEALE, their son, died 2 April 1945 aged 57 yrs. 1945
W566 Removed Ferguson In loving memory of MARTHA FERGUSON died 7 December 1960 aged 87 yrs. Sadly missed by daughter Violet and grandchildren Ray and Derry. 1960
W574 Private Kinloch ROBERT KINLOCH, who died 1916 aged 73. JEANIE KINLOCH, his wife who died 1919 aged 74. And THOMAS FLEMING her brother who died 1891 aged 32. 1891
W579 Private Jeans In Loving Memory of SUSAN the beloved wife of John David JEANS who died 18 March 1899, aged 48 years. A loving wife a devoted mother. Her end was peace. Also GILBERT WALLACE son of the above who died 13 October 1891, aged 5 months. Also of the above JOHN DAVID JEANS who died 27 June 1917, aged 67 years. On that happy easter morning All the graves their dead restore, Father, Sister Child and Mother, meet once more. Also ELIZABETH GOODING died 22 May 1955, aged 82 years. 1899
W596 Removed Davies In Loving memory of DAVID ENOCH DAFF DAVIES, born 9 March 1851, died 1 April 1894. Also LEAH, wife of the above, who died 24 January 1915, aged 83 years. 1894
W598 Private Theophilus Angof uwch anghof am Elizabeth, anwyl briod Timothy Theophilus yr hon a hunodd yn yr Jesu, awst 16 1918 yn 57 oed. Yr hyn a allodd hon hi ai gwnaeth. Hefyd am Beatrice Margaret a David Arthur a fu farw yn ei babandod. Hefyd am Timothy Theophilus bu farw Meh 3 1936 yn 80 mylwydd oed. [Translation: A forgotten memory of ELIZABETH, beloved spouse of Timothy THEOPHILUS, who died in Jesu, on 16 November 1918, 57. What she did or she did. Also Beatrice Margaret and David Arthur who died in infancy. Also for TIMOTHY THEOPHILUS, 3 June 1936 died 80 years old.] Also their beloved daughter REBECCA WILLIAMS, died 20 January 1950. Also their daughter GERTRUDE MABEL died 20August 1962. 1918
W599 Removed John JOHN 1891 1905 1936 1891
W602 Private Stone In Loving Memory of EDWIN beloved husband of Emma Jane STONE who died 19 January 1909 aged 58 years. And so shall we ever be with the Lord. Also JOHN HENRY, their son, who died 12 October 1891 aged 2 years. Also RICHARD, their son , who died 3 March 1894 aged 14 months. Suffer little children, come unto me. Also EMMA JANE STONE, who died 6 December 1925 aged 71 years. Thy will be done. 1891
W603 Private Bryant In Loving Memory of ARTHUR BRYANT, beloved husband of Alice Bryant, died 4 June 1915 aged 61 years. Also of the children MARGARET ELLA died 24 October 1891 aged 3 years 1 month. ERNEST GORDON died 1 June 1914 aged 7. Also ALICE died 5 December 1959 aged 93. 1891
W605 Private Hill In Loving Remembrance of THOMAS HILL, who departed this life 26 October 1891 aged 61 years. So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm XC.12. Also of ARTHUR MAYNARD, son of the above, who died 5 March 1912, aged 42 years. Also of CATHERINE, relict of the above named Thomas HILL died 18 April 1913 aged 78 years. 1891
W617 Removed Staines In loving memory of CHARLES STAINES died 23 March 1922 aged 74 yrs. Also of ANNIE, his wife. Died 4 May 1922 aged 75 yrs. Also of their son WILLIAM CHARLES died 31 March 1914 aged 28 yrs. Interred at Melbourne. EDWIN JAMES. Died 22 December 1892 aged 3 yrs. 1922
W623 Removed Brown In loving memory of Hugh Brown died 18 October 18 1891 aged 57 yrs. Also in memory of Grace Jane widow of the aforesaid Hugh Brown who died February 6th 1918 aged 83 yrs. 1891
W627 Private Jones In Loving Memory of GERTRUDE ROSAMOND, beloved child of RICHARD T & B R JONES late of Cardiff Now of Merthyr Tydfil who died 10 November 1891 aged 3 and a half years. Suffer litle children to come unto me. Also JOHN JONES born 20 July 1840, died 11 March 1913. The Lord is my light & Salvation. And ANNE JONES born 23 October 1843 died ... 1891
W629 Private Moore In Loving Memory of JAMES WRIGHT MOORE born 18 December 1818, died 12 November 1891. I know that my redeemer liveth. Also of ANN the beloved wife of the above, born 13 April 1826, died 6 March 1898. We shall go to her but she will not return to us. Also ANNIE LYDIA FLETCHER, daughter of the above, died 6 May 1938 aged 82 years. At rest. 1891
