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Plot No Type Surname Inscription date
W1002 Removed Thomas In loving memory of John, beloved husband of Jessie A. Thomas died March 26th 1934 aged 69 yrs. Also his dear wife Jessie Anne Thomas died Octoberr 6th 1960 aged 91 yrs. Also their infant daughter Mabel Mary. 1934
W1011 Removed Jones In loving memory of the Rev. James Gwilym Jones who died December 28th 1925 aged 58 yrs. while a minister at Westbourne Congregational Church, Bournemouth "Not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to his mercy he saved us". Also his wife Catherine Ann who died May 31st in her 90th year “Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever". 1925
W1012 Removed Kitto In loving memory of John T. Kitto who died December 21st 1910 aged 54 yrs. Also of Francis beloved son of John and Elizabeth Kitto who died August 19th 1937 aged 59 yrs. Also Elizabeth Jane. Died January 19th 1942 aged 85 yrs. 1910
W1013 Removed Philp ln loving memory of Ellen, beloved wife at G. C. S. Philp. Died August 2nd 1920 aged 63 yrs. Also their adopted daughter Florence, Died December 31st 1911 aged 23 yrs. George Charles Smith Philp husband of Ellen Philp, Died 11th March 1933 aged 90 yrs. 1911
W1014 Private Philp In Loving Memory of SALLIE, the beloved wife of B L PHILP, Cardiff. and the ever loving daughter of William & Sarah Morgan, died 6 May 1918, aged 24 years. Thy will be done. 1918
W1027 Removed James In loving memory of Henry James died Jan. 9th 1893 aged 8 months. Rosa Jane James, died Dec. 28th 1900 aged 35 yrs. Also John James died Feb. 4th 1931 aged 65 yrs. 1893
W1028 Removed Rowe In loving memory of Edwin Rowe, fell asleep Aug. 14th 1905 aged 56 yrs. Also Mary Brayley Rowe widow of the above. Died March 13th 1923 aged 69 yrs. Also Bessie Louise Rowe, their daughter died Oct. 2nd 1941 aged 58. Also their youngest son Arthur Leslie Rowe, Chief Engineer R.N.Transport Service, killed at sea May 1st 1917 aged 29 yrs. Also their eldest son Lieut. Edwin Vivian Rowe Welch Regt. killed in France Sept. 1 1918 aged 37 yrs. The beloved husband of Elsie Baker Rowe. Also their second son Major Donald Newcombe Rowe, late Worcester Regt. The beloved husband of Gladys May Rowe. Died Sept. 16th 1926 aged 41 yrs. 1905
W1029 /W1045 Removed Wilkins In loving memory of Henry William Wilkins who fell asleep in Jesus April 28th 1907 at Rosemount, Barry Island, aged 70 yrs. Also of Caroline Ann, his wife who fell asleep in Jesus March 18th 1913 at 181 Clare Road, Cardiff, aged 72 years. “ At eventide it shall be light”. Also Mary Hatfield Maisey. 1907
W1030 Removed Preece “It is I, be not afraid”. Sacred to the memory of ANN, beloved wife of William PREECE, Cardiff, Died 11 July 1910 aged 68 yrs. Also of JOHN, the beloved son of William and Ann PREECE Died 9 September 1914 aged 33 yrs. In loving memory of WILLIAM PREECE Died 26 February 1917 aged 79 years. 1910
W1031 Private Owen Er cof anwyl am DANIEL OWEN, (ap Rhydderch), anwyl briod Mary Ann Owen, Caerdydd. Yr hwn a fu farw 7 Ionawr 1912 yn 58 Mlwydd oed. Hefyd MARY ANN, anwyl briod yr uchod yr hon a fu farw 30 Ebrill 1917, yn 83 mlwydd oed. 1912
W1034 /W1050 Removed Hurley In loving memory of Florence Mary beloved daughter of Nat. and Alice S Hurley died June 26th 1907 in her 21st year. Beloved by all. 1907
W1047 Removed Jones In loving memory of the Rev. Peter Jones (Wesleyan Minister) died Jan. 23rd 1914 aged 76 yrs. Also of Ann, his beloved wife died Sept. 8th 1914 aged 73 yrs. "Peace Perfect Peace". Also of Arabella Elizabeth beloved wife of Thomas Lewis and daughter of the aforesaid died May 18th 1938 aged 68 yrs. "At Rest". Also of Thomas beloved husband of Arabella E. Lewis Died April 9th 1942 aged 73 yrs. 1914
W1048 Removed Pritchard Coffa Edmygwr Am Y Parch T. J. Pritchard (Glan Dyfi) Gweinidog Wesleyaidd 43 ml. Cadeirydd talaith y de 1912-17 Llywydd y Gymanfa 1911. Bu farw yng Nghaerdydd Ionawr 21 1918 yn 65 mlwydd oed. Hefyd am ei briod Mary A. Pritchard a fu farw Mai 6 1918 yn 55 mlwydd oed "a’u hun mor dawel yw." [Translation: Memorial of Rev Edmund T. J. Pritchard (Glan Dyfi) Wesleyan Minister for 43 years. Chairman of the province of 1912-17 President of the Assembly 1911. He died in Cardiff, January 21, 1918, aged 65. Also his wife Mary A. Pritchard who died May 6 1918, 55 years of age "and their own is so calm." 1918
W1061 Removed Bickford In loving memory of Caroline beloved wife of George Gordon Bickford who died January 26th 1906 aged 38 years. "Through much tribulation ye shall enter the Kingdom". Also George Reginald their beloved son who died February 19th 1896 aged 1 month interred at Falmouth. 1906