W646 Removed Jenkins In grateful memory of Frederick James Jenkins beloved husband of Mary called to higher service 11th April 1948 aged 61 yrs. Also their son William James who died in infancy, and Mary Adeline Jenkins died 26th February 1950 aged 72 yrs. Also of Catherine Gray died 4th July 1953 aged 86 yrs. 1948
W649 Private Meredith In Loving Memory of JOHN the beloved husband of Mary MEREDITH, who died 26 January 1903, aged 60 years. Also of FREDERICK BENJAMIN, son of the above, who died 12 November 1891, aged 12 years. 1891
W651 Private Johns In Affectionate Remembrance of JOHN JOHNS who died 17 November 1891 aged 47 years. An old servant of the TVR not lost but gone before. Also In Loving Remembrance of ALEXANDER JAMES beloved son of James & Ella Augusta [FRANCIS] who died 7 November 1893 aged 2 months. Also of JANE JOHNS wife of the above who died 14 July 1895 aged 71 years. 1891
W662 Removed Paddon In loving memory of Elizabeth Jane Paddon died November 29th 1936 aged 66 yrs. Also her husband Thomas Henry Paddon died January 29th 1954 aged 67 yrs. 1936
W670 Private Grey In Affectionate Remembrance of WILLIAM CECIL (Cadet, Artist's Rifles) beloved younger son of William & Sarah Sarah Alice GREY who died at Warley Hospital Brentwood, 30 October 1918, aged 18 years. also of the above named SARAH ALICE, the dearly loved wife of William GREY who passed away 5 February 1925, aged 63 years. I shall be satisfied when I awake in thy likeness. Also the above WILLIAM GREY JP, Lord Mayor of Cardiff 1926-27, and alderman of this city, beloved husband of Catherine Grey, called to higher service 23 September 1935, aged 75 years. Also their daughter LILIIAN HAYWARD, died 6 January 1949, aged 55. 1918
W676 Private Harding In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH, beloved wife of David HARDING, who died 4 December 1891 aged 49 years. Precious in the sight of the Loed, is the death of his saints. Also of SAMUEL, their son, who died 15 September 1892 aged 28 years. The Lord gave and the Loed hath taken away. Also the above DAVID HARDING, died 21 March 190 aged 65 years. 1891
W690 Removed Thomas In loving memory of two infant children of F.J. and M.A. Thomas. Nellie, died Feb. 26th 1892 aged 3 months. Frederick John died Sept. 7th 1894 aged 5 months. Also their dear son Hurman, lost his life at sea June 6th 1941 aged 44 yrs. Also of Walter Reginald Thomas died July 12th 1957 aged 56 yrs. Also of Margaret Ann Thomas died August 9th 1958 aged 88 yrs. Also of Frederick John Thomas beloved husband of Margaret passed away Sept. 21st. 1953 aged 84 yrs. 1892
W697 /W719 Removed Miles In loving memory of Gertrude, the beloved daughter of John and Agnes Miles who entered into spirit life Jan. 16th 1892 in her 14th year. Also of the said Agnes Miles who passed away Sept. 19th 1919. Also of Joan Miles who passed on July 11th 1931. 1892
W698 Private Rumbelow In Affectionate Remembrance of ELIZABETH RUMBELOW of Shirewell, Devon, who died 10 January 1892, aged 39 years. In thee O Lord I put my trust. Also MARY sister of the above and beloved wife of S COLLINS who died 29 December 1916, aged 80 years. 1892
W720 Private Francis In Loving Memory of PHILLIP FRANCIS a native of this town, who died 22 January 1892, aged 68 years.His end was Peace. Also of SAMUEL B THOMPSON who died 14 March 1903, aged 71 years. Also of MARY ANN THOMPSON beloved wife of the above, who died 9 January 1918, aged 79 years. Forever with the Lord. A Loving wife and devoted Mother. 1892
W734 Removed Burridge In loving memory of Albert Short Burridge who died March 28th 1892 aged 54 yrs. 1892
W738 Removed Hughes In loving memory of the Revd. Hugh Owen Hughes for 61 years a Wesleyan Minister who died at Caerwys, Ruthin Gardens, Cardiff 16th April 1937 aged 86 yrs. Also of Hannah his beloved wife. A true helpmate and fellow worker during the many years of his Ministry who died 28th Jan. 1944 aged 90. "In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths" 1937