W1062 Removed Hopkins In loving memory of Edith Margaret, the beloved daughter of F. W. and M. J. Hopkins died July 15th 1908 aged 12 years. Also Frederick William beloved husband of Mary Jane Hopkins died May 1st 1936 aged 70 yrs. Also of Mary Jane his wife died Sept. 17 1945. 1908
W1065 Removed Norie In loving memory of Ruby Beatrice wife of Thomas Norie. Born on December 23 1880 Died Feb. 18th 1918. Also Thomas Norie born Feb. 27th 1878 Died May 7th 1926. 1918
W1067 /W1081 Removed Turner In loving memory of Harriet Waters (Hallie) the dearly beloved wife of James Albert Turner who died December 21st 1908 aged 29 yrs. "Sleep on beloved, sleep and take thy rest, lay down thy head upon thy Saviour's breast, we love thee well, but Jesus loves thee best - Good night, good night, good night. Only good night beloved, not farewell a little while and all his saints shall dwell in hallowed union indivisible. Good night, good night, good night". 1908
W1075 Removed Morgan Sacred to the memory of William Morgan of 7 Corbett Road, Cardiff, died January 23rd 1904 aged 71 yrs. Also Mary his beloved wife died Feb. 23rd 1921 aged 85 yrs. "God shell wipe away all tears from their eyes". Also Florence Mary Morgan died Sept. 17th 1956 aged 86 yrs. 1904
W1076 Removed Geen In loving memory of Jane dearly beloved wife of Philip Geen died March 1st 1907 aged 68 "Jesus the crown of my hope". Also Philip Geen died Dec. 7th 1912 aged 76 yrs. "Trust in the Lord. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". In loving memory of John beloved husband of Rose Williams who entered unto rest August 18th 1924 aged 60 yrs. "I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith". Also Rose Jane beloved wife of John Williams died Nov. 2nd 1935 aged 75 yrs. "Gone but not forgotten." 1907
W1077 Removed Pontin In loving memory of Hannah Jane beloved wife of H. J. Pontin Died June 8th 1910 aged 43 yrs. Also of Harry Pontin beloved husband of Ada died Dec. 4th 1946 aged 75 yrs. 1910
W1078 Removed Thomas In loving memory of John beloved husband of Ada Thomas. Died Aug. 7th 1910 aged 36 yrs. And of Ada his beloved wife died July 26th 1957 and of Kate (Kit) who died June ….. 1910
W1080 Private Powell 1910
W1084 Removed Thomas In loving memory of Elizabeth Thomas who died June 17th 1899 aged 33 yrs. In affectionate remembrance of Nathaniel Thomas died Feb. 9th 1893 aged 26 yrs. 1899
W1090 /W1106 Removed Jones David Morgan Jones, born Dec. 26th 1861. Died Jan. 27th 1916. Also of his beloved wife Elizabeth Roberts Jones born June 9th 1872 Died June 15th 1939 "to memory ever dear". Morgan Alan infant son Nov. 7th 1900. 1900
W1093 Removed Watson In loving memory of Louisa Caroline, beloved wife of Benjamin Watson who fell asleep May 19th 1909 aged 63 yrs. Also the said Benjamin Watson who fell asleep Nov. 21 1915 aged 69 yrs. 1909
W1095 Removed Thomas Er cof am Thomas Thomas anwyl briod Mary Thomas, Kimberley Road. Ganwyd Chwefror 17eg 1850, 3u farw Chwefror 13eg 1916 "Hapus dyrfa sydd yn nofio yn ei hedd". Hefyd am Mary annwyl briod yr uchod a fu farw Taohwedd 19eg 1930 yn 76 mlwydd oed "Gan edryoh ar Iesu pen Tywysog sin ffydd". Hefyd am Margaret (Maggie) eu merch annwyl bu farw Rhagfyr 17eg 1938 yn Llyswen Road "Pen Calfaria yno f'enaid gwna dy nyth” Hefyd am Arthur CNR RFA eu hanwyl fab a fu TarV yn carcharor rhyfel yn Prolan, Ffrainc, Awst 18sg 1918 yn 27 mlwydd oed ac a gladdwyd yn Glageon. "Cariad mwy na hwy nid oes gan neb sef bod ion roi ei einioes. Elizabeth Ann Thomas bu farw Ionawr 28ain 1952 yn 75 mlwydd oed "Hyn a all odd hon hi ai gwnaeth". 1916
W1095 Translation Thomas In memory of Thomas Thomas, the beloved husband of Mary Thomas, Kimberley Road. Born on February 17th, 1850, died February 13, 1916 . Also Mary, the beloved wife of the above, who died on November 19th, 1930, at 76 years of age. Also Margaret (Maggie), their beloved daughter, died on 17th December 1938 at Llyswen Road. Also Arthur CNR RFA, their dear son, who was a prisoner of war in Trelon, France, August 18, 1918, 27 years old and was buried in Glageon. Elizabeth Ann Thomas died on January 28th, 1952 at 75 years of age. 1916
W1098 Removed Morgan In loving memory of George the beloved husband of Mary Jane Morgan who died March 10th 1909 aged 51 yrs. "Not lost but only come before - not dead but sleeping 'til life storms are o'er, Thy will be done". Also of the above Mary Jane Morgan who died December 18th 1934 aged 72 yrs. "Peace perfect Peace". Also of their only son, William George Morgan, Royal Field Artillery, killed in France October 10th 1917 aged 27 yrs. 1909