W740 /W761 Private Scott In Loving Remembrance of JOHN SCOTT of Richmond Road, Cardiff who departed this life 9 February 1892 aged 45 years. Also of MARY JANE, wife of the above, who died 9 July 1916 aged 75 years 1892
W741 Private Williams In Sacred Memory of our dear parents WILLIAM WILLIAMS died 17 May 1941 aged 75 years. MARY WILLIAMS died 29 April 1961 aged 95 years. ... Everlasting Love. 1941
W760 Removed Thomas David Terry Thomas. Died Aug. 27th 1917. Mary Ann Thomas died July 5th 1941 aged 80. 1917
W761 Private Scott See W740 --
W763 Private Hart In Loving Memory of MARY ANN AGNES, the beloved wife of George W HART, who died 12 February 1898, aged 44 years. Her children shall call her blessed. Also of JOSEPH, infant son of the above, who died 14 March 1892, aged 5 months. Also the above GEORGE, who died 14 September 1932, in his 80th year. My God in him will I trust. Psalm 91.2 1898
W777 Removed Witcomb In loving memory of James, beloved husband of Naomi who died April 23rd 1926 aged 67 yrs. Also Naomi Witcomb who died April 21 1944 aged 83 yrs. Also their beloved children Elizabeth Charlotte and Thomas, who died in infancy. 1926
W782 Removed Brown ANDREW BROWN died 8 December 1930 Aged 70 years. Also GEORGE PEDEN his infant son [Died 1892]. Also DUNCAN ALEXANDER CONNELL, son in law died 8 October 1918 aged 38 years. [BROWN 1937] 1892
W783 Private Richards In Loving memory of MARTHA RICHARDS, beloved mother of E Richards died April 1892 aged 64 years. 1892
W785 Private Griffey In Loving Memory of JAMES GRIFFEY, who fell asleep in Jesus, 7 April 1892, aged 43 years. I was weary and he gave me rest. Also of JOHN GRIFFEY, father of the above, who died 16 March 1908, aged 96 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. 1892
W803 Removed Jones In loving memory of Herbert William, son of William and Eliza Jones of 6 Duke Street, Cardiff, who entered into rest September 23rd 1900 aged 36 yrs. In affectionate memory of William Jones who fell asleep Dec. 1st 1896 aged 70 yrs. Also of Eliza his beloved wife who fell asleep July 9th 1898 aged 71 yrs. 1896
W804 Removed Birney BIRNEY 1861 1892 1907 1916 1861
W804 Private Humphreys In Loving Memory of FREDERICK JAMES HUMPHREYS 16 December 1857 - 27 December 1933. And of his Dearly Loved Wife MARY, 11 February 1892 - 26 July 1935. 1933
W808 Removed Haffron In loving memory of Mary Esnouf beloved wife of Roger John Haffron. Born at St. Laurence Jersey. Died at Cardiff April 24th 1892 aged 71 yrs. "Thy will be done". Also Alfred Philip, their son, died February 3rd 1914 aged 54 yrs. Also the above Roger John Haffron died April 17th 1914 aged 82 yrs. 1892
W825 Private Sparkes In Loving memory of ELIZABETH, wife of William SPARKES, died 19 December 1899 aged 64 years. Also CHARLES, son of above, died 20 May 1892 aged 21 years. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord. Also of the above, WILLIAM SPARKES aged 68 years who died 1 February 1906. And rests in full assurance of the the truth of 1 COR 15 CH. 1892
W835 Removed Stark In loving memory of two sons of M. and M. J. Stark. James Edward (Ted) who died Sept. 25th 1904 in his 16th year. Ernest Oscar who died July 29th 1892 aged 5 weeks. Also in loving memory of the aforenamed Morgan Stark who died Sunday, October 14th 1928 aged 66 years. Also in loving memory of the aforementioned Mary Jane stark who died Dec. 1st 1941 aged 73 Years. 1892
W844 Private Harman In Loving memory of WILLIAM HARMAN, Master Mariner, who died 30 November 1902 aged 62 years. Thy Will be done. Also of CHARLES HERBERT, infant son of the above, who died 22 June 1892 aged 13 months. Also of JAMES, son of the above who died 21 December 1908 Aged 22 years. A devoted son and sadly missed He giveth his beloved sleep. 1892
W854 Removed Harding In loving memory of Mary, beloved wife of Herbert Harding (Ty Lui) Wenvoe who died August 31st 1927 aged 74 years. Also of the above Herbert Harding who died June 20th 1923 aged 72 yrs. Also of Winifred Elsie, their daughter who died in infancy. 1927