W1101 Removed Galsworthy In loving memory of Sarah widow of Richard Galsworthy died Feb. 17th 1893 aged 61 yrs. Also of Annie their daughter, the devoted wife of Joseph G. Hockridge died Feb. 20th 1927 aged 68 yrs. 1893
W1105 Removed Rhodes Robert Charles beloved son of Frank and Frances Rhodes died March 23rd 1917 aged 33 years. Also Thomas Cecil born Dec. 16th 1899 died April 9th 1900. 1900
W1107 /W1123 Removed Chard In loving memory of John Henry, beloved husband of Annie Chard. Died April 2nd 1943 aged 75 yrs. Also the said Annie Chard died April 8th 1952 aged 81 yrs. and his sister Hannah Eliza Chard died 1906. Also their children Cornelius lied Dec. 25th 1905 aged 7 yrs. Muriel died Oct. 2nd 1906 aged 6 yrs. 1905
W1110 Removed Halewood Sacred to the memory of Sarah Ann dearly beloved wife of Peter Halewood who died January 23rd 1940 aged 77 yrs. "Thy will be done". Also the above Peter Halewood who died April 14th 1943 aged 80 yrs. Also their beloved daughter Lily Gwendoline who died Sept. 15th 1945 aged 49 yrs. And their beloved son Ted Aubrey. Died Nov. 22nd 1968 aged 78 yrs. beloved husband of Elsie. 1940
W1111 Removed McNeil In loving memory of Alice Irene wife of Norman James McNeil. Died April 29th 1916 aged 37 yrs. 1916
W1114 Removed Evans In loving memory of Mary Jane the beloved wife of George H. Evans who died Sept. 28th 1906 aged 39 yrs. "He giveth beloved sleep". 1906
W1116 Removed Harman In loving memory of Mary, beloved wife of David Harman who died August 4th 1895 aged 59 yrs. Also of David Harman beloved husband of the above who died August 22nd 1919 aged 85 yrs. Also in loving memory of David beloved husband of Emily Harman only son of the aforesaid David and Mary Harman. Died May 24th 1915 aged 38 yrs. 1895
W1121 /W1136 Removed Sessions In loving memory of Arthur Sessions husband of Eliza Sessions of Penarth who died Oct. 2nd 1915 aged 66 yrs. "Underneath are the everlasting arms". Deut. 33.27. Also of Eileen eldest daughter of the above who died March 11th 1910 aged 23 yrs. "But he said weep not, she is not dead but sleepeth". Luke 8.52. Also of Eliza Sessions wife of the above died Sept. 20th 1950 aged 87 yrs. Also in memory of John Herford Vivian Sessions, Lt. 13th Welch Regt. Who died on Sept. 26th 1918 aged 25 yrs. of wounds received in action and is buried at Beardencourt, France "Thy brother shall rise again though he die, yet shall be live" John 11. 24-26. Also of Percival Cory, third son of Arthur and Eliza Sessions, who died Sept. 7th 1900 aged 6½yrs. "He shall gather the lambs with his arms and carry then in His bosom" Isiah 40.11 1910
W1122 Removed Diamond In loving memory of William Herbert dearly loved little son of William Henry and A. R. Diamond who died Oct. 10th 1901 aged 4 yrs. "Jesus called a little child unto him". And of William Henry Diamond K.B.E. J.P. died on Nov. 3rd 1941 aged 76 yrs. And their daughter Hilda Rosa died Sept. 12th 1957 aged 67 yrs. And of Alice Rosa Diamond who died on May 11th 1941 aged 74 yrs. Also of her sister Margaret Diamond who died Feb. 25th 1966. 1901
W1124 Private Lewis In Loving Memory of TYBIE ELIZABETH the beloved wife of John LEWIS, who died 6 March 1901 age 56 years. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Also of the above, JOHN LEWIS who died 29 April1929 aged 85 years. Underneath are the everlasting arms. 1901
W1125 Removed Hosgood In loving memory of Anne beloved wife of Samuel James Hosgood died 5th June 1903 aged 64 yrs. Samuel James Hosgood Died 17th December 1925 aged 83 yrs. Also his sister Hannah Maria died Aug. 18th 1929 aged 64 yrs. 1903
W1130 Removed Watson In loving memory of David Watson who passed away June 19th 1906 aged 52 years "Thy will be done". Also of Agnes dearly beloved daughter of the above died July 24th 1921 aged 40 yrs. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". Also of Private David Thomas Watson, dearly beloved son of the above who was killed in action in France February 15 1917 aged 34 yrs. "Lord all pitying Jesu blessed. Grant him thine eternal rest." In loving memory of Ann, beloved wife of the late David Watson died April 10th 1929 aged 77 yrs. "In thee o Lord do I put my trust". 1906
W1138 Removed Maton In loving memory of Ada Laura, beloved wife of W. H. Maton who died February 2nd 1909 aged 39 years "Peace that passeth all understanding". Also the above A. H. Maton who died April 1st 1937 aged 76 years. "At rest". Also Margaret Morris Maton mother of the aforesaid who died May 13th 1907 aged 73 yrs. 1909