W864 Private Taylor In Loving Memory of JOHN TAYLOR died 2 July 1892, aged 68 years. Also of JANE his beloved wife, died 30 September 1903, aged 78 years. We loved them oh no tongue can tell How much we loved them or how well The Lord loved them too And thought it best to take them home with him to rest. 1892
W867 Removed Horwood In ever loving memory of Sarah Jane, the beloved wife of Richard Horwood, died July 5th 1919 aged 53 years. Also of Gwladys their daughter, died July 23rd 1892 aged 13 months. Also of the above Richard Harwood died Nov. 14th 1936 aged 72 years. 1892
W862 /882 Removed Thornley In loving memory of GODFREY WATHEN infant act of Tudor and Edith THORNLEY of Denton, Llandaff, who died 26 January 1906 aged 3 months. 1906
W863 Removed Turner In loving memory of EPHRAIM TURNER the beloved husband of Ann Turner who fell asleep at Cefn Coed, Penylan, Cardiff, on 14 December 1911. "Ernest in life, Peaceful in death". Also the above ANN TURNER who also fell asleep at Cefn Coed on 13 January 1916. "Until the morning breaks". And of Annie daughter of the above named who died on 3) June 1954. 1911
W883 Removed Thomas In loving memory of Edward Thomas, Cyra, Romilly Road, Canton. Died February 17th 1907 aged 65 years. "Therefore be ye also ready". 1907
W884 Removed Richards In loving memory of Elisabeth Jane Richards, died 25th April 1905 aged 51 years. Also of Edward Richards died April 9th 1941 in his 87th year. Also of Elisabeth Richards, beloved wife of Edward Richards died Feb. 4th 1933 aged 70. 1905
W888 Removed Phelps In loving memory of John Phelps who died Aug. 13th 1892 aged 49 years. Also of Maria, his beloved wife who died March 3rd 1928 aged 72 years. 1892
W901 /W919 Removed Morgan In loving rotary of ANNIE, the dearly beloved wife of David MORGAN, architect of this city. Born 10 March 1860 Died 7 June 1907 "Felly y rhydd efe hun i'w annwylyd". Sacred to the memory of ANNE the beloved wife of Capt. William WILLIAMS of Newport, Pembs. who died 21 April 1934 aged 67 years. In loving memory of ANNIE GWENDOLINE the dearly beloved wife of Clarence C. REES, 32nd , Welsh Brigade BFA and devoted daughter of David Morgan, architect, died 13 February 1916 aged 28 years. "Sleep beloved sleep". 1907
W902 /W920 /W940 Removed Cory In loving memory of ELISABETH HOSKINS the dearly beloved wife of James Herbert CORY of Corytown, Whitchurch, who died 1 February 1908 "Resting". Also of the above Sir JAMES HERBERT CORY, Bart D.L. J.P. Dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth Cansh Walker who died at Coryton, 7 February 1933. Also of ELIZABETH CANSH dearly beloved wife of the above who died 23 November 1956. 1908
W903 Removed Thomas In loving memory of Elsie Margaret eldest daughter of T.E. and E. M. Thomas of the Cottage, llantrissant. Born December 18th 1898 Died November 12th 1910 "Suffer little children to case unto me". Also of Thomas Edward Thomas, 13 Romilly Road. Died February 6th 1929 aged 64 years. In loving memory of Eva Maud Thomas beloved wife of T. E. Thomas Died November 27th 1929 aged 63 years. 1910
W904 /923 Removed Birney In loving memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of Hugh Birney who fell asleep in Jesus May 14th 1907 aged 68 years. Also of the above Hugh Birney who entered into rest April 18th 1916 aged 74 years. In loving memory of William (Willie) Birney the dearly beloved and only child of Hugh and Elizabeth S. Birney who fell asleep in Jesus August 25th, 1892 aged 25 years. Also of Thomas Faulkner father of Elizabeth S. Birney who slept in Jesus July 6th 1881 aged 69 years. Also of Thomas Faulkner father of Elizabeth S. Birney who slept in Jesus July 6th 1881 aged 69 years. 1892
W907 Removed Sanders In loving memory of William Sanders, Pilot, who departed this life Dec. 10th 1899 aged 49 years. Also in loving memory of Robert Wise Sanders beloved son of William and Fanny Sanders who died Sept. 15th 1892 aged 5 years. 1892