W1139 Removed Kerslake In loving memory of William beloved husband of Sarah Kerslake. Died May 10th 1908 aged 66 years. Also of the said Sarah Kerslake died Feb. 24th 1929 aged 82 years. "Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away". 1908
W1140 Removed Newton Leonard Frank Newton 1888 - 1939 beloved husband of Bertha. Mabel Nicholl 1884-1948 beloved wife of T. J. Nicholl F.R.C.S. 1939
W1143 Private James PERON, Dearest loved daughter of J F & S JAMES, who passed over 4 November 1918 aged 21 years. I know that my redeemer liveth. Also of JAMES FREDERICK JAMES who died 28 January 1947 aged 83 years. And of SOPHIA, his wife who died 16 April 1953 aged 91 years. 1918
W1145 /W1157 Removed Smith In loving memory of Richard Earnest beloved son of Capt. Charles and M. J. Smith who died at Newcastle April 4th 1906 in his 20th year. "A sudden change at God's command he fell, he had no time to bid his friends farewell, affliction came without a warning given, and bade him haste to meet his God in heaven". Also the above Capt. Charles Smith who died March 15th 1934 aged 84 years and his beloved wife Mary Jane Smith who died September 19th 1942 aged 86 years. Also their beloved son Thomas Bernard Smith, Master Mariner, who died at Oporto, Portugal, February 23rd 1925 aged 44 years. 1906
W1148 /W1160 Removed Wills In loving memory of GEORGE HOSKING WILLS who entered into rest 29 April 1901 aged 71 years. "Trust in the Lord and do good". And of his wife REBECCA WILLS who passed away 21 April 1911. Also of CHARLES J. G. WILLS who died July 24 1933 aged 70 yrs. “Peace through the blood of the Cross". Also of FRANCIS RICHARD ALLIN WILLS beloved husband of Olympia Wills who died 22 November 1937 in his 72nd year. "Rest in peace". Also OLYMPIA MARY, wife of above Francis Richard Allin, died 18 December 18 1958 in her 80th year. 1901
W1155 Private Morgan In Loving memory of SARAH, beloved wife of William MORGAN born 29 December 1853, died 8 September 1920. Rest in Peace. Also the above WILLIAM MORGAN died 2 February 1933 aged 82 years 1920
W1159 /W1171 Removed Cory Also of JAMES HERBERT, infant son of the above born 22 September 1917 died 17 April 1919. 1919
W1160 Removed Wills See W1148 --
W1163 /W1175 Removed Bowen In loving memory of EDITH the beloved wife of Walter Henry BOWEN who died February 1st 1915 aged 39 yrs. "Until the day break and the shadows flee away". Also of Dorothy Gwendoline, their dearly loved child who died December 3rd 1910 aged 6 yrs. 8 mths. "Safe in the arm of Jesus". 1910
W1167 Private Jones In Loving memory of WILLIAM H JONES, died 10 July 1920, And his wife MINNIE JONES, died 18 October 1942 And their daughter MABEL DOREEN JONES, died 28 November 1976. 1920
W1169 Removed Rees In loving memory of FLORENCE the beloved wife of William REES of Newport Road, Cardiff, who died 11 March 1906 in her 36th year. Also of WILLIAM the beloved husband of the above who died 14 June 1931 aged 73 years. Also their daughter GWLADYS died 8 February 1951 aged 57 years. 1906
W1171 Removed Cory See W1159 --
W1173 /W1185 Removed Crags In loving memory of JOSEPH WILLIAM CRAGS who fell asleep 10 February 1905 aged 74. Also of MARTHA PEARCE wife of Joseph J. CRAGS who fell asleep 19 July 1905 aged 71. 1905
W1175 Removed Bowen See W1163 --
W1179 /W1191 Removed Christopher In ever loving memory of John beloved husband of ANN CHRISTOPHER of 8 Cranbrook Street, Cardiff. Died 4 September 1890 aged 33 yrs. Interred in St. Mellons Churchyard. Also of her dear KATY beloved daughter of the above born 8 November 1888 died 15 April 1933 aged 79 and GWENLLIAN the dearly beloved wife of D. J. CHRISTOPHER died 18th May 1932 aged 49. Also of DAVID JOHN beloved husband of Mary CHRISTOPHER died 17 September 1935 aged 49 yrs. 1888
W1181 /W1193 Removed Richards In loving memory of John Richards born at St. Ives, Cornwall Nov 21st 1840. Died in London October 24th 1905. "Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out". Also Letitia May his beloved wife born at St. Ives, January 16th 1849. Died May 27th 1922 "Her children rise up and can her blessed". Tilly Richards died July 16th 1935 aged 57 yrs. "Joy in there and life and love and God yonder". Bessie Richards died September let 1940 aged 61 yrs. Also of Martin Richards died April 16th 1963 aged 82 yrs. "Within thy house forever". 1905
W1183 /W1195 Removed Rowe In loving memory of Peter Rowe, died 16th Nov. 1899 aged 77. Also Jane, wife of Peter Rowe, aged 92. Also Bessie, wife of W. B. Seymour aged 57. Clara M. Rowe aged 76. Also her husband Samuel B. Rowe aged 37. Also of Grace Roberts his daughter, wife of A. H. Roberts, who died 11th March 1900 aged 42. Also William Henry beloved husband of Jane Kitchin, died October 25th 1938 aged 77 yrs. Also of Jane Kitchin died January 28th 1949 aged 89 yrs. 1899
W1185 Removed Crags See W1173 --
W1191 Removed Christopher See W1179 --
W1193 Removed Richards See W1181 --
W1195 Removed Rowe See W1183 --
W1196 Private Preston HENRY PRESTON, born 17 Feb 1832, died 13 March 1901. LUCY, his wife, died 6 Feb 1912 age 81. AMELIA LOUISA AMBROSE, youngest child of the above & widow of Francis Thomas Ambrose, born 17 June 1872, died 7 Oct 1934. 1901
W1205 /W1217 Removed Hughes In affectionate memory of Evan Hughes, 18 St. Andrews Crescent, Cardiff, who died Feb. 16th 1918 aged 81 years. Also Margaret beloved wife of the above Evan Hughes who died June 2nd 1922 aged 73 yrs. In loving memory of Owen beloved husband of Adeline Hughes, 59 Park Place, Cardiff. Born Nov. 3rd 1871, Died March 14th 1946. In ever loving memory of Mary (Minnie) wife of Major Guy Sanders (The Devonshire Regt.) and elder daughter of Evan and Margaret Hughes of this city. Born 22nd November 1872 Died 20th October 1905. 1918
W1207 /W1219 /W1231 Removed Sanders In loving memory of Frances Esther, wife of William Sanders born at Doncaster March 4th 1826. Died at Cardiff January 12th 1898 "Her children rise up and call her blessed, her husband also he praiseth her". Prov. XXX1. 28. Also of the above named William Sanders,Alderman and Justice of the Peace, Mayor of Cardiff 1889-90. Born at Donacaster May 31st 1829. Died at Cardiff February 24th 1903. "After he had served his own generation, by the will of God fell on sleep". Acts XX111. 36. In loving memory of Mary A. (polly) beloved wife of F. J. Allwood and daughter of William and F. E. Sanders, born May 13th 1870 died January 4th 1899. Also of Grace (Gracie) daughter of F. J. and M. A. Allwood born August 15th 1894 died December 31st 1899 "And behold a door was opened in Heaven" Rev. IV.I. And of Walter infant son of Alex and Lucy M. Sanders born and died 15th March 1914. Also of Hugh Padfield their dearly beloved son born 8th January 1919 Died 5th April 1923. Here also rest the cremated ashes of Lucy M. Sanders born 23rd March 1882 died 27th Aug. 1962. 1899
W1209 Removed Thomas In proud and loving memory of our two dear sons who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War. 2nd. Lt. Noel L. Thomas R W.F. killed in action at Salonika 18th Sept. 1918 aged 22 yrs. 2nd. Lt. Cyril Ray Thomas who fell in France 18th August 1918 Aged 20 yrs. In loving memory of Catherine Lavender aged 81. Octavious P. Thomas 30th June 1946 aged 83 yrs. Little Theo. Pheobe Louisa Thomas 30th Oct. 1944 aged 78 yrs. 1918
W1211 Removed Bach Our beloved parents. In loving memory of it, Emanuel White Bach who passed away August 11th 1928 aged 70 years. Also Lucy Ann his beloved wife. Died Dec. 28th 1909 aged 48 yrs. "And with the morn those angel faces smile which I have loved long since and lost awhile." Also of their beloved only son Captain Albert Percival Bach who passed away 6th May 1939 aged 52 years interred at Sydney, Australia. 1928
W1214 Removed Baker In loving memory of Walter Charles (Sonny) the eldest beloved son of Walter and Ina Baker who died October 23rd 1918 aged 12 yrs. "Until the day break and the shadows flee away". 1918
W1215 Private Waller In Loving memory of STANLEY T H WALLER, Late Glam Police and an old Contemptible. Beloved husband of VIOLET died 17 January 1955, aged 64 years. Also the above VIOLET WALLER, died 2 June 1965 aged 72 years. Also their children HELENA and GLORIA, who died in Infancy. 1955
W1219 Private Sanders See W1207 --
W1220 Removed Shapland In loving memory of Hilda, Lilian and George infant children of William and Martha Shapland. Also William beloved husband of Martha, died Dec. 1st. 1945 aged 71 yrs. 1945
W1223 Removed Palfrey In loving remembrance of FREDERICK WILLIAM beloved husband of Emily PALFREY Died 7 April 1916 aged 59. Also the above EMILY PALFREY Died 11 December 1943. Also their dearly loved daughter MABEL ANNETTE Died 17 June 1910 Aged 17 yrs. In ever loving memory of JAMES GEORGE PALFREY their loved son who fell in action at Lancemark 27 August 1917 in his 33rd year. 1910
W1224 Removed Tait In loving memory of ISABELLA TAIT who departed this life 26 February 1912 aged 64 years. Also of Capt. THOMAS TAIT who died at sea 14 September 1899 aged 52 years. 1899