W910 Removed Donald To memory ever dear of Martha Jane Donald who died May 31st 1936 aged 74 years. Also Thomas Donald died February 24th 1947 aged 84 years. In loving memory of John Roper who died September 18th 1892 aged 32 years. 1936
W916 Removed Price In loving memory of Mary Alice, beloved wife of Robert Price. Died October 29th 1892 aged 23 yrs. Also of Robert Price. Died February 5th 1895 aged 29 yrs. "At rest" 1892
W920 Removed Cory See W902 --
W924 Removed Gibson In loving memory of John F. Gibson the beloved husband of Sarah Gibson who died February 24th 1920 aged 67 years. Also the above Sarah Gibson who died December 10th 1955 aged 90 years. Also of their daughter, Annie Elizabeth who died September 17th 1892 aged 2 months. 1892
W934 Removed Turner Sacred to the memory of DAVID TURNER (Shipwright) who departed this life 27 June 1896 aged 67 years. Also of SARAH wife of the above who departed this life 2 June 1910 aged 74 years. Also of VIOLET ALICE TURNER, their grandchild who departed this life 23 November 1892 aged 2 years. Also of SARAH ANN (NANCE) their daughter who departed this life 25 February 1883 aged 27 years. Interred at St. Augustines, Penarth. 1896
W938 Removed Roberts In loving memory of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of Evan ROBERTS, Westcross, Penarth. Born 27 April 1841 Died 12 August 1906. Also of the above EVAN ROBERTS who died 11 November 1922 aged 77 Years. Also of MARY ROBERTS, sister of Evan, died 17 November 1954 aged 96 years. 1906
W940 Removed Cory See W902 --
W957 Removed Jones To the dearly loved memory of EVAN JONES, Brooklands, Penarth. Died 19 September 1921 aged 82 years. And of Margaret, his wife. Died September 30th 1935 aged 87 years. Also Edith Margaret Jones their daughter. Died December 22nd 1944. "Of such is the Kingdom of heaven". 1921
W958 Private Gray To the Dear memory of WILLIAM, beloved husband of Ada GRAY, who passed away 17 July 1926 aged 59 years. Also of WILLIAM NORRIS, who died 6 January 1959 The Lord is my shepherd. 1926
W959 Private Thomas Sacred to the Memory of ELIZABETH, beloved wife of William Mathias THOMAS, who died 7 February 1917 aged 63. Also the above WILLIAM MATHIAS THOMAS who died 31 October 1919. Aged 67 years. At Rest. 1917
W976 Removed Glanville In loving memory of SUSAN GLANVILLE late of Hayle, Cornwell who died 20 January 1908 aged 86 years. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord". We miss thee and mourn thee in silence unseen and dwell on the memory of time that has been. Also THOMAS BENJAMIN OXLAND MBE (Master Mariner) Born Oreston, Plymouth, 16 June 1854 Died Cardiff 23 December 1922. And EMILY, wife at Thomas OXLAND who died 27 June 1929 aged 71 years. 1908
W977 Removed Samuel Sacred to the memory of ELINOR, beloved wife of Morgan SAMUEL. Her death occurred at her birthplace Carm Ivy, Gower 18 October 1913 aged 74. Also of the above MORGAN SAMUEL who died 16 January 1932 aged 94 years "And they sing as it were a new song before the throne". Their daughter NELLIE JANE died 16 August 1923 aged 47 years. 1913
W978 Private Knight In Loving Memory of ANNIE ADA KNIGHT the beloved daughter of A & S HARRIS and loving wife of H H Knight who passed away 24 February 1917, aged 26 years. The Day was never dull when she was near. 1917
W993/W1011 Removed Abraham In loving memory of DAVID ABRAHAM, mining engineer. late of Merthyr Tydfil. Born March 20th 1841 Died 22 March 1904. Also of ANN beloved wife of the above. Died 4 August 1916 aged 79 years. 1904
W995 Removed Samuel In loving memory of CONSTANCE CLARIBEL daughter of Henry and Clari SAMUEL. Born 11 September 1921. Died 5 December 1922. Also of HENRY JOHN second son of the above. Born 22 October 1909. Died 10 August 1910. "Suffer little children to come onto me". In loving memory of Dr. HENRY SAMUEL D.S.O. beloved husband of Clari Samuel who passed away 10 January 1937 aged 57 years. "Resting". CLARI wife of Dr. Henry SAMUEL who died 26 May 1953. Also their dearly loved daughter BARBARA who died 30 May 1945 in her 21st year. "In heavenly love abiding". 1922