W1227 Private Lownsborough In Affectionate Remembrance of MARGARET, beloved wife of W H LOWNSBOROUGH passed away 15 March 1917 At Rest. 1917
W1228 Removed Hodges Also F. Leonard Hodges, son, died March 18th 1949 aged 68 yrs. Cremated at Glyntaff and Sarah C. Hodges, daughter, died August 6th 1950 aged 75. 1949
W1229 Removed Spray In loving memory of GLANVILLE SPRAY, Master Mariner, who departed this life at 20 Conway Road, 27 September 1905 aged 64. "His end was peace". Also of his wife ELISABETH to died 7 July 1907 aged 63 "At Rest". 1905
W1231 Private Sanders See W1207 --
W1238 Removed Morgan In loving memory of Emrys Samuel beloved child of Morgan David and Lily B. Morgan who fell asleep -February 17th 1918 aged 21 months "Safe in the arms of Jesus". And M. D. Morgan Died 17th February 1953 aged 66. 1918
W1239 Private Llewellyn In Loving Memory of LLEWELLYN JENKIN LLEWELLYN who died 21 December 1917 aged 65 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. Also of CATHERINE LLEWELLYN died 17 December 1932 age 76. 1917
W1241 /W1253 Removed Evans In affectionate remembrance of William Evans of Glenhurst, Cathedral Road, Cardiff Died April 23rd 1916 aged 61. Also of Charlotte, wife of the above died December 13th 1916 aged 62 years. And Albert Ernest their third son died June 16th 1929 aged 47 years. Also of Private Lewis Arthur (Leicester Regt.) their youngest son fell in action in France June 21st 1918 aged 34 yrs. Interred at Fouquieres – Les Bethune Churchyard. Also of William Henry their second son died February 8th 1903 aged 22. And Richard Morgan their eldest son died October 31st 1912 aged 36 yrs 1916
W1243 /W1255 Removed Cory In loving memory of Rosalie the dearly loved eldest daughter of John and Emma G. Cory of Seaview House, Penarth, who departed this life Sept. 15th 1899 aged 21 years. Also in loving memory of Emma, dearly loved wife of John Cory of Seaview House, Penarth, who entered into rest March 27th 1931. Also in loving memory of our dear father John Cory J.P. of Seaview House, Penarth, and the dearly loved husband of the above, who entered into rest December 28th 1931. 1899
W1248 Removed Burfitt In loving memory of Kate Burfitt their beloved daughter Died March 16th 1914 aged 17 years. Frank beloved husband of Mary Burfitt Died May 13th 1921 aged 47 years. 1914
W1250 /W1262 Removed Richards "Memorium" Elizabeth Eleanor Richards wife of Thomas Richards M. P. Departed January 3rd 1916 aged 54 years "To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. Also the Rt. Hon. Thomas Richards P.C. Born June 8th 1858 Died November 8th 1931 "And he passed from death unto life". Also of their eldest daughter Florence Margaret died February 15th 1917 aged 35 years "She fought the good fight". 1916
W1252 Removed Simpson in loving Memory of Helena (Lena) Simpson. Dearly beloved wife of Hedley James Wilde who died November 5th 1910 aged 44 years. Also of her beloved husband Hadley James who died February 2nd 1950 aged 89 years. 1910
W1261 Removed Hutchinson In loving memory of MARY HAMILTON widow of the late Joseph Williams HUTCHINSON. Died 1 November 1912 aged 52 years. Also of Private H. HUTCHINSON 11345 - 6th Somerset Light infantry, killed in action 26 September 1915 at Ypres, Flanders, aged 21 years. Also of the aforesaid JOSEPH WILLIAMS HUTCHINSON. Died 23 June 1902 aged 42 years interred at Garston, Lancashire. 1912
W1262 Removed Wilson In loving memory of Stephen Wilson, Born June 4th 1846 Died February 24th 1904. Also of their son Edwin Stephen Wilson, Born November 30th 1876 Died at Cape Verdes February 9th 1902. And of their son Harold Oates Wilson, Died January 20th 1923 aged 48 years. Also of Frances, his widow, died February 25th 1923 aged 81 years. 1904
W1263 Removed Knapp In loving memory of Agnes Mary beloved wife of W. C. W. Knapp Died March 25th 1932 aged 76 years. Also of their son Stanley Bielski Knapp. Died February 16th 1955 aged 47 years. "Forever with the Lord". W. C. W. Knapp Died April 10th 1939 aged 87 years. 1932
W1264 Removed Daniel In loving memory of Gwendoline R. Daniel beloved and only child of Nicholas T. and Honor E. Daniel Died September 13th 1920 aged 18 years. "Life is sweeter that she lived and her love shall lead us". Also of Nicholas dearly beloved husband of Honor Daniel who died February 25th 1925 aged 63 yrs. And of his beloved wife Honor Elizabeth who died August 13th 1948. 1920
W1265 /W1277 Removed Bowen Ivor Bowen K..C. Judge of the County Courts 1918-1933. Bencher of Grays Inn. Lt. Col. 18th Batt. R.W.F. Died Jan. 1st 1934. Here rests Fanny the beloved wife of Ivor Bowen, Barrister at Law of the South wales Circuit, who died on the 18th day of May 1904 in her 35th year. "Felly y rhydd efe hun i'w anwylyd". 1904
W1267 /W1279 Removed Cooper In loving memory of Samuel Cooper born August 22nd 1834 died December 15th 1901 "With Christ which is far better". Also of Ann Cooper, his beloved wife, died June 6th 1910 aged 77 yrs. "Until the day break and the shadows flee away". Also in loving remembrance of Edith, third daughter of Samuel and Ann Cooper born July 5th 1868 died January 4th 1900 "Underneath are the everlasting arms". Also of Annie Susannah, their eldest daughter, born August 11th 1857 died December 10th 1860. Interred at Minehead. Also of their fourth daughter, Helen Christie died June 8th 1957. Also in loving memory of Samuel Earnest, second son of Samuel and Ann Cooper, born September 14th 1863 died April 20th 1923 "He that walketh uprightly walketh surely". Prov. 4.9. And of Walter Christie, their third non, who fell asleep August 9th 1939 "Not dead, but sleeping". 1901
W1272 Removed Lewis In loving memory of Gladys May the beloved daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth Lewis. Died November 25th 1930 aged 39 years. Also of Godfrey Lewis, died May 1945 aged 45 years. Alec Elizabeth his beloved wife. Died October 24th 1954 aged 88 years. Also Arthur Lewis, died April 24th 1954 aged 85 years. Also Capt. William Lewis. Died April 22nd 1908 aged 48 years. 1908
W1279 Removed Cooper See 1267 --
W1284 /W1295 Removed Tregarthen In loving memory of John Dysart, the beloved husband of Annie Tregarthen died February 20th 1908 aged 57 years. "Peace perfect peace”. Also of Annie Frances Tregarthen beloved wife of the above died April 9th 1919 aged 68 years. 1908
W1286 Removed Roberts In loving memory of our dear parents Mary Ann Roberts passed away September 6th 1933 aged 63 years. Hugh Thomas Roberts passed away February 12th 1917 aged 51 years. "I know that my redeemer liveth”. 1917
W1287 Removed Richards In affectionate remembrance of Anne the dearly beloved wife of I. H. Richards, Kelvin Road, Cardiff, who fell asleep October 12th 1915 aged 54 years. "A faithful wife and loving mother". Also of the above Thomas Henry Richards who departed this life March 6th 1924 aged 63 years. "Fought a good fight - kept the faith". Also Mian dearly loved wife of H. J. Richards died July 20th 1954 "love never faileth". 1915
W1288 Removed McKinnon In loving memory of Percy Randolph the dearly loved son of William and C. E. McKinnon who passed away January 17th 1918 aged 28 years. "He giveth his beloved sleep". Also of the above William beloved husband of Clara Ellen McKinnon who died November 29th 1928 in his 72nd. year. “We loved him in life, let us not forget him in death". Also the above Clara Ellen dearly loved wife of William McaKinnon died May 22nd 1958 in her 95th year. 1918
W1292 /W1303 /W1314 /W1324 /W1334 Removed Moxey "In memorium". Robert James Gibbs, died at Dinas Powis, October 22nd 1915 aged 60. "At rest". Also Frances Ann, widow of the above, died May 19th 1950 aged 87. In memory of EDWIN ROBJOHNS MOXEY born 30th March 1839. Died at Chorverton, Cardiff, 19th November 1899. Also Frank and Arthur infant children. Also Reginald Moxey died April 2nd 1943 aged 71 years. Also of his beloved wife Eliza Moxey born 11th April 1838 Died at Chorverton, 6th February 1899
W1299 Removed Thomas In loving memory of Sophia Ann wife of the late Lewis Thomas, who died December 4th 1916 aged 78. Also of Mary Janet their beloved daughter who died February 25th 1940 "The spirit shall return to God who gave it". 1916
W1300 /W1311 Removed Griffin In loving memory of Henry Arthur Griffin J.P. Devoted husband and father who passed away July 22nd 1925 in his 67th year "Only a step removed, we soon again shall meet our own our dearly loved, around the Saviour's feet". Also Emma his beloved wife who departed this life April 6th 1933 aged 76 yrs. "Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life". Also of Henry Hamilton Griffin dearly loved son of the above who entered into eternal light August 13th 1902 aged 19 yrs. "He was noble, brave and true". And their daughter Ethel Tamosins Ann Griffin who died October 21st 1965 aged 84 yrs. 1925
W1303 Removed Moxey See W1292 --
W1305 /1316 Removed Bielski In loving memory of Louis Bielski who died at Montrieux January 28th 1906 aged 69 yrs. "And so be giveth his beloved sleep". Also of Emma Frances his wife who died April 14th 1922 aged 85 yrs. Also their fourth son Charles Bielski beloved husband of Muriel. Died February 24th 1957 aged 81 yrs. Also Edgar Percy Bielski second son died 10th May 1927 aged 56 yrs. 1906
W1309 Removed Hews In loving memory of Robert Winter Hews born at Brompton Ralph, Somerset, 26th July 1840 Died 13th January 1911. Also of his wife Amelia Mary born at Exford, Somerset, 26th April 1841. Died 2Bth August 1914. In loving memory of Ellen Blanche Hews, daughter of R.W. and A. M. Hews born 13th May 1871 Died 30th August 1928. 1911
W1314 Removed Moxey See W1292 --
W1316 Removed Bielski See W1305 --
W1318 Removed Anstey In loving and affectionate memory of Annie Eliza the beloved wife of Francis James Anstey who died April 13th 1908 aged 38 yrs. Also of their two dearly loved children who died in infancy "When the mists have rolled away". Also of Francis James Anstey husband of the above who died September 2nd 1925 aged 61 yrs. In loving memory of Capt. William Lewis who died April 22nd 1908 aged 42 yrs. Interred in grave W 1272. 1908
W1319 Removed Miles In loving memory of Barbara Miles, Born 3rd January 1839 Died 20th November 1909. Also of Annie Elizabeth Ricketts niece of the above. Born August 10th 1870 Died December 6th 1910. "Nearer to thee". Also of Barbara Mary beloved wife of Simon Pearce died 17th November 1947 aged 84. And of the above Simon Died 6th June 1950 aged 74. 1909
W1320 Removed Williams In loving memory of John Lewis Williams who died April 11th 1910 in his 54th year. Also of Florence his dearly beloved younger daughter who passed away November 6th 1924 aged 39 yrs. “Safe in God's keeping". Also Rhoda Mary, his beloved wife who passed away May 17th 1946 aged 86 yrs. "Interred at Bolton Abbey, Yorks." 1910
W1322 /W1332 /W1342 Removed Allan In affectionate remembrance of Margaret the beloved wife of James Allan J.P. who died at "Tullock", Cardiff, May 28th 1912 aged 61 yrs. “To live in hearts one leaves behind is not to die". Also of the above James Allan who died on 13th July 1917 aged 75 yrs. In loving memory of James Leonard eldest son of James and Margaret Allan. Died at "Tullock", Park Place, April 22nd 1902 aged 27 yrs. Also of Davina Helen who died at Barden Moor July 14th 1879 aged 5 wks. Also in loving memory of Robert Alexander (Bob) their second son who died Sept. 21st 1905 in his 25th year. "At Rest". 1879
W1328 /W1329 /W1338 /W1339 /W1346 /W1347 Removed Scott In loving memory of Charles Richard Scott Died 10th July 1903 aged 64 yrs. And Agnes Scott. Died 4th February 1945. 1903
W1334 Removed Moxey See W1292 --
W1335 /1343 Removed Evans In loving memory of James Evans, formerly Supt. C.D.S. H.M. Bd. of Trade, Cardiff District. Died at Clifton January 12th 1902 aged 69 yrs. Also in loving memory of Elizabeth Evans dearly beloved wife of the above who died May 19th 1917 aged 84 yrs. "I shall be satisfied when I awake in thy likeness". In loving memory of Albert Edward Evans F.R.C.S., Staff Pay Master, Royal Naval Reserve, late Supt. B.O.T. Avonmouth the only son of James and Elizabeth. Evans died at Clifton May 29th 1909 aged 51 yrs. 1909
W1337 /1345 Removed Harrison In loving remembrance of Sarah Jam Harrison of Scarborough who died April 11th 1902 aged 70 yrs. "I heard the voice of Jesus say 'Come unto me and rest". Also of Thomas Harrison husband of the above who died October 25th 1879 aged 55 yrs. "I know that my redeemer liveth". Also in loving memory of John Edwin Harrison died 30th May 1927. In loving memory of Maud Lewis Harrison daughter of the above. Died October 23rd 1938. Also of Jessie Gertrude Harrison, sister of the above, died May 31st 1939. 1902
W1341 /W1349 Removed Richards In loving memory of Sarah, widow of the late Matthew David and mother of Mrs J. T. Richards of this City who died November 23rd 1909 in her 77th year. "Canys myfi a wn fod fy Mhrywr yn fyw". In loving memory of John Thomas Richards J.P. Lord Mayor of Cardiff 1914-15 Dearly loved husband of E.M. Richards died February 22nd 1943. Also of his beloved wife Elizabeth Mary Richards J.P. Died April 26th 1958. In loving memory of David darling baby of Stanley and Hilda Spear and grandson of J.T. and E.M. Richards. Born November 14th 1927 Died December 16th 1927. "God is love". 1909
W1345 Removed Harrison See W1337 --
W1348 Removed Spurgeon In loving memory of Archie beloved son of William and Fanny Spurgeon who passed into the eternal light February 26th 1905 aged 25 yrs. In loving memory of William Spurgeon beloved husband of Fanny Spurgeon who was called to higher service Thursday, September 25th 1919, aged 75 yrs. Also of the aforesaid Fanny Maria Corett Spurgeon who passed away March 26th 1923 aged 75. 1905